Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pinterest Told Emily To!.....and a winner!

"Hey Y'all!" if you are here from a linky party!
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Thanks for stopping by to Pinterest Told Me To!

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I have a super special treat for all of you today!  
My friend Emily is guest posting!
Emily is chic, gorgeous, sweet, and funny.
p.s.  She has a precious house, a handsome husband, and 2 darling boys.
Yep.  She's the whole package!
I guest posted over at her blog, Recently, on Monday.
And now she's here doing what Pinterest Told Her To Do!
I tell ya, Pinterest is bossing everybody!
So, without further ado, meet Emily!

Hello lovely Pinterest Told Me To readers! It's Emily here from Recently, and I'm so happy to be visiting Sheaffer's blog today!
I've known Sheaffer since college, and let me tell ya, this gal is just as darling and hilarious now as she was back then. If you haven't figured it out already (duh!), Sheaffer is one of those people you instantly love, and I'm absolutely thrilled that she asked me to be her guest!
Now, let's get on to the good stuff shall we?
In particular, this cute-as-a-button outfit on the even cuter blogger, Rachel from Pink Peonies.  Girl's got style, for real, so when I saw that I could (sort of) recreate her outfit, I jumped on it.

The star of the ensemble is, of course, the turquoise bubble necklace that's  been popping up everywhere these days.

The original version is J.Crew, but you can find them all over now for a steal, like this one I found for $12.  Sign me up!

I found my shirt last week at Target (it's not online yet, but here's a similar one), and, not only is it covered in polka dots, but they're GOLD polka dots.  Just a little version of heaven straight from the Tar-jay angels!

I bought my jeans last year at Forever 21, and I wear them almost every day.
Have you ever tried F21 jeans?  If you haven't, you might be surprised.  Some of their denim is spectacular and I've never seen a pair over $30.
I also know a lot of you would never step foot in a store that looks like a 16 year old's paradise, but, I promise, if you dig a little, you will find some gems.  I see other moms shopping there all the time.
Cross my heart.

Now, about those leopard flats... 

I found the pair I'm wearing on Ebay, but Steve Madden makes some that are gorgeous as well.

I can tell that my pair will probably only last me a few seasons, so I might end up grabbing the Steve Madden pair that will hopefully last a lot longer!

Finally, I found my vintage bag a few years ago, and the bracelets I'm wearing are a mix of vintage and Forever 21.

P.S. Forever 21 has ca-raaazy cute jewelry right now!

And that's what Pinterest told me y'all!  Hope you liked it, and that you'll stop by and visit me at Recently, where I share everything from fashion, to home decor and DIY goodies.
Thanks again Sheaffer, I loved every second of my visit!
Emily, you rock!First of all, thanks so much for the sweet things you said!  
Totally unnecessary, but very much appreciated.  It's been great fun to re-connect  in blog land!
I must say that I feel like we've both come a long way since the over-sized KKG shirts that we sported during the college years. 
I'm pretty sure Pinterest wouldn't have told us to wear those.  :)
Anyway, LOVED your outfit re-creation!  You look sophisticated and totally chic!
I laughed out loud at your reference to Tar-Jay angels
and your bubble necklace is to die for!
Now everybody....go show Emily some love over at Recently!
I promise you that you will be inspired!
{Don't believe me yet?   Well, click here to see Emily absolutely TRANSFORM a table.  It will knock your socks off!}

And now I need to announce the winner of the Lily and Laura bracelets! 
(Leslie used to be a McKinney friend, but her family moved away this summer.) Leslie, I'm so glad you are going to get to have a little piece of home from Brassy Blueberries and Pinterest Told Me To!
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  1. Love this look so cute and congrats leslie

  2. You go girl with this outfit. I am loving the recreation. Spot on!!

    And love "pinterest told me to". That's always my excuse! ;-)

  3. Sheaffer, I'm cracking up at your reference to our XL KKG shirt. Was just thinking of those the other day and wondering what in the world we were thinking! ;) And your kind words made my day. Thank you so much!
    P.S. Can't wait for Friday and that giveaway! :)

  4. what an adorable outfit! love everything about it!

  5. Wow Emily you're soo good at finding a good deal, especially on ebay! Love the outfit, I'm going to hunt that top from Target ;)

  6. ok, she convinced me to final pull the trigger on the bubble that price how could i not?!?! will be stalking my target for the top! so cute!! thank you ladies.

  7. so many good finds in this one outfit!! and i totally agree on the f21 jeans - i think mine were $11, i get compliments on them all the time, friends are always shocked when i tell them where they're from (and some have rushed over to get their own :)). will definitely be back on friday!!!

  8. Love Emily, and of course, she looks adorable in that outfit!

  9. New follower here. Love your blog!
    Found you on WIWW.

  10. I adore Emily over at Recently and now am a huge fan of you too!!! Love this.


  11. New GFC follower from Let's Mingle blog hop. I love the title of your blog, that is awesome! Great posts!!

  12. Such a cute outfit Emily! And thanks for introducing us to Sheaffer's blog. I look forward to reading more!

  13. I knew Emily would rock her photo - so fun! and I didn't know you guys knew each other from college.

  14. I love Stella and Dot.


  15. I liked your facebook page.


  16. Love the inspiration translation! Perfect! What a fun blog you have! Just saying hello from What I Wore.



  17. You did a great job!! I love leopard flats, I wear mine with almost everything!! Lovely blog! Come see me at


  18. Thank you for this inspiration - I have pretty much the same top, and all of the other pieces to make this :) I totally agree with the F21 assessment. I didn't shop there for the first year it was open in my mall because it was overwhelming. Now I know what sections I need to stick to!

  19. Love these!!! Look forward to following your blog

  20. cute outfit! I like it just as much if mot more than the original!



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