Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pinterest told Mix and Match Mama To....

Okay friends.....I'm SO excited, because today I am having one of my besties guest post.
I know her as Shay, but some of you may know her as Mix and Match Mama!
 Shay started an awesome blog a little over a year ago where she features tons of yummy recipes, with the tag line that "it's more about the method than the recipe".
She makes quick, easy, and nutritious dinners almost every night of the week.
She does it with ease using a fail- proof method, and then mixing and matching it countless ways!
GENIUS I tell ya!
Shay is mixing and matching your pantry with all of her awesome recipes,
and I am mixing and matching your closet with Pinterest inspired outfits.
If we could just get your laundry done and your kids put to bed, we would totally be a 1-stop shop.
We'll work on it.

 If you don't know Shay and aren't familiar with her blog, I can almost guarantee you know her little brother.

I'll give you a couple of hints.
Her brother is:
he loves his family,
he loves Jesus, seems like I'm forgetting something....
oh yeah, he is smokin' hot.
Who is it?
Wait for it....
!!!!!!!!SEAN LOWE!!!!!!!!
Yes, ma'm!
 Shay's little brother was Top 3 on Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette.  And I think there is no question that he is the classiest contestant the show has ever seen.
Always a gentleman, and he represented his family so well.
AND....I don't know if you heard the big news yesterday?!?
Sean has just been announced as the front man for this season of The Bachelor!!!!!!!!
Did you hear that?
Single ladies across America just screamed with glee.
Shay, Sean, and Me :)

So.....without further ado....
Here is Mix and Match Mama (a.k.a. Sean's Big Sister), telling us what Pinterest Made HER Do! name is Shay and I'm the Mix and Match Mama. I take simple recipes and mix and match them different ways to make fast, family friendly meals for busy women on the go. I love taking a recipe and then tweaking it just a tad to give me a whole new meal without any fuss.
I get a lot of ideas from Pinterest, but rarely do I use the recipe without changing it up a bit...until this one...Pinterest told me to make these white chocolate s'mores bars, and I did. There wasn't any way I could mix and match them to make them better.
Click HERE to see the original recipe. They have a cake mix base, a graham cracker layer, marshmallows, white chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk. You see why I didn't change anything?! Perfection! I'm so glad Pinterest told me to!
Enjoy your white chocolate s'mores bars this fall.
And check me out for other recipes to make your family happy and dinner time easy.
I'm off now...see you next time!

Sheaffer here again.
You didn't think I was going to let her leave without mixing and matching an outfit did you?
Nope.....I gave her a challenge....and she rose to the occasion, Shay style.

I would like to call this look "Aye Chi Wah Wah"
Dang, girl.
Challenge initiated, accepted, and totally rocked.

Black tank: American Eagle
Pink Mini Skirt: LOFT (yep, my friends love LOFT too)
The LOFT no longer has this exact skirt, but they have this similar one (also in pink) and this cute corduroy one (not in pink, but in lots of other great fall colors).
Leopard Heels: Target
(the link isn't to the exact same heels, but they are very similar)
Gold Bangles: Nordstrom
Nail Polish: OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest

Thanks Shay!
Love the recipe AND the look!
And.....thanks for supporting me so much on this new adventure I'm taking on in blog land.
I couldn't do it without ya!
Love you friend!

p.s.  Come back tomorrow for my very first giveaway!
I'll give you one's TURQUOISE!


  1. Yay! Thank you so much for letting me particpate! I just love this blog!

  2. What is this pose??? Why was I not asked to strike one like this?? Ha! Loving the blog, Sheaffer!! I loved shopping with you yesterday!

  3. Hottttttttttie! Oh, and her brother, too ; )
    Seriously shay...who can show a hot mama picture of a toned thigh like that after two kids....
    Smokin stylin ladies !

  4. Recipe looks yummy! Loving that she can eat treats like that and still look so amazing in that skirt. :)

  5. Love the recipe, and I totally have leg envy!! :)

  6. Love your sass! And your blog! Wish I lived in TX, I would totally want to be have made me think I need to go to the Loft, yes I have never been...

  7. So when the show starts, I highly recommend you and Shay follow this little blog.... She recaps all of the Bachelor episodes with some of the funniest blog posts you'll likely ever read! Just sharing!

  8. Hi Sheaffer! Do you know if this is the watch Shay is wearing in this post? A few of us fashionistas are seriously coveting it!!


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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