Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pinterest Told THE PLEATED POPPY To!

Are you ladies familiar with The Pleated Poppy?
Yes?  Awesome!
No?  How sad for you.
Well......lucky for you, 
I'm here to make your formal introduction today.
Ladies, meet Lindsey.
Lindsey, these are my people.
Lindsey is the creative genius and darling girl behind 
The Pleated Poppy blog and shop!
lindsey @ the pleated poppy
hey friends! my name is lindsey and i blog at the pleated poppy. i'm a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom to 3. i own a handmade business where i am blessed to do what i love - design beautiful accessories and play with fabric all day! i blog about all sorts of fun things: parties, home decor, tutorials... but my most popular posts are my weekly "what i wore wednesday" posts. 
 actually, that's where i first found sheaffer - she links up with me every week!
i started "wiww" a few years ago to help get me out of the mommy rut of staying in my sweats or jammies all day long. i figured if i posted my daily outfits on my blog, i'd be bound to change my lazy ways sooner than later. and it worked! my main goal was to just get dressed - not spend a lot of time or money, just work with what i've got. i am a pretty low maintenance girl, so i didn't want to complicate my life with high fashion - speed and comfort are still my top priorities.
if you need a little motivation in the fashion department, come join me on a wednesday! the other ladies linking up are real women with real bodies and real budgets - and its really inspiring!
lindsey @ the pleated poppy
 i love how often sheaffer recreates her outfits based on styles she finds through pinterest! i use my pinterest style board often when i get in a slump or need some inspiration. sometime i scan my pins to see what i have in my closet that will work to make an outfit, or if i realize that i'm pinning a lot of outfits with a chambray shirt, i may decide to add one into my wardrobe.
this outfit that i found via pinterest is right up my alley - simple, basic, but still stylish. and layers are important for me so being able to add a cardigan is a must. i usually like to add a colorful statement necklace, but sometimes ultra simple is nice.
black cardigan - target
flowy white top - forever 21
jeans - local boutique
black suede wedges - payless
gold necklace - lisa leonard
watch - one little mama shop
as you can see, i am pretty budget conscious when it comes to style. i will spend a bit more occasionally on jeans or boots, but other than that i stick to lower priced items.
thanks so much for having me here sheaffer, and please stop by my blog and shop for a visit!
Okay....first of all Lindsey...I love your Rachel Zoe re-creation.
I die.
Second of all, "being able to add a cardigan is a must"
I agree Lindsey.  Like with every fiber of my being, I agree.
I you're a regular here at Pinterest Told Me To, you know how I love and adore a cardigan.
I talk about the cardigan finally earning some street cred here
and then I disclose more information about my crazy hard core obsession deep love of a cardigan here.
Lindsey, we need to put your quote on a poster or something.
Oh, wait.

 I took the liberty of creating a t-shirt.
Just message me if you would like to purchase one.  ;)

  Or perhaps you would just like a simple bumper sticker stating your beliefs.

 Okay.....I had way too much fun with that nonsense.

Lindsey was a good sport to put together an outfit over here in my world, soI wanted to give you a little peak into Lindsey's world.
First of all, I want to be her best friend for so many reasons.
First and foremost, we have the same core fundamental beliefs about a cardigan, which is a very important trait I look for in a friend.  I also want to hang out on her front porch with her.

And if you are in need of some holiday inspiration, check out her house last Christmas. now I want to hang out on her front porch and spend Christmas morning at her house.
And check out her series she is doing this week about jewelry storage.
Again, I DIE.
Check out how she has her bracelets on the necks of vintage bottles and her rings and earrings in glass egg crates. 

  I want to be Lindsey's friend for so many reasons, but most of all, I want to be her friend because maybe on my birthday she would give me something that she made herself.
 No offense current friends, but I know that none of you could pull any of this off.
(Actually, Andrea has a shot at it. 
So Andrea, make me something already!) 

Thank you Lindsey for stopping by Pinterest Told Me To!
You make us all want to be a cuter and more creative person....
or at least be friends with a cuter and more creative person! ;)

If you are stopping by today from The Pleated Poppy and you like what you see, 
you can "like" me on Facebook here
you can follow me on Pinterest here
p.s.  If you want to see more of Lindsey's stuff, stop back by on Friday!  You will be AMAZED.   


  1. Seriously! She is SO cute, and I LOVE her porch and house! And, you are hilarious, my friend! Sign me up for one of those bumper stickers! ;)

  2. You're absolutely right!! You've got no shot at a cute handmade bag or scarf for your birthday with me as your friend! Ha!

  3. Such a sweet post! Don't you love how you can get ideas and encouragement from other women online?

  4. I want that bumper sticker! Tried to get into blazers but they just don't work on me for some reason.

  5. The bumper sticker made me spit coffee! Too funny!

    Lindsey is very talented! The necklace rack looks like art and has evoked some serious jealousy in my part! Very nice! And I too need help getting out of my sweats and pjs. Love it!

  6. Here here to the cardi! Will you put me in for one of those tshirts in an XL please? :) She is adorable and her porch is to die for!

  7. Lindsey is super fab!!! I adore her blog and all her fun creations! And you are too funny with all your cardigan love....but, totally agree with you!! A definite staple!

  8. Love Lindsey! She is super sweet in real life, I got to hang out with her for a weekend last year. Love her shop also!
    And....the Cardigan Quotes/ are CRACKING me up!!!! You know I want that shirt! Ha!

    1. thanks mel! wonder when we'll ever get to hang out again? for now, i'll just live through your pics on instagram...

  9. Your blog is so fun! Such a great concept, I have fallen in love! Love that T-shirt you made ;) Lindsey's creations are beautiful! I'm your newest follower!

    xoxo Sarah Beth

    Caring Cowls

  10. Great looks all around! Love Rachel Zoe...and love a great cardi! =)


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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