Friday, July 3, 2015

Stripes and Leopard!!!

Stripes AND Leopard? 
Um, yes.

Here was my inspiration.
Look how beautifully the bold stripe and the leopard are co-existing!
I knew I wanted to recreate the look immediately.
inspiriation picture via
I didn't have a striped dress, but I did have a new black and white striped tank.
Sadly it's already sold out, but don't worry, I link several options for you below!
So what do you think?  Do you like the pattern mixing?

And then you know I had to throw on my new shades.
Because COOLER.

My leopard clutch is a couple of years old c/o River Island, and the only one I can find that is similar is at Shopbop (and super expensive) HERE.  Don't worry, I'll keep my eyes peeled for a more affordable option.  But let me just say, if you have an extra $275 lying around (ha!) that you just have to get rid of, I've seen the linked Shopbop clutch in person...and it's FAB.
(As I'm looking at my clutch here....I'm realizing that it seems to be a giraffe print more than a leopard print!?!?  What do y'all think?  Whatever.  It's an animal print.)
 A reader (thank you Jessica A.!) just e-mailed me a clutch open and for $125 that's less than 1/2 the price of the one I linked. Here's what she had to say: It is EXACTLY like the Clare V. clutch, plus you can choose custom lining and add a tassel if you like. I have her medium sized clutch and can say the quality is awesome. Plus, the reviews are great. She is a great seller with excellent communication too. I don't know Ali (the seller) personally, I just wanted to share her shop with you because it is a perfect "look for less".
Click HERE for the look for less clutch!

If you want to get the look for yourself, click what you are interested in:

And I thought you might want a close up of some of the accessories!
watch / cushion cut bracelet / MK black wedges (still on sale!)
And for those of you ladies that continue to ask about the wedges...
I PROMISE they are every bit as comfy as I say they are... and they go with pretty much everything!

Thought you might want a close up of the cool blingy (but casual) pendant necklace.
The majority of the chain is antique brass, but the bottom 1/4 or so is woven colorful threads!  The colorful threads lend a casual feel to the necklace that I love.
And the blingy pendant makes a statement!
(I took the below picture last night, but I wish I would have taken it in better lighting to showcase the sparkle!  Because the pendant IS super sparkly!)

And here's the side by side with the old tried and true pics with my trusty cell phone!
inspiriation picture via
I thought it was such a fun and unexpected look!

Here are some more striped options for you to choose from.
You can hover over the picture for the retailer and the price,
and just click on what you are interested in!

Will you ladies do it?
Will you pair stripes with leopard?
Or maybe giraffe?!?! ;)
I dare you!!!

OH....LOFT is having a MAJOR sale right now.
Click HERE to shop a selection of new items at 60% OFF (no code needed)!

And Click HERE to shop their SALE ON SALE for an additional 60% OFF (lots of awesome items included)!
Some included items:  twill ankle pants that are DARLING, some super cute dresses, patterned pants, rompers, cardigans, etc...

Three MoreThings Before You Go:
I ended up throwing this together last night because I found several WHITE ON WHITE pictures on Pinterest that I'm interested in recreating.
People voted last night on facebook, but I thought I would give y'all an opportunity too!
I've got the jeans, the shoes, and the jewelry...but I needed a top!
3 of the choices are 40% OFF, 1 choice is 50% OFF, and 2 of them are UNDER $20!
a) HERE , b) HERE, c) HERE
d) HERE, e) HERE, f) HERE

I thought I would give y'all a bit of an update on my GET HEALTHY kick.
I've gained 4 pounds since my last update (BOO!), which was I think in early May.
So for two full months I haven't been great about exercising at all, and I'm definitely cheating on a regular basis with food......but I'm still eating pretty healthy MOST of the time.
I'm hoping to buckle down soon and get back on track with the exercise.
My work out partner Heather is still being a ROCK STAR, but I'm just having trouble finding the time now that Carter is home.

I'm still doing my best to make healthy choices whenever I can, and I'm continuing to drink and enjoy Spark.  I wanted to give you an update now that the containers are smaller AND there are less calories and carbs!  It now only has 15 calories and 4 carbs per serving (before it had 45 calories and 11 carbs), so that is quite a reduction!
I still love the pink lemonade, and Chris is still loving the mango strawberry.
And he just ordered the watermelon today, so I'll let you know how we like that.
Click HERE for the new SPARK.
My neighbor Shara is my rep, and the link above is to her page.
Her hubby Eric is deployed, and she works an Advocare business to help supplement their income!
AdvoCare Spark® Energy

 I don't know much about the science behind why this product does such a great job of keeping my energy levels up, but I'm sure Shara  can answer your questions!   
Her e-mail for questions or orders is   .

Click HERE to read Andrea's post about her friend Ashleigh.
At the end of May, Ashleigh had new scans which revealed that she has THE most aggressive, fastest growing breast cancer possible - inflammatory, triple negative, metastatic, with 90%+ of her cells actively replicating. She went from a completely clear bone scan (right before she and I met) to a scan that revealed too many bone lesions to count as well as cancer in her lungs 
Well, here's just one of the remarkable things about Ashleigh.
She feels like it is important to raise money for research, even in the middle of her storm.
And my friend Andrea new just how to help!
Click HERE to buy a t-shirt for you and your other family members (several colors available) to show support for Ashleigh and to help raise money!
And if you can't buy a shirt, that's okay!
 Please support her by praying for her, her doctors, and her family.
LightAndMomentary Fundraiser - unisex shirt design - front
I love the message on the tees, and I love the idea of all of us banning together to support this mom in her time of need.

That's it for today friends.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend with your families, and I'll see you back here on Monday!
Sheaffer :)

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Bachelorette Episode 7: I. Can't. Even.

Before we get started today on The Bachelorette recap (SPOILER ALERT:  I CAN'T EVEN!), I have some great news!
On Friday's post, the tee that so many of you were asking about was not yet available online....
but now it is!
It's soft, it drapes perfectly, and it comes in 5 other colors.
For size reference, I'm wearing an x-small in the tee.

exact high-low tee /
 my new Ray-bans / black and white graphic tote  / 
similar jeans  / similar belt / exact errings / necklace out of stock
 exact wedges / exact watch / exact cross bracelet

Click here for what item you are interested in:

I've also got some great news for you Kendra Scott lovers out there!
Click HERE for a good selection of KS items at 33% OFF 
(with free shipping and free returns of course)!
Most items below have several colors available.

Okay, now for The Bachelorette.
And I'm telling you, #youcan'teven either.

Now if you remember, we ended last week with Gosling confronting Kaitlyn in her suite in Ireland.
You can see previous weeks' recaps  HERE if you
 need to get caught up.
He was going to talk to her just because he was having GENERAL trouble with the whole process (meaning he did not know any specifics about Kaitlyn's and Nick's Big Wiggle incident).
Gosling looks straight at her and says "Are you in love with me?  Yes, or no?"
I froze.
(And by the way, NOTE TO GOSLING, you are on a reality dating show where she is dating several other guys and she is supposed to admit her feelings for NOBODY.)
After what felt like a solid 10 minutes of silence, she responded with, "I'm falling in love with you."
And I exhaled.
Well played Kaitlyn.
That is quite possibly the only thing she could have said in that situation.
Now, who knows if she means it or not.

So this next picture sums up how Kaitlyn feels about everything right now.
And I can't be totally sure, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I'm even more upset about it all than she is.  ALL OF THESE SHENANIGANS ARE MAKING ME NUTTY!
She says "The fact that I've been intimate with Nick is not where the guilt comes from with me.  The guilt comes from where my relationships are with other people.  And my feelings for Shawn are at this point overwhelming.  I don't want to hurt him.  I don't want to hurt anybody."

Okay, here's the deal.
It's obvious that Kaitlyn feels really really badly about how things went down.
 She keeps on saying that she doesn't feel guilty about the actual act.
And here's my problem with that: things don't happen in a vacuum.
She knew when she "was intimate" with Nick that all the other guys were there.  And she knew that if they found out they would of course be upset.
So, I wish she would just say flat out say "I shouldn't have done it. I was wrong."
I think I could deal with that.
I just can't deal with all the tears and one more announcement from Kaitlyn that she doesn't feel bad about what happened, just about how people might feel about what happened.
Girl.  Take some responsibility.

2:1 DATE
It's time for the 2:1 and it's JJ and Kentucky Joe.
And although awkward (of course), it's like the most cordial 2:1 date in the history of ever.  It made me yearn for the 2:1 of yesteryear where characters like #virgininabottle and #krazyinakardikelsey got dropped off in a barren dessert.
Now THAT was good t.v.
(You know what would have been REALLY good t.v.?  JJ and Clint on a 2:1.
Producers really should consult with me about this kind of stuff.)

Instead, it's this love triangle.

Here's what Kaitlyn said about JJ:  "He's attractive, funny, and edgy.  
He's got all the qualities I look for."
And I'm all, "Ummmmmmmm.  JJ?  We're talking about JJ?"
She said Joe is "unlike any other guy I've ever felt a connection with.  He's hilarious, romantic, sweet.  Joe is a real treat."
A real treat?  That's a weird thing to say, right?

So they get on a boat and hop on over to an island.
They immediately sit down on a picnic blanket, and JJ wastes NO TIME on a toast.
He says "Kaitlyn, I want you to know that I"m really falling for you, and uh cheers to that."
That's a direct quote by the way.
We hear the clink of the glasses.
And then silence.
Lonnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg silence.
It was deafening.

Joe takes her off and blows her away with the fact that he finally opens up.
He puts all his feelings on the table and she is all of a sudden a fan of ol' Kentucky Joe.

JJ takes her away and tells the camera that he wants to build the relationship on rock, not sand.
He sits her down, prepares her for the fact that this is probably the hardest thing he has ever told anybody, and he looks at her and says that he cheated on his wife.
He seems real and vulnerable and appropriately ashamed.
Which I appreciate.
He says he made a dumb mistake that destroyed his life.
And for the first time ever, I like JJ.
I like JJ?
I like that he is OWNING a mistake and taking full responsibility for it.
And I promise I'm in no way comparing what Kaitlyn did with JJ cheating on his's COMPLETELY 1000% DIFFERENT....
but I am comparing how they are owning up to their mistakes.
Of course we all make mistakes, and sometimes we make BIG ones, but I think the way people respond to their own mistakes often says more about the person than the actual mistake.
And who knows how he handled it all when he actually made the mistake (he has after all had 3 years to become apologetic), but he handled it well last night and seemed to take full ownership,
(Although, I must say.  If I was JJ's wife who had been cheated on, I would have a problem with him getting sympathy from America.)

She sends JJ home and then tells Joe she's not ready to give him the rose yet and she wants to spend more time with him.
So, they spend more time together, and then she gives him the rose.

Joe returns to the hotel with the other guys after the 2:1 and says "We had some 1:1 time together and I'm falling in love with the girl."

Gosling couldn't take it.
He immediately got up and just walked out of the room.
He says he is exhausted and he isn't able to eat.
Now it's getting serious.
He could start losing muscle mass.
Gosling!  Keep up your strength!
You need PROTEIN!
Have a chicken breast!  An omelette!  A handful of pistachios!  Greek Yogurt!
Something!  ANYTHING!

Gosling is continuing to have serious issues with the whole process.
During another 1:1 interview, he again references time he spent off camera with Kaitlyn in San Antonio where she apparently told him "it's you".
By the way, Kaitlyn does confirm this fact, but she also says she basically wishes
 she had never said it.
And is it just me, or do Kaitlyn AND ABC both seem to be making a bigger deal of the fact that she told Gosling that he was "the one" more than then fact that she did the BIG OL' WIGGLE with Nick?

Kaitlyn is in the middle of doing a 1:1 interview when one of the producers gets word that Gosling is on his way over to talk to Kaitlyn.
Cut to a shot of Gosling heading to Kaitlyn's room.
And when they tell her that he is on his way, you can tell that she wants to puke.
She again assumes that Gosling knows about Nick and that he is coming over to talk to her about it.
But he's not.
He's just a total wreck.
And he's being sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo needy.
And we all know that "needy" is not an attractive color on anybody.
But especially on a guy that's ON THE BACHELORETTE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

So, we are now a full 45 minutes into the show, and we are just now getting to the rose ceremony.
You see what I mean?

Kaitlyn opens up the rose ceremony by saying she is emotional and confused, and that her feelings are all over the map.  She admits to not being perfect and that she makes mistakes and that she knows her heart is still open and she's hopeful that she will find what she wants.
And this sends EVERYBODY into a tail spin.
Every single guy is like "Is it me?  Did she make the mistake with me?  What does she mean her heart is still open?  I thought she loved ME!"

Ben Z. takes her away, and it seems to goes well.
Peter Brady takes her away, and he tells her that he knows something has happened between her and Gosling.  He doesn't know what exactly, but he knows something.
Um, Okay.

But really, all the guys are freaking.
And I'm wondering if Gosling is having 2nd thoughts about his wardrobe choice.
Nick and Kaitlyn get some alone time together, and Nick is kind of a basket case.
He tears up, seems genuine, and I find myself not hating him!
Kaitlyn tells the camera that she hopes Nick is being respectful to all the other guys.
You are still not taking any responsibility for the act, but you are shaming Nick for the idea that he might tell somebody about the act.

And happens.....Kaitlyn FINALLY admits that she "regrets" something.
But she's admitting that she regrets reassuring Gosling.
That's what you regret?
She goes on and on about how she shouldn't have said that (that she thought he was the one) and she thinks she caused unnecessary tension.
She tells Gosling that they need to take a step back.

And y'all.
Everybody is melting down.
Including ME.

And then Harrison appears!
The Bachelorette 2015 Spoilers - Week 7 Results
Kentucky Joe, Jared, and Nick already had roses.
The following guys are also staying:
Peter Brady, Cupcake,  and then the final name she calls:  Gosling.
Who goes home?
Ben Z.
And let the record show, Ben Z. who admitted to Kaitlyn early on that he had never cried, still hasn't.
His lip quivered a tiny bit, but there were no tears.
I'll bet you $10,000 he's never watched Marley and Me.

The next morning, all of the remaining guys walk out to a bus, but Jared gets to hop in the car with Kaitlyn for the drive.
She has a bit of difficulty driving and keeps hitting the curb.
You know, driving a car is a little bit like a relationship....

Katilyn and Jared kiss the Blarney stone and then arrive at a castle.
Kaitlyn says "It's not a legit road trip unless you end it with a cocktail".
In my world, it's not a legit road trip unless you eat corn nuts and pork rinds.

Harrison shows up to talk to Kaitlyn .
And she FINALLY admits that she regrets what happened with Nick.
And then Harrison pretty much says EXACTLY what I've been saying all along:
that how she responds to her mistake is what shows her character.
Kaitlyn doesn't appear to understand what he is saying.
Like she literally doesn't understand his words.
She's too busy planning when she's going to shave her legs because she was basically being given the go-ahead by Harrison to "be intimate" with more guys.

So here's what happened: Harrison pitched a new idea to her.
What about if she eliminates 3 guys, and then the remaining 3 guys get OFF CAMERA time before hometown dates.  She's ALL OVER IT.
Yep, that's when she started deciding when to shave her legs.

1:1 DATE
Who:  Cupcake
What it says:  Let's take our love to the edge.

Kaitlyn heads out to her date with Cupcake with a high pony and buffalo plaid scarf.
THIS I can get on board with.
They go on a helicopter ride and then have a picnic on a beautiful cliff.

They have small talk....really teeny tiny talk....and things are not going well.
Cupcake immediately senses that things are going south.
Kaitlyn breaks down and starts bawling.
She tells him that he has everything that she's looking for, but that basically he's not the one.
He is so sweet and tells her she's just scared, but not in a controlling way, in a really sweet way.
They stand up, he kisses her on the forehead, and then she hauls hiney out of there.
He ends up sobbing into his scarf and talking to himself in the 3rd person.
Oh, Cupcake.
Chin up.
You're going to have tons of ladies knocking on your door after this.
Yep, lots of ladies are making dentist appointments as we speak.

Took it hard: Chris took the rejection by Kaitlyn hard

AND scene.
That's it for today.
Can y'all even????????
Now before you leave, some sale items to check out from Anthro and Nordstrom:

silk blouse 33% OFF HERE / racerback dress 40% OFF HERE / hot pink jumpsuit 40% OFF HERE
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And you can shop at LOFT with an additional 60% OFF SALE HERE.  (I didn't put any items in the above collage because I wasn't sure if the sale would still be happening today, but there is some good stuff you might want to check out!)

LAST THING!  I have a BACK IN STOCK collage for y'all that I put on facebook on Tuesday morning!
Three things in this collage were previously sold out (the Happy Camper teethese Thompson Tomboy jeans from Vigoss, and my BP summer wedges)!
Well, they are now all BACK IN STOCK!
I put together this cute outfit collage and thought you all might want to check it out.
I also included the Levi's cut-offs, because they are 40% OFF.

It looks as if they are available for order...but they are backordered until DECEMBER!
I mean, I realllllllllly love these wedges and highly recommend them (would have named them a MUST HAVE when I found them if they hadn't immediately sold out), but who the heck wants to wait until December to get a pair of wedges?

Oh well....still a cute outfit collage for y'all (with everything in stock but the wedges).  :)
happy camper tee HERE / thompson tomboy HERE / levis cut-offs 40% OFF HERE
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Make sure y'all come back on Friday!  I haven't decided for sure yet, but I think it's going to be a Pinterest Told Me To recreation with some pattern mixing going on!
Sheaffer :)

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Monday, June 29, 2015


We had a fun packed weekend (the hubby and I went to Vegas for a short getaway just the two of us and had soooo much fun!, pictures to follow later!), so today's post is short and sweet!
What's that you say?
Short and sweet?  From Sheaffer?
I know.
It's hard to believe.
But it's true.
This is just a random outfit I wore last week, but it contains two of my favorite pieces of jewelry, and a SUPER SPARKLY new pair of sandals that I'm loving!

My top is several years old, so I have several more Kelly Green options for you below.
similar white jeanssandals / necklace / earrings / bracelet
necklace / earrings

giraffe agate bead bracelet HERE

You can find my new glitter slide on sandals HERE.
I ordered them after just seeing them online and was really hoping I'd love them.  And I do!
They are true to size, and they are really comfy (after about an hour or so of breaking them in).  The band across the toes was stiff for just a bit, but after wearing them around the house while cooking dinner, they were good to go!
Get The Look For Yourself.

I've got some other green shirt options for you since mine is old.
Just click on what you are interested in.
I love me some Kelly Green!
I ordered the off the shoulder number for myself, and it should be in later today!  As you can see above, just sub it for the shirt I'm wearing, and you've got yourself a super cute outfit!
I thought it would be fun with simple jewelry and flat sandals for a casual look.
I also think it will look great with tall wedges and lots of gold jewelry piled on for a dressier look!

That's it for today!
See, short and sweet!
Sheaffer :)

I couldn't do it.
I wrote the above post (it WAS short and sweet), and then I realized I needed to start my prep work with ya'll for the big sale coming here goes...

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming up (WooooooooHooooooooooooooo!), and I'm going to be your Special Correspondent, just like last year.
Has Nordstrom named me their special Anniversary Sale correspondent?  Um, no.
Have I named myself?  Why yes.  Yes, I have.

I've been trying to think of ideas to make shopping the sale this year extra fun....
and extra easy for all of you.....and I feel like as a Special Correspondent (even if it is a self-imposed title) that I have certain responsibilities I need to fulfill.

So, today is all about educating everybody about the sale.
If you don't know about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I have three words for you.
In a nutshell, the Anniversary Sale  is where Nordstrom launches a lot of it's new FALL items in July.....ON SUPER SALE.  Like Crazy, Stupid, Awesome SUPER sale.
(Like think tall leather boots that are normally $299 on sale for $199.  And they have items available at all price points.)
Fall items?  In July?
Yes m'am!
I remember that I used to think it was weird shop for fall jackets and boots in July......when it's still 100 degrees outside..... but now I don't question it.
And you should too.
Because listen, if you don't embrace it, you will be spending a lot more money for those EXACT SAME ITEMS in the fall.
 So, you might as well just hop on the Anniversary Sale train and enjoy the ride.

Here are the details:
The Anniversary Sale opens to the public on Friday July 18th.
Nordstrom cardholders get a full week of EARLY ACCESS that starts on Thursday, July 9th.
And OMG is it worth it.
 Some of the highly desired sale items sell out before the sale ever goes live to the public, so that's what makes early access so important.
Click HERE to sign up for a card (credit OR debit)!  There is still time!

I want to make sure that those of you that have a card (but maybe don't have time to hit the store or maybe don't have a Nordstrom nearby) can still see the items that I'm finding and LOVING.
How am I going to do that?
With a little thing I'd like to call the Inside Scoop Group, which you may remember from last year.
(I wish I could take credit for that name, but it was all Andrea.)
I will be shopping the sale AS SOON AS THE DOORS OPEN on Thursday the 9th.
I have childcare all lined up and will be all sorts of ready to go.

So, I will head to Nordstrom on the morning of the 9th to start trying on everything I can get my hands on and photographing it all for the blog!  Then, by 8:00 that evening (maybe earlier!), I will start posting some of my finds on Facebook
( So, you realllllllly need to make sure you are following me on Facebook!)
I will also start putting things on the blog that evening, and by Friday morning at 5:00 a.m., I will have a comprehensive post up highlighting lots of items!
Hopefully I'll find a lot of use for this graphic from last year.
Remember, I used it only on my very favorite items!

So, here's the timeline for the first several days of EARLY ACCESS.
Mark your calendars ladies.
Thursday July 9th at 12;00 a.m. 
I will have a post up when the sale goes live with some of the things I know y'all are going to want highlighted.  I know some of you crazies either wake up the second it goes live (or never go to sleep).
And I've gotta say, you are my people.
There will be several items that you won't need to try on or see solid reviews on such as the striped blardigan, the Kate Spade glitter studs (I can't believe they weren't pictured in the catalog!), Kendra Scott pieces, make-up sets, etc.  I will have live links to what my favorite items are from the catalog to make it easy for you so you aren't browsing through hundreds and hundreds of items and trying to beat the online crowds!
Thursday July 9th by 8:00 p.m. at the latest (but hopefully earlier!)
I will start posting pictures of myself in items on facebook!
So.....even if you don't have a Nordstrom nearby, you can start shopping the sale with me the very night it opens for cardholders!
I will also start posting photographs of me trying stuff on and reviewing the items on the actual blog!
Friday July 10th by around 5:00 a.m.
There will be a full blog post up with all of my FIRST FINDS!
Now, as I continue to shop, I will continue to add items over the next couple of weeks.  But this first post will be pretty dang comprehensive!
July 11th-16th
I have some regular posts sprinkled in, but I will continue to highlight new Anniversary Sale items as I find them!
July 17th - Sale Goes Live for Non-Cardholders
I will have a post go live at midnight...the very second the sale is open to the public!
 It will be a comprehensive review of everything I've highlighted so far to make shopping as easy (and non heart-attack inducing) as possible.  :)
July 18th-August 2nd
Again, there will definitely be some normal posts throughout this time, but I also have LOTS OF FUN planned for the sale.
Like I mentioned earlier, I will be doing the Score Report again where one of you lucky ladies will win a $250 gift card to Nordstrom to use during the sale!  So, get ready to send in the pics of you wearing your new items!
I'll be honoring another Special Mama and we will shop the sale together!  Just like I did last year with Candace, which is still one of my favorite days EVER.
So, start thinking of some moms that you want to nominate.
(Nominations are not open yet, but just start thinking!)
The nominated moms need to be the mom of a child with special needs (because we want to honor these special mamas and all of their work!), and this time the mom needs to be local!  I will post dates that will be shopping date options for us, but the winner will need to be able to be in either Dallas or McKinney that day for us to shop our faces off together!
The amount of shopping $$ will be announced later!  :)
Also, if you have a small business and have already contacted me in the past about me doing a review for your product, I know I told you to contact me again when it was time for this giveaway!  So, now is the time!  I'm going to start working on the giveaway package for the mom, and I want to know who is still interested in participating!
Please e-mail me at with the subject line "Special Mama Giveaway."
I will do another Santa Alerts post where I highlight items that I think would make great Christmas gifts (just like last year)!
I'll of course continue to highlight items throughout the sale as I find them!

If you're not a cardholder, you can start making your list (by item #) of what you are going to hopefully snag once the sale goes live for non-cardholders!  And actually, I've heard that the technology on the site might be better this year.  And even if you aren't a cardholder, you might be able to add items to your wish list (or even to your cart?) to make purchasing faster and easier the day you get access!  Fingers crossed this is true!

I also think it would be fun for us to post pictures on ig with a fun hashtag!
(I'll let you know what hashtag I decide on after I pick one!)
That way we can all see what we are all finding!
Plus, you need to be taking pics of yourself in your items, because of the SCORE REPORT contest (just like last year) where you send me pictures of yourself in the items, and you'll be entered into a giveaway for a Nordstrom Gift Card that you can spend during the sale!

Please know that I am going to do everything I can to make shopping this sale as easy and fun as possible for all of you ladies!
I will mainly be highlighting clothes for us ladies,
but I will also spend 1 or 2 days highlighting things for the hubbies and the kids.
(I know I like to get some back to school items, especially shoes!, for my little guy every year.)

So you already saw this picture of me and my excitement over the striped blardigan.
While wearing my ombre blardigan.
The striped blardigans will be $60.90, and if history repeats itself, these babies
 will fly off the shelves.

Here are some other items that caught my eye.
I've noted the sale price first, and then the regular price after.


There are of course TONS of other items that I can't wait to get my hands on and try on!
Make sure you get plenty of sleep and plenty of protein the next several weeks so you can start preparing your minds and body for this sale, because it's EPIC.  He He!
And rest assured, I will guide you through with expert precision.
Don't worry.  I got this.

Sheaffer :)

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