Friday, July 31, 2015

SCORE REPORT: 2015 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Hello Everybody!
Sit back and grab a cup of coffee. 
Throw an extra shot of espresso in there too.  You're gonna need it.
Not a coffee girl?  Get a Big Gulp.  ;)
We're about to have a lot of fun!
Last year you all gave me the feedback that you not only loved the contest aspect of the Score Report (remember one of you is going to win $250 to Nordstrom today!), but you also enjoyed seeing pieces on people other than me...styled differently....and on other body types!
I love this little community we've created over here, and even if it meant sorting through over 700 pictures (WOW!), I wanted to do it again this year! 
So, welcome to the 2015 Anniversary Sale Score Report!

First of all, you girls knocked my socks off with the enthusiasm you had for your scores this year!
I know I have a flare for the dramatic and tend to get overly excited about some items, but some of you girls are SERIOUSLY passionate about your finds!  
  We should all be besties.
 Like we should all meet up at Nordstrom one day, have lunch at The Bistro (we will TOTALLY get the bread pudding for dessert, I promise you'll love it), and shop our faces off. 
We would have a blast.
We would also stimulate the economy because we clearly like to shop!  

So y'alls enthusiasm for items was contagious.  You confirmed my feelings about my favorite items, and you got me excited about some things that I hadn't seen yet in the sale! And it was so good for my heart to read all of your sweet words.
You girls are DARLING.
You are also super sweet. 
And let me tell you what else.
You are FUNNY!  I laughed out loud on many occasions.

I did my best to divide the entries into categories to make this post as user friendly as possible!
Each category will have a slide show (instead of collages like last year).
Then, after each video slide show, I will include some e-mail testimonials from you ladies!  I will also have little clickable thumbnails of items represented in the collages that are 
still available in the sale.  
I always kind of start to panic when I know there are only a handful of days left in the sale.  On one hand, I'm SO OVER the sale.  On the other hand, I don't want to regret not getting a couple of items that I've been on the fence about.

Oh more thing before we get started.
I really wanted to include every picture that was sent to me in today's score report.  But that just became impossible due to the number of entries I received.  However, even if your picture does not show up in a collage, don't worry..... you did get credit for all pictured entries!

So...let's get this party started!
We might as well start with the infamous blardigan.
I received the most pictures and e-mails about this item, and I cannot tell you how it tickles me that  you girls are just as crazy for your blardigans as I am.
In fact, I think some of you might even be more obsessed than I am, and that's hard to do,
because I'm pretty much borderline psychotic. 


e-mail testimonials:
I have to say I was skeptical about the "blardigan" but wow is it soft! My 2 year old son kept touching it saying "that soft mommy!" - Janelle

I know you have heard this on repeat, but I've heard you talk about the blardigan, so I finally pulled the trigger. O!M!G!  Most comfortable thing on the planet.  My two teenage daughters are now begging for one too.  I love the stripes and I will definitely be ordering several more.  For myself :)...and for gifts as well! - Jamie

O.M.G. I will never NOT listen to you again.  This blardigan is special.  From here on out, whatever you say I MUST buy, I will.  That very day.  To think of all the coziness I've missed out on the past 2 years when I was thinking "How good could it be?"  Stupid me.
By the time mine arrived, the anniversary sale blardigans were all sold out, but that didn't stop me from buying 2 more (at full price) for my  mom and mother-in-law for Christmas.  - Tiffany

I probably received AT LEAST 20 e-mails from you ladies all saying that your kids were already trying to steal your blardigans!

Sadly, most of the anniversary sale blardigans are sold out....but the links that follow are for regular price blardigans, plus-size blardigans that are still available in the sale, and some blankets/throws in the sale!

The Anniversary Sale last year is when I first started hearing about Zella gear.  I was getting e-mails from y'all saying that you liked to stock up every year during the sale.  Well, last year I didn't know what the fuss was about, but now I do!
My favorite activewear combo for fall is Zella Live In Leggings with a Nike
 half zip pullover (sold out!  sorry!).

e-mail testimonials:
I finally broke down and bought one pair of Zella live in leggings after hearing you rave about them for about a year now.  You see, I'm a Lululemon devotee, and I just didn't think they could measure up.  Well, I was wrong.  I cannot believe that I love these just as much (if not more) and for a fraction of the price.  I'm now a convert. - Jeni

Fun work out pants are SO FUN!  I know that must sound ridiculous, but I've only ever worn plain black pants, but after seeing you in your colorful ones, I tried them myself.  I love them!  Thanks for the nudge. - Desiree

I'm an official Zella leggings fan!!!  A runner for 15 years and I'm not now seeing what the rage is about!  Wow!!!  So over the moon for these!  - Sallie

Here are some of my picks for activewear still available in the sale!

Layered Shirts!
I bought 2 layered shirts during the sale this year, and they were two of my favorite purchases.  You ladies were fans as well!  I love how they create a totally put together look with very minimal effort! I had a SUPER CUTE video of y'all in your layered shirts.....and I have no idea how or why....but blogger kept eating this video!  I must have put it on at least 10 times, and it was eaten every single time.  I finally just gave up.  Sorry. :(

Here are some layered shirts that are still available in the sale:

The Pleione blouses have been a hit with you ladies, especially you ladies with office jobs!  I received e-mail after e-mail about how they are "perfect" for the office and how you went back and ordered 1 or 2 more after you received your first one and loved it!

Sheaffer, this is my 3rd year to buy the long sleeve MUST HAVE Pleione shirt, and I think it's my very one yet.  They just get better every year.  I'm on the shorter side like you are, so I ordered a petite on your advice, and it was perfect on me!  I got another black one (because like you said it doesn't show wrinkles), and I liked it so much that I ventured out this year and got a grey one too.  I really wish the other colors didn't show wrinkles.  I would have the whole rainbow! Ha!  - Trisha

Blouses still available, awesome with jeans or dressed up for work:

Sweaters, Tees, Tunics, and Button Ups!
This is a large category, but you ladies really stocked up on tops this year!
 Sooo many really great looking tops!

Tops still available:

Pants are hard to photograph, do you ladies feel my pain?  
Still, lots of awesome pants at amazing prices.  I bought 4 pairs of pants during the sale this year that I will wear all fall and winter long (and two of them I'll wear all year long!), but spent less than $200 on all 4!!!!  Now THAT'S a good deal!!!!!

Hello again Sheaffer! I have not gotten to do much shopping with the amazing Nordstrom sale (spending on hold) but I did splurge on the Vince Camuto Ponte Knit Ankle Pants. They are great! I bought them for work and have them on today. A) they are SO comfortable and B) the fit is really flattering. As always, thanks for pointing me in the right direction! I would have never shopped at Nordstroms if it had not been for you. Honestly I still don't shop AT Nordstroms, but I do enjoy online shopping with free shipping. - Brandi

I bought my first pair of designer jeans (the AG stilt), and they fit so great I'm tempted to throw out every other pair of jeans I own. I cannot fathom ever wanting to wear another pair again. - Jessica

Popular pants still available in the sale:

Shoes and Bags! 
So y'all know I love THESE booties, and I also bout the over-the-knee Dolce Vita boots (that sold out in a hot minute), but I'm hoping they re-stock for y'all after the sale is over.  Because even at full price, they are still a great deal!  I know that many of you use the anniversary sale specifically to buy bags and shoes that you wouldn't otherwise splurge on!  Here's what some of you got.

Here are some shoes and bags that I love:

Coats, Jackets, and Northface!
The sale is also a PERFECT time to get high-dollar coats at greatly reduced prices!  There were several in the sale this year that I absolutely adored.  If I lived in a place that was really cold more than several weeks a year, I'm afraid I might have gone coat crazy.  Maybe it's for the best.  :)

My sister got this pea coat during the sale last year, and I wanted to rip it off her body every single time I saw her wear it.  When I found out how cheap it was, I was kicking myself for not getting one.  So this year I got one for myself.  Yay me!  - Heather

Every 3-4 years I buy myself a new Northface jacket, and this year was the year!  They are my very favorite jackets ever.  I love how they are lightweight and really warm at the same time.  I throw them on with my leggings on the way to the gym, but I also love wearing them with jeans.  If you don't have one of these jackets, you should consider getting one at these prices. - Diane

Loving these options that are still stocked:

Jewelry, Scarves, and Extras!
Wow!  We all STOCKED UP on jewelry!  You know that THESE are my favorite gold earrings EVER, and y'all went crazy over the Kate Spade glitter studs (and bought a lot for gifts as well)!  Well, THIS necklace ended up in my cart last night, and now it's on it's way to me too.  I'm not even sure how it happened.  :)
 And there were TONS of pictures in this one (2 minutes and 41 seconds worth).  SO sorry girls!

Here are some accessories still available in the sale:

Pajamas and Unmentionables!

Sadly, all the Hanky Panky items are just about sold out....but the Natori bras are still pretty well stocked!  I received LOTS of e-mails about Natori, and so many of them were hysterical.  I'm so sad that I can't find it, but one reader even wrote the e-mail as if her boobs were writing it.  It was just as funny as you might imagine.  Many of you also said that you like to get pajamas for Christmas gifts for others during the sale, which I think is a great idea!

I took many of your suggestions for the Nordstrom Half-yearly sale, but the one item that I would probably flash shout from the mountains, was your suggestion for the ‘Natori’ T-shirt bra AH-MAH-ZING. I truly thought about burning my other one. Lifesaver, my "girls "have never been happier!  
Keep doing what you do!
Always a reader and online “friend”  
Grace G.

Click HERE for the Natori bra below.  
Click HERE for all Natori in the sale.

Here are some cute pjs:

Kids and Hubbies!
I didn't feel like there was much shopping going on for the kids and husbands this year as there has been in  year's past.  I actually think it's because there was SO MUCH GOOD STUFF for us that they were maybe overlooked a bit?!?  Oops!
The same thing happened with this slideshow that happened with the Layered Shirt and jewelry slideshows.  I tried to fix it several times, but was never able to.  SO frustrating!
Don't worry, these entries were still definitely counted.  I'm just so sad that your cute kids and hubbies aren't getting a shout out on the blog.  :(

Several of you got some really darling dresses this year!  I don't think I even looked at dresses (except for THIS one which is awesome and I think I might add to my cart to throw on with the MUST HAVE leggings), but now I wish I had!  I'm loving THIS checked shift dress (seen in the collage below) and THIS navy A-line dress!
And look how cute y'all are all dressed up!

Here are some awesome dresses at amazing prices:

Cardigans and Ponchos are all the rage this year, and y'all got some really cute ones!

These cardigans and ponchos have me ready for fall:

So, that's it for today everybody!

So, who is the lucky girl that wins the $250 Nordstrom card?
(The winner was picked by a random number generator.  All of the pics were numbered (1-731), and the winner was #216.

And Lucky #216 is......
Emily W.
Congratulations Emily!!!

I cross referenced your name, found your e-mail address, and I'm e-mailing you as soon as I wake up this morning!  I will be sending you  you a $250 electronic gift card to Nordstrom!  Just in time to use for the end of the sale!

And, regarding the other PTMT contests that are currently going on right now....
Make sure you are checking your ig and facebook accounts today!
I'm also choosing 5 winners from those of you that posted a picture with the hashtag #goodlordynordy and 5 winners from facebook or ig that tagged friends on a post during the last several weeks.
I'll be contacting you via your social media accounts and giving you a choice of 3 items from the sale (pending remaining availability when you pick).  If below items are sold out, like items with similar prices may be chosen.

I also wanted to include a handful of e-mails that made me smile when I read them.  
You ladies were so sweet to take the time to thank me for helping you navigate through the sale.  I really do hope I was able to make the experience fun and easy for you!

Thanks so much for all of your hard work shopping till you drop and reporting back to all of us!  I really appreciate it.  My wardrobe needs a major overhaul and this is a GREAT start.  I've just never prioritize buying clothes before because there is always something else that seems more important.  But I love how I feel in these clothes.  Not that they define me, but you only live once and it feels good to like what I'm wearing.  Thanks for the help, friend!
  Xoxo  Angela

I have a confession - you've turned me into a full Nordstrom addict! I never shopped there, as I thought prices were too high for me, and to be honest, it's a little intimidating. You always find the best deals though, and have such great picks!   Cassie :)

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU so much for your blog! I'm a long-time reader (about 3 years I think?) and you are my official personal shopper. There are lots of times when I look at my outfit for the day and realize every single piece of clothing and accessories I'm wearing are from your recommendations. You make it SO easy and I love you for it!! I had never shopped at Nordstrom before following you and it's safe to say after these last few years, I'm definitely addicted. But addicted in a great, amazing, look-at-all-these-new-clothes way!! :) So thank you, thank you, thank you! I know you spend a lot of time and energy on the blog and I appreciate it so much!! - Kayla

 I'm so appreciative!
 I absolutely love this little community we've created here.   
Hugs and Kisses to all of you!
And fyi:  There will be 1 final Anniversary Sale post that goes
 live on Sunday!
It will include links to some of my favorite items (that are still available), as well as some SANTA ALERTS, just in case you want to get a little Christmas shopping done in July.  It feels weird doing it now, but I promise you this, in November you'll feel so smart!  :)
Sheaffer :)

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Bachelorette FINALE! #teamnobody

First off ladies.....
If you missed last week, make sure you click HERE for The Men Ten All Recap!
Because I was there y'all! ;)
And click HERE to see all of my previous recaps from the other episodes this season!

So let's just jump right into THE FINALE and AFTER THE FINAL ROSE, shall we?
I have to admit, I was ready for this train to finally pull into the station.
Let's wrap it up Harrison.

The show ended last week in Utah where Kaitlyn met the guys' families (still unclear about why Utah), but it starts this week back in good ol' California.

Time for The Family To Meet Nick
When we first see Kaitlyn, she is trying to explain to her family how she loves two guys, and how  both guys hate each other.  They're not impressed.

 I will say that the Bristowe fam is well versed in Bachelorette vernacular.  Sister threw out phrases such as "for the right reasons" and "can I steal you away" like it was her job.

Mama is a Bachelor fan girl too, because she TOTALLY remembered who Nick was
and was not a fan.
And is it just me, or does Mama remind you of Joan Collins?
And is it just me, or do her earrings remind you of Claire's at the mall?
And is just me, or does she also remind you of Rachel's mom on Friends (Marlo Thomas)?
It's like Joan and Marlo had a baby.  And the baby went shopping at Claire's.
And White House Black Market.

Kaitlyn sits down with Mama and basically tells her that she and Nick did The Big Wiggle.
And Mama did not seem the least bit surprised that Kaitlyn had wiggled.
She was pretty much all "that's my girl".

So Nick arrives, and right before they go in to meet the fam, Kaitlyn tells Nick how she had told them all that they had wiggled.
Poor Nick.  All this talk about wiggling! 

Mama Bear sits down with Nick and calls him possessive and jealous, straight to his face.
And I'm all possessive and jealous?   Just wait until you meet Gosling.
 I think Nick handled himself well with Mama and I was actually impressed!
He thought what she was saying was fair, and he did his best to explain himself to her.
And then he started to cry.  
And dare I say this....REAL tears.  
He says he loves her.
Call me crazy if you want to...

Nick then sits down with Papa Bear, and says "I very much love your daughter.
If she would have me, I would like to spend the rest of my life with her."
To the point.
I liked it.
The father gives his blessing.

I do think that Nick should have possibly considered a pair of nice straight legged jeans and a conservative button up vs. his skinny jeans and a deep v.....but whatever.

Time for the family to meet Shawn.
I'm not sure if this is the time to mention it, but the California climate seems to be doing a number on Kaitlyn's hair.  Shawn walks in with flowers and what appears to be a large jar of roasted pimentos.
And they all sit down on a couch, which is basically 2 inches off the floor.

He tells the family that his "sisters watched the show" before, which I'm sure actually translates to that he watched the show.  Just own it Shawn.  And he told of how he drew a heart around Kaitlyn's face and let his peeps know that he was "coming for her" after she was kicked to the curb by Prince Farming.

This was sister's reaction to that little anecdote.
I kind of love her.

Shawn sits down with Mama Bear.
And she tells the camera that she can't wait to ask him about the big wiggle.
MY GOSH!  The Bristowe  women really like to bring this up!
All this talk about wiggling makes me twitchy.
Mama says she's concerned about jealousy and she wants to know how he's going to handle it in the outside world and wants to know how he feels about "the other person?"  OH MY GOSH! She speaks Shawn's language!  The Other Person....The Other Guy...Same Diff.
 He says he loves her daughter and that she means everything to him.

I will say this, Shawn wins the HOW YOU DRESS WHEN YOU MEET THE PARENTS contest FO SHO.
See?  A nice straight legged jean and a button up!

Shawn brings the mom and dad together and asks for both of their blessings.
 Well played Sir.

And even though a short 9 hours before they gave Nick their blessing, they are now giving Shawn their blessing.
The parents are handing out blessings like Oprah gives away cars.


Kaitlyn and Nick have some more 1:1 time together.
Kaitlyn's hair is pulled in a side braid, and I'm finding myself very relieved that the side braid will help combat the weather related hair issues.
There's not much to note here.
They make out on a boat for a bit, and then  Nick tells her he has something for her in his hotel room.
Get your minds out of the gutters ladies...
He pulls out a folding frame circa 1985 with a pic on the left and a poem on the right.
She pretends to like it.
But let's be real here.
This isn't 7th grade.
So she's only pretending.


Kaitlyn and Gosling have their last date, and she is 
kind of freaking out.
She's in love with Nick....but she's also in love with Shawn.
What's a Bachelorette to do?
They start by having some wine on a beautiful hillside, and the awkwardness is palpable.
At one point she even asks him if he's wearing sunscreen to fill the silent void.
And then she starts to try to cope with the awkward by gently stroking the man hair on his leg.
It doesn't help.
Things are still awkward.
They go back to her room and Gosling gives her a jar of their memories.
But it just looks like a giant Cheeze Puffs jar of Happy meal toys.
But maybe that's just me.

Mr. Lane arrives with his box of future broken promises diamonds.
And the man is tan.
Both guys pick out gorgeous rings,  and I find myself wondering if Kaitlyn will continue to wear her left hand statement rings once she's got a rock on her finger.
Before Neil leaves he reminds both of them that they have to give the ring back to him if it doesn't last.  Okay, he doesn't.  But he should have.


So here's the deal.
At this juncture, I'm officially TEAM NOBODY.

The day of the impending proposal arrives.
Both guys plan to propose.
And I'm looking around and wondering:  Are we back at the bachelorette mansion?
What ever happened to proposals in exotic locations?
I mean, Sean and Catherine road away on an elephant for crying out loud!
Oh well, grab your hose Harrison and wet down the driveway.
If we're back at the mansion LET'S MAKE THAT DRIVEWAY GLISTEN!

So we see the limo driving up, and we have no idea whose inside.
For the first time, I literally couldn't care less who got out of the limo first.
I was numb to it all.

Nick gets out of the limo first, and I all of a sudden feel unexpected sadness.
I find myself feeling realllllllly badly for the guy.
And I immediately think about his mom.  And his little sister.
Nick walks right up to Kaitlyn and starts professing his love.
He says lots of very nice things, and he seems to mean every one of them.
She basically pulls a Deanna on him and let's talk and talk and talk.
She even goes so far as to let him pull the ring out of his pocket.
I raised my shoulders up by my ears and was only looking at the t.v. out of one squinty
eye at this point.

Kaitlyn says she did love him, but that she just loved Shawn more.
And I'm guessing that Nick is thinking about how he would have found that information more helpful, um, I don't know...... YESTERDAY.

And y'all.
I'm going to say it again. Nick impressed me.
He's tough on her for the fact that she led him on, but he's not mean.
That's a fine line, and I feel like he did a good job of not crossing it.
 And then after 23 full minutes of silence she says "Can I walk with you?"
She escorts him to the limo.
He threw the engagement ring in a box across the limo.
And then the promise ring.

Gosling's next.
Gosling and his big ol' side part exit the limo and head up to see Kaitlyn.

As soon as he sees her, he tells her she looks gorgeous.
She's shaking and clearly freezing.
And then he starts right in with his spill. and the proposal.
He too says a lot of really nice things, and I really do believe that he also cares for her a lot.
Does he love her?  I'm not sure.
Does she love him?  I'm even less sure.

She says "I love you" .he says "I love you more"....and I not my head in agreement.
I literally give this 2 months.
3 months TOPS.
And I feel like I'm being generous.
But maybe these crazy kids will prove me wrong.

The "happy" couple comes out.

 Before they sat down, Kaitlyn  jumped in Gosling's arms and did a little exploratory oral surgery..all with Nick's family SITTING RIGHT THERE.

And I can't put my finger on it, but something about these two together is WAY OFF.
It just feels so forced.
Exhibit A Your Honor.
Look at their faces here.
If those grins don't say "contractually obligated",
 then I don't know what does.

Nick came out and owned his feelings...and his mistakes.
And I found myself on #teamnick again.  I found him MUCH more genuine than Shawn.
Am I the only one feeling this way?????
I mean, maybe I'm not #teamnick...maybe I'm just #teamnotSean
Surely I have others out there that want to jump on my Nick Seems to Suck less than Shawn Right Now Bandwagon!
Anybody?  Bueller?  Bueller?

I think Nick is coming off as real and kind and appropriately embarrassed by his behavior.
And I feel like Shawn is coming off as a total know it all dillweed.
I am genuinely curious.  Does anybody feel the same way?

Then it's time for Nick to see Kaitlyn.
I feel like she is rolling her eyes and poo-pooing everything that he says.
And I continue to feel awful for him.
She says, "No love that I had was as strong as the love that I had with Shawn,”
That's a totally fine answer, it was how she said it that rubbed me the wrong way.
Even when they are headed to commercial break and she's looking annoyed, it shows Nick asking her if she's okay.

So in the end, Kaitlyn got her ring from Gosling.
But LET THE RECORD SHOW, when asked questions such as "What are y'all going to do next?", the answer isn't a wedding date.
It's "go to Starbucks".
Like I said, 3 months TOPS.

As a matter of fact, if you listen closely, you can hear their PR people already drafting their break-up statement.  I envision it will be something like this:
In a joint statement shared with a source......
After much thought and careful consideration, Kaitlyn and Shawn have decided to not move forward with their joint trip to Starbucks.  Please respect them during this very difficult time.

And you know what our reward is?
That's right.  It starts Sunday.  So get ready.

See y'all back here on Friday for the Pinterest Told Me To Score Report!
Yesterday was the last day I was accepting entries, but make sure you check here on Friday to see what everybody else got!
Sheaffer :)

If you saw Monday's blog post, you can just skip over this...
But if you only really come around here on Wednesday's for The Bachelorette attention!
Many of the items in the Anniversary Sale are sold out, but three of my very favorites (these moto jeans, buckle booties, and "leather" jacket) are all still available and fully stocked!
Don't miss out on these amazing prices!
white blouse similar necklace / white $8 earrings 
ankle moto skinny jeans / grey buckle booties (order 1/2 size down)
faux leather moto jacket

For size reference, I'm wearing a medium in the jacket, so I suggest sizing up.  I'm wearing a 27 in the pants, so they run true to size when you are looking at the inches (not at the 2,4,6 sizing).

And here's another item that is still available in the sale!
Many of you have said that THE MUST HAVE shirt wasn't working for you this year.  The regular was too long and the petite just didn't fit you right.  The petite x-small worked well on me, but some of you just weren't feeling the petite.  Well, this next blouse is a great alternative!
I think this top is great with jeans, but it would also be good with dressy pants or a skirt!  I think it's a little bit sexy even though it's not revealing at all. And I love the gathered shoulders.
I think it's true to size, I'm wearing a small.
Click HERE for the top.
During Sale Price: $49.90/ After Sale Price: $78

And don't forget ladies, because of these recaps I'm not participating in What's Up Wednesday with Shay and Mel, but I hope y'all still will.  You can still link up here, but make sure you check everybody else out!

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Monday, July 27, 2015

MY Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Score Report!! And Kid's Clothes and Shoes Part 2

So over the last couple of weeks you ladies have seen me try on A LOT of clothes.
Some I bought for myself (okay, more than some)....but I obviously didn't get all of them.
I photograph and show y'all wayyyyyyyyyy more than I actually keep for myself.

I thought you all might want to see a final report of the things I'm keeping for myself now that all the dust has settled and I've decided what I'm taking back.
I have to say, I was SUPER impressed with this year's sale.  I absolutely love the things I've ended up keeping.  To be honest, when I placed my orders, I thought I would be taking a lot more back than I am...but I just don't like what I'm keeping....I really do LOVE what I'm keeping.
  And I feel confident these will be staple pieces for me that I will get lots of use out of.  And the prices were just too dang good.
(Remember, y'alls SCORE REPORT is going live on Friday and entries are due by tomorrow night! Make sure you send your 10 BEST pics to

Today's post highlights the items I kept for myself...
and some of them you haven't even seen yet!

So these first pictures were taken last Thursday.
It was almost 100 degrees outside, and I could have easily passed out.
Just kidding, I'm not.
Don't worry, I ran back in the house and was in seasonally appropriate clothing faster than you can say HEAT STROKE.

How cute is this outfit going to be come fall?!?
I'm not going to lie, these pants make me feel SASSY.
  I think the details are great, and they are super flattering.
layered shirttail sweater / ankle moto skinny jeans /
multi-strand necklace /
circle hoop earrings / grey buckle booties / ray-ban sunglasses
Not the best picture of me, but I think the pic does a nice job of showing the details of the clothes.
And now for a close up of the moto jeans.
Aren't they cool?
During Sale Price: $79.90 / After Sale Price: $118
For size reference, I'm wearing a 27, which is true to size for me.
Now...this might get confusing....
Their size chart says the 27s are a 6.  I'm not a 6, I'm typically a 4.  So, I ordered the 26s (since they say they are a 4) at first, but I found them way too tight.  
If I were you, I would order based on the inches, not the size equivalent.  Hope that makes sense!
Also, I'm 5'4" and these are a perfect length on me...not sure if they will be good for tall girls. 
And here's a pic for those of you that say your prefer the inside pics.
And seriously, if you don't have my favorite earrings yet, I'm not sure what you're waiting for!
If this style is good enough for Joanna Gaines, well then it's good enough for me.
(I'm laughing so hard right now.  Don't call me Joanna.  Call me, Joanna.  Like Joanna, please pick up the phone and call me.)
An appropriately placed comma really does make all the difference.  ;)
The booties I'm wearing in ALL of my outfits today are definitely one of my Top 3 favs from the sale!  I've worn them for an entire day already (my 2nd day of shopping the sale) because I wanted to be "fall ready" for my pictures that day!
Click HERE for the booties.  
 I would suggest ordering a 1/2 size down.
During Sale Price: $109.90 / After Sale Price: $168.95

Get The Look For Yourself Here:

I'm hoping that today I'm going to prove to you the versatility of many of the items I ended up keeping.
This next outfit has the same necklaceearrings, and booties as the first outfit.
But it also has the MUST HAVE Shirt, a pair of grey skinny jeans that I'm showing you for the first time today (THAT I LOVE!), and a fringe bag.
Seriously, these jeans are awesome.

circle hoop earrings / grey buckle booties / ray-ban sunglasses  / 
my fringe bag (stock low)- you can find other fringe bags HERE
Here's another look at the same outfit (indoors this time) without the fringe crossbody.
For size reference, I'm wearing a 26 in the jeans, so I suggest sizing down 1 size.  They are stretchy, VERY soft, and have a very nice fitted look.  I have them turned under right now on me (I'm 5'4" and they were several inches too long), but I'm going to take them to Nordstrom and have them hemmed to an ankle length!  But that's good news for you tall girls because they will probably work for you!

I'm wearing a PETITE X-SMALL in the shirt.  This year's shirt was quite a bit longer than last year's version.  In fact, I thought it was way too long.  So, I returned it and ordered the petite x-small.
I wonder if I would like the petite small fit better so it would be a bit looser?  I'm not sure, but I'm VERY glad I got the petite.  I like the length soooooo much better.
Get The Look For Yourself Here:

So this next outfit has the same earringsbooties, and grey skinny jeans as the picture directly above!  I just switched out the MUST HAVE shirt for the plaid popover, took off the necklace, and added a vest!
plaid popover / vest (black sold out, but still available in grey!) / grey stretch skinny jeans /
circle hoop earrings / grey buckle booties / 
Here's a close up of the jeans.
Again...for size reference, I'm wearing a 26, so I suggest sizing down.
I LOVE THESE JEANS.  For $44.90 I'm thinking you should give them a shot also.
After I get them hemmed they are going to look great with booties and flats....but they are so fitted that they will also be perfect to tuck into tall boots!
grey stretch skinny jeans
During Sale Price:  $44.90 / After Sale Price:  $69

But even though the black vest is sold out, you can still get it in grey!
 I loved it in grey as well when I tried it on at the store!
Insulated Vest HERE.
During Sale Price:  $72.90 / After Sale Price:  $109
I absolutely adore the puffy collar that conceals a hood.
I agree with the sizing recommendation to order a size up.  I'm wearing a medium.
Other items in the picture are THESE ZELLA LIVE IN LEGGINGS (YES!) and THIS NIKE PULLOVER, also both part of the sale.
 (I already had the leggings, and I bought the pullover in black.)

And here I'm wearing the same outfit found two pictures above, I just switched out the vest for the faux leather jacket.
faux leather moto jacket
The jacket is ONLY $63.90 right now, but will soon go up to $98!
And here's the same outfit as above just without the jacket and with the addition of the fringe bag.
plaid popover  
The green one I have is almost sold out, but the red seems to still have a good amount of stock.
For size reference, I'm wearing a small in the popover.  And just so you know, when it was shipped to me it was tied in a knot like a pretzel!  Like, I literally had to untie it, which is why it was so wrinkly.  Sure, I could have run an iron over it before taking pictures, but I wanted to get these pictures taken before we left town, and I just didn't have time.
This next outfit has the faux leather jacket again!
But actually, even though I love the jacket, I'm not keeping it. I got a brown leather jacket last year that I still love, and I don't think I need this one too.  Still, it's a great jacket so I wanted to show it to you girls in case you don't have one from last year!  It's a really great looking jacket.  AND CHEAP!

white blouse (I would actually recommend THIS one over the plain white one.)/ similar necklace
 white $8 earrings / ankle moto skinny jeans / grey buckle booties /
faux leather moto jacket
I recommend the patterned blouse instead because it doesn't show wrinkles at all, and I can't say that about the solid colors.  I do suggest ordering down a size in the blouse (both solid and patterns).  I'm wearing a regular x-small.

This next outfit has the grey skinny jeans again, and I went for a monochromatic look by pairing them with this grey white layered sweater, one of my absolute favorites from the sale!
layered sweater / short white necklacecircle hoop earrings/
grey stretch skinny jeans / grey buckle booties 
For size reference, I'm wearing a small in the sweater.  It also comes in a great burgundy and navy, and I love all 3 colors!  You do have to wear a cami under this sweater because the back is the pleated sheer material.
Get The Look For Yourself Here:

I ordered these next jeans due to the advice of a reader.
I was unsure, until I tried these babies on, and now I'm a firm believer in the power of a flare.
Another pair of flare jeans (from Joe's jeans) found HERE that are in the sale.

And here's one picture that you already saw, but since it's something that I'm keeping, I needed to include it in today's post as well.
THIS BLOUSE IS GREATNESS, and I think those with office jobs will find it especially versatile!  I love my pink and grey, but it comes in 2 other colors as well!
blousecami / crossbody bagsimilar jeans with great reviews / 
nude patent flats earrings / necklace / watch
For size reference, I'm wearing a small in the blouse, so I would say it's true to size.  I'm wearing a medium in the cami, so I would suggest sizing up 1 size.
This Pleione short sleeve shirt. is another favorite I'm keeping.
It's soooooo much better than last year's version!
I think it looks great with jeans, but it could also be worn with nice pants or a skirt for an office environment.
I would recommend sizing down.  For size reference, I'm wearing a regular x-small.
This top is a normal length in the back.
It can be worn out (as seen on the left), but it also looks great with a 1/2 tuck!
Click HERE for the shirt (available in 10 patterns/colors) in both regular and petite!
It's also available in solid colors HERE (but I recommend the patterns because they don't seem to show wrinkles, where the solid colors do.
And available in plus-size HERE!
During Sale Price: $29.90  / After Sale Price: $48
Similar jeans HERE (with great reviews), THESE booties, and similar necklace HERE.

I can't wait for Friday for y'all to see what everybody else got!  I'm going through HUNDREDS of pictures, and it's so fun seeing what everybody ended up with!

One last thing before you go today, I've got Part II of Nordstrom Kid's Clothes and Shoes.

Like I told you last week, I always buy Carter some great basics during the sale to start back to school with in the fall.  And since he's all about being cozy, a nice cozy tee and hoodie were a definite must.

long sleeve tee /  hoodiejeans / shoes
If I let him, he would wear elastic waist sweatpants and knit pants every single day of his life.  But I can pretty much guarantee if he has on jeans, he at least has on a cozy top!

Carter didn't love the shoes (said they hurt the top of his feet), so we are taking them back and we've already ordered THESE by Stride Rite instead!

Get Carter's Look Here:

This was his outfit from Part 1:
stripe sleeve tee jeans / sperry boat shoe (that velcro!) / sunglasses sold out

So, the only thing I've ordered so far for Chris is THIS pullover.
But I received a message from a reader about THESE tees for men, and I'm thinking I might order a couple for him to try!
Sheaffer, not sure if you have posted anything for men (& I'm pretty sure I read all your posts!) but I just want your readers to know about Robert Barakett Tshirts! They are buttery soft and wash so well! They only go on sale during the anny. Sale ($38, reg. $52) so be sure to pick one up for the guy in your life!
Deanne V.
Thanks Deanne!  I think I will!

And even though Chris doesn't think he needs a pair of new jeans, I think otherwise.  :)
I like THESE. I like how they are plain and simple, a relaxed fit, and I also like that they are under $70.  Chris is one of those guys that if I bought him a pair of jeans over $100, he'd probably stroke out right there on the spot. 
And I wouldn't mind if he had THESE shoes.  He's say he doesn't need them if I asked, so I might just buy them and surprise him!  (Lots of great men's shoes available in the sale HERE).
And remember, if your hubby doesn't have one of THESE jackets, he needs to!  It's Chris's favorite item in his closet for sure!

See y'all back here on Wednesday for the Bachelorette recap AND for my Santa Alert post!
Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring the Kid's Clothes and Shoes portion of this post!

Sheaffer :)
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