Friday, November 16, 2012

What 3 Things I'm Obsessed With and a GIVEAWAY

Take a moment to look at the stitching.
And the button detail.
And the little flappy things.
I'm sorry if my technical shoe terminology is above your head.


I saw these in person on Tuesday, and I went nuts.
Here's the story:
I have a little guy that I LOVE and ADORE that I see for private therapy.
His mom (who I also LOVE) had barely crossed the threshold of my front door when I grabbed her arm, threw her against the wall, and insisted that she tell me where she got her boots.
Okay...maybe I didn't throw her up against the wall.
But if she hadn't told me, I totally would have.
Lucky for her she answered me.
I guess she knew I meant business.
They are GORGEOUS.
I mean, they are amazing in the pic above, but the pic doesn't even come close to doing them justice.
Lucky for you guys, my friend graciously shared that you can get them HERE.
She said they were SUPER comfortable and that she gets compliments on them all the time.
All of the reviews I read on them are great too, which you can find on the Zappos site.
Zappos has them in cream suede, brown leather, and black leather.
 Hers were the cream suede. And I'm telling you, the prettiest boot I have ever seen.
No lie.
I even called my friends Nikki and Lisa about them because I felt like they warranted a phone conversation.
Shay...I promise I would have called you too, if you hadn't been out of the country.
I got the suede, and if I love them as much as I think I'm going to,
I might just ask for the brown leather pair for Christmas.
I am OBSESSED with the distressed look of the brown ones!
(right now you can get 15% off and free shipping with the code 15off)
And BONUS, Zappos does free shipping!
But please, keep in mind that these boots are so freaking amazing in person, it might make somebody want to throw you against a wall.
Consider yourself warned.
Due to a phone call* that I received earlier this week, I thought I would remind you guys of  2 of my obsessions that I highlighted in my very first What 3 Things I'm Obsessed with post!

 *The phone call was from my friend Kasey.  She was calling to tell me that she hated me because now she can't live without the the shampoo/conditioner or the lip gloss that I "made" her buy.

I talked about this lip gloss on my first Obsession post way back in August.
It remains one of my most favorite things, and I promise, you will LOVE it.

It is a lovely and shimmery soft pink. 
I put it over lots of different shades of lipstick and it just makes every lipstick prettier and shinier (I think the grammatically correct way to say that is "more shiny", but I prefer "shinier". It's just more fun to say).
It's described on the website as "pink with a gold shimmer".
Um, yes please.
I know that lots of you ladies bought this the first time I featured it, and I have heard from several of you that you are now obsessed to!  I LOVE passing on an obsession!!!!
After watching J Lo on American Idol one night, I actually googled "What lip gloss is J Lo wearing?" and came up with this. Jenny From The Block doesn't mess around when it comes to her lip gloss. This stuff rocks.
If I knew how to mess with a picture and make a speech bubble that had J Lopersonally endorsing this lip gloss, I totally would.

And here's the shampoo and conditioner.
It's Redken All Soft, and it will change your life.
That's right people, it won't just change your hair, it will change your life.
I realize that's a bold statement, but I stand by it.
 If you want to read what I said about these products the first time, just go here.
If you want to see another post where I have a picture that Kasey sent me after using the shampoo,
 go here. make it easy for you....I will just cut and paste it.
You're welcome.
This first picture is from a bff since high school, my friend Kasey.  She had read what I said about Redken All Soft products on my very first What Three Things I'm Obsessed With post, and she knew she had to give them a whirl.
She did, and that very night she was texting me about how gorgeous her hair was.
Her actual text said this:
"Well, all I have to say is that Salon Selectives may have to give up their motto, because I look like I just stepped out of a salon.
People are going to want to run their fingers through this stuff." 
I laughed so hard.
I love my friends. :)
To be honest, the word "stuff" might have actually said something else.
Sometimes I feel a curse word is appropriate, especially when it makes something extra funny.
(Don't you all agree that the ecards on Pinterest are funnier when they have curse words in them?
Why is that?!?!)
And, let's all be honest with each other right now,
who now has the Salon Selectives theme song in their head?
Salon style.  Salon selectives. Salon glow. Salon Selectives.
Like you just stepped out of a salon.
Salon Selectives!
That's Kasey on the right with her gorgeous, shiny, and silky hair.
I mean, that really is some shiny hair.
I would not mind running my fingers through that gorgeous mane one bit.

Anyway, thought these obsessions were worth another visit!
If you have already become obsessed with one (or both) of these products, please leave a comment!


Yesterday you got to see Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy take the Pinterest Told Me To Challenge!
Today I am going to feature some of the DARLING things she has over at her shop.
{Make sure you read to the bottom for a special code AND a giveaway!}

I just love the chevron and the other embellishments included on it.
Plus, the inside is just as cute as the outside and has lots of compartments!
.The Petal Drop Large Necklace in LOTS of different colors and fabrics.  Precious!
Check out all of her festive Christmas items!

And here is a collection of my favorite things from Miss Lindsey.
Don't you just wish you had 1% of Lindsey's talent?!?
Well.....even though most of us are feeling sorry for ourselves right now for not even being able to sew a button on a pair of pants (I blame my mom.  Not really, she tried to teach me.  I blame myself.)...
 Take heart, I do have a bit of a good news to cheer us all up.

*  Lindsey has generously offered a code to all Pinterest Told Me To 
readers for 15% off your first order! 
The code:   Pinterest 15

one lucky person will win a $25 credit to her shop!

All you have to do to enter is "like" The Pleated Poppy facebook page and "like" the Pinterest Told Me To facebook page.
Easy Peasy.

Good luck everybody, and have a blessed weekend! 


  1. The dark brown boots are adorable!

    Happy Holidays!



  2. I'm so glad I found your blog. I read it each morning with a smile. It's lots of fun to read!

  3. Cute boots! I wish they came in black suede....I have been looking for black suede boots and haven't found any I'm in love with.

  4. I have the lip gloss and the shampoo/conditioner....both as a result of your endorsement. And I have to say,I love them both. My hair really did change texture! And the lip gloss is very pretty and so good with lots of different lipstick colors. They have definitely become my obsessions too. I also have the HUE leggings!


    that is all..

  6. And of course, I just bought the brown boots :). It was super easy...just clicked on your link and orderd them! I should not shop while was unfair of you to post such cute boots while I'm in this state! :)

  7. I shouldn't have clicked on this. I own the brown boots already, however I didn't know they came in cream and I am now the proud owner of them. I may officially own more pairs of boots than certain...unmentionables. My husband says I have a problem and to that I always say "yes, and a lack of boots isn't it"

  8. I just bought the ankle version of those boots in black and am SUPER excited to wear them!!!

  9. Those cream boots are in going to be under the Christmas tree!! So freaking adorable!

  10. About to buy the boots in black. I have been looking for a pair under $100. So thank you!

  11. Hi There! I am stopping by from Hi Sugarplum...and I am SO happy that I did. I just bought these boots for my sister (and a pair for myself...I'm not gonna lie!) They are perfect and look super comfy! Can't wait to go shopping with you again! Thanks, from your newest follower<3

  12. haha you are hilarious, i do love these boots.

  13. Help! Gotta have these and they are out of my size! Who makes them? Loove your blog! :)

  14. Those boots are fabulous! Love the suede ones and can't wait to see how you wear them!!

  15. I've been looking for a shampoo and conditioner for awhile, thank you so much for the suggestion! I got it tried it once and I'm in LOVE!!!! Wow was you right about being pricy but so worth it!!!


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