Friday, October 19, 2012

What 3 Things I'm Obsesssed With AND a Giveaway!

In case you're new to the blog, every Friday I do a post called "What 3 Things I'm Obsessed With."
You can check out some of the most popular previous posts here and here,
This has quickly become the favorite weekly post for many of you, and it is AMAZING to me how many people are actually going out and buying clothes and products that I feature!
I think that is SO cool!
{I would LOVE it if you would let me know if one of my obsessions ends up becoming one of your obsessions!  Just leave me a comment and let me know!} what are my obsessions for this week?
I'm glad you asked.

I went to the mall on Monday with the little fella.
While casually strolling through the Nordstrom shoe department on my
way to Tin Star tacos, I saw these.
Who am I kidding? I wasn't strolling.
I was practically running (just imagine one of those senior citizens in the mall that will clip right by you at a seriously brisk pace) to order the shrimp taco and the roasted veggie tacos that I am in love with.  The only difference between me and said senior citizen was that I wasn't wearing a fanny pack.
Anyway, while "strolling" through Nordstrom, these little beauties caught my eye.
They are the Sperry Top Sider "Skipper" Slipper, and you can find them here.
Aren't they just the cutest little things you've ever seen?
After eating my tacos (that's right...I came back after lunch....I mean, I might be a fashion blogger, but tacos TOTALLY take priority), I went back to take a couple of pictures and try them on.
And let me just tell you.
Sperry knows how to make some seriously comfortable footwear.
I LOVE my sparkly leopard Tom's, but I know some people can't get on the Tom train.
If you can't, then these are the shoes for you.
But you have a big decision in front of you.
The black and white zebra?  or the cognac zebra?
I don't know how you will ever decide.
Perhaps you should consult with a trusted friend.
And if you think the decision is causing you any undue stress, you should probably just get both.

Okay, this one is random, but I saw something on Pinterest that I had to try.

The pin linked to this blog , The Smelly Life, and she did a step-by-step tutorial on what she did.
The basic idea is that you spray Pam on your wet nails, and they dry immediately.
When pinning it, I didn't know if I should pin it on my "Great Ideas" board,
or if I should make a new board entitled
or something similar.....
because I tried it, and it worked.
I would prefer for us not to talk about the fact that something that we cook our food with has the power to dry nail polish at lightning speed.
Instead, let's just talk about the amazingness of it all and the fact that MY NAILS WERE DRY.
After like 23 seconds.

Last, but definitely not least......
This is a dual obsession with
Brassy Blueberries
Lily and Laura Bracelets
Have you ladies heard about these bracelets?
I hadn't heard of them, but my friend Whitney kept talking about them.
Whitney and her mama are the owners of Brassy Blueberries,
 a SERIOUSLY cute clothing and accessories boutique that you HAVE to check out.
(If you live in the area, you will have to check them out
 in Canton at First Monday Trade Days!)
Well, when traveling around to shows, Whitney started noticing that all of the cute college girls had these bracelets on.
 When she looked into them, she discovered they are called Lily and Laura bracelets.

Aren't they sooooooooooo cute?
There are so many color choices!
Can't you just imagine all of the combinations you could come up with?!?
Well, what's extra awesome about these bracelets is that they are WAY MORE than cute.

Lily and Laura Company Overview
Our Lily and Laura Bracelets are hand crocheted by the village women in Nepal bead by bead. Our artisans work in the comfort of their homes and in the sunshine on their rooftop decks with their families nearby. Laura and I are dedicated to providing good wages to all of our team which, besides us, exists entirely in Nepal. We use some of the finest glass beads in the world in our bracelets. Most of our customers have their own small collections so they can be creative stacking and combining to match different moods and outfits. We are so grateful for everyone's support.

They are hand crocheted by village women in Nepal bead by bead?!?
Buying the bracelets help these women and their families?!?
And I get super cute bracelets?
AND I get to participate in a trend that cute college girls are participating in without looking ridiculous?
Sign. Me. Up.

So, how would you like to win a set of 3 to either add to your collection or start your collection?
Just follow the steps below!

  So, a huge THANK YOU to Brassy Blueberries for sponsoring the giveaway and for supporting 
Pinterest Told Me To!
They are my first sponsor! Check out my sidebar for their cute button, and
you can like their facebook page here.
In addition to the Lily and Laura bracelets, they also have large bubble necklaces for $16.95!
{Their website is new, so it only has a handful of items on it now.
Keep checking back for new additions!}
Oh...and I'll let you in on a little secret....
we already have our next Brassy Blueberries giveaway planned!
It will post during the first week in November, and it will get you in the Christmas spirit!

Have a blessed weekend everybody!
And just to tease you guys a Friday there is a Stella and Dot giveaway!


  1. I just love me some Brassy Blueberries! I totally need those bracelets! So cute!!!

  2. By the way! I also bought 2 of the Nars Matte Lip Pencils you featured here two Fridays ago. I am in love! I would never have bought a pencil to use as a lipstick but it totally works. Love, love, love it! I'm so glad Sheaffer told me to!

  3. Love the Sperry's!!! If I didn't already have sparkly Tom's I was in love with I would get those. One of my newest loves is NARS Illuminator orgasm peachy pink with shimmer. Gives an amazing glow to my face and neck. Thanks for the great posts!

  4. ohh the sperry's are adorbs!! love your blog.

  5. Love your blog, Sheaffer! Read it every morning, religiously!

  6. Cute bracelets and neat trick with the Pam.

  7. Sheaffer, You are amazing and I love your blog!

  8. I love your blog! These bracelets are awesome... thanks for showing them and doing giveaway.
    Jamey Rogers

  9. Those cute Sperry's are a nice diversion on the way to Tin Star. :) That's a way I could totally get on board with the trend without feeling like my teenaged daughter who to quote said "Moms don't wear Sperry's".


  10. LOVE The bracelets and Blassy Blueberries!!

  11. And, I can't believe the PAM thing works! Life1changing!!

  12. LOVE the bracelets!! Thanks for the giveaway!! I bought a pair of the melon cords from target yesterday!! I love them but live in south louisiana an we haven't had many signs of cool weather yet but you can bet I will be wearing them the first day it gets into the 60s!!!

  13. So excited about the contest! and the blog! A fellow co-worker actually said she wanted to go shopping in my closet! What a compliment!

  14. I've heard about the bracelets. So cute, and i can look like a college student? SCORE!!!!

  15. I dare you to whip out PAM at your next appointment at the nail salon. Too funny!

  16. I saw that pam spray trick the other day but haven't tried. Mostly because I can't ever polish my own finger nails without it looking like a bloody mess.

  17. You are so cute and inspiring! I don't wear nail polish that often because I always smear my nails before they dry. I will definitely try Pam the next time. ~Peggy in TN

  18. I havent heard about these bracelets but I'm all in! Love the look and the mission. Am freaked by the Pam spray but so delighted cause I'm a recovering immediate smudger. And the shoes are cute but I'm so head over heels for my leopard sparkle sperrys that I feel like I'd be cheating to even glance at those you posted ; (

  19. I love to read your blog Sheaffer!! It is too much fun. I have bought 3 scarves since I started reading. I would like to request some more pics of you from the 5th grade. They really take me back. ;)

  20. Excited about the give away. And crossing my fingers and legs and toes and arms and eyes that I win!

  21. Oh no, somehow I left my comments on the wrong post. Weird iphone! Here in my official entry into the drawing. Fingers crossed :)

  22. Adorable bracelets and wonderful mission. And, I'm OLD (just a reference to the Senior citizens you mentioned! ha)! I told my daughter about your blog and she's now a reader. She lives in Allen and knew one of the girls in one of your blog pictures. She's adorable and an OU grad, just like you are! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. Louise in NE OK.

  23. Just found your blog, love it!

  24. Ready for this? So far I have brought the Redkin shampoo/cond, bubble necklace off etsy, hue leggings, and the leopard scarf from Nordys, I also got some mellon cords from Banana Republic, since Target doesn't have tall sizes :( You have also reunited me with the Loft. I haven't bought from the in years but made a big online puchase last night. Thank you! The hubby isnt even upset as he loves the new looks & boldness from me. I let my fashion go when the rugrats came on board, but thanks to you I started thinking about it again!

  25. Stop it! Pam! Love it and am totally trying it. Also it must be good for your cuticles

  26. Love the zebra shoes, but I'm not crazy about the bows - do you think they could be removed?

    1. Hi there! I don't think you can remove them. If you look closely at the picture, there appear to be gromets that the ribbons come if you removed the bows, there would just be empty gromets. (I have no idea if that is how you spell "gromet"...but you get the idea!) Hope this helps!
      Sheaffer :)

  27. I just found your blog and it is on my daily reads! Love the bracelets! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  28. Cute bracelets... but AWESOME story behind them!

  29. I can't even remember all the stuff I've tried so far that you've recommended, but I do know I tried the McDonald's wild berry smoothie (yum!), I bought some purple Hue leggings, 2 scarves you got from Old Navy, plus a top you tried on there! I'm sure there's probably more, too, but keep the recommendations coming! I want to try the Nars lip pencils next!

  30. Love the shoes and bracelets! And I love love your blog! I always look forward to your posts and what you come up with:)! Happy Friday!!

  31. I love your blog and read it frequently! I currently am living in Uganda, so truthfully I read your blog to get a daily dose of life in America! I love the bracelets and the story behind them! I am a big supporter of businesses that help women in poverty by employing them to do something they are already good at. My recent favorite business is called 31 Bits.. the necklaces are NOT cheap, but they are super cute and made out of paper beads. Paper beads are a big craft here.

  32. Love you, your blog, my Tom's, Tin Star Tacos, and now I'm a fan of Sperrys, Brassy Blueberries and Lily and Laura Bracelets! Thanks for keeping me in the know.

  33. Very cute bracelets!! Love your blog Shaeffer!

  34. Love the bracelets! I think I need them!

  35. LOVE TOMS! Have you seen their woolen classics for Fall? They're lined it wool! FAB-O! I bought the grey plaid ones. Super warm & comfy! I have some Lily & Laura bracelets. They're very cute.

    One of my new obsessions is with Benefit "They're Real" mascara from Sephora! It's amazing! I will try the NARS lip pencil the next time I'm at Sephora.


  36. I love finding new cute bracelets.

  37. Love the bracelets! Is there a special kind of Pam you have to use for your nails? Butter? Olive Oil? I must search this on Pinterest! Interesting.

  38. I bought a pair of colored skinny jeans yesterday inspired from your blog! :) The bracelets are adorable!

  39. Ahhhh, I love those bracelets!!! Congrats on your first sponsor! :)

  40. I have fell in love with your cute blog. I found it through the Mingle and I am so happy I did. I am excited to see what all you post.

  41. Can't wait to try the Pam idea. Hope the Olive Oil version will work ;)

  42. I just tried the Pam trick, and it worked! Awesome!!! Bring on the cute bracelets!

  43. love these bracelets! I would love to add to my collection!!

  44. Super cute! I've been working on adding more bracelets to my jewelry collection and these would be a great addition!

  45. Please enter me! I'm loving your blog! I just saw the Pam trick on Pinterest yesterday; I'm thrilled to see that it works! :)

  46. I love that you tried the Pam-experiment. Thanks for sharing your three obsessions.

  47. I love these and want a big bubble necklace. I just found your blog and really like it.

  48. Those shoes are too cute! By the way I love the name of your blog - too cute! :)

    Pearls & Paws

  49. LOVE the shoes! And the bracelets are adorable (:

  50. LOVE the bracelets - they are gorgeous!!!

  51. I need the bracelets.. And NEED the bauble necklace. And hello? Never again will I have smudged nails

  52. I can't believe I wasn't following you yet! Oops! :) Well, now I am. And I am blown away by that Pam thing... I love what you said though about it being just a taaaad disturbing, but yes. Let's not think about that, okay? haha


  53. Okay what the heck, those slippers are SO SO SO CUTE!!! :)

  54. I love the blog and I just purchased the mint green bubble necklace from Etsy. I also started following you on Pinterest... and I'm already obsessed. Thanks!

  55. I love these bracelets AND I love your blog! I found my way via Pinterest (very fitting, I know) and am now a loyal follower!

  56. Those bracelets are adorable! So many different color options could match so many outfits! I love the blog too :) I bought the denim shirt and now have a new love for J. Crew factory and The Loft! Keep up the awesome job!!

  57. LOVE your blog! I wore my sleeveless shirt & brown boots to church this week and everyone kept commenting on the cuteness factor! And the cords from Target are awesome- not usually a Target clothes girl but these are a great find! And I agree Mustard is the new Black! Have a great day!

  58. You crack me up!!! I love reading your posts! And seriously you still look like you need in high school! love it all!

  59. I love the style portion of your blog. But I come back daily because your quips make me smile. Love the bracelets. Different than any others I've seen. That's a plus.

  60. I love the bright Colorado! So cute!

  61. I love the bright Colorado! So cute!

  62. LOVE these bracelets! What a wonderful idea! And they are beautiful. :)


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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