Friday, April 17, 2015


Being a mom is the most incredible, most heart wrenching, most humbling, hardest, and VERY BEST job in the whole wide world.

I think all mamas deserve to be honored on Mother's Day.
Maybe it's with a handmade card (which I know all mamas love)...but this isn't a crafting blog, so you're going to have to go somewhere else for that.  
Trust me, you don't want to see me get my craft on.  :)

However, what I lack in a crafting gene, I more than make up for in my online shopping gene.  
I'd like to think it's a gift.

Which is why I started CODE PINK last year.  I wanted to help all of you busy ladies out there get ideas for yourselves and the moms in your life!
And great news, today's entire post is a big ol' CODE PINK!

When Nordstrom asked me to talk about their selection of Mother's Day jewelry, I knew I was the perfect girl for the task!
Mother's Day is just around the corner (May 10th), and I love getting the presents knocked out early so I don't stress about them for weeks before finally ordering.
I can't talk about what I am getting the mamas in my life (because they read this blog), but I can tell you that I hopped online and immediately ordered THESE necklaces for myself.
But let's just forget the darling necklaces for a second, and look at the packaging!
I mean, THAT'S how you present a gift!  The initial discs come in these precious little bottles.

I ordered a "C" for Carter and Chris and an "S" for Sheaffer and Scout!
I covered our entire little family with 2 initials.
When I received them, I took one of the discs off of it's chain, and I put them both on one chain.
And I love it.
I love how the discs mix metals (takes the guess work out of it for those if you that are nervous about mixing) and the raised design is so eye catching.
Click HERE for the initial necklaces.
And consider yourself warned.  During Christmas and Mother's Day I've seen personalized items like this sell out in the most popular letters very quickly.  So, don't miss out if you are thinking that you might want to go this route for yourself or your mom!
If you have more than 1 kiddo, you can get each of their first initials.
Same for this isn't going to work if grandma has 9 grandchildren (I have another idea for her in a minute), but if she has 3.....then this would work for her too!  :)
Click HERE for the long crystal pendant necklace also in the picture (which you'll see more of in a second)!  
It comes in this clear color and I light pink too.  And you won't believe how inexpensive it is!
My floral blouse is from LOFT last year (sorry!) and I'm wearing my favorite BP cami found HERE.
(The camis are $12 and are flipping awesome.  I wear camis all year long, I've tried expensive ones, and these are my favorite.  They have a good amount of suction to them, but they don't suck you in so much that back fat comes out by your armpit.  Do you know what I mean?  You don't?  Yeah, well I was just kidding.  I wear a medium in these camis.)

And you can find my favorite spring and summer watch HERE.
(Also a great present for Mother's Day - AND IT JUST WENT 25% OFF!!!!!!!!!)

And I wanted you to see that I'm wearing my $8 studs.  Yes, again.
initial necklaces HERE / crystal necklace HERE
And my pointy toe leopard flats, you can find similar ones HERE.

And while we are talking about the earrings....
if you follow me on facebook, then you saw this on Wednesday....wait for it....
our favorite $8 earrings now come in 2 NEW COLORS!
YES, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
What a super affordable gift for all of the moms in your life!
And you should think about these as End of the Year teacher gifts too!!!!  They are a great price point to be able to cover lots of ladies  :)
They are perfect all year long, but they are MADE for summer (you will wear them all summer at the pool for sure).
Heads up, these sell out, but they always seem to get re-stocked.  Still, if you want to get the first wave, order now!

Another option for initial necklaces is Waxing Poetic.
The Waxing Poetic line is more expensive than the necklaces I highlighted above, but it's also higher quality.  Some of their initials are already gone, but maybe you'll get lucky! 

Or maybe you like the idea of getting one of THESE personalized necklaces for your mom!
If you are shopping for your mom (who is also a grandma to your kids) think about putting her "grandma" name (ex. Nana, Mimi, etc.) on the necklace!   How sweet would that be?!?
This would be great for a grandma with LOTS of grandkids!

I wanted to hit on all price points, so I have some less expensive items too!
I tried both of these on last week and only allowed myself to get one, although I loved both.
quartz necklace HERE ($18)/ disc pendant HERE ($18)
And I know this isn't jewelry, but maybe your mama would love a scarf!!
Click HERE for the $12 scarf below!
And it comes in a light blue/ivory combo and a coral/pink combo!
I love the details on it, and it's the perfect weight to wear this time of year and into summer.
At this price point, these would also be good for teacher gifts!
Click HERE for lots of scarf options, most $18 and under!

And here I am again in my $8 chunky stud earrings and $18 necklace!
What was I doing here?  Well, I was waiting in the car for Chipotle to open.  What.
And yes Nordstrom, I'm aware this isn't jewelry, but a denim jacket would also make a great Mother's Day present that is super functional!  My goodness you see me wearing  mine all year long.
Click HERE for all of the denim jacket options offered from Kut from the Kloth (my favorite cut by var).  There's a new plus-sized version too!  

Some other affordable options include this gold jewelry from my PINK, GOLD, and WHITE post on Monday (you can see it HERE).  Gold jewelry is definitely my GO TO these days (I don't even really have much silver jewelry anymore).  I love it all year long, but I love it so much more in the summer with a nice little summer tan!
beaded gold necklace HERE ($38) / 
triple chevron layering necklace HERE ($14) / 
disc pendant necklace HERE ($18) / 
fringe bib necklace HERE ($36) / 
coin mesh statement necklace HERE ($26) / 

Maybe you want to get something a little nicer...and maybe you or your mom are Kate Spade fans!  You can find all of her jewelry HERE.

Y'all know that I love Miss Kendra.  Find all of her jewelry HERE
(And I know I'm such a tease...but y'all need to get ready for a HUGE giveaway in a couple of weeks that may or may not involve Kendra.  Okay, it does.)
I highly recommend THESE in turquoise (my favorite size of her earrings), and I absolutely love the new mint green pendant necklace (not a tassel) you can find HERE.
And you can't go wrong with the drusy rings.  

Here are some other Kendra options.  If you or your mama doesn't have a Rayne necklace (with the tassel), then you probably need one of those.  :)
Click HERE for all Rayne necklace options (I love the new salmon color)!  Remember that I named it a MUST HAVE awhile back!

Click HERE for Kendra Scott drop earring options.  They are just the bright pop of color that so many outfits need!  (Yes...these pictures are old...and yes, I'm wearing my MUST HAVE shirt.  Remember to size down, I'm wearing an x-small.)

Or maybe you (or your mama) are FANCY :) and you are wanting a higher price point!  If so, then check out Alexis Bittar jewels HERE.  I have to say that I am OBSESSED with THESE.  OBSESSED I TELL YA.  CHRIS, if you are reading, listen to me.....MAMA LIKEY.
My favorites follow:

If you think you want to stick with more sentimental gifts, click HERE to see all of the Pandora options that Nordstrom offers!
The Pandora brand is all about representing and celebrating special occasions in life!
If you have a hard to buy for mom, Pandora is a great place to start!
Then....for all gift giving know you can always add a charm!
Gifts that you know she'll love and you don't even have to think about much. 
 That's what I'm talkin' about.
Find all Pandora rings HERE.
THESE Birthday Blooms rings are stackable and the colors represent birthstones.
Give your mama one (or ask for them for yourself) for each of the kiddos in your life!
And although not new to Pandora, the Essence Collection (found HERE) is new to Nordstrom.

Argento Vivo has some lovely options too!

Or if you don't want jewelry, another great gift idea is THIS light fragrance.
I just found it for myself a couple of weeks ago, and I got the Mandarin Basil.
I can't handle strong or flowery perfumes (they give me a headache), and this isn't flowery at all.
I can smell it all day, and I love it just as much at the end of the day that I do at the beginning of the day!
Click HERE.

If you have been reading this blog for awhile, then you know this next item well.
It's another non jewelry options for you!
It's been a MUST HAVE and a Santa Alert (for 2 years now), yet I still find it appropriate to feature again as a Mother's Day Alert.
Because it's just that awesome.
If you have a blardigan*for yourself already, they you KNOW your mom would love it too.
I was even wearing mine at home this weekend, even though it's hot outside now.  It's just SO luxurious and cozy to wrap up in at home all year long!
Click HERE for the regular blardigan*
Click HERE for the plus sized blardigan!  
Click HERE for the barefoot dreams plush robe.
Click HERE for the barefoot dreams blankets and throws.
*For those of you that are new to the blog.  "Blardigan" is a term that means part blanket and part cardigan.  And legend has it that the blardigan is woven by angels.
I made up the word.
But now I actually think it's a real world.

Hold on!
THIS Barefoot Dreams robe is 33% OFF and comes in 3 colors!
Barefoot Dreams items almost never go on sale, so this is a great deal for you and/or your mom!
Click HERE for the robe!!!
I put this on facebook last night, and it got lots of love from people that already have it.
Here's what a reader (Hi Trish!) had to say about it:
I also have this robe and I LOVE it! So, so soft. I'm actually a little nervous saying this to this crowd, but I have to say it's even softer than the blardigan!! I have one of each and for me, used the robe more this winter. It's a bit thicker than the blardigan and, if it makes sense, kind of 'fuzzier.' It is the most popular cuddling item in the house, both among humans and the cat (who will follow me around waiting for me to sit so he can curl up in it). Doesn't have the flexibility of wearing it out of the house like the blardigan, but I think you will love it! My little guy has stolen it on numerous occasions for getting cozy  I think Carter, lover of being cozy, might need his own!! Oh - kind of big. At 5'8" the sizing chart would have me in "Size 2" but it was huge and I exchanged for a Size 1. 

Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post, and for making Mother's Day
shopping an absolute breeze!
Oh...and one more thing...
on my facebook post on Wednesday about the $8 Nordstrom earrings, a reader commented that "if you order today you get free shipping."  I replied to her and told her that Nordstrom was FREE SHIPPING on any and all items every single day of the year.
She was astounded and declared she'd been shopping at the wrong places.
Yes, yes you have. ;)
And not only do they have FREE SHIPPING, they also have FREE RETURNS.
So anyway, if you didn't know, you do now.

I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend with their families!
See you back here on Monday!
Sheaffer :)

I couldn't leave a post up for an entire weekend without some SALE ALERTS!!!!!  And these are GREAT ones!
My favorite nude patent flats are ON SALE again!
Find them HERE.
Regularly $78.95 / Now $59.25
I get a lot of questions of if these are comfy or not.
And the answer is YES!
They took me a day or so to break in, but that's it!
I even had a kindergarten teacher comment yesterday hat she is on her feet ALL DAY LONG and she wears these almost every day!  Thanks for the input Lisa!  :)

THIS Zella black deja jacket just went 40% OFF!  Only 3 sizes left.
THESE t-strap sandals from Sam Edelman just went 30% OFF (full stocked right now)!
Click HERE for the NEW Hanky Panky colors and patterns that just went on sale.
And if you don't follow me on facebook or instagram, then you didn't see this text string with my sister.  Last time Hanky Pankies were on sale, my sister mentioned on one of my facebook posts that she didn't have any and had never even tried them. And truth be told, I felt I had failed her. 
smile emoticon
 So I did the only thing a loving sister could do, I sent her a pair to surprise her. This was the text I received after she got them. It makes me lol

I have a Nike post coming up in a couple of weeks, and I got THESE.
The color is so cool, and they are supportive and comfy and wonderful!
They are 15% OFF now, so you might want to go ahead and snag them!
Click HERE.
Check out THESE matte gold espadrilles from BP that are 20% OFF making them $35.90.
I don't personally have this pair, but click HERE for a pair of Vigoss flap pocket skinny jeans that are 40% OFF (making them UNDER $35).  They have great reviews!
THIS Lush tank that many of you rave about is now UNDER $20!
And HOW CUTE would THIS pleated back sleeveless tee be with white jeans and a pendant necklace?  Yeah, you'd be darling.  It also comes in teal and black!

A reader posted this on the PTMT facebook wall last night:
Pinterest Told Me To needing your advice/help!! Do you have any favorite strapless bras?? Needing one for the summer time that doesn't make me feel miserable but also gives me a little lift! love love love your blog!

 - Ashley

ASHLEY! I bought a strapless bra for the first time in probably 5 years last week because I'm going to a wedding in June, and the dress requires a strapless. I paid a lot for it,. but OH MY IS IT WONDERFUL. It has removable straps (which I love) you can wear it normally with two straps, you can criss cross it, you can make it halter, or you can make it strapless (of course!).

It has 87 5 STAR reviews!
Thanks for the question Ashley! I've been meaning to mention it in a post, but just hadn't gotten around to it!


NORMALLY $60, ON SALE for $42 
(Not sure why it isn't showing as "sale"...but it is!
And here's an endorsement for you.  Yesterday I was throwing clothes on to take Carter to school, and I couldn't find a bra to throw on.
I saw my new strapless, and I thought I would just throw it on to run him to school.
Well...I totally forgot I was wearing a strapless bra until I took it off last night!

All right.
Now I'm finished!

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Thursday, April 16, 2015


LOFT went 40% OFF EVERYTHING today!!!!
Including Lou and Grey which just came out with some great new stuff!
So, I thought I would throw together an emergency post :).
Most of the pieces you have seen before, but I still thought it would be helpful to have it all in one place.


I was at Stonebriar today and headed to LOFT to simply exchange a shirt for another size ("Hi" to Liz the sweet reader I met in line!).  BUT I GOT SERIOUSLY SUCKED IN with lots of new merchandise that I had seen online, but hadn't seen in store yet.
So... I thought I would come back and show you some of the new stuff too from my dressing room pics!

I showed y'all this shirt with some shorts already...but I wanted you to see how great it looked with white jeans!
 chambray softened shirt HERE / belt HERE
 cognac sandals HERE / necklace HERE
my Target white jeans HERE / white jean option from Nordstrom HERE that are great (super stretchy and comfy!)  / 
For size reference, I'm wearing an x-small in the shirt.  It's soooo soft, has a very flattering fit, and has the prettiest pleats across the back!
 quilted chambray shell HERE / 
For size reference, I'm wearing an x-small in this top.
It's definitely roomy, but I love how easy and relaxed it is.  I have it on with my white jeans and THESE sandals!  I just thought it was a great look!

This next look is a departure for me...BUT I THOUGHT IT WAS SO COOL!
Talk about EASY, RELAXED, and COMFY!  It was like wearing pajamas.
 abstract zebra pants HERE / lace hem tank HERE
cognac sandals HERE / necklace HERE
For size reference, I had a pair of petite small pants on in the dressing room...but I wanted to try on the regular (non-petite) x-smalls.  I wanted a little bit of extra length.
What do y'all think?  I know it's different...but do you like it?!?
It's VERY resort-ish, don't ya think?
This next top was fun, and these are my 2015 fav denim shorts!
 striped linen flutter shell HERE / destructed denim shorts HERE / 
 cognac sandals HERE / necklace HERE
 striped romper HERE
For size reference, this was the only romper they had in store, and it was too small on me.
I looked and it was an xxsp.
GOOD GRACIOUS the elastic must have been working on over-drive when I pulled it on!
This would make a great pool cover up, but they don't have my size.  :(

All right...that's it for the new stuff!
LOFT is KILLING IT with their spring and summer lines!
More goodness follows in the "old" section that went live back on Thursday evening....

Let's start off with a couple of outfits that I haven't highlighted before.  I got them in the store last week, but they just showed up online yesterday!
I am SO EXCITED about my new shorts!
If you are going on vacation this summer, you have to have these!
shorts HERE / softened denim shirt HERE / 
similar gold wedges HERE
I would suggest sizing down 1 size in the shorts.  For size reference, I wear a 2 in the Marisa fit pants, but I'm wearing a 0 in these shorts.
I can't wait to wear the shirt with white jeans (all 40% OFF!)...and imagine the shorts with a white button up with lots of gold jewelry with the shorts. For a more casual look, the bright shorts would look awesome with THIS eyelet trimmed tee.
For these next pics, I hadn't washed my hair or put any make-up on...but I knew I needed to throw these shorts on that I hadn't photographed yet so y'all could see them too!
graphic shorts HERE / softened denim shirt HERE / 
I would again suggest sizing down in the shorts.  These are a 0.  I'm wearing an x-small in the shirt.
non LOFT items:  $18 necklace HERE
my new cognac sandals HERE
Y'ALL.  I JUST GOT THEM YESTERDAY, and I'VE NEVER BEEN MORE IN LOVE WITH A FLAT SANDAL IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE.  Give me a couple of days to solidify my feelings...but if I continue to love them (I want to make sure they are super comfy), I'm thinking they might be the next MUST HAVE!

LOFT is definitely my GO TO for shorts.  
They just fit me better than any other shorts out there!
Click HERE for all of their shorts (available in 4", 6", 8", and 10" lengths)!

And don't forget that I found the perfect pair of denim shorts!
They are stretchy (woohoo!), comfy, a light denim, a little bit destructed.....and most importantly.....THE PERFECT LENGTH. On the left and the top right you can see how they look after being cuffed twice. On the bottom right they are cuffed once, which is how you buy them. Hooray for denim shorts that don't show your booty!
denim shorts HERE 
For size reference, I'm wearing a 26 and they still have some room (because they are so stretchy). Consider sizing down in these shorts.  I might even be sizing down to a 25.
other non LOFT items in picture:  j crew factory tees in other colors HERE  (these used to be my favorite tees, but now the Madewell ones are!) / Free People lace espadrilles HERE (they run small, make sure you order a size up!)/$8 coral studs HERE

And since we are talking about LOFT...
look at the latest review left about MY NEW FAVORITE PANTS:
I purchased these as the result of a recommendation on the "Pinterest Told Me To" blog...I am not disappointed!  The fit is very flattering, I like the vibrant, fiery red color, and best of all they do not stretch out through the day. The fabric is heavy, the pants are well-constructed and do not wrinkle during the day.  I am 5'4", the pants are ankle length for me, I have a relatively straight shape but am not super skinny. I weight about 127 and the 2 Regular fit me very well.  I highly recommend!
 Click HERE for the pants in the Marisa fit (what I'm wearing) in both red and black.
For size reference, I'm wearing a 2 REGULAR in these pants. 
The Marisa pants are perfect for me (I'm straight up and down), but if you are a bit more curvy, then the Julie pants might be better for you!  
Click HERE for these pants in the Julie fit!
You can also get them in khaki and olive as well:
click HERE for the Marisa in khaki and olive
click HERE for the Julie in khaki and olive

I showed facebook (follow me HERE) and instagram (follow me HERE) followers this outfit over the weekend, but I thought it should make it on to the blog also.
First, the top.
It's awesome.
I loved it with the red pants and jean jacket  (what I wore to the book signing) for a more casual look.
But look how great it looks here with this fabulous skirt!

black skirt HERE  / spring leopard tassel shell HERE 
similar black patent peep toe heels HERE/ earrings HERE / necklace HERE
I love the versatility of separates..but worn together I think this totally looks like a dress!
For size reference, I'm wearing an x-small in the blouse and and x-small in the skirt.
But I like my skirts short.  Because I'm scandalous like that.
The small fit me fine too, but it just a little bit roomier and a tad bit longer, so keep that in mind if ordering for yourself.

I love the little scallop detail on the bottom of the skirt.  The scalloping doesn't go all the way around, it's just on the sides.

And here's the same blouse with my red pants!
Case and point.  This blouse is super versatile and you probably need.  Especially if you already have the red pants!
spring leopard tassel shell HERE / Marisa ankle pants HERE)
non-LOFT item: blue and green agate pendant HERE 

Remember if you get to the $125 mark with LOFT,
 the shipping is FREE! are some things that might help get you to the FREE SHIPPING mark.
Lots of you have a lot of great things to say about LOFT white jeans!
And I thought these tops would be great with anything...but especially white jeans!
Just click on the picture you are interested in!  

And remember:   EVERYTHING is 40% OFF with the code SHAREIT
Hope you enjoyed the surprise post today!
Sheaffer :)

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Nobody's Cuter Than You..... AND CLOTHES AND SHOES! :)

One of the first 3 blogs I ever read was Big Mama.
Melanie (who by the way is tiny...go figure) is sweet, funny, real, and OH MY GOODNESS does she knows how to tell a story.  Reading her blog has been a bright spot in my day for the last 5 years.
 In short, I am a fan.

Soon after I started Pinterest Told Me To, I got a wild hair and decided to e-mail Melanie one evening with a link to my blog thinking that she might enjoy it.
And y'all.
She e-mailed me back.
I'd like to tell you that I was pleased with this development, but truth be told, I FREAKED THE FREAK OUT.
And not only did she e-mail me back, but she told her readers about my blog......
and here's the best part....
Like, she started actually reading Pinterest Told Me To.
I know.
I can't even.

She was in town a couple of years ago for a Dot Mom conference that she was emceeing with Sophie, and Shay and I got a chance to meet Melanie briefly (along with Sophie and Kelly)!

Since then, I've shared some e-mails and texts with Melanie and we've become friends.
At one point we were even texting back and forth about our kids's diarrhea bugs that they both had.
So, we came a long way in a short time:  from me FREAKING THE FREAK OUT that she e-mailed texting back and forth about diarrhea.
That's a lot of ground to cover.  ;)
And this is neither here nor there, but EVERY SINGLE TIME I write the word diarrhea, I have to google it to find out how it's spelled.  WHY IS IT SO HARD?  AND WHY AM I FREQUENTLY WRITING IT?

Anyway, I know that y'all have heard me talking about it for over a month now, but Melanie's 3rd book officially released last week.
It's about friendship, and IT'S AWESOME.
And if you haven't bought one yet, go ahead and buy it for you and all your friends.
You can do so HERE.

She had a book signing scheduled in Dallas last week, so I OF COURSE made plans to go!

This was the picture I texted Shay before leaving.
This picture wasn't intended for the was just for Shay (I was trying decide if I wanted to wear the jacket or not)....and then I forgot to take others after I finished getting here you go.
I present to you, outfit pictures in seriously bad lighting.

Outfit Sources:
spring leopard tassel shell HERE / Marisa ankle pants HERE (on sale!)/ MUST HAVE denim jacket HERE (BIG NEWS!  There's a new PLUS SIZE version HERE.) / 
blue and green agate pendant HERE / blingy hoops HERE / wedges sold out :(
If you want to get the look for yourself, just click on the pic you are interested in!

I hopped in the car and started the 30 minute drive to Dallas...except that it took more like an hour and 20 minutes because RUSH HOUR.  Early in the trip I pulled off in an El Fenix parking lot and took this:

I was walking up to Barnes and Noble just as Melanie arrived with Gulley (her BFF that is all over the book), and my new friends Jen, Jamie, and Maddie (you'll see pics of them and learn who they are  in a minute).

Everybody was just happy to be there and supporting Melanie!
And when we went up the escalator, there were THRONGS of people waiting to meet her!
(Technically I don't know how many people are in a throng...but trust me, there were lots.)
How many you ask?
You want a rough estimate?
Well, just know that she signed books from 7:30-10:00.
SHE SIGNED BOOKS for 2 1/2 straight hours.
And I don't even think she went potty.

So we got up the escalator, and they sat her at this little table in front of everybody while the Barnes and Noble people explained how things were going to go.
And know this.  The Barnes and Noble people mean business at their book signings.

After we were all schooled on how things were going to go by the crack staff at Barners and Noble, Melanie got up, did a little intro (she said some sweet things about her friends and I definitely teared up), and then she read Chapter 12 to all of us
And I tell you what, nobody was cuter than her.

After the reading, she asked for questions.
The first question right out of the box was "How does Gulley feel about all of these stories about her being in the book?"

Well, since Gulley was there, Melanie turned to Gulley for her to answer the question herself.
And Y'ALL.
WITHOUT MISSING A BEAT, Gulley said, wait for it....
"There's nobody's mouth I would trust my name coming out of more than hers."
And a tear actually sprang out of my eye.
She should run for some sort of office.

I've got amazing girlfriends, and I am so appreciative of their presence in my life....
but I'll tell you what this book makes me love them even more.
Because girlfriends are so very important.
My life is better and sweeter AND WAY FUNNIER because of them.  (I should write a book that only has screen shots of our group texts.  I promise you that you would want to read it.)

I spent the next 2 1/2 hours chatting it up with other ladies who were there.
Some of the girls that were there for Melanie also read this blog, so it was awesome getting to meet and connect with them.  I also really enjoyed getting to know Melanie's friends more because they are a HOOT.

Okay.  So let's do a quick little friend genealogy here....
Jenn (the cute one in the orange top below) is a Speech Therapist that works in Frisco.  She contacted me last year to see if I would come talk to a group of ladies that work with her. So, I did that at the beginning of this year, and Jen and I became fast friends!  :)  Jenn is awesome.  And funny.  And she's totally going to figure out a way to get us into a Bachelor -The Women Tell All taping.
I first met Jamie (blue shirt), Jenn's sister, when she came to our little get together back at the beginning of the school year.  Purely fyi:  I no longer call her Jamie, I call her "Cowboy", but that's a story for another day.  :)
Jamie came to hear me talk, even though she had no idea about the blog or me at the time, she's just a good sport like that.  Anyway, Jamie and Melanie are friends from college.
 Maddie (in the coral shirt on the end) is Jen's daughter and Jamie's niece.
You got that everybody?
Oh, and that's Jen in white on the end.  Jen is Melanie's friend who she talks about in the book that was recently diagnosed with cancer.  Again.  (Which she is facing with amazing friends and family by her side and a FIERCE faith in God.)
Jen showed me her boobs within 5 seconds of me meeting her.  Which I have to say, is a very endearing quality.  Nice to meet you.  Look at my girls.  I dig it.
Melanie calls it Jen's new "party trick" because apparently they are changing because of her inflammatory breast cancer and she feels she needs people to see the changes.
We bonded over boobs.
sidenote:  My friend Jeni is so jealous right now.
Again, another story for another day.
I'm not sure how Gulley didn't make it into any of our pictures, but DANGIT she didn't.
And for some reason I had the idea in my head that Gulley was kind of a quiet gal.
She's an absolute ball to be around, and I'm not sure if anybody has ever called her a "quiet gal". ;)

And then this happened...
Because Y'ALL.
Have you heard of SneakyPic?
Melanie's friend Hite showed us how to use this app where you act like you are on the phone, and you can scan the room (all the while acting like you are on the phone) and take pictures or videos of others!
So that's me and Cowboy while Hite was demonstrating SneakyPic.
This should be where you stop and warn  your children about SneakyPic and about HOW EVERYTHING THEY DO WILL END UP ON THE INTERNETS SOME DAY.
And make sure you say "internets".  The "s" on the end is very important.

After the last person's book was signed and Melanie was officially diagnosed with carpal tunnel (not really), we headed to dinner.
At 10:00 p.m.
Because we are rock stars.
Cowboy and I shared a Croque Monsieur that changed my life, and I just sat around and soaked in all of the shenanigans of their group of friends.
Because I'll tell you this.
Nobody's cuter OR FUNNIER than they are.
Just act like "funnier" is a word.

All right, that's all I've got for the book signing recap.
I got home at 12:30 a.m..
On a school night.
And 5:30 came extremely early the next morning, even though I didn't drink even a sip of alcohol.
Which is really their loss.
Because I'm a BLAST when I'm tipsy.
It's a proven fact.
Maybe I'll write a book called Nobody's Funnier Than I am After a Couple of Vodka Cranberries.
Sounds like a best seller to me.

The most frequently asked questions this time of year are always about shoes.  People want to get recommendations for  sandals and wedges because they are ready to get their SUMMER on!
I tried on several pair at the mall last week, and there were several that I liked A LOT.

The Michael kors Wedges HERE were probably my favorite.
I bought a pair of Lucky brown wedges a couple of months ago, and I loved the look of them, but they were just too dang tall for me.  These are tall, but not at all too tall.
And they are just a great basic wedge that would look cute with just about anything you could imagine.  I mean, COME ON.  This is a great pair of wedges.

Find the BP wedges in the next picture HERE.
Here's the thing about these wedges...even though they are different...they are about the closest thing I've ever seen to the MUST HAVE putty patent wedges of 2012.
Pinterest Told Me To

These have a cork look instead of patent.  YES.  That's very different.
But every thing else is very similar.
The straps, the overall cut of the shoe, the heel height.
And although I only walked around in them in the store, they did seem to be QUITE comfortable.
Now, they haven't passed the ALL DAY AT THE ZOO test like the must have wedges of yesteryear....but they might...they just haven't been tested.
If I didn't still have my Callisto's, I would get these.
Click HERE.
They come in these 3 colors, and I love them all.
And at $69.95, they don't break the bank.
Click HERE for all wedges under $100.
I think THESE are another great option!

If you are in the market for a heeled sandal (more than a wedge), you might be interested in the franco sarto's found HERE.
They are a great cognac color and are also very comfortable.
And if you are looking for a super fun, super casual, super comfy slip on wedge....
then look no further than HERE.
These would be great if you want something nicer than a flip flop, but not as dressy or tall as most wedges out there.  They are a nice middle ground.

One of the readers that I met at Melanie's signing (she was SO cute, but I can't remember her name) asked me about Birkenstocks.
Here's the honest truth.
I just can't get into them.
They are actually totally cool and very accepted now (you can see them all over Hollywood), but I just can't get on the Birk train.
Here are some that I tried on.
Click HERE for the floral Birks pictured below.  Click HERE for all Birks.

If you are wanting to try the trend, but not wanting to spend them money, you might want to try this snakeskin pair HERE from Joe Fresh.  MUCH cheaper, and I think cuter too.
(I'm working on an entire post for Joe Fresh that I am SUPER excited about, so stay tuned for that!)
If you can't wait and want to go ahead and check their stuff out (think J Crew-ish with a smaller price tag!), make sure you use the code PTMT20 for 20% OFF everything (excluding sale).

And you might remember these from Monday's post.
You can find the Seychelle blingy thong sandals HERE
(My toe color is "watermelon" by Essie.)

See you back here on Friday girls!
I have some ideas to share with you for Mother's Day gift for both you and the moms in your life!
Sheaffer :)

A reader posted this on the PTMT facebook wall last night:
Pinterest Told Me To needing your advice/help!! Do you have any favorite strapless bras?? Needing one for the summer time that doesn't make me feel miserable but also gives me a little lift! love love love your blog!

 - Ashley

ASHLEY! I bought a strapless bra for the first time in probably 5 years last week because I'm going to a wedding in June, and the dress requires a strapless. I paid a lot for it,. but OH MY IS IT WONDERFUL. It has removable straps (which I love) you can wear it normally with two straps, you can criss cross it, you can make it halter, or you can make it strapless (of course!).

It has 87 5 STAR reviews!
Thanks for the question Ashley! I've been meaning to mention it in a post, but just hadn't gotten around to it!

And here's an endorsement for you.  Yesterday I was throwing clothes on to take Carter to school, and I couldn't find a bra to throw on.
I saw my new strapless, and I thought I would just throw it on to run him to school.
Well...I totally forgot I was wearing a strapless bra until I took it off last night!

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