Friday, November 23, 2012

$24? Color Me Impressed!!!

Hello my Pinterest Told Me To Peeps!
Today we have a guest post from the precious Kaeli from The Broadcloth.
She is cute as cute can be, and she is seriously budget conscious.
Just look below at what she was able to pull off with under $25.

Hey friends!

Being a graphic design student, I use Pinterest A LOT. I have boards for my projects, inspiration, and, of course, clothes. I feel a bit sneaky whenever I go on Pinterest because I can almost invariably pass it off as doing homework. 

What was the inspiration for this outfit? This photo, which has a much shorter skirt and taller legs!

For everyone who is not familiar with The Broadcloth, I always try to post inexpensive, high quality, modest style. I do this by putting together some of my own outfits, and, more enjoyably, showcasing my friends! For instance, this outfit cost $24. If you want to know how, you might just have to come over and find out!

Thanks Kaeli!
I have to say, I am SUPER impressed with your skills!  You pulled off a fun and sassy outfit that would be PERFECT for a holiday party, and you did it for less than a dinner for two at Chili's.
Everybody head over to Kaeli's place and see how she was able to do it!
p.s.  Kaeli - LOVE your headband.
p.p.s.  Those boots are awesome.
p.p.p.s.  Your smile is infectious.
You definitely need to plan on participating in our DASH (Deals and Steals Hop) Linky party that goes live next Thursday (11/29)!  I'm thinking you could teach the rest of us a thing or two!
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  1. Enjoyed this cute gal. Will add her to my blog list! you have grown my bloglovin list by leaps, not to mention turning me into a blogger myself. Thanks PTMT,

  2. Love her blog! So cute!
    <3 Kate

  3. She is so stinkin cute! LOVE her blog!

  4. You are darling! I am your newest follower from broadcloth! :)


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