Monday, March 2, 2015

Camo and Denim. It's like Peanut Butter and Jelly. Kind of.

It's the first week of March y'all, so it's time for us to Get Pin-spired!
and show us how YOU got Pin-Spired by linking up at the bottom of this post!

I wore both of these outfits last week. Because I'm totally crushing on camo.
Sadly though, my camo pants are almost sold out now, so if you don't have them yet, you might be out of luck.  :(
(If you are a petite though, they are fully stocked!  Click HERE for my exact pair!  Same goes for the curvy skinny in petite that are fully stocked HERE.)

Even though there aren't many camo pants left,
since I know many of you got the pants over the last couple of weeks, I thought this post could be helpful for all of you that now have your camo pants and are trying to figure out different ways to style them. 
 I have 2 camo and denim outfits for you today!
That's right.
2 for the price of 1.

One outfit is with a denim shirt...the other is with a striped tee and denim jacket.
You're gonna like both of them!
And you too are going to fall IN LOVE with your camo pants.
And as always, I promise you you'll feel a little bit cooler when you wear them. ;)

Here's my first inspiration.
It was simple:  a denim shirt and camo pants.
I interpreted it loosely because I subbed my sneakers for the booties, and I wore it un-tucked as opposed to doing the 1/2 tuck.  But it was a great casual look and I liked it a lot!
necklace HERE / earrings HEREsneakers HERE (re-stocked!)
(shirt options next!)

The denim shirt I'm wearing is from J Crew Factory, but they stopped carrying it sometime last year.
(If anybody at J Crew Factory is listening, PLEASE start stocking this shirt again!
The people want it!!!!)
So, since my shirt is no longer available, I've got some current options for you:
a) plus size HERE / b) treasure and bond shirt HERE / c) halogen shirt HERE
d) old navy HERE / e) loft collarless HERE / f) loft dark denim HERE
 Back to my outfit, I wanted to give you some close up pics of  the accessories.
AND...most of the jewelry I'm wearing today (besides the watch) is from Accessory Concierge!
And if you use the code PTMT20OFF you can receive 20% OFF your entire order today!
"love" bracelet c/o A.C. HERE / nail bracelet c/o A.C. HERE / similar watch HERE
sneakers HERE (re-stocked!)

Here is a close up of the necklace, also c/o Accessory Concierge (and also 20% OFF with the code).
It's gorgeous and totally looks vintage!
Click HERE.

And two different choices for earrings!
circle with bar earrings c/o A.C. HERE / skinny wave bar chain earrings c/o A.C. HERE
Remember...all of this jewelry is 20% OFF with the dedicated code mentioned above!

And if you aren't digging my grey sneaks, here are some other slip on and sneaker options for you!
Just click on the sneakers you are interested in, and make sure you scroll right to see all of your choices!

Now we're ready for outfit #2!
Here's my inspiration:
camo, sneakers, a striped tee and a denim jacket
And here's how I did it.

Sources follow:
exact MUST HAVE jacket HERE / striped tee options HERE
earrings HERE / converse HERE (runs wide, order 1/2 size down)
Rebecca Minkoff crossbody sold out
crossbody options between $50-$100 HERE / crossbody options between $100-$200 HERE

Jewelry close-up!
watch HERE / bracelet c/o A.C. HERE (20% OFF with code PTMT20OFF)/ converse HERE
I really liked the denim jacket and stripe combo with the camo pants!
What about y'all?
Was your favorite #1 or #2?  Sound off in the comments!

Several more things before you go:

First up,  a funny story.
Every so often companies send me items that I have no idea are even coming my way.
One such company sent me their PMD (Personal Microderm Device) and I was intrigued.

You see, for my age, I'm doing okay in the wrinkles department....but I definitely have brown spots that I would love to get rid of, and it seems as if this device just might do the trick!
I read on one of the reviews that it worked wonders on brown spots, and I was ALL IN.
So, here's the deal.
There seems to be a bit of a learning curve with this device, but I think it's going to WORK WONDERS, so I'm going to be trying it again.
I used it for the first time on Wednesday, and I noticed 3 different spots on my face where you could see little red rings (exactly the size of the microderm head).
Chris was like "It looks like you have ringworm!"
I can't wait to post a more thorough review after using it for a longer period of time!  Yep, even after "ringworm" I'm going back for more. :)
(I tried it on my hand too just because they recommended that,,.hence the ringworm on my hand.)  :)
PMD device c/o HERE
Stay tuned for a more thorough review showing the device and how I use it, and hopefully some fabulous result reports in several weeks!  :)
Click HERE to see Before and After results on the site.  I'm pretty pumped about the potential!
If you follow me on facebook, then you probably saw me post the next couple of things over the weekend.  But just in case you didn't see them, I wanted to make sure you knew!

First of all, my new favorite wedges....
even though I was told that once the neutral color sold out they wouldn't be re-stocked, they have been!
*single large strap wedge HERE (now fully stocked!)
*criss cross wedge HERE (now fully stocked)
*BP $12 cami (I have the medium) HERE 
*White tee (I have the small) HERE.  (You have to wear a cami under this tee.)
*jeans similar HERE (same maker, just cuff them at the bottom!)
*agate necklace HERE (remember, you can get 20% OFF with code PTMT20OFF)

single large strap wedge HERE / criss cross wedge HERE 

A favorite reader (Hi Denise!) got them in black, and I really like them in black too!
Actually, I love them in black!  I like the contrast of the black against the rope and with the light color stitching!  Great wedge, right?

wide strap version HERE / criss cross version HERE

Let's all get PUMPED about the fact that the Thompson Tomboy distressed cuffed jeans are back!!!!
The "Tomboy" jeans are my ORIGINAL MUST HAVE jeans.  I have them in both a clean version and distressed version (both nearing 2 years old now).
They've been sold out for a sweet forever...but these appeared online over the weekend!
Everybody was asking me if these are the same as my original MUST HAVES.
My official answer is I THINK SO.
I know, it's not super helpful, but since I haven't seen these in person, I can't be 100% sure.
Still, I realllllly do think they are the same!
Click HERE for the jeans!
For size reference, I wear a 27 in these jeans, and I'm typically a size 4.

That's all for today girls!  But if you are like me, you are totally looking forward to tonight.
And personally, I'm secretly hoping that #virgininabottle and #kraziinakardikelsey are going to GO AT IT.  And I'm all sorts of ready to see Carly's eyes basically roll back in her head!
  Fingers crossed for fireworks everybody.
See you back here on Wednesday for the recap!
Sheaffer :)

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Friday, February 27, 2015


Today is the big day!
I get to announce who the winner of the PTMT4th Special Mama Giveaway!
I have several surprises along the way (and a sale update at the end), so make sure you stick around for all of it!

First things first.
I'm not sure how many of you have read some of the entries for the Special Mama Giveaway, but you really should take a minute to do so.
 The stories shared are powerful.
There are some VERY SPECIAL mamas out there.
Mamas who have been through so much with their babies.
Mamas who fight like heck to give their kids the best possible lives.
Mamas who give up EVERYTHING and give it all to their kids who need them so much.
These moms are so inspiring!
Click HERE, take a minute to read, and be fully prepared to have your heart touched.

So, here's the first surprise of the day!
In addition to the $1,000 to LOFT, the winner will also be getting an additional prize package that includes LOTS of amazing items!!!

Yep, GOOD just got BETTER!

So what additional things is our Special Mama going to get?
First up, my friends at Barrington Gifts wanted to get it on this for sure.  (They had so much fun honoring Candace with her bag last summer and wanted to again be involved!)
Click HERE for the St.Anne tote that Candace is carrying.
 If you have never done it, just take a couple of minutes to go and play around on the Barrington website.  It's so much fun to pick your size and style of bag and then pick the color and the pattern!
Seriously SO FUN!

So, the Special Mama winner will get a $170 Gift Card to Barrington and can pick anything they want!  Look at some of the new Spring patterns!

Jenny (my Barrington contact) surprised me yesterday and told me that we were getting a dedicated 10% OFF code!
Use the code PTMTSAVE10 for 10% OFF your order!
(I apologize to the reader I told earlier this week that I didn't know of any codes.  I didn't at the time!!!!)
The code will be active for the next 72 hours and is good for 10% OFF your entire purchase.
You know my favorite is my Florentine leather St. Anne (found HERE), but the horizontal stripe is a classic (found HERE) that I adore ever time I see it.

In the above collage, only the horizontal stripe and the florentine leather are available right now, but I'll be sure to let you know when the others are available (which should be sometime in the next 2 weeks).


But that's not all y'all!  There's more!
Candace, (my friend and SPECIAL MAMA alumn seen above) is the founder of Counting on Hope and has created a line of tees for both parents and kids.  Read more about Candace and about how Counting on Hope was born HERE.
Well, Candace wanted to give back the
 winner gets to pick a tee for her child as well as a tee for herself!

Their child's superhero shirt gives me a lump in my throat every single time I see it.  It has the cute kid shaped superhero on the front, and on the back it says:
Sometimes superheroes live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles.
I mean.  LUMP.
And if you see in the upper right corner, after many requests from parents, Candace and her hubby created the adult version that has the figures and the saying on the front of the shirt.  It's precious.
Special mamas, special dads, and special kids all need these shirts!

Here I am in my Different Not Less shirt and my Autism Aweareness baseball tee!  LOVE both of them.  There's also a Warrior Mom tee in the baseball style that is super cute!
Click HERE for all tees!


And if you are a special mama yourself, I highly suggest you check out Candace's blog HERE.  Lots of thoughtful blog posts that I'm sure many of you can identify with!

One of my friends from college (Hi Kim! - Kim and I were Kappas together at OU) has a friend named Amber that is a Keep Collective rep.
Amber contacted me awhile ago about me trying out some of the product, and I thought that giving some product to a Special Mama winner was a perfect way to highlight some of the Keep Collective collection.  Amber agreed and very generously sent a $100 gift card for our Special Mama to treat herself and pick out the jewelry of her choice!

Look how cute the Keep Collective stuff is!
Our Special Mama is going to have quite the task picking out what she wants!
Amber also surprised me and sent me so many lovely things!
The top bracelet is black leather.  It has a "C" for Chris and Carter, an "S" for Sheaffer and Scout (our golden), and the word "love".  The gold mesh bracelet has a "live happy" plate, a key, a cross, and a sparkly disc.
I absolutely love both of them.  Thank you Amber!  Such a sweet surprise!
(She also sent me a wrap around watch and a necklace!)

If you love the pieces and want to know how to order, here's what you need to know:
You can click HERE to get to Amber's website.
You can e-mail her at
You can follow her on instagram HERE.


And y'all know how much I love Accessory Concierge.
Well, they wanted in on this too!
I picked some of my favorites from there, as well as some new spring items that I'm totally crushing on!  The Special Mama gets everything in the collage below!

And if any of you want to order something this weekend, you can use the code "freeship" for free shipping!

tulum turqouise pendant HERE / pink rose quartz necklace HERE
cushion cut bracelet HERE
classic studs HERE
turquoise pave globe studs HERE
amazonite leather wrap bracelet HERE

Okay!  How exciting is this? Let's review!
 The winner will receive the following:
 $1,000 to LOFT
(If you need inspiration for how to spend your $1,000, just go to my post HERE for lots of ideas!)
a $170 credit  to Barrington Bag
Counting on Hope tees for herself and her child
A $100 gift card to Keep Collective.
And an Accessory Concierge prize package.

So...........who's the lucky girl?
NISSA (nominated by Liz F.)!
We are all so thrilled for you and hope this fun surprise brightens your day and helps you know that your tireless work and endless love is noticed by many!

And here's the EXTRA SURPRISE!
I decided to choose 2 additional moms to each receive a $500 gift card to LOFT!
The other 2 moms that receiving $500 LOFT cards are:
Bethany (nominated by Sara L.)
Robin W. (nominated by Jenna S.)

Just so there is no confusion...
Nissa gets $1000 to LOFT and all of the additional prizes mentioned above.
Bethany wins a $500 gift card to LOFT!
Robin W. wins a $500 gift card to LOFT!

*To see all of the winner's names on the rafflecopter widget, click HERE and scroll to the bottom of the post!

All 3 winners have 72 hours to contact me directly at
If the prizes haven't been claimed by Monday morning at 8:00 a.m., another name will be chosen!

Two things before you go...

Click HERE for the earrings.  Hurry!  :)
Best $8 you'll ever spend!

I just got THESE.
If I love them even 1/2 as much as I think I will, then I'll be in good shape.  I'll of course report back after they arrive!

I got an e-mail late last night that Nordstrom had marked a whole lot of items down further!
So, I checked it all out.  There are LOTS of great deals to be had, but many of them only have 1 or 2 sizes left, and I didn't want to highlight those on the blog (and get a lot of hopes up)!
So, if you want to shop the entire sale, click HERE.

Here are some items I picked out that are awesome deals, and they are still well stocked.  I also didn't bother including items that had reviews that weren't good.

a) Pleione wrap blouse HERE
b) Paige flirt red jeans HERE
c) AG jeans HERE
d) Zella 1/2 zip top HERE
e) long layering tank HERE
f) Kenneth Coal wool coat HERE (also in light pink and black)
g) Natori bra HERE (color offered is actually coral)
h) Steve Madden faux fur puffer (4 colors) HERE
i) Zella running shoe HERE
j) plus size hooded anorak HERE
(Sorry for the typo in the collage.  #oops)

And don't forget, if you want to see how I'm doing on my quest to Get Healthy, click HERE!
I'm still keepin' on keepin' on!

I hope everybody has a WONDERFUL weekend!
Sheaffer :)

Pinspired is on Monday!  So get ready to link up!
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bachelor Episode 8: Breakin' The Rules

The Bachelor cast and crew FINALLY pack up and leave the good ol' U.S. of A. behind.

Chris is down to three girls:
Whitney, Kaitlyn, and Becca
And you know what that means.  Time for overnight dates.

First up, Kaitlyn and her bootie shorts.
I give Kaitlyn's running jump mount a 7.5. 
It would have been higher, but I had to deduct an entire point for having to look at her hiney fold.
Doesn't everybody know that the hiney needs proper coverage when
 performing this move?  It's gotta be in the handbook. or something.

They walk through a little village, and Kaitlyn's "shorts" are probably causing Balinese government officials to draft some sort of Balinese dress code.

 But I've gotta say, I'm really enjoying the coral, black and turquoise combo.

They walk through the streets of Bali and all of  a sudden find themselves in the middle of a monkey village.
Without any type of warning, a rather large monkey mounts up on Chris and perches on his shoulder.  I would have FREAKED THE FREAK OUT.

They play around with the monkeys awhile, and Kaitlyn says she wishes she could just go after what she wants just like the monkeys go after the bananas.  I know the Bachelor franchise is all about metaphors, but this one seems like a stretch.

Enough of the monkey business.
They head to dinner,  Kaitlyn kind of confesses she's falling in love with him, but their dinner is just kind of eh.
Not good, not bad, just eh.
If you're a regular PTMT reader, shrug and tilt.

They head to the fantasy suite.
It's here that she really confesses that she's falling in love with him.
And he responds "You know, I'm falling in love with you as well."
I mean, I know this is the "season of no rules", but come on!

And right out of the gate, I'm going to score her a 9.6 on the whole run and jump maneuver.
Sister has some serious ups.
Look at the air her legs are catching!

They climb on a boat for wine and a picnic.
And the Bali air is not doing Whitney's hair any favors.
They make out on the boat. A lot.
I'm not a fan at all of her frosty pink lipstick, but I do think these two belong together.
And don't look now, but Whitney needs a black box too!
I'm not mad at you Whitney. I'm just disappointed.

They head to dinner and Whitney is wearing a highlighter yellow maxi dress.
And she's somehow pulling it off.
Chris immediately jumps in and tackles the elephant in the room:  the fact that Whitney has a real live job that she happens to love.
He goes on to say "There's NOTHING to do in Arlington", and for a moment, it looks like Whitney might throw up.
But she rallies and said that even though she loves her career, she's not fully happy with just the career.  She says if she moves to Arlington, she would leave her career and that having babies and being a mom would be her job.

Time for Becca's date!

We're 2 seconds into it, and I have to give the Whitney side-eye to Becca's outfit.
Are those plastic shorts?
If they are, then she clearly needs to turn the waistband over once.  Because DUH.
(Please tell me the girls out there my age did this when donning their plastic shorts at NCAA cheerleader camp?  Anyone?  Anyone?)
If they're not plastic, are they leather?
Neither option is good.

They sit down in front of a couple of wise men from the community.
One guy is apparently the village psychic.
The advice they give to Chris and Becca?
"Do the big wiggle."
Okay, so maybe that's not a direct quote, but it's definitely the gist.

Becca's like Allllllllllllllrighty Then and kind of wants to just die right there on the spot.

They hop in a stream, and make out.
And I start getting nervous about the maybe leather shorts.

Because if they are in fact leather, we might have a Ross incident on our hands.
A good Friend's reference never gets old. Am I right?

They head to dinner, and I am IN LOVE with Becca's outfit.
A pleated short maxi, simple gold disc necklace, cognac wedges, and beachy hair?  YES, PLEASE!

The girl is looking GORG.
She is sunkissed and Beautiful.
And they both basically admit that they love each other.
I'm confused.
Because he's also told the same thing to Kaitlyn and Whitney.
Becca then reiterates to the camera how she's choosing to wait until marriage.
BUT THEN she says something about temptation, and " who knows what will happen" in the fantasy suite.
Do NOT even think about doing the Big Wiggle with this guy when he still has 2 other girlfriends!

They head to the fantasy suite, and she finally admits to Chris that she is a virgin.
Don't be ashamed Becca!
Chris's initial reaction can best be described as stunned silence.
But he pulls it together and says he admires that.
Virgin's everywhere breathe a sigh of relief.

All the dates are done, and our Prince is SERIOUSLY confused.
Kaitlyn and Whitney have shared the fact that they are falling in love with him AND that they are willing to move to Arlington. 
Becca hasn't committed to Arlington yet, and that leaves Chris wondering.
It's pretty obvious that he has some real feelings for all 3 girls, and it's actually
 pretty dang sweet.

Prince Farming talks to his wise advisor, Harrison.
Harrison basically just agrees that our young Prince is in a quandary.

Time for another rose ceremony.
The two men meet at yet another temple rocking their karate/bus boy finest and Hush Puppies.
This might be the season of NO RULES, but this sacred temple, well it does in fact have rules.  Holding hands is the only affection allowed.  Noted.

The girls are dressed in local garb and looking lovely.  Because even though it wasn't specifically mentioned, I'm guessing no bootie shorts are allowed in the sacred temple and therefore production "got involved" to assure that said bootie shorts wouldn't show up by providing these authentic Balinese dresses.
Well played Bachelor interns, WELL PLAYED.

I would like to point out Whitney's beautiful bone structure, her perfect top knot, and the colorful studs.
GIRLS!  Don't they look awfully similar to our favorite $8 earrings?
(More on the earrings again in a minute.....)

Chris stands in front of the girls, stumbles over lots of words, and has lots of awkward pauses.
He then asks Becca if he can see her for a moment.
Kaitlyn basically starts doing a happy dance and the girls try to not high 5 each other and scream "LOSER!" at Becca on her way out.

But in a twist, Chris walks back WITH BECCA.
And Kaitlyn is all "Ohhhhhhh Shoooooooot."

He gives the roses to Whitney.....and Becca.
And Kaitlyn is STUNNED.
Because if you remember, he broke the rules and told her was falling in love with her!
He walks her away, clutches her to his chest, and says "I'm sorry."
He says lots of other things too in a whisper.
And Kaitlyn is REELING.
He talks....and talks....and talks....
And she just looks around in disbelief.  
He finally loads her up in the rejection minivan, and she is heartbroken.  I feel just awful for her.  You can tell that Chris does too.

While driving in the mini, she says she's humiliated and confused, and that it really blows her mind.
She feels betrayed, and who can blame her.
That's all right Kaitlyn, you're the real winner here, because you aren't going to be living in Arlington.
In times such as this, it's best to remember what Garth says.
Some of God's Greatest Gifts, are Unanswered Prayers.
You just weren't built for farm life Kaitlyn.  


And I cannot even imagine what's going to take place between these girls....but I know this...
Harrison will handle it all like the professional he is.

If you need to catch up on previous weeks recaps, please do so by click HERE!

Now....a little bit of fashion and a GIVEAWAY reminder before you leave today....

I posted these on facebook on Sunday, but in case you don't follow me there, listen up girls!
 I found these wedges at Nordstrom a couple of weeks ago, and the second I put them on my feet, I was in love. I was SO EXCITED! 2 years ago I had the MUST HAVE Callisto wedges, but I never found a wedge last year that even came close in comfort and/or function. WELL. NOW I HAVE.
However, there's 1 problem. I've been waiting to post these until I found out how well they were stocked (since several sizes are already sold out). Well, I got the word over the weekend that the stock on these babies is low. I don't know exactly how low, but I do know that once the neutral color sells out, it's gone, and they won't be re-ordering. 
As you can see, there are two styles. I bought the top right ones in store (the single large strap), and then I got home and ordered the criss-cross ones too to see if the sizing was the same and which ones I preferred. I kept that single large strap. They are both TRUE TO SIZE.
The shoes are VERY comfortable and they are the perfect size heel for me. They give me the height I desire, but I'm not unsteady on them at all. They are very easy to walk in and are definitely comparable to the Callisto MUST HAVE wedges from two years ago, but an updated look. I LOVE the rope detailing on the wedge, and the neutral color will pair perfectly with just about whatever you want it to!
*single large strap wedge HERE (sizes selling out)
*criss cross wedge HERE (fully stocked)
*BP $12 cami (I have the medium) HERE 
*White tee (I have the small) HERE
*jeans similar HERE (same maker, just cuff them at the bottom!)
*agate necklace HERE

single large strap wedge HERE / criss cross wedge HERE 

The above wedges also come in black, red, yellow (in the criss cross style), and a floral.

Speaking of wedges, I pinned these on Pinterest last week, and they got the most re-pins of any of my pins for the entire week. I also got several e-mails from ladies who already had them or who ran to the store and bought them.....and everybody seems to be in love.
  They are UGGs (so they are totally comfortable), and I love the fun leopard pattern!
They have a good heel height (high, but not so high I that I might roll an ankle....I really do feel that way with some shoes) and true to size, kind of.
I'm normally a 6 or a 6 1/2, and the 6s were perfect in these.
Click HERE for the leopard wedges.
And yes....I was wearing my camo pants....again.
And they are ON SALE again...this time for $32.99.
Take another look at those wedges.
Yep.....they're fab.  A super fun and sassy neutral!
I mean seriously.  Sub in the wedges, keep everything else, and WOWZA.
utility blouse options HERE / pants HERE / bracelet HERE/ earrings HERE / necklace HERE

And while we're on leopard...
Click HERE for these leopard sling backs.
OMG, right?
A little more chic and dressy than the above more casual option from UGG.
Love the wooden heel and the wide leopard straps.

And fyi, you know the earrings Whitney was wearing that I pointed out?
Well, they were on Good Morning America on Tuesday morning!
They were re-making Oscar outfits with pieces from Nordstrom, and the guy was all "These earrings are only $8!"  Please.  Like we didn't already know about these earrings.

And if you follow me on facebook, you saw the great news yesterday!
The earrings now come in CORAL!  WOOHOO!!!!!!!!
(They are now back ordered...but only for like a who cares!  Not me!)
Best $8 you'll ever spend.
Like I said on facebook yesterday, I actually like them more than my solid Kate Spade studs.
Click HERE for the earrings.
(Also, a couple of you asked about my necklace yesterday on facebook.  It's not just a name necklace, it's my actual signature!  You can find it HERE.  Mine is the 16" chain with an acrylic color of "antique gold".)

Also, THIS pretty aqua Zella Deja jacket (love my Deja jacket) is 40% OFF and fully stocked!

And finally, before you go, please don't forget to enter yourself or a friend in the Special Mama contest!  The only requirement is that all entered must be the mom of a child with special needs.
Click HERE to enter.
One special mama is going to get spoiled with a $1,000 gift card to LOFT!

See you ladies back here on Friday where I'll announce the winner to the contest AND surprise her with some more fun items!  (Yes....more addition to the $1,000 to LOFT.)
It's gonna be fun!

Sheaffer :)
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