Thursday, November 8, 2012

Penelope is a Freaking Genius

Can an outfit be fresh?
This outfit is totally fresh.
It's made up of tall boots, long pants, a long sleeve sweater, and a scarf....
which are all major players in a fall outfit.
It's also made up of green, pink, blue, yellow.
Not typically "fall"...but I like it!

Green cardigan:  LOFT
white tank:  LOFT
scarf:  Old Navy
jeans:  Swanky Boutique
Boots:  Ross

These are the $12 jeans I talked about here.
And I have another funny jeans story for you.
Sadly, it is not my story.
I only wish I was this innovative.
My dear friend Alli  told me this story several weeks ago and I laughed SO hard.
It's a tale of a darling girl that LOVED to dress fashionably (Alli compared this girl's look and style to Claudia Schiffer!  Wowza!), but alas, this girl also loved to eat.
Let's call this girl "Penelope".
I have no idea why.
Just go with it.
Well, Penelope lived in San Fransisco (of course she did), and in addition to looking darling every day of her life,  she was single at the time and she loved spending time with her friends.
Every Sunday she and her friends would meet for brunch.
Penelope LOVED meeting her friends for brunch, talking, catching up, and eating lots and lots of yummy food.
But alas, Penelope got tired of feeling stuffed in her super cute outfit by the end of brunch.
What's a girl to do?
Eat less?
Certainly not.
This is where Penelope earns COMMANDS my respect.
She bought a pair of Seven for All Mankind maternity jeans.
And Penelope lived happily ever after.
The end.

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Yes, I know I didn't technically "make" my outfit....but I copied it, and that's as close as I get to actually making something!  Ha! :)
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  1. No.she.did.not! That is the craziest thing I have ever heard!! Brilliant and crazy!

  2. That is hilarious! I love the scarf with the green!

  3. haha! Smart Penelope! Love this scarf!

  4. "Penelope" rocked the look (of course she did) and yes she lived happily ever after in her Sunday brunch seven maternity jeans. Sheaffer forgot to mention when "Penelope" bought them they were on sale! Some people just have that kind of life....
    She did eventually meet prince charming, fell in love, and legitimately wore her maternity jeans as they made darling little babies. Too bad I lost touch with her...Eah, probably not so bad. I'd probably hate her now if she's still as sweet and darling as before : )

  5. gorgeous, love this look and I totally think it works for fall!

  6. I realize i shouldn't know this considering I've never been pregnant, but Citizens makes some really comfy maternity jeans..and no one will EVER know.. just be sure to wear a long enough top to cover the stretchy band around the waist... SO glad I'm not the only one who has ever done that!!! haha.


  7. Sheaffer - That story IS hilarious. I was wearing maternity jeans for six months after having my second baby, not quite so funny.

    I am totally envious of your scarf collection, this is another gorgeous one! Oh and by the way, my accessory that I've been wearing every day lately is golden retriever fur. If you have any tips on dealing with that, I'd love to hear them. :)

  8. Bless Penelope's heart...I hope she enjoys those because once she has kids and all her parts are rearranged due to factors other than a full stomach at brunch, she will never want to see maternity jeans again!

    Love that scarf, by the way!!

  9. Too funny. I must admit I probably wore my Seven maternity jeans just a little too long after having my babies, but they are so darn comfy! Thanks for making me laugh:)

  10. Thumbs up for Penelope! Way to solve life's problems! Very cute outfit, Sheaffer! New to your darn cute! Would love you to stop over for a visit at my place...Angie @ Swede Dreams

  11. $12 jeans?! Sign me up! Loving this look!

  12. Love your outfit! And girl, my favorite jeans are $12 jeans from walmart with an elastic waistband. So comfy. ;) (I might own four pairs, just sayin')

  13. Love the look and your blog name! Happy Friday.


  14. Pinterest is such a good place to find ideas! I found you via the Modern Modest Beauty linkup! Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing a Heylee B. Boutique Giveaway! I thought you might be interested.


  15. I've know sooooo many women that wear maternity jeans (though not pregnant or post-partum) simply because it doesn't give the muffin top! Jeans today are made with the rises so dang low that even thin girls get a muffin top when sitting down and bending over. I think it's brilliant!!

  16. 1 - that maternity jean story is crazy.. and brills! 2 - I LOVE your fall outfit!! You look fab!
    Nikki at


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