Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Shopping with Sheaffer and Carter :)

I went to the mall last week with somebody very special to me for a very special 
Shopping With Sheaffer.  
He's definitely the cutest shopping partner I've ever had (although maybe not the most enthusiastic). :)
Unless we're shopping for Legos, this little man doesn't really share his mother's zeal for shopping.
We had a little photo shoot before leaving the house and I asked him to copy my pose.

 I mean, REALLY.
HOW CUTE AND FUN IS MY KID?!?  I'm one lucky mama.
We are both dressed head to toe in Nordstrom.
Because that's just how we do things around here alot of the time.  :)
Carter's clothes are Boden and Stride Rite:  shirt HERE, jeans HERE, tennis shoes HERE
My clothes:  MUST HAVE shirt HERE, embroidered jeans HERE (still 40% OFF!),
 leopard flats of mine sold out, similar HERE , MK silver watch HERE
(Yep, I wore my shopping uniform to shop.  Again.  What?)

*** FYI:  There are A TON (like 75!) Michael Kors watches for 25% OFF right now!
Find them HERE.
If your one of those mamas that gets awesome Mother's Day presents,
 maybe one of these watches is YOUR Mother's Day gift!   ***

Still, even though his enthusiasm wasn't really on par with mine (let's be honest, whose is?!?), we were on a mission for new shoes for the little guy, and we came home with 2 new pairs of shoes.
Mission Accomplished.
1 pair he wanted, and 1 pair I wanted him to have.
And sadly, after much discussion, we left the store without THESE
I was ready to walk out the door with 3 pairs of shoes for him, but he would have none of it.
Dang they were cute, but I couldn't convince the 5 year old.

So, the second we got to the mall we headed to the kid's shoe department.
This is what we saw when we walked in.  The perfect summer playground and swimming pool shoe for kids.  They are easy on and easy off  and you and your kids will love them.
We've had a pair the past 3 summers.  Luckily his pair from last year still fit him!  (They were a little big last year, but perfect this year.)  Love when I get my money's worth out of kid's items!
Click HERE for all the choices for boys and girls.

Let the shoe modeling begin! 
These first two pair are good for school and for church!
Click HERE for the Halyard velcro sneaker on the left (comes in 2 colors and both walker and toddler sizes).
Click HERE for the tan oxford Sperry on the right.  LOVE this classic looking Sperry.
Great with cute little plaid shorts, great with jeans, great with khakis.
  I also love THIS navy boat shoe, they just didn't have it in his size.
Click HERE for all kid's Sperry's. You'll die when you see the pink and leopard ones for girls!
I can't find this next pair online.  But that's just as well, because you won't want to get them anyway.
They were Fugly.  With a capital F.
But oh my goodness my little guy loved them!
AND ya'll.
He almost stroked out when he found these.
Click HERE for the lego crocs!  They come in walker, toddler, and big kid sizes!
Click HERE for these MUST HAVE shoes for kids!  ;)
These go from 12 mo - 8 years, and they come in  9 colors for both girls and boys (including pink, purple, yellow, blue, black, orange, etc.)!
If your little ones are young, even an older 2 year old can slip these on by themselves AND WE KNOW HOW AWESOME IT IS TO NOT HAVE TO PUT THE SHOES ON YOUR KID EVERY SINGLE TIME.  The reviews are FANTASTIC.
These are very similar to the shoes that I've been buying Carter for 2 years now from GAP; however, he's almost outgrown them and they don't make them in big kid sizes.
Thanks Heavens I found THESE!
And great news...they go from 12 mo-8 years for 
both boys and girls! 
I'm telling you, every kid needs a pair!  
They range from $31.95-$36.95 depending on the size.

Here are some of my favorite boy shoes.
Scroll through and click on what you are interested in!

Here are some of my favorite girl shoes!
Just scroll and click! 

And before we left the shoe department, I had a little fun of my own!
If your shoe size is 7 or under, then you can probably wear some kid's shoes!
It's a great way to save some money on shoes!
You typically just go down two sizes, so if you wear a 7 in women's, you wear a 5 in kids.
Here were some of my favorite choices that I feel like I could pull off as a mature woman :).
a)  Michael Kors classic monogram sandals HERE!  CLASSIC!
b)  Hot Pink converse HERE
These run large just like the adult sizes do.  For size reference, I'm normally a size 6-6 1/2 in regular shoes.  I wear a size 5 1/2 in my women's converse.  And these kid's converse were a size 3.
c)  Cork ballet flats HERE
After leaving the kid's shoe department, we swung through the women's shoe department (because, duh!) and Carter kept insisting I try on these heels. 
And what do you know, I loved them!
Click HERE for the Jessica Simpson heels that Carter liked.  ;)
 Click HERE for all Jessica Simpson heels. I have THESE and they are sooo sassy!
(Spoiler Alert:  you will get to see them in an upcoming outfit post with distressed jeans
 and a lace shirt!) the next pics are all random pics that I've taken of things I liked on my last several shopping trips.
I tried on several things this shopping trip with my little man along for the ride, but I'm saving those items for future posts (there's a method to my madness, I promise).
So I thought now was as good of a time as any to showcase some of the items
 that hadn't made it to a post yet. 
I actually liked THIS wrap top a lot and can see it paired with jeans, shorts, cuffed khakis, black capris, whatever really!
So pretty!
For size reference, I was wearing a small.
And I thought THIS tote was greatness!
Black and White is so big right now, and I loved all the details on this one! 
So chic and very affordable.
THESE shorts are great khaki shorts for those of you that like some length to your shorts.
I typically wear 4" shorts, but the ones pictured here are 9".
Caslon has some other great shorts too!  Click HERE for all the options (including a linen drawstring pair that is oh so cute)!
The last couple of years I've wanted a leather jacket, but I haven't wanted to make the investment because I wasn't sure if I would get my $$ worth out of it.
So I'm thinking, maybe I should try out a faux leather option?
  Faux leather jacket HERE.
It only has 1 review, and it's only 1 Star.
But listen, I really liked this jacket.
I thought the color was great and the fit was very flattering.  For size reference, I was wearing a medium.  The main part of the review was that the material was cheap.
Um, yeah.  It's a faux leather jacket.
I think it's great for what it is!
And the last outfit of the day, a short maxi and tee outfit with a denim jacket thrown on top.
The outfit all put together is a bit too conservative for me, but I know that some of you have been looking for a roomier jacket.
caslon skirt HERE (comes in both stripes and solids)
Peace and Love t-shirt HERE
I liked this tee alot!
Denim jacket HERE 
This jacket is MUCH LESS fitted than my MUST HAVE denim jacket (found HERE and back in stock in the stonewash!).  I definitely prefer a more fitted look...but if you don't, this could be your jacket!
I'm wearing THESE earrings.
For size reference, I was wearing a small t-shirt, an x-small skirt, and a small denim jacket.
I'm kicking myself for not buying the skirt.
I mean, if for no other reason than it's an x-small.
Yes, I should buy it, and then "accidentally" wear it inside out exposing the "x-small" tag. ;)

 So, that was it for Shopping With Sheaffer and Carter.
And don't worry, Carter got a Lego set at the end for his participation.
Even though 2 pictures in at the shoe department he said, and I quote,
"I've had enough of this shoe modeling thing."
Next week you'll get to see a post where Pinterest tells both me and Carter what to do....
and he'll be wearing some of his new shoes!
These are 1 of the pair that he ended up with.
Click  HERE for his new Stride Rite tennis shoes.
 I tell you, as far as I'm concerned, Stride Rite is THE ONLY way to go when you're talking about kid's tennis shoes.  The quality is great and they last.
Many of them come in baby, toddler, and walker only.  But some of them come in big kid sizes too!
Click HERE for all boy's stride rite options.
Click HERE for all girl's stride rite options.

One last picture for the road!

I  had so much fun on this little shopping trip with my best guy!
 Thank you Nordstrom for having the idea for me to highlight kid's shoes and for sponsoring the shoe portion of this post.  It was so much fun!

Carter and I are going to have to do this again soon, maybe right before he starts KN in the fall!
Of course, I'll probably be bawling my head off the whole time.

I know you've seen this tote many times before, but I didn't know if you had thought of it as a possible gift
 for Mother's Day!
Click HERE for my tote.
Click HERE for all Barrington Bags.
Lots of different shapes, patterns, and colors available to choose from!
This is one of the more expensive CODE PINK alerts that you'll see, but I think it would make a perfect gift!  Personalized and thoughtful!
I've received several questions about my monogram and what all the letters stand for.
LSS stands for Lauren Sheaffer Sims.
My maiden name was Lauren Sheaffer Tindall.
Yes, Sheaffer is my middle name, but my parents always called me Sheaffer.
My married name is Lauren Sheaffer Sims. 
So there you have it!  LSS. 
 And check this out!  There's a code!!!!
Use the code LUVMOM for 10% off!
I know I'm obsessed with mine.
Click HERE for my tote.  I chose the grey chevron pattern.
But there are lots of other shapes and patterns to choose from!  Click HERE to shop them all.
I know several of you have sent me e-mails about you getting one and loving it!
If you already have one, leave a comment with your thoughts on the bag!
See you back here on Friday ladies for a classic Pinterest Told Me To recreation!
I'll give you a hint.....
pink....gingham....and denim!
Sheaffer :)
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Monday, April 21, 2014

WORK IT with the LOFT SALE! And some great CODE PINKS!

There is a HUGE SALE at LOFT today!
!!!!!!!!!50% OFF EVERYTHING...AND FREE SHIPPING!!!!!!!!! 
Did you hear that?  FREE SHIPPING with no minimum!
Code:  CYBER50
(Sale is online only and it ENDS TONIGHT!!!!)
And I've got some great news.....
I was at LOFT on Friday trying to find my picks for a new WORK IT post,
So the timing here is PERFECT! 
I posted the below pic on Instagram on Friday afternoon (click HERE to follow me on insta) and I got lots of great reactions from you girls.
It seems that many of you have been waiting patiently for another WORK IT post!
And I can also say that based on the reactions from you ladies about the lace shell and the blazer that were in the pics, these babies are going to go fast at 50% off!

 The lace top was my very favorite find of the day.
Hands down.
No contest.
THIS shirt has been my favorite find in a long time actually.
Get it.
BUT MAKE SURE YOU ORDER 1 SIZE DOWN, because it runs big.
For size reference, I'm wearing an x-small.
Here it is on it's own with jeans.
(similar jeans: HERE for higher end and HERE for lower end, necklace HERE, wedges HERE)
Floral Lace Shell HERE
 The lace shell looks awesome on it's own (as seen above), but it also looks great layered under a cardigan or blazer!  And it looks just as good with jeans as it does with dress pants!
And just really dang cute.
I absolutely love how it fits and the scalloped detail on the bottom. Soooo pretty!
All of the pictures right here are with jeans.  But just imagine any of the combos below with a pair of black suit pants, or khaki slacks, or grey pants.  Whatever!
It would also look great dressed down with shorts or a casual skirt, or even dressed up with a pencil skirt.  I'm telling you, the possibilities are endless with this lace top.
And seriously, check out the blazer.
Floral Lace Shell HERE
blazer HERE / poppy print cardigan HERE / honeycomb print cardigan HERE
 (similar jeans:  HERE for higher end and HERE for lower end, necklace HERE, wedges HERE)
So, I'm thinking we can all agree that the top looks great with jeans.
But I'm telling you, it looks great with dress pants too.
Exhibit A:
Here it is dressed up with grey slacks and a cardigan.
I really loved the lace with the grey and the light colored cardigan.
Floral Lace Shell HERE
 honeycomb print cardigan HERE
Marisa grey pants HERE
(The Marisa pant is my favorite fit from LOFT, it's perfect on me every time.
For size reference, I'm wearing a 2.) 
 Exhibit B:
Here it is with a pair of khaki dress pants and a blazer! 

"Blushing Red" soft jacket/blazer HERE.
Love the color, LOVE the fit, LOVE the lining that shows when you cuff the sleeves on this blazer.
Love it all.
For size reference, I was wearing a 4 in the jacket.
Zoe cropped dark khaki pants HERE.
For size reference, I was wearing a 2 in the picture.  But fyi, they are NOT  buttoned.
I repeat.  They are NOT buttoned.
And in fact, they lacked a good inch and a half or so to even finish zipping. Ha!
 So, I needed a 4 in these pants.
Still, I like how they were fitted and thought they looked great with the lace shell and blazer!
I actually tried on other things besides just the lace shell, although part of me just wanted to keep it on and just keep pairing it with other bottoms.
I could have spent at least another hour or so doing just that.
But let's see the other stuff......

 Embroidered tie neck blouse HERE.
I'm loving this shirt so much!  Love the gauziness (I think that's a word) of it, and the black dots and ties.  Love it all!   The below pic shows how it looks great with jeans AND with black pants.
  Marisa black cropped pants HERE.
I LOVE AND ADORE these pants.  And I don't know why, but I walked out of the store
without them.  What?  I walked out of the store without them?
 It's like I don't even know myself right now.
Now that they are 50% off they are going to come and live with me.
They are perfectly stretchy and have a nice polished look.
They could be dressed down with a tee and flat sandals or flats, or they could be dressed up with a silky shirt and wedges or even heels!
These pants are greatness.
If I had an office job, I would definitely buy these in the dark khaki color too, and maybe even the white.
They are very flattering and just the perfect length for all different types of shoes.
 Let's take a minute to talk about LOFT pants.
There are 3 different fits, and one of them is bound to be perfect for you.
My perfect fit is the Marisa, but I also love the Zoe.
Click HERE to read about the differences in the pants and take the pants quiz to find your perfect fit!
 Click HERE for Marisa pants.  Slightly curved from waist to hips.
Click HERE for Zoe pants.  Pencil straight, slim fit from waist to hips.
Click HERE for Julie pants.  Narrower at the waist, hugs your curves.
LOFT has sooooo many pants that are perfect for a business environment.
I'm telling you, if you haven't tried them, NOW is the time.
We're talking ZERO risk.

Okay, back to the outfits.
This next sweater surprised me.  I only tried it on because I thought it was a good match for the chevron pants below.  And then I absolutely loved it.
The wide band on the bottom and the splits on the sides makes it different than any other sweaters I have, and I thought it just hung nicely too.
sweater HERE
chevron striped cropped jeans HERE
  And now, a couple of more casual outfits with my favorite pants.
Marisa black cropped pants HERE.
Scalloped cotton eyelet tee HERE
Looks great with the black pants, but would also look great with jeans, colored jeans, and shorts!
Dotted Zip Back Cotton Sweater HERE
The polka dots are so fun!  It comes in several other colors too.
Now I have another blazer for you!  And this one is just darling!
Floral cotton eyelet jacket HERE
This jacket is a total statement piece.  It looks very expensive (and is at full price)...but at 50% off, it's suddenly totally affordable!  Sure, it's cute with jeans....but just imagine the possibilities!  For size reference, I'm wearing a 4 in the jacket.
  Flutter sleeve shell HERE
This is the perfect black shell that would be a great basic in any closet.
Okay, I totally love this top.  But I'm thinking it must be sold out online because I can't find it.
If anybody can find it, please leave a link in the comments.  You have to wear a cami under it, but it just screams "SUMMER!" to me!  Love the detailing down the side and the ties on the shoulders.
And this next top is SO ME.
Crochet Peasant Blouse HERE
For size reference, this was a small, and I have on a cami under it.
I think it looks great with jeans, but I think it would also look great with some dressy cropped khaki pants like the ones HERE.
Now, since the sale is so huge AND there is free shipping, I thought I would try out a new way to highlight pictures!  
Please let me know if you like seeing things in this way in the comments.
I always want things to be as user friendly for y'all as possible.
Here are some more pics to scroll through of other fabulous items!

And at 50% OFF, you can't forget to look at their shoes!
Click HERE for all shoes, and scroll through pics below for some of my favs.

And swimsuits too!
Click HERE for all swimsuits, but this first one right here is definitely the winner for me!

And for items you've already seen on the blog before....
 You can find my white boyfriend jeans HERE.
Size down in these for sure.
(If interested in other items from the below picture, click HERE for the original post if you want sources for other items in the picture like the scarf or striped cardigan.  I will be throwing THESE babies on with bright colored tanks and tees all spring and summer long.)

Click HERE for this super light and textured sweater.
It's sheer, so you have to wear a tank under it.  I am in love with this look, and the sweater is light enough to be worn even on summer nights.  
For size reference, I'm wearing a small in the sweater.
Click HERE for jeans  HERE for leopard flatsHERE for silver MK watch.
  HERE for the TB wrap bracelet
And finally, my favorite shorts!
Click HERE for the 4" version that I wear.
I bought two pairs this year (light khaki and a light blue), and I have a dark khaki and a black pair from the last couple of years too.
Click HERE for the 6" version.

Okay, after the LOFT EXTRAVAGANZA we just had, it's time for today's CODE PINK! 
If you have been reading this blog for awhile (since about November or so), then you know this next item well.
It was a MUST HAVE and a Santa Alert, yet I still found it appropriate to feature again as a Mother's Day Alert.
Because it's just that awesome. 
If you have a blardigan*for yourself already, they you KNOW your mom would love it too.
I was even wearing mine at home this weekend.  It's just SO luxurious and cozy!
Click HERE for the NEW plus sized blardigan*!  I was so happy to see this!
Click HERE for the barefoot dreams plush robe
Click HERE for the regular blardigan*
Click HERE for the barefoot dreams blanket
*For those of you that are new to the blog.  "Blardigan" is a term that means part blanket and part cardigan.  And legend has it the blardigan is woven by angels.
I made up the word.
But now I actually think it's a real world.

And now for lots of CODE PINK gifts that are under $25!  
These items would be great paired with each other or other items, or they could just stand on their own.
a)  You Are My Happy candle HERE
b) Sippy Cups are Not for Chardonnay book  HERE
c)  If You Met My Mom wood plaque HERE (10 inch square)
d) Pomegranate Citrus tin candle HERE
e) Mom is Always Right wood plaque HERE(6 inch square)
f) chevron frame HERE
g)  Nice Normal Family trinket box HERE
h)  measuring spoons HERE
i) stoneware measuring cups HERE

 And if you missed the first several CODE PINKS, click HERE!

That's it for Monday!
See you back here Wednesday for a very special Shopping With Sheaffer.
This time I'm hitting up the mall with a man.  A very little and very cute little man.  :)
Sheaffer :)
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Pinterest Told Me To Wear My White Tee.....And Y'all Begged Me to Highlight Some Swimsuits.....And I do what I'm told.

 Pinterest told me to wear my white tee with a leopard scarf and sandals.
So I did.
And Y'all Begged Me to highlight some swimsuits.
So I'm going to.
Apparently I let both Pinterest and you ladies boss me around.  :)
I'm here to serve.

So, here's what's happening today.
I have a great outfit that is so simple it's just stupid.  Stupid in the best way possible of course.
I have some CODE PINKS.
Then, at the end of the post, I'll throw some swimsuits and cover-ups out there! 
The post is long today.
Just stick with me.  :)

Here's the Outfit:
White Tee, Leopard, and Jeans with Neutrals
So simple and super cute.

source not found
 Here's how I made it work with things I had on hand!
 White v-neck|  Everlane HERE
For size reference, I'm wearing a medium.
Leopard Scarf|  Francesca's from years and years ago; similar options HERE
THIS one looks just like the one in the inspiration picture.

Confession:  I have 3 leopard scarves.
And I don't even feel like that's excessive.  :)
Brown Belt|  LOFT, from years ago
Embroidered Jeans|  Nordstrom, exact pair HERE and 40% OFF
For size reference, I'm wearing a 27
Sandals| LOFT, several years ago
similar sandals HERE
Brass Earrings|  my newest Stella and Dot item HERE
I like how they show up against my dark hair. 
Neutral Tote|  c/o Sole Society, exact tote HERE

My sandals above are from LOFT from years ago, but the cut of them is exactly like these babies.
Click HERE for all Gigi choices.
Can't you see yourself wearing these all summer long?
Do you want to get the look for yourself?
You can!
leopard scarf HERE   / White v-neck HERE from Everlane or HERE from Nordstrom
(You need a white v-neck in your closet if you don't have one.)
embroidered jeans (from maker of the MUST HAVE jeans) HERE AND 40% OFF!  
neutral patent sandals HERE/ Neutral Tote  HERE
brass earrings HERE / white sequin bracelet HERE 
renegade bracelet HERE / crystal stretch bracelet HERE
Do you ladies like this simple look as much as I do?

Okay!  Time for another CODE PINK!
Actually, we've got 3 code pinks rolled into one today.
I looked at this outfit picture from earlier this week, and I realized there were 3 items that would make EXCELLENT Mother's Day Gifts.
They are all items that you've seen time and time again on this blog, but today I just wanted you to think about them as opportunities for gift giving!
Kimberly Necklace HERE
This is the single most worn piece of jewelry in my closet.
Military Jacket HERE
This is one of the Top 3 worn items in my closet.  Hands down.  Any mama would get so much use out of this jacket!  You can basically throw it on with everything! 
For size reference, I have a small.
Signature Necklace HERE
The possibilities are endless with this necklace as far as Mother's Day gifts go.
And speaking of the necklace, check out this sweet story I received from a reader last week.
Hello Sheaffer!
I want to share with you my very special signature necklace. It arrived today and to say I am thrilled doesn't say enough. To say it is just "any" signature doesn't do it justice. You see, it's my Mom's signature. And she passed away 11 years ago when I was thirty. Before I was married. Before I had kids.  I have a box of letters she sent me over the years. College, first apartment, birthdays. She also signed "Love" (as in Love, Mom) with a big ole Lavern type 'L' that I tried to include but couldn't figure out how to join them without looking weird. So I settled on just "Mom." Cause that pretty much says it all, don't you think. I snapped a pic and emailed it off.  I wasn't expecting to get so emotional when I opened the box. But the tears flowed. And my heart ached. And then I put it on and smiled. As I know she is doing, too. This is JUST the kind of thing she would be absolutely giddy about. So, thank you, Sheaffer, for sharing a little bit of your world with me so that I can have a little piece of my mom with me--close to my heart! XO


This story tugged at my heart.
I think it is just so sweet and so precious that Staci is now wearing her mother's handwriting around her neck.  What a sweet remembrance.
Thank you Staci for sharing. 

And I just thought of something!
According to my facebook survey, most of you wanted Mother's Day gifts highlighted that were between $50-$100.  Still, the next biggest requested category was under $50.
I realized that this scarf from the look above would be greatness!
Not only is it SUPER cute...... it is only $18.
And maybe your mama could rock a leopard scarf.
My mom could if all scarves didn't make her totally claustrophobic.
Not even kidding.  Love you mom!
leopard scarf HERE
Okay....enough CODE PINKS for now.
The time has come.
Time to talk about swimsuits.
It's okay.  Breathe.

It's just that it's April, and I feel like NOW IS THE TIME to order a suit or two.
I don't know about you, but having a cute swimsuit waiting for me helps to motivate me.
I might even be known to try my new swimsuit on every 5 days or so during my summer slim down program.  Allegedly.
If I did do that (and I'm not saying that I do), it would probably do a great job of keeping me motivated and on track.
source not found

He, He, He!
 Don't we all feel like that monkey when trying on swimsuits?

I'm highlighting swimsuits today from several different sources.
I believe I ended up with suits from Nordstrom, Macy's, Old Navy,  JC Penny's, and Target.
So, the prices range from about $50 ish to about $130 ish for one entire suit.
But where swimsuits are concerned, I feel very much that it's you get what you pay for.
I've had 2 Target suits that I absolutely LOVED, but both of them were done after one season.  The underwear popped out of both of them in the wash.  Still, they weren't expensive, so I didn't mind that they only lasted one season...except for the fact that I LOVED THEM.
The Macy's suits?
Well, most of them are 20% off this weekend.
And I have to say, out of all sources highlighted today, I feel like Macy's has the best selection BY FAR.  Kudos to you Macy's!
Click HERE to shop all Macy's suits and use the code "EASTER" for 20% off most suits!
(Down the left sidebar on Macy's website the suits are divided into categories, which is very helpful when trying to find a certain type of suit.)

Now let's look at some swimsuits.
Don't worry, you aren't about to see me in a ton of swimsuits.
But you are about to see me in one.
THIS is the swimsuit I talked about last year.  I would say 75% of the people that bought it last year loved it.  Tons of people said it made them look HOT and SKINNY.
The other 25% hated it.  I mean HATED it.
Apparently this suit is very polarizing.
But hey, with free shipping and returns, you have nothing to lose!
Maybe you'll be one of the ones that loves and adores it! 
 And listen, this picture was taken like 2 months ago.
Click HERE for the crochet tunic cover up (comes in 3 colors).
Crochet One Piece Swimsuit HERE (comes in 7 different colors)
And while we're talking about cover ups, here are some more that caught my eye!
Some from Nordstrom, some from Macy's, some from JC Penny's.
a)  crochet trim cover up HERE
b)  deep v-neck cover up HERE
c)  white cotton cover up HERE
You need to click to see this one closet-up!  Love. Kind of perfect.
d)  tie dye cover up dress HERE
e)  blue tunic cover up HERE
And check this out!

A convertible cover-up HERE with 9 different ways to wear it!  And it's under $40!
I actually tried this on and really liked like 3 of the ways to wear it.  But the girls (my girls, in case you were confused) weren't in a bra or a swimsuit, and even though I took pictures of the looks, I didn't feel it was appropriate to put them on the blog.
You're welcome.
I did however show them to Shay and Erika at lunch one day,
and let's just say we all had a good laugh.

Now, if you were to see me at the pool, it would be in a tankini or a 1 piece.
That's just how I roll.
Below are some great ones!
And remember, 20% off the ones from Macy's!

a.  deck piping sheer tankin top HERE and bottoms HERE
(also available in red/navy & black/white)
b)  tiered tankini and hipster bottom HERE 
c)  striped strapless one piece HERE
d)   twist tie rouche bikini top HERE
 e)  fringe tankini top and bandeau bottom HERE

Love this Trina Turk number HERE, I just don't have quite enough guts.

And I found some great basic one pieces for those of you that want a good amount of coverage.
Basic one piece HERE ($79) / Cascading ruffle one piece HERE ($120)
Click HERE for this striped one piece from Old Navy.
So cute!
These next suits fall under the category of I WISH.
In fact, I would like to title this next collage, IN A PERFECT WORLD.
Listen, I haven't worn a bikini since high school
Did you hear me?  HIGH SCHOOL!
But let me tell you this, when I dreamed about being at the beach last night, I was in the triangle top bikini below AND I LOOKED AMAZING.
About once a month I also dream I can fly.
Purely fyi.

triangle bikini top HERE and bottoms HERE
 navy bandeaux bikini top HERE and bottoms HERE
shirred halter bikini top HERE and bottoms HERE
colorful bandeaux top HERE and bottoms HERE  
(I was unable to save a picture of the bottoms in this suit, but they are so cute!)

And I couldn't do a swimsuit post, even just a partial post, without mentioning the
Target Mix and Match Swimwear collection!
I absolutely LOOOOVVVVEEEE how you can mix and match all the pieces.
You can mix and match colors, patterns, pieces, AND SIZES!
Perfect if you need a size medium top and a size small bottom!
Girls, I ran out of steam by the end of this post and kept falling asleep trying to make a collage of my favorite Target pieces. are just going to get the below picture, and I'm going to strongly urge you to just check Target out! The possibilities are endless!
Click HERE to check them out!
You're gonna like what you see! 

All right friends!
That's it for today!
Have a wonderful and happy EASTER weekend!
Sheaffer :) 

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