Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Red Hat Society

I utilized the help of my friend Alli (LOVE her) again for today's post.
Like many of you, she is TOTALLY embracing the whole Pinterest Told Me To way of thinking!
Several weeks ago texted me about how she was now obsessed with two new blogs.

She also said she felt like she was "cheating on me" with these other blogs. Ha!
Alison was the brains behind this whole operation when she decided to pair these 2 colors together.
Well done Alison.
Alison originally did it here.
Then Jenni copied it here.
And then Alli copied it.
(Alli doesn't have a blog.  I know, shocking.)
                 Jenni                          Alison                            Alli                     
Don't they all look GREAT!?!?
Doesn't it make you want to pull off the look yourself?
(By the way, if I owned a pair of red jeans, I totally would have copied this look myself.
 Sadly, mama doesn't have any red jeans this very second, but that's about to change my friends.
Oh yes, that's about to change.)

Purple shirt| similar here, here, and here
Leopard Belt| similar here
If you don't own a leopard belt.  You need to get one.  It's the PERFECT way to add a little animal print into your wardrobe if you're scared of being too bold.  
And a leopard print belt goes with almost any outfit!
 Red pants| similar here
***If you are dying for these jeans, go to the upper right hand corner of my sidebar where it says "Sheaffer's Favorite Things" and scroll till you find the jeans!  It will take you to them!!!!***
I LOVE these that I found online and will totally be ordering them for myself. 
The reason I don't have red jeans yet is because I'm super picky about the color.  I don't want them tomato red, and I don't want them maroon.  These are perfect!  

Shoes| tall boots similar to Alison's boots here

 Ankle boots similar to Alli's here
And they are TOMS, so your feet will thank you. 

  So anyway, Alli texted me the pic of herself all dressed.
I thought Alli looked SO cute.
And let's be honest, Alli thought she looked SO cute.
 Alli texted her pic to some other friends so everybody could know how cute she looked.
(Listen, Alli is impressed with herself when she showers and takes her pajamas off...
so this was a really big deal.)  :)
All of her friends were giving her really positive feedback.
However, one friend complimented her look,
but then she said something that made Alli question her cute factor.
That friend was Kelli.
We love you Kelli!
(Kelli reads this blog, so I'm imagining she is laughing sooo hard right now.)
Kelli said the colors reminded her of those ladies that dress up and hang out together in the red hats and purple clothes.
This is probably a southern thing.
Do you know who she is talking about?
If you don't, let me inform you.

Exhibit A
A woman  that is probably in her late 60s and older,
and who enjoys dressing up in a red hat and purple garb.
{I'm sure my mom would like me to add right now that not all women in their
60s in the south are doing this. You're welcome, mom.}
This woman happens to have lots of friends that all like to dress up in red hats and purple garb too.
When they are all dressed alike, they like to go to lunch and go shopping.
Exhibit B
This group of women like to do lots of things together....all dressed in red hats and purple duds.
Exhibit C
More women wearing red hats and purple duds.

Good news people, 
if you want to learn more about this society, and possibly even start your own chapter, 
just click here.
Alison, Jeni, and Ali.....
I'm sure you would all be welcomed with open arms into one of these groups.
I hope you are each able to find a local chapter to join.
I wonder if there is any hazing involved for new members?

Don't forget to check out the first day of my 12 days of Christmas series HERE.
Lots of great gift getting AND giving ideas.

And early next week I have a post for what to get your man for Christmas!!!!!

Linking up today with What I Wore Wednesday! 


  1. Pretty bold of you to blog about the Red Hat Society. A club of older can go ahead and insert the 1,289 jokes I have about you being so much older than me here. ;)

  2. I am laughing SO HARD right now, I'm going to wake up everyone in my house. We are the new and improved version of the Red Hat ladies minus the hats! Sheaffer - you had better get those jeans bought stat so you can join us. :)

  3. Sheaffer, I read your blog every morning before I start seeing patients. You make me laugh daily...what a great way to start my day! Oh and yes, I might have just bought some "Sheaffer inspired" purchases. Hope you all are doing well. Happy Thanksgiving!


  4. I LOVE the purple and red together, which is surprising because I normally don't like either color!

    Dropping in from WIWW!
    Sheena @ A Girl's Guide to Retail Therapy

  5. hahah i love the red hat society!!!!! this is so great

  6. Red jeans have been on my want tlist for awhile, but like you, I'm picky about the color. I am SO picky when it comes to color.

  7. My grandma is a part of the Red Hate Society. I've been out with the group twice and they are the most sassiest, fun group of women I know. I did not expect a group of older women to joke about sex and toys!

  8. I want red pants....I *almost* bought some red cords last week, but I chickened out. And, I TOTALLY agree with you about the shade of red....can't be too cranberry or it can't be too orange-y.

  9. Ha! Those red hat ladies crack me up. I guess we'll be there someday soon. LOL!

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  11. SHEAFFER!!!! Guess what? I got the red pants at Macy's today for $32!!! So excited!

  12. I feel honored that I was mentioned in your blog! Even if it was because I teased my best friend! : ) Kellie

  13. Thanks so much for the shout out! How fun to see multiple women be inspired by one outfit....and color! =)

  14. I am definitely going to try out this color combo! They all pulled it off. :)

  15. In Red Hat Society, you can have fun, no matter what age you are. This is not only an organization, but, a group of women who loves and helps each other as well. Thanks for sharing your blogs! :)


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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