Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The story at the end is worth the read. Promise.

I have this one sweater from the LOFT that I really loved when I bought it.
However, when I got it home and started trying to wear it, there were 2 things I didn't like about it.
1)  It was shorter than I liked.
2)  It had a very wide neckline.

So, each and every time I put it on, I would take it off before walking out the door.
Not any more!
I saw the inspiration pic and I thought "Aha! That's it!
Put a long oxford shirt under the sweater.
Inspiration picture pinned, but originally found here.

Sweater| LOFT, similar here
Oxford Shirt|  GAP, found here
Necklace| Lucky Brand, wear it CONSTANTLY, similar here
Skinny Jeans| Swanky Boutique, similar here
Brown boots with brass hardware|  Ross, similar here 
In fact, I think I like this boot even better than mine, and I really love mine.
(Sadly, only 3 sizes still in stock)

Thank you Pinterest for FINALLY getting me to wear this sweater.
I made it work.
Tim Gunn would be proud.

And listen...this is totally random and has nothing to do with this post. 
But a friend showed me these boots yesterday. 
She is getting them for her daughter for Christmas. 
If you are looking something super fun to get for your daughter that she will go crazy for,
this might be it!
I present to you:
Ugg boots with bows
They also come in toddler sizes!
Make sure you head over and read the reviews.  Everybody that has these boots LOVES these boots!
Maybe I should adopt a 3-5 year old little girl so I can put her in a pink pair of these with leggings.
Yes, I think I should.
Or wait..maybe I should just order them for me.
Yes.  I guess that would be more logical.
they come in black, blue, pink, and purple
And the link is through Zappos, which means FREE SHIPPING!

And now....for no other reason than your PURE ENJOYMENT....a story for you.
Think of it as an early Christmas present.
This is really, really, really good.
Epic, really.
Let me set it up for you.
When Carter was 3 years old, we went to Sam's
(for those of you not familiar, it's a wholesale store where you buy in bulk).
Now, at our Sam's, a little old man stands at the door that you exit from.
His only purpose is to check the receipt against the items in your cart to make sure that everything is accounted for.
There are several different little old men who do this.  
But this particular job is always filled by a man, and he is definitely grandpa age.
Well, if a child is in your cart, the little old man draws a picture on the back of the receipt for the kid.
A simple smiley face is typically what gets drawn, and I don't know why, but Carter always loves it.
On this particular day, the little old man handed the receipt handed the receipt back to me without a picture on it. 
Carter looked at him like he was crazy and he handed the receipt back to him for his picture.
The little old man chuckled, drew a pic, and then handed the receipt back to Carter.
Carter squealed with delight and glee.
This was the picture:
A nice smiley face, right?
Well, Carter continued to laugh, squeal, and be SUPER excited about his picture.
And then, he said this, 
in a VERY loud voice I might add.....
Wait for it.....
"Look Mommy, he draw boobies!"
 Do you see it?
Cover up the smiley face and just look at what are supposed to be the eyes and the eyeballs.
Well, that's not what Carter saw.
Carter saw some seriously saggy (anatomically correct) boobies.
The kid must have been looking at National Geographic magazines when I wasn't looking,
because those certainly don't look like MY boobies.
I gave a little 1/2 smile to the grandpa,
a little nervous laugh about 23 octaves higher than my normal voice squeaked out,
 and I died a little inside.
I didn't make eye contact with a soul,
and I slinked away to the car with my boob loving 3 year old.
 I laughed until I cried, called all of my friends and family, and put it in the baby book immediately.
And I totally stand by the fact that those are not my boobies.

Come back tomorrow for my first ever linky party!

Your hosts will be:
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The Linky Party is called D.A.S.H.
which stands for...
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It's going to be So. Much. Fun.
 Please be thinking about what Deals and Steals you want to highlight!
I know everybody likes getting a good deal, 
but if you're like me, 
there's something even better than getting a good deal.... SHARING a deal!
Am I right ladies?
Well....we're going to give everybody a platform to scream things like,
WELL, IT WAS $3.64!"
My endorphins are going crazy just thinking about it.
So....get your post ready and link up with us on the 29th!
We can all oooh and ahhhhh over everybody's awesome scores!
It'll be fun!!!.

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  1. I'm so happy. I never, ever, ever get tired of the Sam's story. Ever. It's a Sheaffer classic. And by the way, you can totally buy those Uggs for Kensington? It's cheaper than adopting a daughter...

  2. I really like the idea of putting an oxford under that type of sweater. Looks great!!

  3. That Sam's story made me burst out laughing - a nice way to start my day. Thanks!
    I love your blog and your writing:)

  4. Hahahaha...... what a great way to start my morning!! Love the outfit too! Thanks Sheaffer!

  5. That IS an awesome story! Just wait til he's a teenager and asks "mom, why did you put a picture of boobies in my baby book?" Love the oxford under the sweaer look!

  6. This made me laugh so hard. I have errr, rather large "boobies" and I was in line w a few friends at Walmart and this little boy kept asking his mom how many kids "that lady" has & keeps pointing at me. We think he's cute, the mom is doing her thing & skimming us weekly till finally he says "mommy, how many babies, I think she must have lots BC her "feeders" are soooo big." At first I was all like "what in the hades are feeders?" Then I saw where he was pointing. I still have yet to decide who was more mortified. Her or I. But I have a feeling that I'm her story like this;) and I love the way you paired the shirt. Fabulous.

  7. Ok - so I'm new to your blog - love the concept - sort of kicking myself for not thinking of it first lol...

    Loved the boobie story even more :)

    Happy to be following along!



  8. Loved the Sam's story! Thanks for helping me start off my morning with a good laugh. You have such a way with words...I think you could be a comedian!!! Have a great day!

  9. Cute first outfit & love all the boots! Happy hump day and Happy Holidays hun (;


  10. I've always loved oxfords under sweaters or vests. I think it's so casual/professional. Glad you could finally wear it. Hooray for boobies!

  11. Oh my gosh. I literally almost spit my coffee on my computer at work!!! Now that I have met little Cater-man, it makes it even funnier because he is just so darn precious!

  12. What a great idea! Love the shirt under the preppy and cool!

  13. I am still laughing hysterically at your Sam's story Sheaffer...classic! They draw pics on the receipts at our Sam's too and my two daughter's are always trying to figure out who in the family they drew...the last time my youngest said she thought the lady drew Grandma...well, Grandma wasn't with us at the time, but whatever! I love the boots you suggested and of course they are out of my size 9's, but I'm on a waiting list so we'll see...

  14. Pairing your sweater with the button up was GENIUS!!!
    There is nothing more annoying than a sweater or shirt that is too short...I have dealt with that all my life!!!
    I want those boots. They are out of my size. BOO.
    Can't handle the Cater Boobies darn funny!!!!!! LOL!!!

  15. Love yhe story-too cute. Started following your blog recently and love it-even shared a link to it from my blog. Pinterest is so much fun-I just wish I had time to try everything I pin.

  16. I love that sweater and those boots!

  17. It's moment like this that make me so proud to be your friend. An although the Oxford under the sweater is simple smart yet genius (why haven't I ever done that a bazillion times?!) it's the retelling of the boobies drawing that just seals the deal that you are my soulmate-friend. The octave higher nervous giggle....
    That poor Sams worker. Hopefully he's hard of hearing?!

  18. I was reading this while at work and had to try, oh so hard, to mask the hysterical laugh that wanted to escape my body. I literally cried a little. Not only was the outfit cute, but the story was fantastic.

  19. Sheaffer, I think I know where your son gets his personality from. That's a funny story. Kids say the best things that just make you laugh until you cry.


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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