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Friday Favorites! And the Nordstrom HALF YEARLY SALE Wrap Up!

It's FRIDAY, and you know what that means!
I'm linking up today with my friends AndreaErika and Narci for Friday Favorites!


FAVORITE #1: This guy.
This guy is always up for snuggles.
And I NEVER turn down a good cuddle.
We make a good pair.  :)

FAVORITE #2: These girls.
Our t-ball season is supposed to end on June 2nd.
And yet, we have only played 5 games.
On Wednesday night we still weren't allowed on the fields, but they moved some games to the outfield.  It was an absolute mess.
But the kids had fun getting dirty, the kids are actually starting to "get" baseball (which makes the games more fun to watch of course!), and I always love time with my girls.
It was raining when we took this picture.
I'm not sure why I look terrified on the right, but just go with it.
I'm wearing my favorite pullover (in a small)!  I wear it constantly.

FAVORITES #3 and #4: My new Zella Pants and Fit Bit!

My new Zella pants might be my favorite pair of ALL of my Zella Live In leggings.
And that's saying something.
They are bright and fun, and I absolutely love the back of them!
click HERE for the pants
click HERE for similar shoes / click HERE for a similar top/ click HERE for my earrings
I mean, LOOK AT THE BACK!  I bet you didn't know that pants could be fun!
And yes, that's a Fit Bit I'm wearing.
Click HERE for my Fitbit.  
Click HERE for my hubby's, although he now wishes he would have purchased THIS one that has a built in heart rate monitor. 
After the hubby got one several weeks ago, I finally broke down and got one for myself.
He likes to say "I'm getting fit with fitbit" approximately 32,000 x per day.  Seriously.
He thinks he's hysterical.  :)
I'm going to do a full review of it another day, but it's AMAZING how it motivates you to get moving!  There are certain days I've looked down, I see how sedentary I've been, and I will just get up and start walking around the house or up and down the stairs to get in some extra steps!
(There will be a full review of our Fitbits coming up in the following weeks.)
And again, you can click HERE for the pants.  I'm wearing a small.
The design makes them so flattering!
Tell me my hiney doesn't look at least one size smaller than it actually is.
That's right, you can't.

If you want to get the look for yourself, click on the pic you are interested in:

Click HERE for 2 pages of Women's activewear and yoga gear, ALL A PART OF THE NORDSTROM HALF YEARLY SALE!

And check out THESE shoes I found in the sale.
They are aqua like my fav shoes above, from Zella, and 40% OFF!
Click HERE.

FAVORITE #5: My Uniform.
So this has been my uniform lately.
I've worn this EXACT outfit 3 times in 2 weeks.
And I'm just now washing the items.
Oh, I'm just kidding.  I totally washed them in between each wearing.  Wink,Wink.  :)
Facebook followers saw the outfit already, but it hasn't been on the blog yet.
And since it's my uniform and all, it totally had to make an appearance on Friday Favorites.

If you want to feel like you are wearing pajamas, but still look cute and put together, well then this outfit is for you.
shirt HERE / linen drawstring shorts HERE
(Many sizes of the shirt already sold out in "regular", but more sizes available in "petite" and "tall"). / arrow necklace HERE / tassel necklace c/o AC HERE /
earrings HERE / similar sandals HERE / leather tote c/o Barrington HERE
Size References:  I'm wearing an x-small in the shirt and the shorts in "regular"

Here's how to get the look for yourself:

And GREAT news!
The code DADSDAY will get you 10% OFF your entire order at Barrington right now.  Buy something for your dad, hubby, or yourself with this code!
Here are a couple of great options for dad.
I have NO idea why the same items are appearing twice, and I also have NO idea how to fix it!

Click HERE for all small leather goods for Dad.

FAVORITE #6: These earrings.
I ordered these on a whim (you can see them above too), and they are so much fun!
Click HERE for the earrings!
They are yet another pair of earrings that I've snagged from the juniors department at Nordstrom, and they are great!  And get this....$10!  
Helpful Hint:
You will want to make sure that you keep the little clear rubber backs, because they need those to stay securely in place.
chambray shirt HERE / wooden bead tassel HERE

FAVORITE #7: This embroidered tank.
I love embroidery.
Ever since I rocked a Mexican dress with jellies for a couple of years in a row in the 80s, I've been smitten.  If you were a child in the 80s, don't even act like you didn't do the same.
I've been looking for a little embroidered shift dress for the summer, but I haven't
 found any that I love.
I'm still on the hunt, so if you know of a good one, please tell me!
However, when searching for a dress, I found THIS shirt.
And it's awesome.
Click HERE for the shirt.  It also comes in pink and white!  And in a plus size version HERE!
click HERE for the $12 leaf earrings / click HERE for similar shorts (now on sale!) / 
click HERE for my exact wedges (almost sold out)/
 click HERE for a good option from Ugg that is in stock and ON SALE!
Get the look for yourself here:

If you like the look of embroidery, but are looking for a little more coverage than a tank HERE for this embroidered split neck top.
click HERE for the earrings / click HERE for the arrow necklace / click HERE for the jeans / click HERE for the converse
 Here's a close up.

 FAVORITE # 8 :  

I've been talking about this sale for a bit, but it ends this weekend, so make sure you get your shopping in!
I ordered just because, and I'm so glad I did!
It's so easy to throw on, and it looks like I'm trying to be cute (even though I'm not).  Score.
It looks great on it's own or paired with a denim jacket.
For size reference, I'm wearing a 4 petite.
I ended up wearing it last night (at the last minute - you know how those last minute changes go) :) to the Accessory Concierge party!  I had AN ABSOLUTE BLAST meeting everybody last night, and I will dedicate Monday's post to the party!  Thank all of you so much for coming out!!!!
click HERE for the black and white graphic tank dress / wedges HERE / exact jacket HERE / 
earrings HERE / necklace HERE / bracelet HERE 
And because the cut of the back (so cute!), I'm wearing my favorite strapless bra found HERE.
I meant to take a picture of the back of the dress, but I dropped the ball.

Click HERE for the wedges.

They run true to size.
The majority of the reviews are amazing (59 5 Star Reviews).
I think they are incredibly comfortable, and I'm able to walk in them very easily (and I don't often say that about a wedge).  I really like how they have the "wood" layer to add the brown to them.

If you want to get the entire look for yourself, just click on the pic you are interested in.

I'm not sure why the jacket says $0, because sadly, it is not free.

And now for a wrap up of the sale!
THESE wedges are my favorite purchase from the sale.
I would suggest sizing 1/2 a size down.
Click HERE for these OH SO SASSY, 
but also incredibly comfy, wedges!

And I wanted to share this e-mail I received about the above picture:


In one of your more recent posts you have a picture where you are trying a wedge on one foot and you are wearing a nude flat on the other foot. 
What flat are you wearing?  It looks so cute!

Hi Christina!
So sorry I didn't link them in the original post.  Those are probably the most worn shoes on the blog, so I just assume that everybody already knows what they are!  I sometimes forget that there are always new readers who might not know!
So yes....they are  my nude patent flats  that I absolutely adore.
I wear them pretty much all year long and don't have one bad thing to say about them!
Click HERE for the nude flats.

Back to wedges.

Here are the same wedges as the leopard wedges, but in cognac!
Love the color. Love the rope detailing.
Click HERE.
Again, they run large, so order a 1/2 size down.
If you aren't brave enough to go for the leather, shame on you!  IT'S A NEUTRAL!  ;)
But if you just can't, these cognac beauties are a good option!
Another one of my favorite items from the sale is this swing tank!
Click HERE!  It's ONLY $15.90!
For size reference, I'm wearing a medium in the tank.
Click HERE to read the candid reviews from facebook followers!  
$12 brass leaf earrings HERE / similar shorts HERE (also ON SALE!) / similar sandals HERE / 
best strapless bra in the history of ever HERE

I also ended up ordering THIS one shoulder number.
And I love it.
The color is gorgeous, and the one shoulder feature is so pretty.
I'm wearing a 4 in the picture, but I ended up ordering a 2 to see how it fits (but it's not supposed to arrive for several days).
Click HERE for the dress

I also ended up ordering THESE nude heels (only $59.95 with awesome reviews)!

Check out these spike beaded stretch bracelets HERE that are now only $13.98!
I was so excited when I saw them because they are very similar to my Stella and Dot renegade bracelet, but layered and with pops of color!  Perfect for spring and summer!
Similar watch HERE.
You might also want to check out THIS MK watch that is 40% OFF with some pretty light blue detail on the band.  

Click HERE for this fit and flare dress by Tracy Reese in regular and petite.
This was a 6P.
I didn't end up keeping it because it was for an outdoor event and the skirt seemed a little too flouncy, but I loved it!
Okay girls!  The sale wraps up Sunday!
It's your last chance to get the following items on sale:
Click HERE for all Kendra Scott items still available.
Click HERE for all sandals and wedges on sale.
Click HERE for all dresses on sale.
Click HERE for all handbags and accessories.
Click HERE for all swimsuits and accessories.

Last thing before you go....I have a question for you!
Is it helpful to you to have the little thumbnails under an outfit with the prices listed?
Do you like the text links or the image links better?  Which do you think are more user friendly?
I'm trying to streamline my blogging, and leaving one way out could knock some serious time off how long it takes me to create a post.
So...which do y'all prefer?  
TEXT links or IMAGE links?
Please sound off in the comments!
Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

Sheaffer :)

I have a sponsored jewelry post with Nordstrom coming up in the next month, but while working on that post, I found this bracelet.  I wanted to go ahead and post it today because I feel like it's perfect for teacher and graduation gifts!
Alex and Ani bracelets are super popular and very affordable.
Click HERE for this bracelet that represents friendship.

Other Alex and Ani favorites follow:
Best Friends bracelets (set of 2) HERE
I also love THIS necklace!
Born to be Something bracelet HERE.
LOVE bangle HERE.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bachelorette Recap Episode #2: Throwing Punches, Taking Pictures, and Cracking Jokes

I'm not participating in What's Up Wednesday today (because THE BACHELORETTE! HELLO!),  but be sure you click on Shay's blog or Mel's blog to go link up for What's up Wednesday!
It's so fun seeing what everybody is up to, so make sure you check it out!

But on Pinterest Told Me To, today is all about The Bachelorette.
Click HERE if you missed my recap of the Season Premier.
(Don't worry if you didn't see the first episode, I promise you that the
recap will get you all caught up!)
Now, girls.
Before we get to this week's recap, I've got something to share.
I threw on my new leopard wedges last Thursday and headed out to meet somebody.

 I was wearing THESE jeans, THIS utility blouse, THIS super fun necklace, THESE earrings, THIS watch, THIS bracelet,
and again, most importantly.....
THESE fabulous (and comfy!) leopard wedges that are NOW ON SALE!
Here's a close up of the wedges.
Click HERE (33% OFF!) for the wedges.
They run big, so make sure you order a 1/2 size down.
And I'm telling you...I PROMISE YOU...they really are comfy!
 So WHO was I meeting?
Drum Roll Please

My friend Jenn and I couldn't wait to meet him (you girls would all LOVE Jenn), and our guy Chris did not disappoint.

He was funny and charming and smart.
And yes, I could tell all of that about him from our short meeting.
He even stopped talking and ran over to kiss his sweet little Mimi when she arrived.

Our goal for this meeting was to try to get seats on The Men Tell All.
I opened with the fact that we both went to Lake Highlands High School, and then
I totally name dropped Sean and Shay.  I told him how badly I wanted to go to the taping, and he said "Well, Sean is The Golden Boy.  Sean can get you tickets."
So, no pressure Golden Boy, but make it happen.  :)
(By the way, Jenn posted the above pic on her ig, and Harrison commented on her ig!  NO. WAY.
So Jenn and Harrison are pretty much besties now.  Not sure why he has no love for Pinterest Told Me To.  Whatevs.  I'm still a huge fan.)  :)

If you liked my outfit, you can Get The Look For Yourself here:

The show starts out with Harrison having a quick little sit down with Kaitlyn.
The major takeaway?
She feels very lucky.

Then it cuts to Britt in a hotel room calling her mom.
And here's the deal, Britt doesn't feel lucky.
And I felt just awful for her.
The second she heard her mom's voice, she lost it.  Haven't we all been there?  You know, you feel like you are doing a pretty good job of holding it all together...but then you hear you hear your mom's voice and it all goes to hell in a hand basket.

Right after she got off the phone, Brady shows up!
And he said that he thought she might need a hug.
We're going to have to stay tuned to see what happens with these two crazy kids.

Cut back to Harrison talking to the guys at the house.
He's wearing a purple shirt.  With Zippers.
For shame.
That speech bubble on the left is the collective voice of America.

1st Group Date:
Who:  Daniel, Justin, Jared, Corey, Tanner, Kupah, Ben H. and Ben Z.
Date Card Says:  "I see this ending with a ring."

The guys get transported in a limo to a gym where they meet Laila Ali.
And I think Kupah said it best:
"She's kinda a big deal, if you know anything about anything."
Well said.

Laila works them out.
And Ben Z. is looking FINE.  And like he could accidentally kill somebody, most notably the scrawniest of the bunch...the patchy hair guy.
And for the record, the patchiness extends to his chest as well.
He reminds me of somebody, and then I realize who.

So the time has come, lots of practice punches have been thrown, and now it's time to fight for Kaitlyn's heart.
Kaitlyn begs them not to hurt each other.
Yeah, right.

Daniel and Ben Z. are first up. AND OH MY OUCH,  These guys are really going at each other.
Ben H. and Jared are next, and again, OUCH!
Tanner and Kupah go at it.
The Ben Z. and Corey.
Then Jared and Kupah.
And then the main event with Ben Z. and Jared.
And this here is the exact moment when Jared is on the receiving end of a concussion.

And y'all.  Kaitlyn feels just awful that somebody got hurt.
Uh, yeah.  It's SO SURPRISING.  None of us ever saw that coming.
Jared's pupils aren't reacting to light like they should, so off to PrimaCare he goes.

Kaitlyn has some 1:1 time with lots of the guys, and she seems to be connecting with several of them.
She's talking with one of the guys when she gets a note hand delivered to her by an intern.
The note says "Come downstairs right now.  I need to see you."
She acts like an 8th grade girl (giggling and averting eye contact), and the she takes off downstairs, and it's Jared.
He's wearing a pink shirt, gold shorts, and converse. And I've never seen anybody more confident after getting a full on BEAT DOWN.

I do feel it should be noted that Kaitlyn is rocking a jumpsuit.

But all of us that have rocked a jumpsuit are shaking are heads.
Because we know.
We know that no matter how cute you look in the jumpsuit, you've gotta weigh the fact that you are going to have to get naked in the bathroom.
Like jumpsuit around your ankles naked.
It's the double edge sword of the jumpsuit.
Still, to me, they are worth it.
I'm willing to be naked in a bathroom for a really good jumpsuit.
Specifically, I was recently naked in a bathroom for THIS jumpsuit.
I wore it to an evening event with heels and some edgy brass jewelry!
(For size reference, I'm wearing a small in the jumpsuit.)

Just for are some great black jumpsuit options out there right now.
Nordstrom has tons of great choices!

And for the record, I'm kind of dying over THIS short romper with elephants.
And it's only $32!  I think I'm going to need it for the pool!
And click HERE to see a really large selection of long jumpsuits and short rompers, all under $100.
Some are dressy, some are casual, and most of them are seriously cute!

Back to the group date.
Ben Z. gets the rose.

First 1:1 Date
Who:  Clint
The Date Card Says:  "You Take My Breath Away"
Date Card Translation:  Taking Under Water Pictures with a totally zen chick with a made up job.

I couldn't find a good full length picture, but Kaitlyn arrives wearing a red tank, white jeans, cognac wedges, and turquoise Jewelry.

And since I liked her outfit so much, here's how we can all get the look for ourselves if we so choose!

They drive up to a mansion, head to the backyard, and then meet Gisele.
This is Giselle.

Is this really a thing?
I'm sorry, but if I was told I was going to be photographed under water, I would immediately ask for goggles and a nose plug.
I would look like a drowning rat.  A drowning rat with goggles and a nose plug.
Under water is not a good look for me.
But our girl Gisele's degree in Conceptual Underwater Photography paid off, she's going to photograph the couple, and she actually got a couple of cool shots.

After the photo shoot, Clint pulls an Ari and throws Kaitlyn up against the edge of the pool.
It was cool, except for WHAT IN THE TARNATION IS ON HIS NECK????

Nice try Clint.
But this is how it's done.
THIS is how you throw a woman against a hard surface and kiss her face off.

Then they cut to this pic of Clint.
And I suddenly forget all about the pulsating boil on his neck.

They head to a rooftop, toast each other, and Clint gets a rose.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, this is happening.

Who:  J.J., Jonathon, Joshua, Chris, Ian, Joe, and Tony
Date Card: "I'm looking for a man who will stand up for me."
Date Card Translation:  Every guys worst nightmare.

Amy Schumer is waiting at a comedy club for Kaitlyn.
And let me just say...this was a SMART move by the producers.
High Fives ALL AROUND Bachelor Peeps!
They sit down for a quick drink, and talk about the guys.
She admits she's obsessed with The Bachelor, mainly because she likes to sit home and judge everybody and feel good about herself.

The guys arrive at the comedy club.
And Amy tells them all that THEY are going to do the stand up comedy.
And I'm thinking that for a guy, having to do stand up might just be the male equivalent of this date.

All of their faces fall, except for JJ.
Because he's PUMPED and SUPER confident.
 And I can't really put my finger on why he's stirring up violent tendencies from deep within me, but I kind of want to punch him in the face.

But then something amazing happens, and I no longer want to punch JJ.
Instead, I just want to kiss Amy square on the lips.
Here's a peek into their conversation:
JJ:  Sometimes I feel like I'm too smart for like 90% of the audience.
Amy:  (not missing a beat by the way) You're not.

During a 1:1 interview, Amy says, "JJ is a sweetheart.  He's just missing charisma and humility. And a sense of humor."

Amy then tells JJ that she hopes it brings him comfort to know that he's not smarter than everybody.
He mumbles something under his breath, and this is the face she gives the camera.
And I'm not sure if I've ever loved anybody more than I loved Amy at that exact moment.
That look is the perfect combination of disdain and confusion.

She then sits down and asks the dentist, "Is wine good for your teeth?"
She gently places her finger on his mouth while purring "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" as he was trying to answer "no".

Amy kicks off the night by saying, 'I feel like I'm at Thanksgiving, eyeing the leftovers."

I'm going to summarize the acts:
*Ian talked about how he looks like the Old Spice Guy.  And then he made fun of Huhwahn Pablo.
Making fun of Huhwahn Pablo is universally funny and he gets some laughs.
*Joshua whistled while he talked.  Yes, on purpose.
*Cupcake was pretty good.  He was a bundle of nerves, but he pulled it off!
*Joe made fun of his country twang.
*And JJ was a complete tool.
*But do you want to know who the worst was?
And he didn't even know that he's dying.
He talked about the opportunity, how humbling it is, how he's serious, how he's deep, how he's sensitive, how he's learning lots.
Harrison needs to hop up on stage with a cane and pull him off by the neck.

Back at the cocktail party, JJ tells Tony that he's like an enigma wrapped in a riddle.
And that sounds pretty good to me, because I just thought Tony was weird wrapped in boring.
And then JJ gets some alone time with Kaitlyn . When he kissed her, I seriously got the chills.  And not in a good way.
After the kiss he said he was speechless and that he would put 50 grand on him getting a rose tonight.
I'm thinking, Uh, good luck with that dude.
And I begin to question everything I thought I knew.
Is the grass really green?
Is the sky really blue?
Nothing makes sense to me anymore.
My world has been turned upside down.


JJ pulls a total jackwagon move and steals Kaitlyn immediately even though he already has a rose.
He walks back in and says, "So I know I'm the most hated man in the house.  And I'd apologize, but I'm not sorry.  She says she thinks her husband is here, and I just had to remind her about what husband material is."
To the camera JJ then describes himself as "smugness, wrapped in side of cockiness, wrapped inside of confidence, wrapped inside of I just talked to the girl and you didn't."
And here I was thinking he was an idiot wrapped in puke.

Tony goes a little off his rocker and mumbles some more thoughts about love.
And then Kupah has a sit down with Kaitlyn.
In a nutshell, he basically tries to throw it out there that he wonders if he is filling some sort of minority quota. Kaitlyn is understandably caught off guard and tells him how she thought that he wasn't that into her because he basically ignored her during the boxing training.

Kupah then acts genuinely surprised as well.
Kaitlyn wants some time to think things over, and then she over-hears Kupah telling the guys about it all.  Apparently, this displeases Kaitlyn greatly, although I'm not really sure why, because I don't recall him say anything that was bad.
She marches over, calls him outside, and then tells him it's time for him to go.
He says he doesn't want to go.  Because she's sexy.
She is immune to his sweet talkin' and sends him on his way.
He walks out the front door AND THEN LOSES HIS EVER-LOVIN' MIND.
He starts yelling at the camera man and throwing his hands around like a crazy person.


That's the end of the episode.
I will tell you this, I'm NOT a fan of the rose ceremonies not happening until the next episode.
Who do they think they are?
Dancing With The Stars?

Two more observations before you go.:
Let's start a grass roots campaign to set up JJ with #krazyinakardikelsey and just watch what happens.
The necklace game is STRONG this season.
Is the man necklace the 2015 version of the 2014 Colorful Deep V-Neck?

And girlies, please don't forget about the Accessory Concierge party tomorrow night!
I'm really excited about it, and I hope to see lots of you there!
Girlfriends, wine, munchies, and shopping with a discount?

See you back here on Friday for Friday Favorites!
And if you are new here or if you only come around on Bachelor days, I would like to politely suggest you go check out Friday's post.
Unless you don't like to shop for amazing items that are mostly 40% OFF.
Click HERE if you are interested.  ;)
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