Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Can You See Me?

As always, as a new month rolls in, it's time for us to all Get Pin-Spired!
And y'all.  I don't know if you know this, BUT IT'S OCTOBER.
Somebody needs to tell October THAT IT'S OCTOBER.
 I'm partnering up with Shay at Mix and Match Family and Mel at The Larson Lingo, and we're hoping that all of you will join in the fun! 

 You girls know I ordered THIS camo jacket from Old Navy several weeks ago (plus size version HERE, but only 2xl left), so I started searching for pins to recreate with my new jacket!

And when I saw this pin, I knew immediately it was the one.
original source not found, please message me with details if you have them
This inspiration picture was like the Pinspired trifecta!
 A camo jacket (which I recently purchased), a pair of black jeans (which I recently purchased), and a trusty denim shirt.

Again, if you know the source of the inspiration picture, please leave it and I will add it to the post!

So here's how I did it....
I mean really, you can't get much easier.
The outfit pretty much styles itself.
I added my signature necklace c/o BaubleBar HERE and THESE earrings, and I called it a day.
All Sources:
 camo jacket from Old Navy HERE, exact denim shirt from J Crew Factory HERE,
earrings HERE, rings c/o Kendra Scott HERE, signature necklace c/o baublebar HERE,
black jeans HERE, my exact booties from Target HERE
THE OLD NAVY CAMO JACKET IS 25% OFF today with the code SPECIAL (as is everything at Old Navy until Midnight tonight).  That means the jacket is $19!
For size reference, I'm wearing a SMALL in the jacket.
And then because of my strange need to always try to make a cutesy graphic (no matter how lame),
here you go......

Wanna get the look for yourself?
denim shirt HERE / camo jacket HERE / black jeans HERE /
earrings HERE, rings c/o Kendra Scott HERE, signature necklace c/o baublebar HERE,
my exact booties HERE

And now some other options for you.
Because what girl doesn't love options?!?  :)

If you already have a denim shirt and are looking for something a little different, check out THIS denim tunic. It runs true to size, but size up if you want to be able to wear it with leggings.

These were my 3 favorites from Monday's post (find the original post HERE), 
and they are all under $65!
a.  Wit and Wisdom jeans HERE - $64
b.  Old Navy Rockstar Zipper Super Skinny jeans HERE - $36.94
c.  Mya Ankle Zipper jeans HERE - $59  

The ones that I ended up going with?
The length was perfect on me, they were a great fit, and I really liked the zippers at the ankles.
For size reference, I got the 27.
two pocket stretch camo jacket HERE from Nordstrom
Old Navy jacket (my jacket)  HERE which is an AMAZING deal
with lined collar HERE from Nordstrom

After I finished making the above collage, I also found THIS one from LOFT.

 Or what about camo jackets for everybody else in your family including your hubby, son, and even your precious little girl!?!  Click HERE to see lots of options.

The ones I'm wearing in the above collage are from Target.  I think they are plenty comfy, but I did get some e-mails from you girls disagreeing.  Apparently if your foot isn't narrow (which mine is), then the Target booties might not be for you.
 You can always try the TOMS booties HERE.
If you are interested in other options, here you go:
 a) Sperry bootie HEREb) dv wedge bootie HERE /
c) Born wedge bootie HERE / d) dv suede with laces HERE

And do you see the "d" in the collage above?
It's hard to see the detail in the black, so you need to see them see them in taupe.
Click HERE for the taupe.

Here they are on my girlfriend Jenny.
Yes, that's a banana in her hand.  
She texted me and Shay and told us that one of us HAD to blog about these wedges.
She said they are the perfect height and so comfy!
And look at those laces!  THEY ARE SUEDE.
I've seen them in person too, and they are just soooo flipping cute.

And before you go....

I got 3 e-mails yesterday from readers (thank you Melissa, Malley, and Addison!) letting me know there are 4 colors of Hunter Boots on sale for 20% OFF at Bloomingdales!
!!!Click HERE for the Hunter Boots ON SALE!!!
Use the code:  FRIENDS
Looks like Nordstrom is now price matching Bloomingdale's!
Click HERE for the same 20% OFF at Nordstrom!
Thank you Peyton for letting me know!
Sale ends 10/5...but if you are wanting these, get 'em before your size is gone!
Red, deep purple, dark grey, and black are the colors ON SALE!
(My boots are pillar box red, and the red on sale  at Bloomingdale's is called "Military Red"...but the color looks very similar to me!)
  black tweed puffer vest sold out, but other black puffer HERE
 plaid shirt HERE 
abalone earrings c/o Kendra Scott HERE, sanibel pendant HERE, similar jeans (just darker wash) HERE, and click HERE for a similar pair of jeans from Old Navy / Pillar Box red Hunter boots HERE 

That's it for today girls!
See you back here on Friday for a post I've been working on for a couple of weeks now.
I'm very excited about it..and your crotchal areas should be too!  :)

Oh Wait.
Old Navy is 25% OFF of EVERYTHING with the code SPECIAL.
(Just in case you missed the announcement earlier in the post.)
Click HERE to shop.
Click HERE for my Old Navy poast.

LOFT is having a FLASH SALE and you can get 50% OFF with the code LUCKY50 until 10:00 a.m.  Click HERE to shop. 
Head to my facebook page HERE and look at my post from last night if you want to see what is on it's way to me. AMAZING deals!

Sheaffer :)
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Monday, September 29, 2014

Black Jeans? Really? YES MA'AM!

 I used to have a pair of black jeans.
I say used to because I donated them a couple of years ago.
Why did I donate them?
Because I never wore them.

I would put them on, but then I would always take them off before leaving the house.
I just thought that maybe black jeans weren't for me.

But then last year I started seeing DARLING outfits all over Pinterest....outfits with black jeans.
Outfits that I couldn't recreate because I didn't have a pair of black jeans.

This year I couldn't continue to overlook black jeans.
Take a look at this next collage with me.
If you don't have a pair of black jeans, and if you don't even think you want a pair of black jeans...
 I'm 99.99% sure that this collage will make your re-think your stance.
And if you already own and love black jeans, then I'm sure you are shaking you're head at me in shame.  That's okay, I'm shaking my head at myself too! ;)
I've been missing some major fashion opportunities girls!

1 HERE / 2 HERE/ 3 HERE / 4 from One Little Momma HERE / 5  HERE
Again, if you already have black jeans, you are probably patting yourself on the back.
Good for you.

So if you don't have them, are you jumping on the black jean train yet?
If not, I have one more pic that will surely push you off the fence....
this will be an outfit recreation in the very near future fo' sho'.
source not accurate - if you know the source please leave it!
Case closed with that last pic, right?
I mean, I dare you to tell me now that you don't want a pair of black jeans.
That's right. You can't.

So, I went on a quest for black jeans.  I actually ordered 8 pair right before the move to be delivered to the new house.  (I knew I was going to be busy for several weeks and not going to be going on mall field trips for hours to find the perfect jeans, so I thought having them at the house would be the best option.  When they all arrived, Chris may have thought otherwise.)  ;)

So there's the deal...
Out of the 8 I ordered, I hated 5 of them.
I can't tell you exactly why I hated them, I just did.
But I tell you this, if they didn't make me look as skinny as possible, they were on the "no" list.  :)
If we're going to be honest, that's how it works with lots of my clothes.
Same with you?

These were my 3 favorites, and they are all under $65!
a.  Wit and Wisdom jeans HERE - $64

b.  Old Navy Rockstar Zipper Super Skinny jeans HERE - $36.94

c.  Mya Ankle Zipper jeans HERE - $59 
The ones that I ended up going with?
The length was perfect on me, they were a great fit, and I really liked the zippers at the ankles.
For size reference, I got the 27.

I had actually ordered "b" for myself after my Old Navy post, but when I received them, they were too long.  I think that at 5'4" I should have gotten the "short" option if I didn't want to have to get them altered.

However, by the time I realized that they were too long for my liking, my 8 pair of jeans had arrived, and when I tried them on, I fell in love with THESE .
So the Old Navy pair went back (even though I think the short version would have worked on me), and I kept the Mya ankle zipper jeans.

I knew immediately what outfit I was going to put together first with the jeans.
Y'all remember the pantless picture of me in the blue plaid flannel on Friday (see below)?
Well, I decided to go ahead and put some pants on with it and see how I liked that look.

Cuz I'm crazy like that.
So I put this next outfit together in my mind.  And in my mind, it was DARLING.
shirt HERE / jeans HERE
earrings HERE / MK silver watch HERE / TB wrap bracelet HERE 
leopard flats Macy's HERE and Piperlime HERE (limited sizes available) and Zappos HERE (limited sizes)
 (FYI:  The Lucky Emmie flats that I've featured before are on sale for $44 HERE.)

Darling, right????
In real life I thought it was even better!!!!!!!!
Check this outfit out!!!!!
Simple. Easy. CUTE!
And I am absolutely smitten with the black denim!
I can't wait to recreate several of the outfits in the Pinterest collage at the beginning of the post!
I thought the blue plaid looked great with the black jeans.  And then I threw in the leopard.
This entire outfit will be in heavy rotation this fall.
Look at me.
Now I love black jeans.

I know it's hard to tell, but trust me,  the jeans were a great fit.
And at $59 they are a really good buy too!
Again, for size reference, I'm wearing a 27.
Click HERE .
 My other favorites were the Wit and Wisdom jeans HERE.
For size reference, I was wearing a 4.
If you like jeans that sit a little higher on your waist, then these might be for you!
They were also longer and didn't have zippers at the ankles.
And here are the rockstar zipper super skinny jeans from Old Navy (before I took them back).
I really think if I had ordered these in a "short" they would have been perfect!
Like I said in a previous post, they remind me of some much more expensive jeans you can find HERE (Joe's) and a mid-priced version HERE from Treasure and Bond (these have amazing reviews!).  I really wish I would have ordered the Treasure and bond ones to try for myself.  That was a total oversight on my part.
Click HERE for the Old Navy version.
For size reference, I sized up and was wearing a size 6.
I liked the look better with the shirt out with the leopard flats in the previous picture...but I did really love the cognac booties paired with the black jeans in this outfit too.

 The cognac booties above are from Old Navy.
 But although I loved the color, I didn't love the quality.

So here are some other cognac bootie options:
a) HERE / b) BP bootie HERE / c) sperry HERE

So, I'm dying to know?!?
Are you already President of the Black Jean Club?
Or are you a new member like me?

Hi.  My name is Sheaffer.
And I recently discovered that I like black jeans.

Sound off in the comments!

Sheaffer :)

Pin-spired is on Wednesday!
My outfit will involve my new Camo jacket!  WooHoo!
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Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Favorites!

 It's Friday!

Today I'm linking up a whole lot of randomness (but super fun randomness) with my sweet friends Andrea, Erika and Narci  for their Friday Favorites link up!   
You should go and link up with one of them too!


Sit back, 
don't waste your time trying to find a common thread, 
and just enjoy!  :)

 I ran to Target on Tuesday to get drawer inserts and dish towels for the new house.
And I did get those things.
But I also walked out with several other things, including 2 things of Essie polish.
 Because it's Target.
And I had to have some fall polish.  
had to
This polish is called for the twill of it.
You can't tell here, but it's iridescent.  
Sometimes it reads grey, sometimes dark purple, sometimes a dark green.
similar MK watch HERE, spiky gold bracelet HERE, similar leather wrap bracelet HERE
 (Oh, and I've received several questions about my ring because you see me with two different rings on.  In this picture I'm wearing my wedding band, but I'm wearing it with the ring I got for our five year anniversary.  It's supposed to be a right hand ring, but my engagement ring is a smaller ring size, and when it's hot outside my fingers swell and the ring is too tight.  Since we were going to the fun run at Carter's school, I knew I needed the ring that was bigger around, so this baby got put on.  I actually wear it a lot, even though it doesn't really match my band.)

When I was shopping awhile ago, I found THIS shirt, and then I forgot about it during the move.
It reminded me A LOT of the MUST HAVE SHIRT, but it had great color choices (loved this yellow, but also like the grey and the blue)....and it didn't seem to wrinkle!
Click HERE.
For size reference, I'm wearing a small.

I loved it with my distressed jeans and my converse, but this top would also be perfect for ladies with office jobs.  It would be great with a pencil skirt or a pair of suit pants and a pair of heels!
  I think this yellow color would be pretty with black or grey!
Here are the other colors:

Click HERE for the rock around cushion bracelet. 
Click HERE for the gold spiky bracelet.
The leather wrap bracelet is sold out, but there is a similar one HERE (I have this one in cranberry from Miss TB and absolutely adore it).
My friend Jeni posted THIS blog post on her facebook wall this week.
It's all about how a mama handled a kid being mean to her kid.
(You might have already seen it because it's definitely been making the rounds.)
There is some controversy in internet land about whether this mama handled the situation correctly or not when she went up and said something to the child when he was being mean to her kid.
I see both sides.
What I needed to hear and what spoke to my heart was what she said to her own son at the breakfast table the next morning.  It's a great read.  And as a mama, it's something I know I will be going through, probably sooner rather than later.
I hope I remember the messages she instilled and can help my little guy the way she helped hers.
Anyway, click HERE for some good solid advice that this mama handed out at the breakfast table.

Let me first say that nobody is more surprised than me, but I've
 got MORE OLD NAVY LOVE today.
I went shopping at Old Navy only because it was the most voted by you guys for Reader's Choice in September.
And I'm afraid I might be hooked.
Do I love everything I try on?  No.  But that can be said for all stores.
Do I love some things? Yes, Ma'm.
And this flannel?
Well, I want to marry it it.
Click HERE.
For size reference, I'm wearing a medium.
And I'm going to let you in on a little secret.
I'm not wearing any pants in the above picture. 
For shame.
It was late at night when I opened the package, and I just had to try it on and take a quick pic.
 But in all seriousness, the shirt is greatness.
In fact, let's take another moment to admire the same flannel from a couple of weeks ago in the red pattern (that is now available again).
Well played Old Navy, well played.
 black tweed puffer vest HERE (sold out), but other black puffer HERE /
 plaid shirt HERE 
abalone earrings HERE, sanibel pendant HERE, similar jeans (just darker wash) HERE, and click HERE for a similar pair of jeans from Old Navy / Pillar Box red Hunter boots HERE 


With this sale, I'm thinking both will sell out again over the weekend.
And I love it in the blue just as much as I do the red, and I didn't think that was possible!
In fact, I'm cooking up an outfit in my head for next week where I pair the blue flannel with leopard!
In my head it's DARLING :), so cross your fingers and stay tuned. 
Click HERE to see my original post on Old Navy in case you missed shopping the sale the first go around.  Right now you can get 25% OFF AND you can earn Super Cash ($10 for every $25 you spend) on top of that with the code ONSAVENOW!
Click HERE to head straight to Old Navy.
And fyi:  the pixie pants are still $25 and perfect for the office.
So do you ladies remember me posting this next outfit inspiration board several weeks ago?

tunic HERE, ultra wide waistband MUST HAVE leggings HERE, cognac knee high boots HERE
Well, I ordered the tunic even though it was on back order and it arrived this week (ahead of schedule!).
And then LOVE some more.

When I first posted the above collage, I posed the following question:
 I mean, really.  How cute would we all be wearing this outfit?
Well, hold on to your leggings girls and get ready to FLIP OUT.
There is no denying the greatness. 
tunic HERE 
 ultra wide waistband MUST HAVE leggings HERE, Frye boots HERE,
 Kimberly necklace HERE,  abalone earring c/o Kendra Scott HERE
For size reference, I'm wearing a small in the tunic.
Also, the reviews talk about how the lace on the sleeves is tight, and I would agree.
I happen to like the sleeves tight, because I feel like it helps it not look sloppy.
However, if you have a large forearm, you might not like these sleeves.  Just fyi.
And's plenty long to adequately cover the hiney and the crotchal area!
 tunic HERE
It now says it isn't supposed to ship until November 19th, but I'm hoping it might be earlier than that!
And I don't want y'all to miss this, because I'm guessing it will be sold out soon.
It's only available online, so keep that in mind.
For size reference, I'm wearing a small.
The little guy is playing on a t-ball team this year, and he's the most precious baseball player I ever did see.
The first game of the season was H.O.T.
My friend Laura snapped this pic of him, and my mama's heart melted when I saw it.
The cuteness is just about too much for me to handle.
Please stay this size forever.
I just got an e-mail that Anthropologie's SALE IS ON SALE!

Use the code SALEONSALE
Shop HERE.
Some of my favorites:
Has anybody seen or does anybody have THIS RUFFLEBACK ANORAK?
Because it's an anorak.
AND it has rufffles.
I've talked about THIS SERAPHINA BLOUSE before.
It was normally $189 (WHAT THE HECK?), but now it's 25% off of $89.
Now we're talking.

There is a  SALE going on at LOFT and it's a good one!
Shop HERE.

Some of my favs:
THIS top is on it's way to me and will be in an upcoming post!  Imagine it with dark skinny jeans and GORGEOUS heeled cognac tall boots!  It would also could be gorgeous dressed up.
THIS is a great dark brown bootie.  Love the buckle and the heel, and it also comes in black.
Still don't have a military jacket?  Well, HERE is a great one with phenomenal reviews!

When I checked my friend Narci's blog this morning, I totally laughed out loud...
Here's what it said...

6. The Preschool Blardigan Fan Club
 Presley would be the President.  Sheaffer is such a genius!

Well, I'm not a genius.
I simply put it on when a GENIUS SALES LADY (Hi Vanessa!) told me to "put THIS on".
I was just smart enough to know perfection when I had it on my body. ;)
(I get e-mails alllllll the time from mamas who say their babies have stolen their blardigans!  Hilarious!)

And you probably all want to go check out Shay's latest monkey bread recipe.
Click HERE for this Snickerdoodle Monkey Bread!!!!!
And click HERE for her latest Meal Planning Monday which includes a French Onion Panini that I've been thinking about for days!

Okay, that's it girls!
I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend!!!!!

Sheaffer :)

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