Friday, August 29, 2014

Let's Get Pinspired!

It's August 29th, and it's time for Pin-spired!

As always, as the first of the month approaches (and we like to do it over a weekend), I partner up with Shay at Mix and Match Family and Mel at The Larson Lingo to Get Pin-Spired!
We're hoping that all of you will join in the fun! 

  The focus of the post today is a super simple look.
It's stupid simple really.
But I loved it.
  Instead of a black sweater, I wore my black MUST HAVE shirt.
Because duh.
{I got a facebook message yesterday that totally cracked me up, and I wanted to share it with y'all:
Wore my new must have shirt and leopard Steve Madden flats to work for the first time yesterday and got a raise. Coincidence? I think not. ‪#‎PinterestToldMeToToldMeTo‬
Click HERE for the shirt if you want a raise.  :)
Remember to size down in this shirt.  I am wearing an x-small.
MUST HAVE jeans similar HERE by same maker, just darker
Kendra Scott abalone earrings HERE
Kendra Scott is having a Labor Day sale with 15% OFF and FREE SHIPPING off of your entire order with the code 2014LDW.
Signature necklace c/o Bauble Bar HERE
Converse - similar HERE
All women's Converse at Nordstrom HERE.
Jewelry info:
cushion cut bracelet HERE
Accessory Concierge is extending us a 20% OFF code. 
 Just enter the code PTMT20 and you're all set! 
 I can't say enough great things about  THIS bracelet or THIS necklace.  
Love them both so much!
*There's also a Labor Day sale going on at Accessory Concierge!
Click HERE to see a spiky necklace for $12 that looks like the gold spikey S and D bracelet!
Click HERE for a sky blue multi strand necklace.

black wrap bracelet HERE (black sold out but tan still available and ON SALE!)
spikey Stella and Dot bracelet HERE
Kendra Scott drusy rings HERE 
 Kendra Scott is having a Labor Day sale with 15% OFF and FREE SHIPPING off of your entire order with the code 2014LDW.
If you want a closer look at the Converse that are similar to mine, here you go!
These have zippers, and I LOVE the zippers!!!! Totally wish mine had the zippers actually.
Click HERE (only 6 sizes left when the post went live)!
They are 33% OFF right now making them only $43.51!!!!!
Make sure you order 1/2 size down.

If you prefer to NOT have the zippers, click HERE for all of the other women's converse choices.
I like the light grey, the black, the white, and the navy!
You really can't go wrong!

Converse are regularly  $44.95 , but right now they are BUY 2 FOR $75 !
Buy 2 for you...or Buy 1 for yourself and and 1 for your daughter...or anybody else!
Click HERE!!!!!
This next outfit was the first outfit I pinned after I ordered my converse last year.
It was super simple, and I already had all of the needed pieces.
Military Jacket - check (find a similar one HERE at LOFT and several choices HERE at Nordstrom)
White tee - check (find it HERE)
Jeans - check (the 2014 version HERE)
Converse - check (click HERE for the similar pair with zippers)
That's all you need!  If you already have the other 3 pieces, just add in the converse and you're set!

So here's a side by side of the looks.
 Totally simple, but Totally cute.

again, inspiration pictured pinned and original source listed as HERE

 Here is a collage of just a handful of times I've worn my grey ones since purchasing them.
Remember to order a 1/2 size down!

And now that I know how much I wear them, I totally want a pair of white ones.  Or maybe navy.  No, white.  Wait.  Maybe black.  Yes, black. ;)
Thinking they might be on my Christmas list.
Look at this next pinterest inspiration and tell me you don't want to wear that entire outfit.
Click HERE for a similar shirt that I found last night at Nordstrom!

Need more convincing?
Look below and see how cute and FRESH white converse are!
Click HERE for the classic white.  Click HERE for shoreline version with the elastic back.

source not found, converse with red pants HERE, leather jacket and converse HERE 
converse with plaid puffer HERE, white v neck and converse HERE, blazer with converse  HER
Aren't those images pretty convincing?
They all have this cool and laid back (BUT SUPER CUTE AT THE SAME TIME) vibe.
Which is pretty much the look that I'm constantly going for.  :)

And look at these outfits with dark converse.
Totally DYING over that look on the far left.  How darling is she?!
And I never in a million years would have thought I would be a fan of the black ones.  But I am.
I totally am!
Oh look, the image on the right is the one I recreated today!!!  (This collage appeared in a previous post and I forgot about the fact that I had previously pinned that image.)  

Beauty and a Bargain HERE  / Pleated Poppy HERE / source not found
So, that was my Pinspired look for the month!
MUST HAVE jeans, MUST HAVE shirt, and converse.
You can't get any easier than that!

Before you go today, I also have some more
 Nordstrom Clearance Sale
 items to highlight!
(If you have anything you love that is now on sale, leave the item # in the comments and I will add some of them to the post!)
My mandarin MK moccasins that I adore are HERE.  (I posted them on facebook yesterday, so I hope there are still some sizes left!  Thank you Amanda and Kim for the heads up!)
white v-neck HERE, MK similar watch HERE, Renegade bracelet HERE, MK moccasins HERE
Additional items that are currently available:  
eden bracelet HERE, similar pink cardigan HERE with amazing reviews!
I think this next picture illustrates nicely how the flats add a great pop of color to an otherwise basic outfit.
Must have wedges on the left (sold out), MK Mandarin Moccasins  on the right!
 If your size is no longer available in the MK mandarin moccasins, and now you are dying for some pop of color moccasins, there is an option HERE that comes in coral, turquoise, and yellow!
And they are UNDER $45!
 The spikey bracelet (in rose gold) that looks like my Stella and Dot renegade bracelet HERE.
Pendant necklace HERE that is now UNDER $9 in both white and turquoise.
 (Thank you Jeni for letting me know!)

 ANTHROPOLOGIE IS AN ADDITIONAL 20% OFF OF SALE ITEMS today through the weekend!!!!  Click HERE to shop the entire sale.
Click HERE for my kelly green lace top (also comes in navy and white, but you have to wear a cami under the white).
jeans HERE, necklace HERE, earrings HERE
earrings c/o Kendra Scott HERE (these are the Danielle, but I prefer the smaller Elle), short necklace c/o Kendra Scott HERE, longer necklace c/o Gorjana Griffin (sold out)
(Remember the Kendra Scott code mentioned above in green!)
And I'm totally smitten with THIS Anthro shirt.  Has anybody seen it in person?
The regular price was totally out of my reach at $168, but now that it's an additional 20% OFF of $89.95 I'm considering it!
Click HERE.

 A military anorak vest HERE.

LOFT is 50% OFF select new fall items with lots of great choices!
Click HERE to shop!
Also, I received an e-mail this week that I thought was so fun! The e-mail follows.... So my friend Susan and I are sitting with a glass of wine, talking must haves and wearing our Kendra Scott necklaces! And of course we have they Nordy app open!  Thanks for all the ideas!!
So we think you should do a 'favorite readers' weekend. We  come ty McKinney and give ourselves a Nordy budget and you help us out! This sounds amazing esp after just finishing our bottle of wine!
LOVED the e-mail!  You sound like my kind of girls!
Julie and Susan...or Susan and Julie....not really sure the order!  ha!

I also got this picture from Ashley, one of my regular readers, when she was on her anniversary trip in Playa Del Carmen! So cute!
Ashley is wearing the magenta Rayne necklace and the neon yellow Morgan studs!
(Remember the sale code for 15% OFF and free shipping!  2014LDW) 
This would be a great time to pick up my favorite abalone elle earrings for fall!
If you want to take advantage of the code but need help deciding what you want, you can review the MUST HAVE announcement of the Kendra Scott jewelry HERE.
You'll get to see lots of different pieces styled lots of different ways!
And you'll get to see my favorites!

Click HERE if you are new here and want to see a MUST HAVE review!
Sheaffer :)

Wanna win $500 to William Sonoma?
 Yesterday marked the 3 year anniversary of my friend Shay's Mix and Match Mama site! 
Shay is hosting a super easy contest where you just pin some of her images to enter!
Go over HERE to read about the like a crazy person...and then cross your fingers that you'll be the winner!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Closet Confessions: Erika from A Little Bit of Everything

 Today on Closet Confessions you get to see Erika's closet from A Little Bit of Everything.
Erika is one of my besties, and I just love her so much.
She is one of the absolute sweetest people I know, but she's also totally hilarious, and
I'm just so thankful for Erika and her friendship!
(Make sure your read to the end of the post girls! When I woke up this morning I saw there is a CLEARANCE SALE going on at Nordstrom!!!)

Wanna see how cute Erika's whole family is?
Tab is her cute hubby, and that's Ebby Lee (5), Nixon (4), and Bowen (1).
(Just in case you are doing the math, Ebby Lee was 3 months old when she got pregnant with Nix!)
WHOAH!  :)
Before we get started on Erika's closet, I wanted to introduce you to her blog a bit.
Click HERE to see a post she did about an all boy play date she hosted.
My little guy had a blast and came home chattering about all of the science experiments they did!
 And click HERE to see a short and sweet post about some of her confessions.
The post is a fun read, and I'm betting you can relate to some of Erika's confessions.

Okay...take it away Erika!!!!
Oh should know that my commentary is in italics from here on out.

Hey Girls!!! 
 I was so excited when Sheaffer asked me to share my closet.  Well to be honest, I was excited for about 2.3 seconds, and then I began PANICKING!!!  Let's just say that if you would have seen my closet pre-Sheaffer asking, you would have needed a brown paper bag too!  Trust me!  We moved into our house over a year ago and I was just LAZY when it came to my closet.  I was worried about the rest of the house coming together and just neglecting my own space.  
So...after I got out of the fetal position and was back to my normal breathing patterns, I became pumped about organizing my closet and sharing it with you!!
Welcome to my side of the closet...
You're going to get to see my closet, and you are going to get to see my answers to Sheaffer's questions (the questions are in bold and large font).
I majorly stepped my game up on the organization of this closet!  haha!

What is the item you have the most of?
This one was easy....SCARVES!!!  Scarves are such an easy, inexpensive way to add a little "pop" to any outfit.  I have scarves for all seasons.
I hang my scarves on Tie/Belt organizers from The Container Store.  
They're super easy to grab and hang.
 Erika, I think you might have more scarves than I do!!!!!
Here are some of my favorite scarves out there right now in case any of you reading want to up your scarf game!
* leopard ombre HERE and only $18! 
* tassel scarf HERE (you probably need this one in 2 colors!)  :)
It comes in black, olive, oxblood, light pink, taupe, and teal.

What is the single more worn item in your closet?
Another easy Destroyed Vigoss Jeans.

I have two of the exact same pair because I wear them ALL THE TIME!!

Erika, you're preaching to the choir here sister!  ;)  I named these jeans a Pinterest Told Me To MUST HAVE last year, and y'all....I wear them at least 4 days per week every single week of my life.  Just ask Erika.  I bet 90% of the time she sees me I'm wearing these jeans.
I recently added this pair of designer jeans to my closet (although the wrong size was sent to me so they aren't in my closet yet), so I'll be interested to see if they see the heavy rotation that my 3 pairs of Vigoss see.
Here are 3 of the choices for the 2014 Vigoss jeans.
 distressed tomboy HERE, clean tomboy HERE, jagger skinny HERE

If you are new to the blog, I ordered 3 pairs of the new 2014 Vigoss jeans and did a comparative study.  Click HERE if you want to see my thoughts on 3 different jeans.
The jeans below were my favorite of the 2014 versions.
These are actually the Jagger Skinny Jeans (click HERE), even though they are described online as destroyed crop skinny boyfriend jeans.
For size reference, I was wearing a 28, but I for sure needed a 27.
Even though these are described as "skinny jeans", I think they have a very similar fit to the cropped jeans, and they obviously look cute cuffed at the bottom and worn with flats.  And I'm OF COURSE going to be wearing them with my new booties!  :)
Click HERE
GET SOME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What is your favorite pair of shoes?
This summer I bought these Sam Edelman sandals and surprised myself at how much I wore them!  They dressed up any shorts/tee outfit.
If you happen to be a size 6, then you're in luck.  Click HERE for the above sandals in size 6 only....50% OFF!
I just bought these booties in the anniversary sale and CANNOT WAIT to start wearing them.  They're SO comfortable.  I think they'll be a favorite this fall!

Erika bought THOSE booties during the Anniversary Sale this year and I bought THESE.
Erika and I are going to be seriously styling this fall in our Vigoss jeans and our new booties! 

Erika's 2014 booties HERE
My 2014 booties HERE

And speaking of booties, if you are in the market for a great pair of booties this fall, you might want to consider the booties I wore 5/7 days during the fall and winter months of 2013.  My TOMS booties!
My TOMS booties HERE.
Click HERE for a new herringbone pattern that I wish I had. 
Click HERE for all TOMS booties.
But I digress.
Back to Erika's closet.
 I have never seen boot storage like this!  Erika, where did you get this contraption? 
 I need it immediately!!!!!!! 
Love all the baskets in the closet instead of just t-shirts folded and stacked.  It looks much nicer!

What is the biggest splurge in your closet?
For sure, hands down....this pair of LEOPARD print cowboy boots.  I had JUST had my second baby and I splurged big time on these cowboy boots.  I'm so glad I did though...I've had them for over four years and I still wear them with lots of dresses!!  Leopard is a neutral.  Right, girls?  :) So...they go with EVERYTHING!


What item are you most excited about wearing this fall?
These sweaters with my new booties.  :)  I have a super soft spot in my heart for an Aztec comfy sweater.  I am looking forward to sporting these this fall!
Have you seen THESE two options?

 I also have a super soft place in my heart for some camo...but that's just a random fact.  haha!

Erika seriously knows how to rock a pair of camo pants.  
Please refer again to her family picture above.  I like to refer to this as Exhibit A your honor.
Click HERE for a great pair of camo pants from LOFT right now.  I've received several e-mails about these pants all telling me that I need to try them on stat!  All of the people e-mailing me bought a pair and loved them!
Click HERE for an option from Land's End that another reader e-mailed me about.
Click HERE for an option from Nordstrom with cute zipper detailing.

More pics from her closet...


Thank you SO much for checking out my closet!!  
Sheaffer...thanks for asking me to be a part of this!  


If you enjoyed peeking into Erika's closet, then  click HERE to see the other Closet Confessions posts.  You'll love them!  
And don't forget to check out Erika's blog HERE!


First of all, 4 different colors (nude not included, dangit!) of the Vince Camuto patent Ellen flats are 40% OFF HERE (includes red patent, gold, silver, and a metallic snakeskin!!!!).

black Steve Madden tall Rocket boot HERE 33% OFF
DV leather bootie HERE (love this grey/black, but also comes in a natural nubuck color) 50% OFF!
cole haan patent ballet flats HERE at 50% OFF
cognac stirrup boot HERE at 40% OFF

Zella on sale HERE

The blush tweed jacket that I talked about during the anniversary sale and sold out is not stocked again HERE, and is 40% OFF!
Get THIS jacket and THESE MUST HAVE jeans!
My AG jeans that I ordered after my designer jeans post are now 33% OFF!  Click HERE.
Size 27
This was the second pair of AG I tried on, and these are the ones I think I'm going to end up going with.  The knee seems more fitted on these, so I think I could cuff them or tuck them into a tall boot with ease.
5 out of 5

Oprah's IT jean!


Lots of great bags on sale HERE!

And for some clothing items....

duster cardigan 50% OFF HERE with AMAZING reviews!
 Kut from the Kloth boyfriend jeans (you might consider sizing 1 size down) 40% OFF  HERE
 ERIKA!  check out THIS aztec-y cardigan for 40% OFF!
zip tunic sweater 40% OFF HERE
And I just got a facebook message from Kristen (a sweet reader) to let me know that 3 colors of the Kendra Scott Elle earring are 33% off!!!!!!
Click HERE and get them before they're gone!
In fact, several Kendra items are on sale (including the Morgan stud that I love) HERE to see all of it!!!!
Thanks for the heads up Kristen!!!!

You could get the jeans, the blush tweed jacket, and the earrings for $100ish!  WOW!
That's it for today girls!  
Have fun shopping!!!!
Sheaffer :)

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