Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dang She's Bossy....but she's usually right

It's SO simple.
Blue Jeans with a Blue Shirt.
Simple, right?
Then why in the world have I never worn blue jeans with a blue shirt?
I'm not sure this outfit photographed as cute as it was, but I really liked the way this one came out.
The hubby liked it too.
And I really liked the jewelry. 
This was the first time I have layered necklaces.
Pinterest has been telling me to layer necklaces for the last couple of months, but I kept ignoring her.
She can be so bossy sometimes.  
(Ya know....I really wish she would stop bossing me to make something with Nutella, 
because I'm NOT interested. )
However, I have learned that MOST of the time she is right, so I eventually give in.
Here she is telling me 3 separate times to layer my necklaces.

I finally was like "Sheesh!  Alright already!"
And what do you know, I LOVED the layered necklace look.
She might be bossy, but she knows her stuff.
(Inspiration photo pinned, but specific blog post not found.)
I like how Kendi's jeans are much lighter, but I had to work with what I had that day.
Note to lighter boyfriend jeans.
Oh, really fast...
You know I've talked about my love for Kendi and her blog.  (After you jump over to her blog, you might want to check out Bloom too, her darling store.)
Well, I got to meet Kendi's mama last week!  
She was SO sweet and super stylish!  Duh!  Of course she would be!
I was all like "Hi Kim.  I'm your daughter's stalker."
Ha!  :)
She had actually even read the blog that day (a mutual friend had sent it to her), 
which was super cool! 

Blue Shirt:  LOFT
Jeans:  GAP
earrings:  LOFT
shorter 2 strand necklace:  Target
long necklace:  LOFT
shoes:  Target

One more thing...I forgot to ask you earlier this week if any of you took advantage of The LOFT 40% off sale on Saturday?  
I did.  Which should really come as no surprise.
I had several friends that did too.  As did my mom.

I got an e-mail from my dad on Saturday night
with the subject line:  Thanks Blog Lady

It went a little something like this:
Your mom shopped The Loft  40% off sale today.
Now, there is a charge of $318.57.
Apparently, you are wrong. 40% off is not the same as free.

Oops!  Sorry Dad!
But let's be real, I got my math skills from mom.


  1. Love your dad's email! So funny! Send him my way and I'll explain Girl Math to him.

  2. "Its not about how much you's about how much you saved!"
    -Judy Tindall

  3. Judy's quote bears the 3 day rule any day! My new life philosophy (UVA actually always followed that thought, just never knew how to say it so eloquently!)
    High five, juji

  4. Beats. Not bears
    I've, not UVA
    Gee I need my coffee

  5. Funny -- my hubs always says, 'oh yeah, and how much is free?'
    I love Kendi's you read Atlantic-Pacific?? ridiculous good fashion


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