Tuesday, November 6, 2012

She Double Dog Dared Me...so I really had no choice.

 So, first things first....
Get a load of my new look!
Isn't it GREAT?  I just love, love, love it!
It's cleaner and more fashiony (it's a word).  Right?
I have my good friend Andrea at Slightly Askew Designs to thank!
Thank you Andrea!!!!!!
If your blog needs a makeover, or if you need birthday invitations, a birth announcement, shower invitations, or Christmas cards.....
Andrea is your girl!

 I did a post a couple of weeks ago about how it's okay to wear black and brown together now
(you can find it  here).
In fact, it's not just okay...it's COOL!
I know, it goes against everything that we have been taught for our whole lives, 
but I'm telling you people -
 it just works!
Well, I got this comment from Shay after  my black and brown post:

So, I accepted Shay's dare.
And I have to say....I felt pretty freaking cool all day long.
You know how there are just some days that you think, "Dang, I look good today."
Well, this was definitely one of those days for me.
I promise I'm not bragging here, there are plenty of days when I get home and look in the mirror and think, "Did I seriously look like this ALL day long?"
Yes, most days I probably need a do-over.
But this was not one of those days!
I was wearing my HUE grey leggings (they were on my favorite things list here...and yep, I still ADORE them), brown boots, stripes, and I had layered my necklaces (which certainly ups the cool factor).
I was ballin'.
Whatever that means.
HUE leggings:  Nordstrom (you can find them here)
Black and White Striped Tee:  J Crew Factory Outlet
Black Cardigan:  LOFT
Brown boots:  Target (last year...no longer available)
Long necklace:  Lucky
Short necklaces:  Target

So there you have it.
A dare was initiated, and accepted.
Brown, Grey, and Black .....CHECK!
And I believe I rocked it, ifIdosaysomyself.

Before I go, I would like to talk a little more about the layering of necklaces.
Again, I like to take the important issues and face them head on here at Pinterest Told Me To.
Girls, if you're not doing it yet., you TOTALLY should be.
After all, 
Pinterest told me to.
Carly initially told me to here, and then she did again here last week.
That Carly layers necklaces like nobody's business!
I mean, come on! How good does all that jewelry look!!!!
(Just spotted the Stella and Dot renegade cluster bracelet on her arm. I love how edgy it is!)
So, Pinterest told us to, Carly told us to, and now
And now I'm telling you to.
My mom's even doing it now ya'll!
So I think it's time for me to pull out the old standard
"Come on - everybody's doing it" argument!

The necklaces in the middle picture are my new ones from Stella and Dot.
The long one is the Demi Layering Necklace and the short one is the Soar Necklace.
{The trunk show is still open if you want to buy these or find others that you love!}
So, that is all.
If you've learned nothing else here, I hope you've learned these two things:
1) Most fashion rules will be broken at one time or another (like the black and brown rule).
And if you break a fashion rule, then you are probably awesome.
Unless you are trying to bring back Hammer pants or something.
Then you're just sad.
2)  Layering necklaces will make you feel hip.

Yes, I'm changing the world here people.
One necklace at a time.

This Just In:
If you shop at The LOFT today (in stores or online today, 11/06/12),
 you can get $20 off if you spend $50 on full-price items,
and $50 off if you spend $100 on full-price items.
Just enter code ONEDAY!

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  1. Challenge completed! You looked fabulous! I am very impressed with your mad mixing and matching skills when it comes to color! Well done sweet friend! I will think of another challenge...just you wait...

  2. Oh girl, I'm so with you! Gray is like white or black in my book. I also love the new design and new header. Super cute! Thanks for the shout out Sheaffer! :)

  3. What a great blog! I just spent entirely too much time looking at all your outfits! Found your blog at Tell Me About It Tuesdays =)

  4. I definitely lik the new look! I'm so glad I found your blog yesterday. I love your whole concept of taking an idea from Pinterest and using it with what you've got!

    The grey/brown/stripes looks good. Like, really good.

  5. Dig it. DIG it!
    Bet that follower who posted a few weeks ago about considering dying her grey leggings is sooooo glad she found you and didn't!! Cause this outfit looks effortless and timeless. All my favorite neutrals rolled into one.
    Well done. And I can't see your new layout on my phone so I'll learn how to turn on my computer tonight and really look at it!

  6. LOVE the new look. it looks awesome!! love the outfit. super cute!

  7. Ooohhh...gray and brown. Tricky. Love how you did it.

  8. LOVE the new layout! And love the outfit, as usual :)

  9. Love the new page and emailed Andrea already! Seriously . . .I JUST HUNG UP with my nutty sister who has been promising to help me update my blog for a YEAR. I got all grouchy with her about it. Then read your post and not only am I all inspired by gray and brown, but have hope for blog, too! Yay!!

  10. hahaha LOVE your title- totally makes me think of A Christmas Story!! And, definitely think you rocked the challenge! Love it!

  11. I am a fan of gray and brown! Looks cute! And great new layout - very fun!

  12. Love this!! My favorite colors to wear are black brown and Grey! Mixing those colors together can be tricky but soo sooo pretty! Great post!

    xoxo Yesi <3


  13. LOVE your new header. It is PERFECT!
    And, way to rock the gray & brown!
    What has Pinterest done to us?!? HA!
    I need to email you my outfit from today...gray skinnies, navy/white striped sweater & brown boots! LOVE it!

  14. Love the grey and brown outfit! And your layered necklaces look amazing.

    Stopping by from WIWW!

  15. Just have to say, I found your blog from Larson Lingo and I am in blog heaven! My newest hobbie has been finding outfits on Pinterest and looking in my closet (ok and occasionally the mall) to copy. Your writing style makes me feel like we are already blog friends. Love IT! And yes, I know all about the red belly ring at the end of the day in nonstretch jeans. Yuck. Keep up the fun blog!


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