Friday, November 30, 2012

Luxurious Obsessions!

(Before I get started, I'm still having issues with my links.  Blogger people out there.....I prefer to have my links pop up into a new window (which they used to do). I must have changed a setting without knowing it.  Can somebody tell me how to fix it?
For now...when the link replaces the blog, you need to just continue to hit the back button.)

So, today is a little different than my normal Friday post. 
Instead of highlighting 3 obsessions,
I'm highlighting an assortment of items that are pricey enough to label a luxury item.
I like the word luxury.
The word conjures up all sorts of feelings of happiness.
Bad word = ointment
(Are you guys watching Duck Dynasty?  HILARIOUS.)
Good word = luxury
You get different feelings when you say them don't you?!?
(Sorry for saying ointment, but I though it would highlight my point nicely.) the 5th day of my Christmas series....
I am going to feature some luxury items.
I thought it was appropriate since this is where we would normally sing "5 Golden Rings!"

On the FIFTH day of Christmas my true love sent to me......
 Super Expensive but TOTALLY worth it items,
leopard print a plenty,
(Try not to read it and sing it.  I dare you.)

So....for those of you that are maybe lucky enough to get a luxury item under your Christmas tree, I thought I would highlight some of the things that I would NOT be mad if I received.
Nope, I wouldn't be mad at all.
Are you listening?  hubby? sister? in-laws? mom? dad? anybody?
I'm not taking CRAZY splurges,
but I am talking about super nice items that are between $100 and $500.
You know, items that would make you squeal if you opened one!

First up, some lovelies from Jared.
My 5 year anniversary ring, my drop necklace that I got for my 30th birthday, and my sapphire ring I got for Christmas 3 years ago are all from Jared.
I LOVE all of them.
They are sparkly and oh so pretty.
Plus, do you know what the best part about them is?
When somebody compliments me on one of these items I get to say
"He got it at Jared!"

Next, let's all drool some over some Frye boots.
Let's pay particular attention to THESE BABIES.
They are over $100 off right now which actually makes them in my price range for a splurge item!!!!!  And they are from Zappos so that means free shipping!
I LOVE the details on these.

I am a BIG FAN of distressed brown leather.
For some reason, this one particular color is on sale.  I don't know why, but I'm not going to ask questions.
I'm assuming these babies are going to fly off the shelf at this price.
People scream and shout over Frye boots.  And I never really got it.
However, I started paying attention to some bloggers that wear them all the time,
 and my interest kicked up a bit.
Then I saw the boots above.
Now I want a pair.
The above pair to be exact.
Here are some other Frye options in case the ones above don't do it for ya.
Hubba Hubba.

Tory Burch.
Enough said.
I don't own anything Tory Burch, but I feel like I should take a stand and change that.
I started looking around at some of her stuff, and I happen to love just about everything I see.
Of course I knew about her flats...
but the boots are gorgeous...the purses are amazing...and the jewelry is to die for. 
They are totally statement pieces!
 I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this silver bracelet.
I feel like I would wear it constantly.
There is also a gold one that I am eyeing, and it's 30% off right now which makes it under $100!
I've recently started wearing more and more gold.  Have you guys?

And here are some other things I would be proud to own:
(the boot below is almost $150 off right now!) lets talk about Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs.

 Okay, enough about my crush on Carly.

If you're a silver girl, this watch is for you.
Mainly silver, with a hint of gold and a tiny bit of bling.

I didn't even know that I was in to these designers, until I started reading Carly at C Style.  
Here's the deal.  She's got some really nice stuff .
 And I started thinking how it could be fun to start adding some really great pieces to my wardrobe 
every so often.  
Classic pieces that will last forever.
She is super chic and WAY cooler than I am...
So I'm figuring I should probably try to be a copy cat.

 Carly lives in Houston, but we have been e-mailing and texting...and we've even talked on the phone a couple of times. 
 I LOVE her. I hope she isn't scared.  But I do.

Don't be scared Carly.  I love you in a totally normal and not freaky at all kind of way. :)

And this bag is awesome (and $75 off right now!)

Or maybe you like this gold watch.
I am totally obsessed with the band on this one.

And last but not least, some really nice Fossil pieces.
I know, these aren't really considered "designer"...but they are still super nice and cost more than the "normal" stuff I buy on a regular basis.
I tell ya, Fossil has REALLY stepped it up a notch over the last several years.
My eyes were opened to Fossil when my sister worked for them several years ago.
Until then, I thought Fossil was just leather and quilted patchwork bags. more friends.
I have 3 of their purses.  In fact, they are the only purses I have carried for the past 3 years.  
(I might have stolen 1 or 2 of them from aforementioned sister.  
But nothing has been proven in a court of law.)
I have a black one, a rust colored one, and a Kelly green one.  
I get compliments on all of them constantly.
Here are lots of choices from the current collection.

So...that's it!

Wouldn't it be AWESOME to give or get one of these items?!?
Any of these would be WAY better than a tube of ointment.

Oh friend Shay was first to comment on today's post.
In case you don't read the comments, this is what she said:
"I will be directing Andrew to this post today for my Christmas presents. 
You're practically Santa Claus."

Yes.....I'm Santa Claus.


  1. I will be directing Andrew to this post today for my Christmas presents. You're practically Santa Claus.

  2. Great gift ideas all around! I have a Marc Jacobs watch that was reg $225 that I scored on Piperlime for $85 with a discount code and rewards cards...might be one of the best deal I've ever scored on a high end piece!

  3. sooo many wonderful things!! want tory burch everything!

  4. Love it all! Thanks for sharing! I bought my first pair of Frye boots this season and while they cost about 3 times more than I usually spend on boots, they are worth every penny...gorgeous and comfortable! The only problem is, now I want a pair in black ;) and thanks to you, some Tory Burch!

  5. Sheaffer, I think I have a blog crush on YOU! You seriously have such great style! Love it all!

    As for these goodies, I think I'm the only girl who DOESN'T like Tory Burch. I'm jut not into it. I've always been a Michael Kors or Marc Jacobs kind of girl. And those Frye boots are gorgeous! I hope you get them!

    p.s. I linked up to yesterday's post. It has a special shout out to you.

  6. Frye boots make me Happy Happy Happy! Obsessing over ALL of your Christmas suggestions!! Love that Carly and her CStyle blog. Sooooo wish she would have an online yard sale - imagine the chaos she would cause among all of her fans! In fact, I bought my Frye Melissa boots because of CStyle blog. I had been eyeing them for a while and seeing how cute they were on Carly just sealed the deal for me. I ordered them on Zappos on a Saturday & got them on a Monday! LOVE THEM! Worth the investment. Since I live in Arkansas where we have no Nordstrom, no Neimans or even a Macy's - I'm loving all of your designer suggestions. I'm headed to Branson next weekend (it's our closest outlet mall shopping center) and will definitely check out the Fossil store while I'm there! I also LOVE a Coach bag so I will let you know if I find any great deals there.


  7. Frye boots are on my list too! They are so classic and will never go out of style. That's how I justify luxury items!

  8. I'm actually wearing my Frye boots now. They were an after Christmas present to myself last year. It was in March...but still;) and I love rose gold...but I'm allergic to it. I can only wear "plated" that has then been treated. or fake stuff. haha ugh.

  9. Love, Love, Love all of the suggestions! I have always been a white gold/sterling silver kind of girl, but the last few years I have been buying more gold only issue with this is I feel odd having all gold pieces on and then there's my white gold wedding ring sticking out like a sore thumb (or ring finger!) Maybe a trip to Jared is in store for a gold wedding band....hmmmmmm

  10. First off I have to say that I love love love your blog. I don't remember how I found it but I am so glad I did. I look forward to reading it each day - you are so fun! I love me some Tory Burch and Michael Kors! I am with you on the Frye boots - I haven't really understood the big deal but I think I'm coming around. FYI - last year I was coveting the Michael Kors gold watch and wanted it so badly! Greedy me knew that I wouldn't get much more for Christmas from my husband if he got me the watch so I went with the Fossil watch which was identical. Guess what? Fossil makes the Michael Kors' watches. Did you know that? I love my Fossil watch and get compliments on it every time I wear it. Please keep blogging - I love it!

  11. Great list! My husband bought me a pair of black Frye boots a few years ago for Christmas (he picked them out - I was floored!) and they are by far my favorite pair of shoes. I look forward to every fall to pull them back out to wear. They are worth every penny. I am now campaigning for brown ones. :)

  12. I LOVE your blog and look forward to reading it every day!! I love your style and how you put outfits together, and I am loving all of these "luxury" pieces!! I adore Michael Kors and Tory Burch, although I don't own anything TB...hopefully soon! I'll admit I didn't even know what Frye boots were until a couple months ago, but I have been thinking lately that I may need a pair... ;)

  13. Oh those Frye boots....LOVE them. Love them so much.
    As far as the linking thing, when you enter the link, a box comes up & there is something you can click that says "open this link in a new window"
    I will text you a screen shot!

  14. Hopefully Mel sent you the scree shot for the links...if not, email me and I will send it. Great job on the list!


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