Monday, November 19, 2012

BEST OF Obsessions!

Hello Friends! the rest of November and December are going to look a little bit different over here at Pinterest Told Me To.

This week I'm only going to be posting Monday-Wednesday.
But don't worry, I'm still going to be cranking out some fun posts over the next several weeks for a special series I'm launching.  
I am hoping that this series is going to help you all prepare for the holidays. 
What could it be?

Well, from now until Christmas, in addition to my regular posts,
I will also be doing a 12 Days of Christmas series!

I will be highlighting some awesome Christmas gifts to both give and receive in 12 different themes.
Examples of "themes" I'm going to highlight will probably include:
  animal prints, scarves, splurges, steals, watches, purses, make-up,
jewelry, flats, boots, cardigans (hello?), etc....

There will be some SERIOUS eye candy over the next several days, and I'm hoping to take some of the stress out of Christmas shopping for you! I don't know about you guys, but I get stressed not only wanting to buy the perfect gift for others, but I have a hard time deciding what I want on my list too.  I also don't enjoy running all over the place and fighting all the crowds,
so I do a good bit of online shopping (especially if there is free shipping).

Today I'm pulling out some of my tried and true favorites that I have previously posted.

On the 1st Day of Christmas, my true love sent to me,
lots of different but all AWESOME things in a pear tree.
 (Don't even try to play like you didn't just sing that.)

This Fossil Stella Watch
(free shipping!)
Originally Posted: 10/05/2012
This is a GREAT watch (and very reasonably priced)!
The more I look at this watch, the deeper in love I fall.
Tortoise Shell AND Bling?
Why yes, I think I will.
It's the PERFECT accessory.
And small Fossil stuff always comes in cute little Fossil tins,
which makes it extra fun to give as a gift!
I mean, come on.  I challenge you to tell me who wouldn't love this watch.

These Leopard Print TOMS Ballerina Flats
Originally posted: 09/14/2012
These flats will most probably be one of the most comfortable shoes you've ever owned in your life. Yes they're TOMS and yes they are more expensive that I usually go for....
but these shoes are worth every single penny.
Tom really knows what he's doing when it comes to crafting a shoe that feels like you are walking on tiny little pillows. 
And I promise, these will become a staple in your wardrobe, 
which could help justify the higher price tag.
Imagine them with boyfriend jeans, with skinny jeans, and with every colored jean imaginable.
They would end up being the work horse of your wardrobe.  Remember, leopard is a neutral!
Click HERE for the sequined print traditional TOMS that I have (and LOVE...and wear constantly)!
Or check THESE out if you would like a smaller price tag (15% off right now AND free shipping)!


The PERFECT Denim Shirt
Originally posted: 09/20/2012
 I was super late to the denim shirt party, but I'm making up for lost time.
I am now Mayor of Denim Shirt Town.
I never imagined that I could wear it with so many different things for so many different looks.
To quote Guiliana Rancic, "amazeballs".

Just click HERE for this light denim shirt.

Or if you prefer a darker version, click HERE.
I have the lighter version, but I REALLY like this version.
How did I live my life for the last 24 years (from 5th grade on) without owning a denim shirt, and now I suddenly have a light one and now want need a dark one?
I have no idea.
But this shirt belongs in my closet.  
LOVE the contrast of the stitching. 
(fyi:  The reviews on this shirt are great.  The label says that it is dry clean only, but a couple of people commented how they wash and dry theirs with absolutely no problems.  I'm willing to risk it.)

 I wish I could provide you with a link to where to buy this short sleeved beauty.
My first denim shirt.
Sorry, they sold all out back in 1986.

This Fossil Giraffe Print Bag
(free shipping!)
Originally posted: 10/05/2012
 And last, but definitely not least, this giraffe print bag.
This might just be the prettiest thing I've seen in awhile.
Go ahead and take an appropriate amount of time to swoon.

Okay...that's enough swooning.
You're embarrassing yourself. 
I think this one is actually a little bit smaller than the first one I featured, and I like that! 
But if you like the Big Mama one, click HERE. GORGEOUS!
Again, more expensive than I would normally spend on something for myself, BUT HEY, it's Christmas baby!  
Lori Eason, I know you want this bag.

Oh...and I just found this one (with free shipping too)!
A smaller (less expensive version) that is totally still swoon worthy.
You know how I'm crazy over a cross-body bag these days.

All right...that's it for today!
And just in case you are wondering, Pinterest did NOT make me do (wear) this.

Check back tomorrow for a normal Pinterest re-creation, and an announcement!
And don't forget to go HERE to enter the gift card contest! 

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  1. In 1986, I was 5. Just saying. As for your Christmas cheer...I'm all about it! Love all of your goodies!

  2. Looking forward to this new series and seeing all your great gift ideas! FUN!!

  3. I'm all about that Gap look! Hellloo comfort! =]

  4. I NEED those Tom's ballerina flats. And you look absolutely adorable in that childhood pic. Rockin' the denim trend at an early age, little fashionista! Looking forward to the 12 Days of Christmas series!

  5. I love leopard flats and you can never go wrong with a denim shirt.

    Visiting you from Monday Mingle.


  6. I want ALLLL those items! So happy I picked up a denim shirt last week!

  7. As a newly suckered in Pinterest fan, I just had to pop in for a visit. {Saw you on Visible Monday} Love your blog! Fun and informative to boot!

    Sue xo

  8. This series is going to be sooooo fun!!! Love it already and what you have chosen! And every girl needs a chambray shirt! :) And I can't believe you went to HS with the twins. They are like my BFFs!!!! Crazy!!!

  9. Ummmm...those Toms flats?!?! LOVE. Need.
    And, the pic of you in 1986? Amazing.

  10. Fossil Watch, yes please. I"m just slightly obsessed with watches. Might be my favorite accessory.

  11. Cracking me up with your retro chambray top. Your were fashionable even as a little kid!

  12. just discovered your blog and I'm your newest reader! xo

  13. What a great list!! I love it all especially that denim shirt and Fossil watch!

  14. Oh I absolutely love all these goodies! That giraffe bag is gorgeous and the tortoiseshell watch is amazing. Oh and I am addicted to chambray too! Can't get enough!

  15. I love denim button downs. Those giraffe handbags are c-u-t-e. I swooned just short of embarrassment.

  16. I'm loving the small Fossil giraffe bag! I'm actually looking for a small crossbody bag to take on vacation next week, but I just don't want to spend a whole lot. That bag is great inspiration, though!


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