Friday, September 28, 2012

What 3 Things I'm Obsessed With

It's been a longgggggggg week, so let's just get to it!
1)  I ordered these grey ankle boots from Old Navy, and I am seriously crushing on them.
I mean, come on.
That's a cutie patootie little bootie.
They are on sale right now for $30!
 And good news! Until the end of the day, Old Navy is running between 15-20% off of your total purchase depending on how much you spend, so check out their website for details.
 They look GREAT with skinny jeans and leggings tucked into them, but they look just as good with a boot cut pant over them.  
I had been looking for a grey pair of short boots, but all I kept finding were suede.  I like the look of suede, but I wanted leather so they would hold up when it rains.  These fit the bill perfectly.
I have no doubt that I am going to wear the heck out of these this fall and winter.

These Pony Ballerina flats from Boden.
In the words of Rachel Zoe, "I die."
I cannot think of a colored skinny jean that these wouldn't want to go out with.
I love the grosgrain binding and bow detail, and I adore the hot pink accent with the grey and black "pony print".  If you click the link above, you will see they also come with either a green or blue accent.  I love them all. I think they would make some pair of colored skinny jeans...or even some regular jeans for that matter....very happy.

3)  These tall brown boots at Francesca's.
That's a pretty boot.
Nuff' said.
Love the side zipper.
Love the double buckle.
Love the scrunched leather on the top of the foot.
Love it all

Don't have any idea why I'm obsessed with footwear this week, but I am.
I'm obsessed with footwear, and Mix and Match Mama is obsessed with chicken.
That seems about right.

Also, every so often I am going to feature some pics that friends send me that are somehow inspired by this blog.  It has been seriously surprising to me how many friends and strangers have contacted me saying they wore something in particular and/or bought something in particular because of this blog.  I LOVE to hear that! :)
This first picture is from a bff since high school, my friend Kasey.  She had read what I said about Redken All Soft products on my very first What Three Things I'm Obsessed With post, and she knew she had to give them a whirl.
She did, and that very night she was texting me about how gorgeous her hair was.
Her actual text said this:
"Well, all I have to say is that Salon Selectives may have to give up their motto, because I look like I just stepped out of a salon.
People are going to want to run their fingers through this stuff." 
I laughed so hard.
I love my friends. :)
To be honest, the word "stuff" might have actually said something else.
Sometimes I feel a curse word is appropriate, especially when it makes something extra funny.
(Don't you all agree that the ecards on Pinterest are funnier when they have curse words in them?
Why is that?!?!)
And, let's all be honest with each other right now,
who now has the Salon Selectives theme song in their head?
Salon style.  Salon selectives. Salon glow. Salon Selectives.
Like you just stepped out of a salon.
Salon Selectives!
That's Kasey on the right with her gorgeous, shiny, and silky hair.
I mean, that really is some shiny hair.
I would not mind running my fingers through that gorgeous mane one bit.

And finally...I thought I would link up to some sales in case any of you ladies would like to do some shopping over the weekend!
*LOFT is having 40% off selected full price merchandise when you enter code NOW40.
*Now through October 1st, it's buy one piece of clothing get one 50% off at Francesca's.
*Now through Sunday,  25% OFF & FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OF $150+ WITH CODE STYLE25 at J Crew Factory and Factory Outlet.
*As mentioned before, through the end of the day at Old Navy, you can get between 15-20% off your total order with code ONSAVEBIG.  (If you are going to the store, make sure to print the coupon off from their website).
(I don't have a GAP card, so this one angers me a bit!)

Now go forth and shop!
But before you do, dong forget to
ENTER THE CONTEST to win a Hudson Chewbeads necklace!!!


  1. Andrew is not allowed to read your blog. Ever. He would get to that bottom part and then know for sure, that I did my Girl Math and went to Loft, JCrew, Gap and Old Navy to buy things...just because they were on sale. Gotta go...there is shopping to do...

  2. Love Boden...I just used a web code from an e-mail that gave me free shipping and 20% off. I can't remember what it was though (eek!), but perhaps signing up for e-mails would generate it.

    Totally enjoying your blog! :)

  3. What, no McD's salads and smoothies featured this week? ;)

  4. Those Boden shoes are soooo stinking cute. But for cheap-o's like me you can find a similar $25 pair at old navy. With out the darling ribbon of course. So basically, cute, but not nearly as cute.
    I'm still obsessing over that nail polish from like a month ago!

  5. Love your blog! Just ordered two pairs of hue leggings!!!

  6. I adore the brown boots...I have them in black and have been searching for them in grey!! Let me know if you come across any...I do not buy online because I have weird feet! ;) Have you been to Charming Charlie's lately? They have some AWESOME boots...and they are cheap! Who doesn't love awesome and cheap? :)

  7. I used the Redken shampoo/conditioner today and I can tell its gonna be great! Thanks for the recommendation. AND thanks for the all of the sales info- will be shopping this weekend for my bday :) Love the pic of Ang, Kasey and Kara!

  8. I'm going to pretend I didn't see any of those codes. You cost me enough $$ last week! :) (can't wait for my bubble necklace to arrive!)

    and ps -- I pulled on my royal blue skinnies today and thought of you. is that weird, since i was getting dressed? ;)

  9. Love your picks! I have booties and ballet flats on my "must get" list, but I'm on a spending freeze at the moment, so my fashion cause will have to want for a while. ;-)


  10. I am about to start getting into trouble. All I want to
    Do after I read your blog is go shopping! Oh well, atleast they are good deals.. Right!?!

  11. Hi, Sheaffer! Thanks for the wardrobe ideas...I wore white jeans & a denim shirt to work and bought a cute new scarf this week. My closet is thanking you but Allen is not...I found another cute scarf I NEED.


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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