Wednesday, November 14, 2012

At first you will feel like a clown, but you'll get over it

So I'm wondering, are any of you girls out there still shy about wearing colored skinny jeans?
I mean, I've been doing it for so long now that I hardly even notice when my legs are bright turquoise.  However, I do remember (faintly) how I first felt when I started wearing colored pants.
I literally felt like I was walking around and everybody was staring at me as if I was screaming,
I also remember I used to always pair them with a plain top of some sort.
A nice simple black tank, or maybe a white t-shirt.
Well, times have changed my friends.
Check me out now.
Cue the circus music.

Look #1:
When I first saw the above outfit, I knew I was going to interpret it loosely.  
Basically, I was just going to wear brightly colored pants with a brightly colored top.
I have to say, I liked it.
Polka Dot shell:  LOFT
Magenta cardigan:  LOFT
necklace:  LOFT
Turquoise Skinny Jeans: JCP
Sandals:  Target
(I actually wore this outfit a couple of months ago, but it somehow never made it to a post.  
Hence the sandals.)
Do you girls like the look?  Or do you think I need to tone it down a notch?  :)
Totally curious about your thoughts!

Look #2:
This time I stayed much closer to the inspiration outfit.
I actually found this teal t-shirt when I was ransacking my closet looking for this pink cardigan.
I don't have a purple necklace, so I went with a bright orange drop instead, and of course I layered it.
Of course I did.
Pinterest kept telling me to layer my necklaces, and now I do.
Like ALL the time.
Mustard skinny jeans: Nordstrom
Teal t-shirt:  LOFT
Black cardigan: LOFT
Orange necklace:  Sam Moon
Long necklace:  LOFT
Belt:  LOFT

So, what do you think about this look?  Not quite as in your face, but still bright and bold!

Now...for a little background information on the AWESOME picture. 
After guest posting last week, Mel from The Larson Lingo and I have become blog friends!
We even started texting...and we've talked on the phone!  Fun!
{I'd barely gotten 2 words out of my mouth when she declared that I had an accent!}
I really don't think I have an accent y'all. ;)
She texted me a picture of an outfit that she had on last week (she's a teacher and snapped a picture during her planning period) that was inspired by one of my looks, so then I thought I would pop in the bathroom at school (I'm a speech therapist) to send her a pic of what I was wearing too!
Well, after I snapped the above picture I laughed and laughed and laughed!
I thought about all of the other fashion bloggers out there that have their hubbies or friends take their pictures with really nice cameras, on downtown streets, in cool parking garages, in fields, etc...
Nope, not here at Pinterest Told Me To.
Here we take cell phone pictures in school bathrooms.
I guess I should just own it.
I also thought it was hilarious how the light bouncing off the sink makes it look like I'm floating in a cloud or something.

Have a blessed day everybody, and go check out some of the other peeps linking up over at
Covered in Grace, DIY Diva Thursday, and   The Pleated Poppy!
And check back on Thursday for a guest post from Lindsey herself!  SO SO SO excited!

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Oh wait....
two more things before you leave:
My Stella and Dot trunk show closes Friday at 10:00 p.m.
You can place an order by going here.
You can see some of my favorites that I ordered for myself that I highlighted here.
Tomorrow is my dad's birthday, but since I have a guest post going on tomorrow, I thought I would wish him a Happy Birthday today!
{He has become my biggest blog supporter (so sweet!),
so I thought it would be fitting to tell him here!}
Here we are at my wedding about 11 1/2 years ago.
Sure, I have pictures of us since then.
But how could I pass up an excuse to post a picture where my arms look this good?
I mean seriously.  Look at my 24 year old arm.
Posing for a pic on the left, breaking it down on the dance floor on the right.

See you guys back here tomorrow!

Oops!  Almost forgot to announce the winner!
 The winner of the Sassy and Southern pendent giveaway is....
Andrea is one of my sweet friends, and I'm so excited she won!

 Sassy and Southern.will be contacting you!
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  1. I actually LOVE both looks, but I would definitely be more likely to wear the second. I haven't worn the colored skinnies yet. :( I am SO NERVOUS about it. I've only JUST embraced the skinnies this year (and they're actually flattering on me! who knew?!?) so I feel like one step at a time is the way to go. I have added more color to my wardrobe...mostly from Loft, thanks to you!

  2. Oh my...this is just the laugh I needed this morning. I wear colored jeans all the time but I definitely lean towards the conservative with my top. Maybe I will go for something a little more brave. LOVE your blog!

  3. You are cracking me up. I was just going through old photo albums with my kids the other day, and I couldn't help but point out how good my arms looked. What is that? I am sure my face (and other parts) looked tons better pre-children as well but all I could see was the arm!! :)

  4. Sweet, sweet pics of you and your daddy! I felt the same way when I started to wear colored denim. It didn't help that my hubby and kids made comments about it. Not bad comments, mind you, just noting that it wasn't my regular black or gray ensemble. Which made me more self conscious. We've come a long way, baby! So looking forward to meeting you today!

  5. I feel the same ways about..."is everyone wearing colored jeans??" You rocked them :) Love the second outfit. I have an outfit on my list to wear soon that makes me feel like I could juggle and spit fire ;) I will blend into a circus act...and I am so excited!

    -Sarah {}

  6. I do mix my colored jeans with bright tops...but sometimes feel a bit outlandish in it. Did I just say outlandish?! 2 days into my 40s and I'm talking like a gramma. And love the 24 yr old arms...oh the things we took for granted then! xo

  7. I love colored skinny's, but I've yet to pair it w/something other than a demure color like cream/black. Must work on it. And I hear ya, I wrote just the other day about how some blogs look like they're professional photographers. Haha not me either!

  8. I say OWN IT! I don't understand how these fashion bloggers have time to take all these great pics...I am doing good to brush my teeth, let alone take modeling pics before I rush out the door for work! I take my pics for this in my mirror, usually with my head chopped off b/c makeup comes when I get to work! ;) Love your blog!!

  9. Love the outfits girl! I look back at my wedding pics and think my arms look so much better also. LOL!

  10. Girl, you are ROCKING those colored jeans and fun shirt!
    So glad we got to chat last week, your accent is the cutest!
    I need to text you my outfit today....stay tuned :)
    Happy Birthday to your those wedding pics of you guys!

  11. Again, I love what you are wearing, and love reading your thoughts! I felt the same way about colored jeans- gotta play it safe on top. I like what you've done, cute bright tops- but not too crazy!

    I laughed about your picture in the bathroom- too funny! I also get jealous of all the other bloggers out there with beautiful, artistic pictures in amazing settings and professional looking photos. Mine are in my bathroom at home using a tri-pod! No wonder half of them are blurry and have horrible lighting!

  12. I love your outfits! Well, I finally decided to jump on board with my colored skinney jeans! Still trying to get Brandon to like them, but who cares, as long as I like them that's all that matters!

  13. it's funny because I think I'm wearing the same JCP turquoise skinny jeans right now--are they the ANA brand? I really love ANA. Like you said, I don't really even think twice about their brightness anymore, and when I went to the mall today, I got sad that I don't have the budget to buy mint, light pink, purple, yellow, etc!


  14. I love your bright skinnies! And your blog title - hysterical - I love it!

    Pearls & Paws

  15. I fell in love with bright colored jeans a few years ago--so I guess you could say I'm quite comfortable with them. A few weeks ago I wore my bright green skinnies with a red turtleneck and a hot pink minidress...I'm a pretty big fan of the 'clown' look!

  16. I love the first look! What did we ever do before pinterest?!

    Dropping in from WIWW!

    Sheena @ A Girl's Guide to Retail Therapy

  17. I love both outfits but, favor the 2nd one. :) I must admit that I too, take my pics with my cell phone, awesome backgrounds and such. ;)

  18. Yay! I am so excited! Sorry I have been behind on blog reading lately!! You are so sweet and I can't wait to meet in person :)


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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