Monday, September 24, 2012

What 3 Things I'm Obsessed With - special MONDAY edition

First of all, if you are visiting from Big Mama.....
I am thrilled that you guys are here!
I have been reading Melanie's blog for a couple of years now, and I promise you if I ever were to lay eyes on her I would politely throw her in my car, take her to Mi Cocina, and we would sit for hours  talking about fashion and kids and bean dip, all while eating table-side guacamole and sipping on margaritas.
It would be delightful.
 Sure, she'd be scared at first.  But I'm quite certain she would warm up to me.
ANYway, when I e-mailed Melanie last week asking her to take a look at my new blog, and she e-mailed me back the very same day saying sweet things about the blog and letting me know she was going to link to me on Fashion Friday, I was understandably over the moon. 
I mean, the jumping up and down on my part should even have been expected.
I am seriously tickled you guys stopped by to see what my little corner of blog land is all about!
Here are some examples of me doing my thing:
Taking outfits that I've pinned on Pinterest, and recreating them with clothes out of my own closet.

Look #1Look #2Look #3, and  Look #4

Then, every Friday (I do know that today is Monday, work with me people) ,
I highlight What 3 Things I'm Obsessed With!
Think Big Mama meets Andy Cohen. :)

So, what am I obsessed with this week?
Let me tell ya.....
{First and foremost, for my regular readers, I certainly hope the fact that I am obsessed with my denim shirt is simply understood by now.}

This dress I got from the GAP Outlet last week. 
I would totally link to it if I could, but GAP outlet clothes cannot be found online.  Boo!
It was regularly $59.99, but it was 50% off. 
I've been seeing lots of short dresses on Pinterest styled with tights and boots for the fall and winter, so I've been on a mission to find one and make it mine.  
I loved the color and the material of this one, and I figured I could style it lots of different ways.
I was right.
Go me.
And yes, Mom.....I imagine it would have in fact looked even better if I would have taken the time to
run an iron over it.
Live and learn.
 There are dresses like this all over the place, so even though I can't link to this exact dress, you can easily find one if you're interested! 
        What about this blue one at GAP?

Or this orange one at Old Navy?
(seems kind of similar to mine, but longer)

Or maybe this one at Bloom?

Thanks to a tip from a reader last week (thanks Rachel!),
my #2 pick for this week is Hue leggings.
Melanie - you are going to need to rock these at some Aggie games fo sho!
Here is Rachel's comment:
Hi! Your blog is great! I love leopard print! One thing that I'm obsessed (have them in almost every color!) with are Hue denim leggings..they come in all sorts of colors and fit perfectly!
They would look great paired with that Loft top you posted today and a pair of riding boots!!

They come in every color you can think of. I got the grey, and I LOVE and ADORE them.
Can you love and adore a pair of pants?
I think you can.
 Do you know what they are?
They are a totally hip and cool version of a pajama jean. 
The only reservation I have about these pants is wondering if I'm ever going to
want to wear anything else.  I mean, why would I?   
I got mine at Nordstrom (in the hosiery department). If you aren't sure about them, you should read all of the GLOWING reviews online.  People are crazy for these leggings, and for good reason.
They will be soooo cute with a denim shirt, a white oxford shirt, or anything long and layered.
And they will of course be perfection with tall boots.
Let's not even talk about the cardigan and scarf options...I simply don't have the time.
I'm thinking I need the coral ones...and maybe even the grey leopard ones.
(I styled mine with short boots and a short top in the above pictures so you could get a really good idea of their overall look.  Oh, and I apologize for the crotch shot, but I thought you might want to see that they look like they have a zipper.)
So, thank you Rachel!  Your obsession is now officially my obsession too! 

Okay, so this one isn't fashion related at all.  But I'm telling you that you want to know about my #3.
Scratch that, you NEED to know about my #3.
Your taste buds will thank you.  Your waistline, not so much.
Oh yeah, baby.
One of my besties, Shay at Mix and Match Mama, came up with this recipe and they are heavenly.
You might not know Shay, but it's possible that you know her brother.
I'll give you a couple of hints.
Her brother is:
he loves his family,
he loves Jesus, seems like I'm forgetting something....
oh yeah, he is smokin' hot.
Who is it?
Wait for it....

Shay's little brother is SEAN LOWE!!!!!
And I don't know if you've heard...but the rumor is that he might be the next Bachelor?!?

 Shay  will of course nether confirm nor deny this rumor.  Dangit!
Still, hop on over to Mix and Match Mama and check her out.
Word of caution:
When you make these snickerdoodle bars, you probably should make them for some type of event.
If you just make these for your family, it's possible that you could walk by them with a fork throughout the day, and eat around 1/2 of the pan without even knowing it.

So, this week I'm obsessed with a dress that can be styled for fall and winter, HUE leggings, and Shay's snickerdoodle bars. 

p.s.  I'm curious if anybody has picked up any of my obsessions?
My post on September 7th highlighted:
Essie Miss Fancy Pants polish (a perfect shade for fall)
Nars Sweet Dreams lip gloss (super shiny and very pretty)
Redken ALL SOFT shampoo and conditioner
(It will change your hair and your life, because shampoo can totally be life-changing. Right ladies?)

My post on September 14th highlighted:
the LOFT bracelet
the LOFT camp shirt
pretty much anything leopard (boots, flats, or scarf)

My post on September 21st highlighted:
mint green necklaces
brass earrings

I know that Cassie over at Hi Sugarplum bought the etsy bubble necklace I highlighted this past Friday, and I can't wait to see how she styles it!  All of her spaces and outfits are just too cute!
Also..if any of you have an obsession that you think I need to know about...
By all means...SHARE!
Maybe YOUR obsession will become MY obsession?!?

Thanks again Big Mama for sending your peeps to my neck of the woods!
It was a thrill for me, I tell ya.
A thrill.  :)

p.s.  I have my first giveaway sometime later this week (probably Thursday)!
 So, stop by again to enter!


  1. This post is pure awesome-ness! I love that you're obsessed with clothes and my food. What a fabulous combination! Love!!

  2. I came over from Big Mama. I'm terribly fashion challenged (and weight challenged!). I love the blog, and love, love, love a denim shirt!!!!!

  3. Just popped over from Big Mama's. Love the looks you came up with and look forward to seeing more!!!

  4. Stopped by from Big Mama's blog. I like your blog concept. Great idea. will come and visit more.

  5. Awesome blog! BTW, last week I used "Miss Fancy Pants" for my pedicure. I love, love, love Urban Decay's eyeliner, the NAKED eyeshadow palette and DiorShow mascara. I'll be telling all my friends about your blog, keep up the good work!

  6. Yes, I pushed 'buy' on the bubble necklace (kelly green...bc I can't do anything subtle apparently). And even tho I have a chambray shirt, a denim flew up to the counter this weekend at Old Navy. With pink skinnies. Bc my black, royal blue, and gray skinnies just aren't enough. Now, it just needs to get cool enough to leave open-toed shoes behind. And no way can I make those snickerdoodle bars and have my behind fit in my new pants! (It's a stretch as it is...maybe send that stomach bug my way)

  7. I absolutely love love LOVE your blog!! I am a "pin-aholic" and love all things fashion related, so your blog is a perfect read for me:) The only thing I lack is being able to take some of the outfit risks - that was until your blog gave me some courage. I actually went out and bought the J. Crew denim shirt and tried copying a couple of outfits. So far it has been a success! So thank you Sheaffer, I too now have an obsession with my denim shirt. Keep up the awesome work!

  8. Love! They sell the Hue leggings at DSW also!

  9. I think you need to correct some wording on your blog...please change it to ask "what HAVEN'T you purchased that I've suggested?". That way I won't have to list everything i've purchased and, therefore, openly and honestly admit to blowing off the "shopping restriction" I'm supposedly on! But I will openly and honestly admit that I don't buy a denim shirt or coral-ish/orangie skinny jeans because of you...I already had them! So let's just focus on that right now ; )

  10. Ps- heading over now to check out big mama for the first time so thanks for the link to that, and then over to mix and match mama so I can make my grocery list for the week. What would I do without all this intell?!

  11. What color Hue leggings are you wearing?


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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