Monday, November 5, 2012

Kermit was SO Wrong......

it IS easy being green.

Back to that in a minute.
First things first......the winner of the giveaway is:
Lindsay from Hines Catch-Up!
Congratulations Lindsay! I am sooo happy that you won!
(I cheated a little and picked the winner at 8:52, because I headed to bed super early!)

Lindsay and I were Kappas together at OU.  Scroll down to read her comment to see why I am so happy that she won .  (Don't count Tracy's comment when counting).
Lindsay, I know that you are going to absolutely LOVE your bracelet and that you will be reminded of your sweet dad each time you wear it!
And remember ladies, if you didn't win but would like to order a special bracelet for yourself 
or a loved one....
just go to OooSparkly!    
Tracy would be thrilled to help you out!
Also, before we get to the outfit, I just have to say,
I was floored by all of the comments from Friday's post.
So many of you were SO inspired by Tracy (and you totally should be).
Several of you said lots of nice things about me (totally unwarranted).
And some of you shared some personal experiences that were VERY touching! 
I love that you were willing to share your hearts like that.
Thank you all for your comments!  
It really was so sweet to hear what all of you had to share! 

Okay...on the outfit.  
Not sure why my jeans don't look green in this picture, because they totally are.
They are Kelly green.
And like I said, Kermit was mistaken.
Being green is SUPER easy.
At least my jeans think so.
What's next?
Am I going to find out that Big Bird wasn't really a bird?
Or that Oscar the Grouch was actually nice?
Can I trust anything from childhood?

Navy Striped Shirt:  GAP outlet I have already worn this shirt three times on the ol' blog.
Check it out here , here, and here.
I'm telling need a navy striped shirt.  Like yesterday.
Green Skinny Jeans:  Old Navy (you can still find them here)
Belt:  LOFT
Cardigan:  LOFT
Bracelet:  LOFT
Necklace:  J Crew Factory Outlet (only $16 in the kid's section!)

Also, a reader tweeted me yesterday letting me know that J Crew  has their toothpick jeans on sale in select colors.  Thanks Jennifer!
They are now $49.99, but they are regularly $125!
Plus...they come in "tall" which is something that I am assuming Old Navy doesn't do. 

What are you still doing here?
Go buy yourself a striped shirt.
And some colored jeans.

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  1. I'm not sure there is anything in life that I love more than a striped shirt. I love, love, love one! And the green jeans...they're fabulous...just like you!

  2. Oh those green jeans are fabulous! You always rock the outfits you find:)

  3. So it's a good thing we live almost an hour apart, cause wearing a Twinkie outfit with you and matching (aka copying!) everything you wear and people seeing us around town would be kinda weird. Love today's look!!

  4. Oh - and I'm so bummed I didn't win the bracelet that I ordered four. One for me, the rest Christmas gifts! Two aggie football ones (one for me, one for my football watching buddy) and one for my step mom and one with a cross for my darling 7 y/o niece. They are gonna loooove them!

  5. What a cute post! And a really cute outfit!

  6. ok, first, LOVE the concept of your blog... my first visit here. Second, adore the stripes + green. The stripes + colored denim is my usual go-to. third, thanks for the heads up on the J Crew toothpicks!!

    1. Hi Alyson! So glad you found me! I hope you stick around AND tell all your friends!!! :)
      Sheaffer :)

  7. Thanks for linking up with Visible Monday! Love your blog, and this cool outfit. I agree about stripes, they are like air, must have them : >

    1. Patti - "stripes are like air". Somebody needs to put that on a poster! :)

  8. LOVE your outfit today! Do you know if there is any way to shop GAP Outlet online?? I have tried "googling" it with no luck. I have a feeling the answer is no... BUT I thought you might be a good person to ask before I give up!

    1. Hi Laura! You cannot shop it online! BOOOOOOOO! I SO wish you could. Sorry for the bad news!

  9. I believe I have all the pieces in this outfit! Thanks, Sheaffer, for picking out my outfit for tomorrow :) From now on I wear what Sheaffer is much easier that way!

  10. Oh my gravy, I am so excited about the bracelet...not only will it remind me of my sweet dad, but it will be an honor to wear it and know the story behind the courageous women that made it! You made my week and it is only Monday!! :) Thank you so much!!

  11. You really know how to rock colored denim! Navy and white with green has always been one of my favorite color combos.

  12. I love kelly green mixed with navy! Your outfit looks great!

  13. Love your blog! Can we get some full view pictures - your skinny jeans look kind of loose and I love that they aren't "rip when you bend" tight :)

    1. Hi there! Sometimes I do full-length pictures, but I'm taking them of myself, so they are harder to pull off. Hopefully there will be some in the near future. And as far as my jeans go, they are pretty tight...but because of the stretch in them I always feel like I can still breathe! :) Thanks for the comment!

  14. Do you write your blogs the night before or are you seriously up at 5:30?!?!

    1. Thanks for your question! My blogs are always written at least the night before, and sometimes days in advance. I just schedule them to post at 5:30, so even if I'm not up, they still get posted at the ripe old hour of 5:30 a.m.!

  15. Another fab Pinterest recreation!! Well done! Now I need some green jeans...because it IS so easy being green!! Flawless actually! ;)

  16. Love!!!! And Old Navy chords are on sale today...just sayin'!

  17. love it!! love those pink pants!

  18. Love the green pants! Great outfit!

  19. oh thank you so much for the inspiration! You are adorable and have amazing style! Im now following and cannot wait to read more!


  20. Cute outfit.

    Visiting from Monday Mingle.

  21. Love your blog. Love the green jeans. So fun! That is one of my favorite colors ever!

  22. Can you please email me the code for this script or please tell me in detail regarding this script?


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