Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pinterest Told HI SUGARPLUM To!

You ladies are in for a treat today!
Cassie from Hi Sugarplum is going to grace us with her cuteness.
See?  Cute.
And the girl has some SERIOUS style.
But listen, don't hate her.
She is just as sweet as can be!
She has been a bloggy mentor to me ever since I've started learning how to navigate blog land,
and she has been just as patient and supportive as possible.
So, bask in her awesomeness, and try really hard not to hate her. ;)
Hey there, fellow Pinterest enthusiasts! I'm Cassie from Hi Sugarplum, and I am thrilled to be hanging out on Sheaffer's fun blog today. I know her 'in-real-life,' and she's as fun and bubbly as you'd think! But when she used her teacher voice on me, and challenged me to recreate a Pinterest outfit, I hopped on it! Pinterest has been telling me what's up for awhile (like with these gold-striped vases and this stitched fedora), so I'm used to being bossed around.

I'm a bit of a teacher's pet an over-achiever, so I chose two of her outfit challenges. The first one I duplicated almost exactly, but changed the necklace to mimic the blue stripe of the inspiration top. I wouldn't normally tuck my shirt in, but hey, Pinterest Told Me To!

khaki & red

{My Outfit Details}

Jacket | J.Crew (similar)
Top | Gap (similar)
Skinny Jeans | Forever 21 (or 'In There Forever' as Mr. Sugarplum calls it)
Belt | Target (similar)
Leopard Flats | Payless (Oh yes they are! And super comfy!) (similar)
Necklace | Banana Republic (similar)
Tortoise Bracelet | J.Crew Factory (similar)
Tortoise Watch | Nordstrom (similar)

I interpreted the second outfit a little looser, but stayed in the inspiration's color palette. That Pinterest is bossy, but she's not much of a rule enforcer. Instead of painting my nails, I added a pink belt for the extra pop of color. I even threw in a Loft shirt, as an ode to Sheaffer!

blue & green

{My Outfit Details}

Top | Loft
Pants | J.Crew Factory (similar)
Belt | Banana Republic (similar)
Bubble Necklace | Etsy (thanks to Sheaffer's tip!)
Shoes | Nine West

Thanks for the fun challenge, Sheaffer, I hope I earned an A! You can check out more of my {Outfit Inspirations}, along with a slew of budget decorating and DIY projects on my blog, Hi Sugarplum!
 Well done Cassie!
Three things stick out to me:
1)  Payless flats?
That's impressive.
 They are SO flipping cute! Leopard with a cute little black patent toe!
Well played, Payless. Well played.
2)  Love the LOFT shout out.  You know me so well.
3)  LOVE the bubble necklace!  So glad you do too!
I first wrote about the bubble necklace here, and you can still find it on etsy here.

Before we go, I want to make sure everybody checks out some of the
genius Cassie has going on over at her blog.
Look at this post where she shares with us how she hides lamp cords in her living room.
Man, I love those pillows.
And I LOVE how she styled the sofa with the black and white striped blanket over the back.
I tell ya, Cassie knows what she's doing.

Did you see the gorgeous bookshelves in the background of the above picture.  Well....you won't believe what they used to look like before Cassie worked her magic.
Click here for the before and after.
I adore a good before and after, don't you?

And check out this FAB DIY pine cone wreath.
Not only is it DARLING, but it also smells like cinnamon!
 And in addition to fabulous home projects, Cassie does an awesome job of taking outfit inspiration from home interiors.
Check out this one here.
{Cassie cracked me up the other day when she said she "dresses like a bag of skittles"...but I think you'll agree with me...Skittles have never looked so good}.

So Cassie...thanks for stopping by!
You are AMAZING!
If you hop over to her blog here, you can see her formal announcement of her
upcoming link up party with several other awesome bloggers!
I know just what I'll be writing about for Cassie's party. 
 It's a little project that Pinterest Told Me To Do last year!
And I don't know about everybody else....but I'm off to hide some lamp cords. Peace out.

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you can "like" me on Facebook here
you can follow me on Pinterest here


  1. Sheaffer - you are one lucky girl to have a bloggy mentor like Cassie! Great clothes, a gorgeous house, an awesome blog and pretty as can be on top of all of that.

    Thanks for sharing her with us!

  2. Wow oh wow!!! What a super nice post, Sheaffer! You're going to give me the big head! ;) It was really fun letting you and Pinterest tell me what's up...I think I need to listen to you guys more often!! Thanks for having me...so fun!

  3. Such a fun post! Two of my favies :)

  4. Love both her outfits!!! I pinned the 2nd one a few weeks ago...I love how she interpreted it! Super cute!

  5. I love Hi Sugarplum! I'm officially getting nada done the rest of the day. What a great blog!

    Also really diggin' the green bubble necklace. So fun!

  6. She is super cute!! i will be checking out her blog!

  7. What a great idea for a blog- copying Pinterest, I Love it!! I just found you from a comment you made on another blog- and wanted to check you out. I like what i see and will definitely be back! I'm inspired!

  8. Such cute outfits, Cassie! I just recently discovered your blog Schaeffer & I have to say, it's pretty awesome. :)

    1. Oh no, and on my very first comment I spelled your name wrong. SHAME! Sorry about that Sheaffer!!!

  9. So fun - love Cassie! I'm heading out to Payless right now!

  10. I love that Miss Sugarplum...she is the *best*! And now I need about twelve more striped tops after all that inspiration...hey, I'm not complaining, Pinterest told me to! (c;

  11. Hi! Cassie is too cute in pants! I'm following Carmel to Payless!


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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