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The Bachelor Episode 6 Recap: When Pigs Swim

If you are new around these parts and have some catching up to do, 
click HERE for Bachelor recaps from previous weeks.
You know you don't want to miss Ben owning the runway.
I have to say, before this episode even started I was all sorts of FIRED UP.
Part of me definitely wanted him to send her packing (the logical part that wants Ben to guard and protect his heart).  But if we're being honest, the part of me that likes to watch the crazy go down every week from 7:00-9:00, well that part of me wanted her to stay.
What can I say, the heart wants what it wants.

The episode opened with Ben putting the rose ceremony on hold and taking Olivia away for a quick chat.  I remained conflicted on if I wanted her to stay or go.

But it took me all of 3.2 seconds to go from conflicted to being the campaign manager for
Seriously, somebody needs to print up some t-shirts.
Or rent a billboard.
Or cross-stitch it on something.

Why did I change my tune so quickly?
Well, when Ben questioned Olivia about her relationship with the other girls in the house, she started off by saying things about how the other girls like to paint their nails and do their hair,
and that's just not her.
First of all, WHATEVER.

And then she said this.
And this is a direct quote.
I can't make this stuff up.
"I like reading books in my room and like THINKING.  That's what I do.
"I want to talk (really long pause) smart (pause) things."

Ben was all like...uh hmmm...

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many things.
I guess the smart things you want to talk about probably don't include a conversation about correct grammar usage.
Your "tears" aren't real.  Nobody believes them.
Wipe that smug grin off of your face.
Shut your mouth.
And finally, shut your mouth.

And then, just when you thought you couldn't dislike her more, during her 1:1 interview she said this.
Yes, she said those things.  Those EXACT things.
And I'm wondering if this is what Olivia means by "talking smart."

The rose ceremony started with Olivia, Manda, and Lauren H. with roses.
Ben said something nice about how he values, enjoys, and appreciates each one of them.
Except for you Jenn, you're going home.
Which makes me sad, mainly because we never found out what type of small business she owns.

Ben announces to all the women that they are going to the Bahamas.
I know what you're thinking, YEAH, THE BAHAMAS!  I've heard it's beautiful there!
Let me just say this, the Bahamian Tourism Board is going to have to do some SERIOUS DAMAGE CONTROL after tonight's episode.

Harrison showed up at the hotel with the date card and lets everybody know that there's going to be a 1:1, a group date, and a 2:1.
Becca read the date card.

Who:  Caila
What:  Let's see of our love is "reel".

This left Leah broken-hearted because Caila was getting a second 1:1 before she was even getting her first.  Ben sauntered in to pick Caila up for their date (most annoying spelling ever by the way) and Leah was visibly upset.
Everybody seemed to think it's because she didn't get the 1:1, but I think it might have something to do with the fact that Ben's shirt was unbuttoned all the way down to his naval.  Which is not okay.
Either wear a shirt, or don't.

Ben and Caila spent the day together fishing on a boat.
Caila's miniature, and darling, and has the shiniest and bounciest hair ever.

After their day on the boat, they headed to dinner, and Caila spoke to Ben about her feelings.
They had a conversation, if you will.
I use the term "conversation" here loosely, because she might as well have been speaking Mandarin.
There were a lot of words coming out of her mouth, but no real and complete thoughts were being formed.
Words like:
" ready....totally...completely...not right...hurt...afraid....but maybe?" 

America, will you please join me in saying "HUH?"
She went on to say "Your greatest fear is being unlovable, and my greatest fear might be breaking your heart.  It feels like I'm going to hurt you."
Ben responded with a super insightful, "If you're scared you might hurt me because you think you might not be ready, please tell me."
Isn't that what she JUST DID?
Like didn't she literally just say those words?

Well, Ben was blinded by her darlingness and her shiny and bouncy hair, so he gave her a rose.
He then said "it's almost attractive that she can be confusing."
Yeah, Ben.
You won't be thinking that 4 years into your marriage when the baby is keeping her up at all hours of the night and she tells you not to worry that she'll get up with the baby for the 5th night in a row.
It would be easy to confuse that statement.
What she really means is, you better get up with the baby right this cotton pickin' second or you won't be getting any for the next month.
But I digress.

Group Date:
Who: Lauren B., Becca, Amanda, JoJo, Lauren H., and Leah
What it says:  Love is unpredictable.

When the names are read off the card, all the girls immediately realize that Olivia and Emily are going to be on the 2:1 together.  Which is awesome.
After figuring this out, Olivia says, "I don't wanna be with her.  Emily, she's just, she's young. I don't know, I mean, she's like a bird. I mean I don't even give a $#*#."

Is ANYBODY making sense this episode?

The group arrived at a boat dock for their date.
JoJo ran up and hugged him, but we've still yet to see the classic run and mount.
They pulled up to shore and Ben announced that they were going to be swimming with and feeding pigs.
There was so. much. squealing.
And the pigs were making noise too.
Bah dum ching.

Let's talk about the pigs for a second.

All I could think about was where the pigs were pooping and peeing.
I'm guessing pigs don't excuse themselves for a restroom in addition to swimming around with pigs (ew), I'm guessing they are also swimming around with pig poop (double ew).
There's a lot of dates that the Bachelor franchise has thought up that I wouldn't enjoy.
Top of the list is riding tractors in bikinis on a city street (Prince Farming's season).
But this pig date is right up there.

I mean, just look at what happens to poor JoJo.

I would have FLIPPED OUT.

And then I too would have done my best to get the heck out of dodge.

After they ran around with the pigs for while, things got all sorts of awkward.
Things weren't clicking for Ben with any of the girls.

But I was happy about one thing, we finally got a good glimpse of Ben's tattoo.
It looks like it's Proverbs 16:3, which says,
Commit to the LORD, whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.
I'm not a tattoo person (not that there's anything wrong with being a tattoo person..I'm just not), but if the guy I'm dating or marrying is going to have a tattoo, a bible verse is a good choice in my book!

That night they had the group date cocktail party.
When Ben walked up he immediately admitted that he was well aware that the group date was not awesome.
He took Becca aside and and they had a good conversation.
Amanda was next.  More of the same.
And then Leah.
In what seemed to be out of the blue and a total hail mary, Leah brought up the fact that Lauren B. wasn't the same back at the house that she was with him.

Leah, Leah, Leah.
You are breaking one of the cardinal rules right now.
Others have broken it already this season when talking about Olivia, but that didn't really count because Olivia is truly WHACK.

Lauren B. came up and unknowingly interrupted her very own bashing session, and for some reason, Ben felt the need to tell Lauren that one of the girls had been talking badly about her.
This obviously upset her.
When Becca asked Leah flat out if she said those things about Lauren, she said "No, I would never."
Oh really, Leah?  Because you just did.  And in case you didn't know this, you are ON FILM.

Amanda got the group date rose.
After they got back to the hotel, Leah decided to sneak away to see Ben.
She claimed "she didn't want to talk badly about Lauren B.", but then all she did was talk badly about Lauren B.
Bye, Leah.

The 2:1 Date Card Arrives.
2 Women, 1 Rose. 1 stays, 1 goes.
Let's see what the Bahamas have in store for us.
Sidenote:  Is this the correct grammar?
Is "Bahamas" really considered plural?
I mean, I would have said "Let's see what the Bahamas HAS in store for us."
Because I would have treated Bahamas as a singular noun.
Is the Bahamas a singular country or is a group of islands?  Or is it both?

I'm looking forward to this date because the dynamic between Emily and Olivia is just about as bad as it can get.
Remember, Emily feels like she's been "personally victimized" by Olivia (get in line, honey)....and Olivia just thinks of Emily as a bird and doesn't give a s---.
Olivia also commented on how young Emily is.
Emily is 23.
I will say, I did give the side eye to Emily's shorts.
I use the term "shorts" loosely here.

Emily called her sister and let her know that she and OMG OLIVIA were going to be on the 2:1 date together.  And I'm left wondering if Haley has had to hire somebody to help her hold down the fort at Twin Enterprises while Emily is frolicking around in the Bahamas.

The 3 of them hop on a boat.
Where are your pony tail holders ladies?
A banana clip?
A chip clip?
And maybe a bobby pin for Ben.

Here's the deal.
Let's be honest.
Neither Olivia nor Emily is the girl for Ben.

But let's go ahead and see how the date played out.

When being interviewed, Olivia said, "He knows my heart.  Our love is all consuming, ever present, and constantly growing".
She then goes on to say, "I'm very grounded.  I'm very, like, in tune with my body.  I like news and politics and religions, and deep intellectual things are my jam."
And for like the 13th time this episode, America is scratching it's collective head.
If all of that wasn't bad enough, she then fires off an "I'm in love with you."
I don't even like you and it literally caused me physical pain to hear you say that.
Ben basically said "I'm glad you are comfortable enough to tell me that."
Which, to a NORMAL person, would mean that he's just not that into you.
But who knows what it means to Olivia in their secret love language.

He then grabbed the rose, and asked Olivia to go talk with him for a bit.

And he left Emily sitting by herself.  See her back there in the picture above?

We all thought that he was going to give Olivia the rose, but NO M'AM!
He told her that while he appreciated her being able to share her feelings, that he did not reciprocate said feelings.
To say Olivia was shocked would be an understatement.
She was however able to pull it together in true news anchor fashion.
And they just left her there.
Like, Ben and Emily jumped into a speed boat and headed to what I can only assume is higher ground and some sort of shelter.
But they just left her there.
In the middle of a hurricane.
The surf pounding against the shore.
In a crocheted swimsuit and booty shorts.

But don't for one second think that the Bachelor producers didn't request that their time in the Bahamas be spent there during Hurricane Season.  Cuz that there is just good t.v.

Back at the hotel, Harrison waltzes in and tells the girls that Ben has cancelled the cocktail party and that they are just going to head straight to the rose ceremony.

Emily, Caila, and Amanda already have roses.
Who gets roses:
Lauren B.

Lauren H. (the KN teacher) goes home.

And I will leave you all with this...

Before you go, a handful of things.
If you didn't see my SPRING BOOTIES post with UGG earlier this week, click HERE to read all about them (I think they are the PERFECT Spring bootie) and see me in the outfit laid out below!
ag skinny ankle jeans (ones linked are not distressed b/c mine are sold out) / v-back sweater
similar wrap bracelet / cushion cut bracelettiger's eye slab pendent wood earrings / booties
So my Sweet Pea Kut from the Kloth denim jacket was the first PTMT MUST HAVE I ever named.
I've worn it now for 3 years straight, and I love it just as much now as I did when I first got it!

When at the mall last week, I tried THIS one on.
It's from the same maker, but it's just a dark wash.
For size reference, I'm wearing a small.  It's quite fitted (but it's stretchy)...which is
exactly how I like it!
Well, I loved it and it came home with me, so you'll be seeing it in plenty of future outfits.
jean jacket /happy camper tee sold out   / $12 circle hoop earrings sold out /
wood horn pendant necklace / similar jeansbuckle booties c/o UGG, but also available at Nordstrom HERE (the color on the Nordstrom website says "Chestnut Suede", but I think the "primer" color is what is actually available on the Nordstrom site.)
Click HERE for all washes available in the jacket.

sweater / MUST HAVE leggings / faceted stone studs / similar boots
For size reference, I'm wearing a small in both the sweater and the leggings.
Okay, That's All!
See you girls back here on Friday!
Sheaffer :)

Monday, February 8, 2016


Do y'all remember when UGG® reached out and asked me to do a review of their slim profile boots back in November?  You can find that post HERE if you missed it and still want to learn more about them.  When I reviewed them, I'd only had them for a couple of weeks and I already knew I loved them.  But now, after having them for 3 months, I can tell you I'm straight up OBSESSED with them.  THESE BOOTS c/o UGG® are really warm, crazy comfy, and just so dang cute!  I love them with jeans and leggings (mine are the Amie in chestnut)....and lots of girl who got the black ones say they even wear them to church with dresses.  The little bitty wedge and the slim profile really does make them easy to dress up if you want to!
Click HERE for the facebook post with everybody's comments on how much they 
love their slim profile boots!

And just fyi, when they released the slim profile series, they came in 3 heights and 3 colors...but now they come in lots of colors!

So when UGG® reached out again and asked if I would be interested in talking about a pair of  shoes from their new spring line, I took a look at what they offer and new immediately what I wanted to try.
THESE babies.  They come in 3 colors HERE.
I love a bootie (yes, I just laughed as I wrote that), and I was immediately attracted to THE PATSY  as a perfect transition shoe from winter to spring.

I dreamed up this outfit and couldn't wait to wear it!
ag skinny ankle jeans (ones linked are not distressed b/c mine are sold out) / v-back sweater
similar wrap bracelet / cushion cut bracelet/ tiger's eye slab pendent / wood earrings / booties

This is what it looked like all put together, with the addition of THESE aviators (only $24) and THIS bag (use the code PTMTSAVE10 for 10% OFF).
ag skinny ankle jeans (ones linked are not distressed b/c mine are sold out) / v-back sweater
similar wrap bracelet / cushion cut bracelettiger's eye slab pendent wood earrings /
 booties c/o UGG®tote bag

Get The Look For Yourself Here:

And THE BOOTIES definitely deserved a shot of their own! 
Because LOVE.
I found them to be true to size.
My color is called "primer", but they come in  2 other colors HERE (black and chestnut).
Here's everything you need to know about the booties:
They are UGG®, so you know they're comfy.  They are lined with the sheepskin, which in my mind makes them the PERFECT transition shoe. Because they are lined in the sheepskin, you don't wear socks with them.  Your feet are comfy and warm, but the no socks look screams Spring!
I love the detail on the buckles, but I especially love that you see my skin peeking through.  I always hate the time of year when you feel stupid wearing boots but you feel even more ridiculous wearing a wedge or sandal.  Well, THESE babies are your answer.
Booties with skin peeking through.

I know some of you prefer the pics that I take at home because you feel like you can see the outfit better, so this is for you!
And come on, look at the back of the top!
ag skinny ankle jeans (ones linked are not distressed b/c mine are sold out) / v-back sweater
If you remember, I wore the booties in this outfit too!
So, in conclusion.
I'm a fan of my new booties.  Actually, I'm a fan of the brand.
And to think, two years ago, I didn't own anything from UGG®!  Now I own the lattice cardy boots, the slim profiles, and this new bootie.
And if I end up loving this new bootie even 1/2 as much as I love my slim profile boots, then I'll be in good shape.  So happy to have a pair of UGG® boots to head into Spring!

Here are some other UGG® styles for Spring (and Summer) that I'm loving as well:

Thank you to UGG® for sponsoring this post, and for making a bootie that makes me this happy. ;)
Sheaffer :)

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Friday Favorites: Jewelry, Jeans, and a Cardi!

Hey Girls!
It's FRIDAY, and you know what that means!
I'm linking up today with my friends AndreaErika and Narci for Friday Favorites!

There were an overwhelming amount of entries for Shay's cookbooks!
Like, we're talking over 10,000 tags on facebook between all of the bloggers hosting!
The winners were tagged on instagram this morning, so hop over there to see if you are one of the lucky ladies!
If you didn't win, the click HERE to get the books for yourself!

Carter was fresh out of the bathtub, and I turned around to see him snuggling Scout.  Man, there is just something about a boy and his dog.  ;)

If you follow me on facebook (and you totally should, you can do so HERE), then yesterday afternoon you saw MY NEW EARRINGS and the cable knit blardigan that y'all have been asking me about!
The earrings aren't my beloved Gorgana hoops, but they are very similar!.They are from BP and they are ONLY $12...and I LOVE them !!!!! They are a little smaller than the Gorjana hoops, but the metal is a little bit thicker and they are hammered! LOVE!!! And did I mention? $12!!!!!!! If I know you ladies, and I think I do, these are going to go fast. Think for yourself, think for Valentine's Day gifts, think teacher gifts!!!!!!!!
And I've received lots of questions about the cable knit blardigan...but I had never seen one or tried one on. So I made a point to do so yesterday. And y' took EVERYTHING IN ME to not leave the store with this on my body. I have the original and the baby, so I'm not sure I can justify a third. 
wood horn pendant (see below for 20% OFF code!) / similar jeans ON SALE /  buckle booties c/o UGG, but also available at NordstromHERE

20% OFF CODE and My Military Jacket

PTMTLOVE will get you 20% OFF your entire order at Accessory Concierge until Sunday at midnight!

So, because of the code, I played dress up at home earlier this week with lots of their new pieces!
So, several outfits and LOTS of jewelry follows!

This Anthro shirt that I talked about a couple of weeks ago is proving itself to be as awesome as I thought it would be.  It's so soft and has a flattering fit!  And it comes in several other colors.
Maisy tee / similar jeans ON SALE /  buckle booties c/o UGG, but also available at NordstromHERE
gold atlas cuff c/o A.C. / earrings c/o A.C.

And I threw on my favorite military jacket on top. 
For size reference, I'm wearing a small in both the tee and jacket, so they are both true to size.
And I felt like y'all needed a close up of the bracelets.
Good, right?!?  :)
gold bar wrap bracelet c/o A.C./ gold atlas cuff c/o A.C. 

If y'all read the blog last year, then you saw this rainbow wood tassel necklace around 17,000 times.  Well, you'll be seeing it again this year, and they now have it back in stock!
And how precious are THESE.
That's right.
They say, "I Love You To The Moon and Back".

Get The Look For Yourself Here:

Outfit #3:
So because I love the above tassel so much, when I saw this next one, I knew I would love it too.  And I like how it's kicked up a bit with the fact that it wraps around for a layered look.  And the pink and turquoise together are just fun.
Outfit #4: 
This is the top I tried on at Anthropologie a couple of weeks ago....and you'll be seeing it in Monday's post as well.  The front is cute, but as you'll see a bit further down, the back is somethin' special!  ;)

It's sweater material on the front and sleeves, and it's more like t-shirt material on the back.
Get The Look For Yourself Here:

Outfits #5 and #6:
If you are wanting something a little more dainty for jewelry, here are a couple of choices for you!
black madewell tee / purple swing tee sold out/ similar jeans ON SALE

And lick HERE to see the earrings I was wearing in all of the above pics.
I like that they are a bit different than a typical stud, while remaining dainty (but cool).  These are great earrings to wear if you are pairing them with some sort of statement necklace or pendant and you don't want your earrings competing.

Click HERE to see my post last Monday where I highlight my turquoise pendant and my new wood bead tiger's eye slab pendant (b/c now you can use the code with them)!

And back on November I had a post titled MUST HAVE jewelry where I highlighted many of my favorite pieces from Accessory Concierge.   Click HERE to see that post if you want to review some of my favorites before you take advantage of the 20% OFF!

If you are looking for something specific:
Click HERE for all necklaces.
Click HERE for all bracelets.
Click HERE for all scarves.
Click HERE for all earrings.

*Click HERE to see the post where I show a chambray shirt and white jeans with LOTS of their necklaces.
*Click HERE to see my camo pants post with many of their pieces.

Code ends Sunday night at midnight.

Did any of you get the jeans from the anniversary sale that I called the pajama jeans?  Well, THESE are a lot like those....but they are a darker wash, are a little bit shorter (which I 5'4" they hit me perfectly at the ankle), and they aren't distressed.
But they are still ALL SORTS of pajama-ish.
They have a mid-rise waist and man are they comfy!
cardigan ON SALE / jeans / similar tee ON SALE / hammered hoop earrings 
 pink dip tye tassel necklace c/o A.C. / nude patent flats 
Here's a close up of the jeans.

Get The Look For Yourself Here:

We're ending on 7 today.
Which I feel super weird about (who in the world would end a list on #7?).
Looks like I would.  ;)
See y'all back here on Monday where I'm going to do a full review of my new favorite booties!!!
Sheaffer :)
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