Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Favorites

It's Friday!
I'm linking up with my sweet friends Andrea, Erika and Narci 
for their Friday Favorites link up!  You should go and link up with one of them too!


I've received several e-mails and facebook messages over the last week and a half or so from you girls letting me know that my favorite jeans, the Vigoss MUST HAVE jeans, were back in stock.  They looked just a little bit different online, so you know I had to check them out.
 I ordered 3 different pair so I could do a comparative study. :)

Jean #1:
Click HERE for the Thompson Tomboy Crop Jeans .
For size reference, I was wearing a 28, but I thank I needed the 27.  They were a little too roomy.
The online picture makes them look more distressed than they actually are, but I have no doubt these were the ones I ordered.
Click HERE.

Jean #2:
Dark Skinny Jeans HERE.
For size reference, I was wearing a 28, and I needed the 28.
These were very stretchy, very comfy, and a very dark wash.  They were clean and had no distressing.  These were a little long for me to wear with flats without bagging at the knees (I'm almost 5'4"), but if I cuffed them up they would be perfect tucked into tall boots.
Click HERE.
Jean #3:
These are actually the Jagger Skinny Jeans (click HERE), even though they are described online as destroyed crop skinny boyfriend jeans.
For size reference, I was wearing a 28, but I for sure needed a 27.
Even though these are described as "skinny jeans", I think they have a very similar fit to the cropped jeans, and they obviously look cute cuffed at the bottom and worn with flats.
I know it's hard to tell, but they are actually darker than Jean #1.
Click HERE.
Verdict:  I liked ALL of them.  A lot.
Just like the MUST HAVE jeans, I think they are all AMAZING JEANS.  Especially for the price.
 I do think there is a little something different about these jeans (vs. the originals), but for the life of me I can't tell you what it is. I'm not saying it's good different or bad different, it's just a little bit different somehow.
If you already have a pair of MUST HAVE jeans and you've been dying for another pair, you should totally give these a try.
If you missed out on the original MUST HAVE jean, now is your chance!
Basically, I've never met a pair of Vigoss jeans I didn't like.

Several weekends ago I caught a show on HGTV one Saturday when I was at home, and now it's one of my favorites.
I was hooked on the first episode, and I continued to watch 4 additional episodes throughout the day as I was blogging, playing with Carter, doing laundry, etc.
What's the show?
It's called Fixer Upper, and at the center of the show you will find this lovely couple:
Joanna and Chip Gaines.
They are both Baylor grads, they have 4 kids, their love for each other and their family just shines through the t.v., and they are DANG GOOD at creating beautiful spaces.
It's such a good show!!!
 Click HERE to read more about Chip and Joanna!
And you know what I like just as much seeing the spaces they re-do????
Seeing what Joanna is wearing each week.
This mama of 4 is seriously darling and has amazing style!!!
The earrings she is wearing look like they might be my Gorjana Griffin circle hoops from Nordstrom that I adore!  Click HERE for the earrings.

My nude patent flats.
I was talking to my mom on Tuesday about the Target booties HERE (she looked for them at her local Target and couldn't find them), but then we turned the conversation to my nude patent flats.
I've had them for about a year now, and I was telling her that I'm quite sure they are the most worn shoes in my closet.
In fact, I definitely should have named them a MUST HAVE, but I feel like that ship has sailed since it's been over a year since I purchased them.
But I'm telling you.
I'm promising you.
You will get more use out of these babies than you have ever imagined.  The only time I don't wear them is during the winter because my tootsies get too cold.  But every other season is fair game.
I wore them constantly this summer with shorts, with dresses, and with jeans.
And because they are patent, they just wipe right off if they get dirty.
When I bought these shoes, I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to wear them that much.
Boy was I wrong.

I've worn them 3 x this week just since Sunday.
On Wednesday I wore them with  the short sleeve version of the MUST HAVE shirt for the first time, and I can't get enough of it.  In fact, it's definitely another Friday Favorite.
I love wearing it with my jeans, but it would also be PERFECT to dress up for work with slacks or a pencil skirt!  This shirt is fantastic.
Remember to size down or it will be too boxy!

I'm wearing an x-small.
It is very forgiving in the tummy area, and I like how it flows and that it isn't form fitting.
You have around 12 solid and print choices to choose from, so you can guarantee there will be at least 2 that you like!

Outfit details:
short-sleeved version of the MUST HAVE shirt HERE 
for size reference, I'm wearing an x-small
MUST HAVE jeans, this year's version HERE
nude patent flats HERE
jewelry details:  earrings c/o Gorjana Griffin, but now at Nordstrom HERE (I think these are the earrings Joanna is wearing in the picture above!), taner pave bar necklace c/o Gorjana Griffin but sold out, long Kimberly necklace HERE, MK watch c/o Piperlime HERE, cushion cut bracelet c/o Accessory Concierge HERE

I also took a couple of pics on the front porch before heading out for the day.
  I get e-mails from lots of readers daily, and I absolutely love reading all of them!  I got several this week that I thought you might enjoy them too!
e-mail #1
  Hi Sheaffer - I have not one, but two funny stories to tell you. I posted one of these on the blog, but it may have gotten lost in the 800+ comments you had on Friday.

(1) This past Friday, I met my daughter's kindergarten teacher for the first time. I noticed she was wearing Kendra Scott earrings, a Kate Spade initial necklace (from the Nordstrom sale) and super-cute wedges. I *almost* leaned in, raised my eyebrow and asked, "Do you happen to know what a Blardigan is?"  [insert secret handshake] But, then, I decided I should hold off on the crazy. It was our first time meeting any way. 

(2) Tonight, I was putting a band-aid on my 4 year old son's knee, while wearing a sequined top (from Target), leggings, and the Blardigan (A/C makes me chilly).  He was admiring the sequins on my shirt and asking me about them. He said "I love them." Then, he leaned in, gently hugged me and whispered, "But I really love you....and your Blardigan."
True stories.
Thanks for bringing so much fun to my life via your sassy blog!!
Rachel B

 Rachel!  BEST STORIES EVER! Thanks for sharing!

e-mail #2
My name is Kaitlin, I'm 26 and living in Chicago and my mom and I bond over your blog almost on a daily basis! (I'm actually holding a box of vigoss jeans from Nordstrom to return on my lap during my commute right now...too big, so sad!).

Anyway, I just had to send you this text snippet my mom and I had before she left on an international flight yesterday. She's wearing a "must have" travel outfit and she's too cute! She makes me laugh!

Also, I refer to you on a first name basis. Hope that's ok :).

LOVE that a mom and a daughter are bonding over the blog!  So much fun!

e-mail #3:
I also got an e-mail from a reader who thought I might recognize some items in her family photo!
I spy an Anthro shirt I highlighted, the must have jeans, and the must have wedges!
 Thanks for sending the picture Darlene!  Your family is absolutely precious!

e-mail #4:
Hey there!  I want to start off by telling you that I love your blog! You just crack me up and I love your style and all of your Nordstrom posts. We sadly have no Nordstrom here in Birmingham, AL (only Nordstrom Rack)...I know, tragedy right?!  Anyway I wanted to share a fun story with you...

Tuesday morning I went in to the dentist to get a couple of fillings and my lovely dentist, Lora, and I started chatting about Kendra Scott earrings.  I asked her if she had gotten a Rayne necklace yet because it had become my go-to necklace this summer ever since I saw it on a blog and ordered one for myself. Turns out we both read your blog! So that conversation about earrings and jewelry quickly turned in to "do you have the must have shirt?" "What did you order from the anniversary sale?" "Ohmigod you got a blardigan?! I'm so jealous!" Anyway, it totally made my day at the dentist much more enjoyable.
Happy Wednesday!
-Jen Stephens


After the rest of the family went to bed, I stayed up last night linking to the items I was going to be highlighting on today's post.  While poking around online, I found some great items on sale! 
I was too tired to make a collage, but I'll throw out some text links in case you're interested.
I've highlighted these before.  Click HERE for the leopard espadrille flats.  Darling!
When I tried them on, they were very comfy.  Recommendations are to size a 1/2 size up.
I mentioned this on facebook on Tuesday night, but in case you didn't see that post,
select TOMS for men, women, and kids are 25% OFF HERE!!!!
THESE black metallic linen ones would be great for fall!
Click HERE for a red quilted coat that is 50% OFF!   (Also comes in cream and black.)
Super cute.
Marc Jacobs black crossbody HERE.

Okay, last thing for today.
 If you are a teacher and entered the giveaway for the 5 tote bags, today we are giving you an additional way to get 10 extra entries!

Shay and I are partnered up with Barrington Bags to honor teachers and all other school personnel!
That's right, we have an AMAZING giveaway JUST FOR TEACHERS because
 WE LOVE TEACHERS!  Click HERE if you want to see the original post.

We're giving away 5 Barrington Bags in all!
Enter the rafflecopter below, and pay attention to the last entry option...
that's the new one we added today!
Go encourage your friends that you entered to enter also!  You could just send them a quick e-mail with a link to today's post. You'll get 10 more entries on your rafflecopter if all of the people that you entered follow both Shay and myself on facebook and instagram and your chances will increase dramatically because if that friend tags you also (which I'm sure they will), then your chances double!
Good luck everybody!
Have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to School with Barrington Bags!!! Let's Honor TEACHERS!!!!


Shay and I are partnering up with Barrington Bags to honor teachers and all other school personnel!
That's right, we have an AMAZING giveaway today JUST FOR YOU because

(Tip:  You can either re-pin my image from my Pinterest Board for 5 additional entries...or you can hover on the graphic below and click the Pinterest "P" and just pin it yourself!)

This giveaway is for all school personnel:  teachers, counselors, principals, diagnosticians, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, teachers aids, nurses, secretaries, EVERYBODY!
My post just says "teacher" to make it easier!.


Here are the details:
Barrington Bags is going to give away one of their bags (either the Nantucket tote or the St. Anne tote) to a teacher!
And get this....they aren't just going to give that teacher a bag.  That teacher gets to keep a bag for herself AND give away 4 additional bags to her teacher friends!
That's 5 bags total.

Both Shay and I will be posting the above graphic on facebook, instagram, and Pinterest today.  When you see it, tag the 4 friends on facebook and instagram that you are entering into the contest, and pin the image on Pinterest for additional entries.
Then come back here and enter the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post!

So, I thought I would highlight both of your options for you, just in case you win. ;)
Or just in case you can't stand it and end up ordering one for yourself!
If you're a teacher, you can justify it as a back to school treat!
If you're a mom, you can justify it as a I made it through summer with the kids at home treat!

AND....if you use the code BACKTOSCHOOL,
you can have FREE SHIPPING for the next 48 hours!
(You don't have to work in a school to use the code.  Anybody can use it!)

Here I am with my Nantucket tote (in grey chevron) that Barrington sent me last year.
Click HERE for the Nantucket.
The Nantucket is PERFECT for hauling things around.
In the pictures below I've highlighted it with a binder, my laptop, my Erin Condren life planner, and a bottle of water packed inside...and as you can see there is still plenty of additional room!

It has two side compartments (perfect for water bottles) and 1 zipper pocket.
It is a great size for teachers to haul binders, folders, and papers that need to be graded
 to and from school.
It's also perfect for a carry-on.  In addition to all I have in the bag below, it would also fit magazines, snacks, and a denim jacket, a cardigan, or even a blardigan! ;)
Click HERE for The Nantucket.

In preparation for this post, Barrington also sent me a St. Anne tote so I could showcase it also!
This one is grey ikat, and I ADORE it.
This is more of an everyday bag than the Nantucket.  Although it is large and can hold lots of things, it doesn't have as much structure as the Nantucket.
This can totally be used as a teacher bag and can haul lots of stuff to and from school, but it can also be used as just an everyday bag.  I have several friends that carry their Barrington bags as their purses and they love it!
 graphic top, J CREW (sold out)
Earrings c/o Kendra Scott HERE  (turquoise studs from color bar)
Necklace SOLD OUT c/o Jewelry Nut Auctions
Even though this necklace is sold out, remember 2 of my new favs are from there:
 Pink Quartz necklace c/o Accessory Concierge HERE / Cushion Cut bracelet c/o Accessory Concierge HERE
MK watch c/o Piperlime HERE (for $160!!!!) and at Nordstrom HERE (for $195)
army green shorts, GAP (sold out)
nude patent flats HERE
I also styled the bag with a fall outfit!
teal earrings c/o Kendra Scott HERE and HERE at Nordstrom
signature necklace c/o BaubleBar HERE (mine is Antique Gold)
elbow patch sweater HERE
The black is sold out, but lots of other solid colors and some striped ones are still available.  These sweaters are only $38 and they have fantastic reviews!  
I LOVE the green striped and the grey striped options!
booties HERE (and re-stocked in all sizes!)

Click HERE for the St. Anne tote.  It has 1 large zippered pocket and two smaller open pockets.
It has a leather bottom.
Here's what the site has to say about the bag:

And it's not just the Nantucket and the St. Anne that Barrington has (although those are your choices if you happen to win the contest!), they have an entire line of bags. 

With Barrington Bags,  you get to pick the style, the color, and the pattern!
 The bags range in size from larger luggage type duffel bags all the way down to small stadium bags.
Speaking of stadium bags, if you need a stadium bag (it's size follows all of those pesky new rule requirements for stadiums) or any other bag for football season you can customize the bags with your school colors HERE!  SO FUN!

And girls, if you have never played around on their website, you need to give yourself a couple of minutes to do so.  You will have a blast!  Just look at all of the bloggers that had fun designing their own customized Barrington Bags! Can you spot me in the collage?
Just click HERE and star playing around with designing your own bag!
AND REMEMBER....if you use the code BACKTOSCHOOL,
you can have FREE SHIPPING for the next 48 hours!

 And to make your contest entries as easy as possible:
Click HERE to find me on facebook.
Click HERE to find me on instagram.
Click HERE to find me on pinterest.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Shopping with Sheaffer: Target Edition!

It's FINALLY here!
Shopping with Sheaffer:  TARGET Edition!
 Back in June I asked you ladies where you would like to see me shop (besides my regular stores of Nordstrom, LOFT, and Anthropologie....and lately Piperlime has been
sneaking into the rotation too!).
The most requested store was Target!
So today we have the first Shopping with Sheaffer Readers' Choice:

I shopped this past Friday, and I found some items that I was SOOOOO EXCITED about sharing with all of you!
Oh my word I wanted to pull my hair out when searching for everything.
I even asked for help on facebook on Saturday afternoon, and I found out that all of you agree with me.  Let's just say that the Target online site leaves a little to be desired. ;)

SO, I've got some good news, and I've got some bad news.  
Good News:
You're going to get to see a lot of cute outfits today!!!
Bad News: 
Even if you fall in love with an item, you probably aren't going to be able to buy it.

I guess it's possible that you will be able to go to your local Target and find these items, so you can hope for that!  Although I know that stock varies so much from Target to Target, that I'm not sure how easily that will work.
Still, just in case your Target might have some of these items,  I will put the maker and the size of the item I'm highlighting so you can try to look at your Target if you would like!

Everything is from Target in all of the below outfits except the earrings (which you can find HERE c/o Gorjana Griffin) and the pink quartz necklace (which you can find HERE  c/o Accessory Concierge).

This was the first outfit I put together, and I loved ALL of it!
Denim jacket not found online.  BOO!
It is Mossimo, and I was wearing a large, but needed a medium.  It was a really great denim jacket, and I'm soooo sad I can't link to it for y'all!
Striped tee that cannot be found online.  It is Merona, and I was wearing a Medium.
Black skinny jeans HERE.
These pants were greatness!  I had to size up in all of the pants today.  I was wearing a 6 in these.
I thought they were very flattering, and it looked to me like they would hold up well.
Black booties HERE.
Black booties HERE.
 Even though the rest of this post is a bit of a bust (since I wasn't able to find most of the items for you), me finding these booties made it worth it.
They are super cute, very comfortable, and ONLY $29.99!!!!
true to size
In this next outfit, I left on the pants, the booties, and the jacket....I just traded out the striped boat neck tee for the mustard yellow v-neck tee.  (I loved the mustard color with my pink necklace.)
Black skinny jeans HEREI was also wearing my leopard belt from home, similar HERE.
Mustard v-neck not found online.  I can't remember if it was Mossimo or Merona, and I was wearing a medium.
 Black booties HERE.
 When I was piling stuff up in my cart to head to the dressing room, these next jeans totally caught my eye!  These were really cool and reminded me a lot of some Rag and Bone jeans I saw at Nordstrom during the anniversary sale.
Denim legging (I think they are more of a moto jean) HERE.
For size reference, I was wearing a 6.  Look at the detail on the knees and with the zippers.
Black and white graphic popover SOLD OUT online, which is  too bad because I LOVED it!!!!
NO WAIT!  A READER (Thank you Shelly!) just messaged me (9:15 p.m. on Monday night) and sent the link to me for this shirt HERE!
It is Merona, and I was wearing a medium.
Cannot find bag online either, but other cognac bags HERE.
I kept on the shirt, and then switched out the moto jeans for the black skinny jeans I had already tried on.
Shirt HERE.
Black skinny jeans HERE.
Black booties HERE.
 This next outfit was super casual and fun!
Plaid button up (and look at the cute cuffs!) not able to be found online. :(
Ooh wait! A sweet reader (thanks Kali!) found a very similar one online HERE!!!!!!
(It's not the exact same because the one I have on buttons all the way down and isn't a popover, but still it's very similar!)
The shirt is Merona, and I was actually wearing a large because only larges and x-smalls were left in store, and the x-small looked like a toddler shirt.  A medium might have been good for me, but I actually liked the generous fit of this large on me.
Denim legging (that I think they are more of a moto jean) HERE.
Leopard slip-ons not found online.
Exact animal print slip on sneaker sold out, but similar HERE.
This next outfit was comfy and cozy.
Oatmeal heather cocoon cardigan sweater HERE.
For size reference, I was wearing a medium.
T-shirt is Mossimo, it was a really good long length, and I was wearing a medium. Sorry I can't find it online!
Denim legging HERE.
Buckle booties HERE.
True to size.  Not super comfortable, but not uncomfortable either.  If that makes any sort of sense.
I even found a work appropriate outfit that I thought was great!
The top is very similar to the cut and overall look of the MUST HAVE shirt!
Click HERE for the top (that also comes in solid colors)!
 I was unable to find the top online, but Debbie (a sweet reader) to the rescue e-mailed me the link this morning!
Just like the MUST HAVE shirt, size down in this one too.  I was wearing an x-small.
(I already got an e-mail this morning asking me about the quality of this shirt.  I didn't buy it so I'm not sure if it will hold up as nicely as the MUST HAVE.  I'm guessing it probably won't, but for $22.99 I'm thinking it's worth a try!  If you have this shirt, leave a comment about the quality please!)
Side stripe ankle pant HERE.
These fit really well, I thought they were flattering, and I loved the striped down the side. I would recommend sizing up a size.  For size reference, I was wearing a 6 in the pants.
black booties HERE
I also wanted to show the outfit with my nude patent flats found HERE.
Side stripe ankle pant HERE.  Aren't they cute?!?
They are a dark grey, with a black stripe.
black booties HERE
So...I ended up getting leaving the store with 2 items for myself.
Do you think you know the two things are that came home with me?

1) The black and white graphic shirt HERE and 2) THESE booties.
I'm wearing them both below with my MUST HAVE jeans (almost exactly the same HERE), my hoops c/o Gorjana and at Nordstrom HERE, and my pink drusy
necklace c/o Accessory Concierge HERE .
I was super excited about my top and booties that I was scoring for under $60!
Wanna know how excited?
Excited enough to jump for joy and try to capture it on film.
About the booties...I told my mom about them on Friday, and she went to her local Target on Saturday to try to find them (she lives in Dallas) and they didn't have any.  Not even 1 pair.  So, if you want them, it sounds like online might be your best bet.   
Click HERE for the booties.  Click HERE for the popover.

I hope you girls enjoyed my little shopping trip at Target!

The next edition of Shopping with Sheaffer: Reader's Choice will be at OLD NAVY, and is tentatively scheduled for September 17th.
I even reached out to them to see if they wanted to partner up, and they said YES, which means a gift card giveaway for y'all!  WooHoo!!!
So, it's time for you ladies to vote for where it's going to be after Old Navy.
(We'll take a vote every month!)
I'll give you 4 choices.
Please sound off in the comments for where you would prefer:
J Crew
J Crew Factory
JC Penny's

Before we go, I received A LOT of blog comments, e-mails, and facebook messages over the last several days with the great news that the Vigoss jeans seem to be back in stock!
Could it be true?
I had seen them last week too, so I ordered 3 pair of the new Vigoss jeans so I could try them on and compare them to last year's version.  I think I'll get them tomorrow, so hopefully you will have a review by Friday.
distressed tomboy HERE, clean tomboy HERE, jagger skinny HERE
And I can't remember if I've mentioned this yet or not, but today is the last day for FREE SHIPPING at Anthropologie if you spend $150.
Click HERE to shop and use code FS150.
Dying over THIS casual and relaxed blazer and THIS tie-dye popover is calling to me.
It's saying "SHEAFFER!  I'm sooo similar to the MUST HAVE shirt that I know you'll love me!!!  Click HERE and buy me."

And y'all, you aren't going to believe this.
But I have ANOTHER amazing giveaway on Wednesday.
I'm teaming up with Shay and one of my favorite brands to honor teachers!!!!
It's gonna be fun!

Sheaffer :)

Read the graphic below!!!!!
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