Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Favorites!

Purely FYI: I've decided that eating queso and drinking Dr. Pepper makes the weeks go by faster....and with those things gone, the weeks just drag by!!!  Ahhhh!  :)
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Let's get started with a HUGE PRAISE!

Favorite #1:  Answered Prayers!
My dear friend Manda had her first PET scan in 6 months on Tuesday.
And on Wednesday morning she got very encouraging news....
!!!!!Thank you God!!!!!
And as you see at the bottom of the message,  Aaron (her husband) said they are trying outpatient chemo as well, which Manda and her family are excited about and hoping she can tolerate. prayer requests follow:
*that Manda continue to tolerate the outpatient chemo
*that the treatment chosen continues to fight the cancer
*and as always, that the cancer is eradicated from her body!!!!!!
FAVORITE #2:  My Chalkboard
My chalkboard (I got it at Homegoods back in August), has definitely become one of my favorite items in my house!
On Monday, I felt like I needed to get my chalkboard ready for Valentine's Day.
I'm getting pretty good at this ifIdosaysomyself.

And I know you're going to be so surprised, but I didn't think of the above design all by myself.
Pinterest told me to.
inspiration found HERE

Favorite #3:  Magic Pants

I'm doing great on my Get Healthy program (I'll link to the update at the bottom of today's post),
 and I promise you that THESE pants are helping me in my journey.
I posted them on instagram and facebook last weekend, but I wanted to make sure that those of you that don't follow me on other social media channels still got to hear about them.

When I posted this pic on social media, I got lots of AMAZING feedback from y'all!
EVERYBODY....seriously EVERYBODY loves these pants.
Many of you got them when I got them, and not one person has a bad thing to say about them!
They are flattering as all get out, and they stay put during a work-out!  WooHoo!
Click HERE for the pants.

Here I am yesterday AFTER my work-out.  Don't I look healthier?!?  ;)
pants HERE  / shoes HERE / black top HERE / 
similar jacket HERE (different color, but 40% OFF!)

 And because I've received several questions about the length of these pants, I wanted to show you how I have them cuffed.  I'm 5'4", and I have them cuffed like 3-4ish  inches.
I'm sticking my finger in the top of the cuff so you can eyeball what I'm talking about.
I feel like this shot also gives you a better view of how bright and fun the pants are!
Click HERE for the pants.
And click HERE for the shoes that are STILL ON SALE!
And girls....I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE (too much?) the shoes too.
Click HERE for all women's Nike Free shoes on sale (just in case you don't like mine)!

So, now I'm going to shell out the money for THESE.
And here's why.
I've been working out with one of my neighbors 5/7 days a week for the last 2 weeks, and I'm not kidding, the days I get to put on my colorful pants (because they're not in the wash), I'm so much happier.  I know it sounds crazy, but it's true!
I feel confident that these new pants will totally help me lose my next 5 pounds.
Again, crazy, but I'm certain that it's true. ;)
Here's how to get the look for yourself!  Just click on what you are interested in!
(Remember, the shoes are on sale and cheaper than the pic shows!)

Favorite #4:  Wardrobe Basics
You might also have seen this pic on instagram earlier this week,
and it's made up of LOTS of favorites!

But again, in case you don't follow me on ig (you totally should by the way), I wanted to make sure everybody had a chance to see this outfit made up of basics, but ready for spring!

 MUST HAVE shirt HERE / new favorite spring shoes HERE / necklace HERE
exact jeans sold out, but otherVigoss jeans HERE / 
cushion cut bracelet HERE (and the code is extended, see below!)/  similar MK watch HERE
If you're new here and are just hearing about this top, make sure you size down.  I'm wearing an x-small.  Also, all of the colors in this top (although gorgeous) show wrinkles, so I really only recommend the black.
THIS necklace really is perfection for spring and summer!
It really lightens any outfit up!
It's not just the pendant that's pretty (and it's GORGEOUS), but look how pretty the chain is with the light pink balls and the dark pink in between.  It's a great necklace!
Click HERE!  And remember, use the code PTMTJAN for 20% OFF!

And guess what!!!
I got an e-mail from a reader yesterday (thank you Leslie!) letting me know that the MUST HAVE shirt is now in plus sizes!
Click HERE.
And just like with the original shirt, I'm going to recommend that black be your color of choice.

And let's talk about THE SHOES for a minute too.
They were super stiff the first day I wore them, but just a couple of hours in to that first day, they were GREAT!  You seriously just need to give them a chance!
I wore them all day Saturday doing errands, and then I wore them around town again yesterday for the entire day! I had 3 separate people give me compliments on them all just yesterday!
Still, the Nordstrom return policy is awesome , and even if you wear them for a little bit, it's been my experience that they will still take them back.
 I did this with a pair of flats last year with no problem.
So, click HERE  for my grey "snakeskin" slip-ons!
For size reference, I'm a 6-6 1/2 depending on the shoe, and the 6s are perfect on me.
If you are a solid half size, I would suggest sizing up.  These shoes only come in whole sizes.

Favorite #5:  An Extended Code for some of my Favorite Jewelry
GREAT news girls!
I contacted my girl Amy at Accessory Concierge yesterday, told her I was going to be highlighting some of  my favorite items from them again today, and they extended the code!
PTMTJAN for 20% OFF your order!
spiky bracelet HERE
LOVE bracelet HERE (also comes in silver and rose gold)
(and remember my cushion cut bracelet HERE and the brass ladder necklace HERE)
And I hope you notice my shoes again.  Because OBSESSED.  Clearly.
Here are some other favs from Accessory Concierge!
And remember, 20% OFF the prices listed with the code PTMTJAN

And do you notice the outfit above?
I know you can't really see it...but trust me on was DARLING.
You'll get to see the entire outfit next week, but for now, you'll have to settle
 for the link to the shirt right HERE.  It's from Old Navy!
I have an Old Navy post coming up in the next couple of weeks!
 I ordered several things in preparation (Old Navy gave me a gift card and a gift card for a reader, which y'all can enter for on the day of the post!).  My favorite items that you will get to see in the future post are now highlighted follow:
light pink pinstriped popover HERE
honeycomb knit sweater HERE (I got the neutral)
 I'm also totally digging this pink gingham button up HERE.
And right now, ALL Old Navy jeans are ON SALE HERE!

Favorite #6:  A Barrington Code!
Y'all know how much I love my Florentine Leather St. Anne Tote.
Barrington Gifts is running a 10% OFF special with the code LOVE10.
And if you order by February 4th, there's guaranteed delivery by Valentine's Day!
They've only ever done a code once before, so if you've been considering a bag, don't miss this one!
I'm totally crushing on their new monogram stripe collection found HERE.

If you've never played around on their site, take a second to do so.
Tons of patterns and colors to choose from, and it's so much fun to play around with designing your own bag!  Click HERE!

If you need a reminder what the St. Anne looks like in leather, HERE is mine!

Favorite #7:  Mini Shopping Trips
I did a mini Shopping with Sheaffer post at the end of my Bachelor recap on Wednesday.
However, I know that if you aren't a Bachelor fan, you might not have made it to the bottom of the post!  :)  So, here's a quick collage with some of the items I tried on.
If you want a more comprehensive review of the items and sizing guidelines, click HERE and scroll to the bottom of the post.
a) cardi jacket HERE  / b) striped hoodie  HERE
  c)  lace tunic HERE / d) floral blouse HERE 
The floral is low on sizes, so click HERE  for other blouses from the same maker in other patterns and solid colors.

Favorite #8:  Blog Friends and Blardigans
You know that Melanie over at Big Mama is one of my favorite bloggers.
Well, last week she came to Dallas to visit her friend Jen who is battling cancer (if you want to know how you can pray for Jen go HERE and follow along with her story on Jen's blog!
Melanie posted this pic on ig of her friend's Gulley, Jen, and Jamie....
 do you notice a common theme?

Yep!  They are all wearing blardigans!
And she got lots of comments on her ig about the blardigans.
And I've got to say, I think somebody needs to contact Wikepedia....because blardigan should TOTALLY be a word.  :)
Does anybody know Mr. Wikepedia?

TOTALLY made my day!  :)
Favorite #9:  Valentine's Day Printables
Click HERE for some crazy  cute Valentine's Day printables from my friend Andrea!
She has ideas for both boys and girls.  Here's just one:


Favorite #10:  My Bachelor Recap

If you missed my Bachelor recap from this week, click HERE.
Even if you don't watch the show, you might still get a laugh!
Lots of people let me know they never watch the show, but they never miss a recap!  :)

*************************************************************************** that's it for today.....unless of course you want to click HERE and see how much weight I've lost.  :)  
You'll also get to see my exercise summary and some of the foods I ate this week.

Bmi Charts Are Wrong!

I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend!
See you back here on Monday!
Sheaffer :)

Don't forget that on Monday it's time for us to Get Pin-spired!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

BACHELOR Episode 4: I'm Not Sure if You've Heard....

Before we get started today, two things:
If you're not a Bachelor fan, scroll to the bottom of this post for a mini Shopping with Sheaffer!
And in other NON BACHELOR related news, I want everybody to know about a cool feature on the blog that I'm not sure if I've ever talked about.
Click HERE to see it.
Scroll through the pics of me, and if you see one you like, you just click on it to get all of the details!
It's super user friendly and a great way to see my outfits at a glance and streamline your shopping.
I love this feature, and I hope you do too!
(If you ever want to get here on your own, just click "Shop My Instagrams" on my toolbar up top!)

Episode 4 kicks off with Harrison back in the driver's seat where he belongs.
He explains that Prince Farming's 3 sisters get to decide who goes on the 1:1 date with him this week.
HIS SISTERS ARE HERE!  WooHoooooooooooooo!
Because you know what they say:
Hell Hath No Fury Like a Sister Who Feels like her Brother Picked an Idiot for a Wife.
Okay, maybe people don't say that.
But they totally should.

The group card date arrives.
Here's who is going:
Megan, Kaitlyn, #crazyeyes, #genieinabottle, Juellia, Samantha (WHO?), 5th grade Mackenzie, and Kelsey.
The date card says "Let's do what feels natural...".
Some speculate that means they should go without make-up, and #genieinabottle dies a little inside.  But she brushes off the suggestion, glues on her eyelashes, paints on a bright red lip, and pops in her weave.
No, I'm not kidding.

They hop into some vintage cars, and Chris's car has Selena sitting shotgun and a 1950s housewife in the backseat?  (It's hard to tell in this picture, but Kelsey is wearing a scarf around her head and looks like she is fresh out of the beauty shop.)

Selena #genieinabottle says that a guy driving is one of the sexiest things he can do.
And then she hops out of the car like this.

The wind up at a lake, strip down to their bikinis, and hop in.
And then #genieinabottle and Kaitlin decide to one up everybody by shedding parts of their swimsuits before jumping in.

Our 1950's housewife is NOT amused.

Then they play Red Rover, because Mackenzie is on the date and DUH...5th grade recess.

Cut back to the house, Chris's sisters arrive (Lisa, Lori, and Jackie), but Jillian is passed out by the pool.  And in the worst possible scenario for Jillian, she's on her stomach......
which means she is HINEY UP.
WHERE IN THE WORLD IS MAMA WHERE YOU NEED HER?  She would slap some Coppertone on that fanny in a heartbeat.

All 3 of the sisters are DARLING and stylish..

But I am DYING over this sister's chic blue jumpsuit and FABULOUS green earrings.
And if you notice in the picture above, she's got on the Stella and Dot renegade bracelet.   (Remember from last Friday's post that you can find a knock-off HERE for less than 1/2 the price!)

All of the girls parade through like it's the interview portion of the Miss America contest, but sadly, there's nothing much to talk about here.  Again, except for the earrings, because OMG.

Jade gets picked for the 1:1 by the sisters, and I feel that Britt's reaction to Jade getting picked is pretty representative of America's reaction.

I mean, Jade's fine, but I'm not really sure what made her stand out to the sisters?!?
The date card says they are going to go to a royal ball.

Back to the group date.
Kelsey continues to be LESS THAN IMPRESSED.
"This is absurd....I'm from Michigan....this is a dingy face is getting skinnier because I spend so much time fake smiling.....I'm trying to pretend like a enjoy this hell hole....there are moments when I want to take a fork a stab it in my eye."
Doesn't she sound lovely?
Those are all direct quotes by the way.

Well, never fear, after her monologue, karma strikes.
And she gets stung by a bee.  On her upper inner thigh.
But I'm less concerned about the bee sting than I am about the Yeti.

(And let's not even act for a second like there wasn't an ABC intern with a jar full of bees releasing them in Kelsey's general direction after they doused her in honey-scented body spray.)

It's time for everybody to put together the tents, and we have another sighting.
First a yeti, and now a howler monkey.

(Just fyi, Mackenzie had just made a joke about putting the stick in the hole.  Because FIFTH GRADE.)

They are grilling out around a campfire, and Chris starts taking time with each of the ladies.
Kelsey's fake laugh is LOUD AND PROUD and my ears are starting to bleed.

And then, THANK HEAVENS, things start getting crazy thanks to#crazyeyes.
First she starts this little jig and chanting tateetateetateetata.
Um, okay.
Then she pulls Prince Farming off for some alone time, she starts in with the crazy talk,
and I find myself so confused by everything.  She mumbles 1/2 of what she says, and the other half of the time I'm not even sure she's speaking English.
But as confused as I am, I can assure you this, Chris is more confused.

Kaitlin gets the rose.
Everybody heads to their tents and goes to bed.
But #genieinabottle sneaks in his tent with the intent of telling him that she's a virgin.
She also wants him to know that SHE'S NOT JUST HOOK UP MATERIAL.
And how does she do that?
Well she mumbles something about being different, AND THEN HOOKS UP WITH HIM.
I'm not sure he got the message.

Here's a tip to all of you young girls reading out there.
If you want a guy to think you're NOT a hook up girl....try NOT hooking up with him.

The campers arrive back at the house and they are told that Jade gets to dress up like a princess and go on a 1:1 date to a ball.
And #genieinabottle just about LOSES HER MIND.

A team of people arrive to promote Disney's newest movie transform Jade into a princess. #genieinabottle almost spontaneously combusts at least 5 times.
Jade gets to keep the Louboutin heels and the Neil Lane diamond earrings.
Do you hear that?
That's #genieinabottle's soul screaming.

Prince Farming is awaiting Jade's arrival at the ball, and he passes the time by waltzing by himself.
It might have been the most awkward 20 seconds on t.v. that I've ever seen.
But it was also kind of precious.

Jade is super sweet, super shy, and I'm not sure if it's true or not, but I heard that she posed for Playboy?  And you know what else I heard?
For the record, Kelsey is up in arms about the whole thing.
They ate dinner and the entire date was just ho-hum.

But no worries, while back at the house, #genieinabottle threw on a princess dress and munched on an ear of corn.
I have absolutely no idea.

Back to the ball.
There was a symphony, and they danced, and the clock struck 12:00 and they made her run down the stairs.  Otherwise known as CHEESEFEST.
And I have to admit, I prayed Jade down those stairs in her Louboutin's.

And it's just about now that I look at the clock and realize I have AN HOUR LEFT.
Oh no.
I'm not sure if I have the stamina for this.

The next group date card arrives.
Let's Get Dirty.
Here's who is going:
Nikki (WHO?), Jillian, Whitney, My Name is Carly It's Nice To Meet You, Britt, Becca

There are 6 white boxes on the front porch filled with the most awful wedding dresses you've ever laid eyes on.  They throw on the dresses, hop on a private jet, and arrive at a muddy obstacle course.
And Jillian knows she has this one in the bag.
She does some stretches, kisses her biceps, and then DOMINATES.

The other girls are TOAST.
Check her out.

Jillian wins the race (duh), and she and Chris have their 1:1 date.
Jillian is talking NON STOP about every type of fitness competition she's ever been in.
And Chris is listening.
And listening.
And then listening some more.
He says she's talking too fast for him to process it, he talks about how her words are "flowing over his head", and he lets us know that he started to think about "unicorns and dancing fairies".
And I start to wonder if he got into #crazyeye's stash of pills.
Jillian then suggests a rousing came of "Would You Rather?"
But her "would you rather?" scenario would make a stripper blush, so I'm not going to write it here.
Needless to say.
My mind immediately goes to Britt.  Who is going to spoon Britt on the couch now?

Now they're back at the mansion for the cocktail party.
And Prince Farming assures everybody that he sent Jillian home because he's ready to find a wife.
#genieinabottle isn't so sure she fully drove the I'M A VIRGIN point home, because I'm not sure if you've heard, but she is in fact a virgin.
 So she pulls him aside to tell him.  AGAIN.  That's she's a virgin. But this time she doesn't speak in code and straight up says "I'm a virgin."  She also says, "But don't worry, because it's not something I'm super serious about."

And...I would like to make an official announcement right here...
from henceforth, #genieinabottle will now be referred to as #virgininabottle

Britt took Chris aside and asked him why the heck he is validating behavior such as sex talk and stripping at the lake by handing out roses to girls who have participated in these types of shenanigans.  As a girl, you gotta respect Britt for asking the question. YOU GO BRITT!
However, as a person who has watched the Bachelor in previous seasons, I've gotta say, this is a CLASSIC mistake that girls sometimes make.
And all of a sudden Britt became THAT GIRL.

And y'all.
Chris lost the ability to speak.
He was stumbling all over his words and making no sense.
And I tell ya, I wanted Dancing Chris back from last week.
Because this stammering and offended Chris?  Not attractive.

He started talking in broken sentences, was obviously TICKED OFF, and then just stood up and left.

Who gets the roses?
My name is Carly, It's Nice To Meet You
Samantha (AGAIN! WHO?)
Mackenzie (For realz???)

Who gets sent home?
and some girl who I still don't know her name

During her exit interview, #crazyeyes says "I feel nothing.  I have no feelings.
I'm not worried about me."
Well, maybe you're not.
But therapists all over America ARE in fact worried.
And you can bet that the Bachelor therapist is waiting for her in that limo with some mood stabilizers.  I'm also quite sure they've already confiscated her nail file and all other sharp objects out of her bag.

That's all for The Bachelor this week.

Click HERE for Episode 3.

Click HERE to read the review for Episode 2 and see why all of the girls are aghast!

Click HERE for the season premier!

Now before you go, as I promised earlier, there's a mini Shopping With Sheaffer today!
I ran through Nordstrom the other day, tried on several things that I liked, but there weren't enough items to make an entire on to the end of the Bachelor recap they go!

Check out THIS striped sweatshirt hoodie.
Now, the lace work is see-through at certain parts, so you would definitely have to wear a cami under it, but I feel like it's a great transition piece for spring!
Click HERE.  It's only $38!
For size reference, I'm wearing an x-small and I felt like it was plenty roomy.
(I like it a little more fitted than it looks on the model on the Nordstrom site.
I'm guessing she sized up.)
 And THIS Lush floral blouse is so pretty!
And for $38, you simply can't beat the price.
I'm not wearing a cami in this picture, but it needs a cami for both the sheerness and the fact that it's pretty low-cut.  I thought it looked great with jeans, but it's dressy enough to be paired with a pair of slacks or a pencil skirt for office wear.
Click HERE.
For size reference, I'm wearing a small.
If you want to see all of the Lush blouses available, click HERE!  Lots to choose from!
 I know I'm starting to feature some spring items, but I'm fully aware that it's still cold as all get out in many places.  So I thought there were lots of you that would want to know about THIS cardigan coat.
I thought this cardi was greatness.
It's very cozy, and I loved the styling of it!  The big collar is so fun!
Click HERE.
For size reference, I was wearing a small.
 Okay, back to spring.  For a nice and lightweight spring staple, check out THIS scarf.
It's black with little white hearts.  Very sweet!  It also comes in a mint green with black hearts.
It's difficult to tell in my photo below, but it has fringe on it.  And it's an infinity scarf!
And I'm not sure THIS long and flowy tunic tank is me, but I know it's going to be interesting to many of you.  And I'm pretty sure Andrea is already clicking "purchase".
It's QUITE long in back, but I think it would be a great layering piece.  Not necessarily under a military jacket, but you get the idea.
Click HERE.
For size reference, I was wearing a small.
Click HERE for all Chloe K tunics.

These pics include the prices of all items above, just click what you are interested in!

And if you normally just come here for the Bachelor, you might want to check out Monday's post HERE because I have a new pair of coral boyfriend jeans and a pair of grey "snakeskin" slip on sneakers that I'm crazy about!

See you girls back here on Friday for Friday Favorites!
And on Monday it's time for us all to Get Pin-spired!!!!
We're half-way through the week girls!  We can do this!
Sheaffer :)

If you're interested in my Get Healthy journey (a.k.a. weight loss journey...let's just be honest), click HERE to see my Week 1 update.  Week 2 will be up on Friday and I will report back with what I've eaten, what I've done to keep active, and how much I've lost.
Know this, I have to fight off the constant urge to cook up and eat a vat of queso.
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