Thursday, September 20, 2012

Operation Denim Shirt: Look #4

It's been over a week since I have worn my denim shirt, so it was high time to pull it back out again.
I styled mine a little bit differently than the inspiration pic by putting a white tank underneath it and by wearing a brass pendent instead of brass chains. 
And, I'm thinking I actually like my look a bit better?!?!
(Inspiration photo pinned, but original source not found.)
Denim Shirt:  find similar one here
(outlet version sold out at this time) 
I'm telling you, this is the PERFECT denim shirt.
White Tank: White House, Black Market (they have the best camis....really good quality)
Necklace: Lucky (they no longer have this necklace, but they have tons of cute accessories)
Black Leggings:  Francesca's (only $12...might have to go into the store)
Tall brown boots:  Ross

So, this is the 4th look with the denim shirt... 

and I feel like I've just barely scraped the tip of the denim shirt iceberg. 
I've got lots more denim looks in me. 
For instance, and this is just off the top of my head.....
Maybe I'll wear it belted at the waist with a pink belt with silver hearts, white pleated shorts that hit just above the knee, and laceless white keds with some white and blue plaid socks scrunched down around my ankles.

Oh wait.........
that's been done......

Yep, I've been rocking denim (I believe back then we referred to it exclusively as "chambray")
since around 1986
I think the pic above was the first day of 6th  grade.
And NOTHING says I own 6th grade like white pleated knee length shorts.

Linking up with two-thirty five designs, an awesome blog I found just this morning,
and I am already obsessed!!!!
This girl is sooo cute and soooo funny!


  1. You look so cute! You actually look the same as you do now. So sweet! I'm not even going to mock are darling in that picture :).

  2. I'll mock you!
    Let's see...what can I say,.....
    Nice socks, nerd
    ; )
    You looked like a sweetheart. Shays right!

  3. I'm wearing a denim shirt today too! Mine actually is chambray... but not nearly as cute as your 1986 shirt. Maybe it's the lack of keds and blue/white socks.

  4. I'm definitely older than you, but in the 80's I totally wore the heck out of chambray shirts (RL,Susan Bristol, Gap, Harold's, etc.). Texas girls LOVE our denim. I have a Levi's one with small pockets on the front with tiny pearl snaps. I get so many compliments on it.

  5. i just bought leggings yesterday and now i have an idea!!!! yahooooo!!!!


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