Sunday, November 25, 2012


You guys know I don't post on Sunday...
but the little fella is sick (so sad!)...
and I'm just on my computer....
and maybe I'm doing a little online shopping...
and I thought I should compile some of the best sales for you.

On the SECOND day of Christmas, my true love sent to me,
(Try not to read it and sing it.  I dare you.)
First off, my mothership.

Right now it is 50% off select new merchandise,
50% off sale merchandise,
AND you get a $25 savings card for every $50 you spend!
If you would like to apply girl math, I'm thinking we are getting pretty close to FREE.
You can buy presents for people, and then you can treat yourself with the $25 savings cards later!
That's what I call a WIN! WIN! 

Here are some of my favorite things right now from LOFT.
First of all, those brown riding boots are flipping awesome.  I LOVE how they round up in the front.  I have a pair of black boots that do that, and they are really flattering.  They look great with skinny jeans!  And you know how I love stripes and a cardigan.  I have that black and yellow buffalo check pea coat, and it is awesome.  That bracelet is soooooo hip and cool, the boots with the snake skin pattern on the back will make you cool if you aren't already, and you know how I love an animal print scarf.

J Crew Factory Outlet is also having a great sale.

40% off everything...AND THEN an additional 15% off if you spend $100!
The deal is updated for Cyber's now a flat 50% off with free shipping with code YOURGIFT! 
It's go time people.
Here are some of my favorites:
the pea coat is classic, that red bag is stunning, the mint green bracelet matches my mint green necklace that I love, I've been admiring that  yellow necklace for sometime now (and it's about to become mine), LOVE a brightly colored coat, etc.....
Listen..I could go on and on. 
And look!
It's my famous denim shirt!
You can see this shirt in a lot of my looks by going here.

It was sold out before...but not anymore!

And finally, GAP.
30% off with the code CYBER and free shipping with an order over $50.  

Some favs:

Okay people.
I'm a giver.....
but my giving has limits.
Putting this together is taking away from my shopping time,
and it's time for me to do some serious cyber damage.

But let's all remember something:
It's not about how much we're going to spend today...
It's about how much we are going to save.

Do you hear that hubby of mine?
We are SAVING money. 

I posted this...
I did a couple of things around the house, and then I went back to do my own shopping.  And some of the things I highlighted were already sold out!  
America is doing some serious shopping today people.  
I would highlight different things if I had the energy, but the sick kid has zapped it all from me.  Just go to the sites by clicking on the store icon or on the store name, look around,
 and I know you will find some INCREDIBLE deals on things you love. 


  1. Kate Spade is having a surprise Cyber Sale through tomorrow, too! Up to 75% off! I'm saving my hubby hundreds with my new handbag and wallet to match.

  2. Because really its basicly money in the bank! You would lose money not to get those sales!!! LOL I love this logic and *may* have turned to it more than once this weekend!

  3. When I clicked on the riding boots they took me to Is this the site you ordered yours from? They are offering free shipping and %15 off. Love the boots!!


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