Friday, November 9, 2012

What 3 Things I'm Obsessed With Now

This first one is a giveaway!
What?  ANOTHER giveaway!
I KNOW! People are being SO generous!
Check out this DARLING necklace charm that I'm wearing.
Here it is up close.
 The nice girls over at Sassy and Southern (LOVE the name!) sent me this necklace with my little fella on it (is he not the CUTEST?!?), AND they are giving one to one of my lucky readers!
Who wouldn't want this?
EVERYBODY would!  Right?
{Just thought of something...imagine the oohs and aahs a grandmother would give if she opened one of these babies on Christmas morning.}
This would definitely go down as a favorite gift.  Hands down.
You can see their jewelry gallery here.
You can see their etsy shop here.  
These pendents come on a ribbon necklace, but you can clip them on any necklace you like! You can get pictures on the front and back, or you can get creative and put birthdays on the back, a favorite saying, or a bible verse!
I know.
Now you want it even more.
All you have to do to enter is leave a comment about how you want need this necklace to be yours! 
The contest will close on Tuesday at 9:00 p.m.
Good luck everybody!   
And if you don't win, don't worry!
You can still go get one for yourself or somebody you love.
They are offering an Early Bird Christmas sale where if you place your Christmas order before Thanksgiving day, you get 10% off!
Thank you Missy and Trisha at Sassy and Southern!

They are Hue Nordic Over The Knee Socks, and I can't wait till mine arrive!!!! 
They come in mustard and grey (LOVE) 
and red and black (LOVE). 

And here's the best part....right now they are on sale for $9!
NINE dollars.
Nueve dolares.
(i had to google that) 
They are Hue, just like my beloved grey denim leggings 
Dear Hue,
You people are awesome.

I want a cross-body bag.  Like yesterday.
I've been seeing them all over Pinterest for awhile now.
At first I was all, "I don't know.  A cross body bag?"
And now I am all, "I HAVE TO HAVE ONE. NOW."
Each and every one of these bags I'm about to feature is from the store Altard State.
Haven't heard of it?
Neither had I....until a couple of weeks ago when I just happened upon it at the mall.
It's a store that I'm going to share more about with you again on a Shopping With Sheaffer post in the near future. 
I seriously can't say enough good things about this store.
For now I will just say this:
It's like a cheap Anthrolpologie that LOVES Jesus.
Love this first cross body bag in a black and brown combo.
Isabella Convertible Cross Body Pouch

I also am totally in love with each one of these.  I like the varying sizes and I am obsessed with the awesome colors.
I want them all.
Harper Cross Body Bag in Mustard, Harper Cross Body Satchel in Aqua,
and Haper Cross Body Pouch in Pomegranate

And Check this out:
If you are local, then you need to know that Altar'd State is just past the baby GAP at the Stonebriar Mall in Frisco.  If you're not local, it doesn't even matter!  Just use the online code!
Thank you Altar'd state for being amazing!

I hope everybody has a WONDERFUL weekend!
Don't forget to enter the contest, and I will see all of you lovely ladies back here on Monday!


  1. I adore those over the knee socks! Adore them!!! And you already know that I adore my Sassy and Southern pendant! Happy Friday!

  2. Oh we can just hardly wait to see who wins the pendant! I really love that aqua cross body bag too! We Sassy and Southern girls love all things aqua! Have a fun weekend and thanks for sharing our pendants!!!!

  3. Yeah, I think I NEED to have those socks too. That necklace is adorable, your little guy is so handsome!

  4. How do you plan to wear the socks? The pic on the website on the model is in a long shirt with no shoes. them just trying to figure out how to work the in

    1. Hi there! I will wear them with tall boots, with just the tops peeking out over the boots! Thanks for the question!!!!

    2. You need to post a pic of you rockin them! Will you pair them with a casual dress?

  5. I love all of your obsessions! I would love to have the necklace! Those would definately make good Christmas gifts! The boot socks are super cute too!

  6. It is such fun to read your blog! The necklace charm is so sweet! I could use one or lots of those! Grandchildren, you know!

    Louise in NE OK

  7. I think the necklace is really pretty and sentimental, I'd love one. The knee socks are perfect--can't wait to see you post a pic of you rocking them!


  8. OBSESSED with those socks! They will be on my shopping list for this weekend!

  9. I love the necklace and your choice of beads is great.

    Susan L in Canada

  10. First of all, your little guy is ADORABLE!!! Second, I love those socks...they are super cute! I would like to win the necklace so I could put a picture of my cute, sweet, little boy in it to give to my mom. He calls her "Ma" and loves her so much. He always tells her she is beautiful and she smells like a flower (it melts my heart).

    Casey Hayes

  11. Hi! I read your blog looking for inspiration to jazz up my own wardrobe - trying in vain not wear mommy jeans and one too many cardigans! We're doing a family photo shoot in a few weeks and I'm looking for inspiration for my outfit. I've dressed The Boy in a cute little button down, arglye sweater vest and bowtie (!!!) and Juanito is willing to wear a cardigan and tie. So since they're rockin some funky style, what about me? Help! I'm plus size so that makes it a little bit hard. Any suggestions??/

  12. I love those over the knee socks...I may just have to scoop up a pair! :)

  13. I love the necklace. It would make a great Christmas gift for my Mother-in-law.

  14. I would Love, Love, Love that necklace to give to my Mom for Christmas.

  15. OMG those knee socks are sooo flipping cute!

  16. I would love to put a picture of my sweet boy in that necklace. Love looking at your blog for outfit ideas that come right out of my closet

  17. Love the necklace. I have always wanted a necklace with the picture of my children in in. I first mentioned it to the hummy when I was preggo with my son......9 years later, I'm still waiting.

    Love the blog. What an awesome idea. I just started mine a few days ago.

  18. You know I need this necklace for the Gibi ;)

  19. Sheaffer-- your son is four years old. You should be miserably watching Dora the Explorer like every other minute. Or at least Diego. That way you'll be up on the ole "espanol" and you won't have to look up the basics that every normal Texan or mother of a pre-schooler, azul, or gracias, or "can you say el avion?"
    And as for fashion related remarks, this socks are darling! I'm thinking denim dress, my new gray suede boots...

  20. love your blog and have read it daily since you started! really like the necklace and would love to win it! thanks! Monica j. ,Mississippi

  21. Love these over the knee socks! I am also really wanting a cross-body bag!

  22. I love your blog! That necklace would be divine, I could wear my little guy near me always, just like you! Aww!

  23. Love the darling blog, love you, love the necklace! I would love it with a picture of my sweet baby and a favorite Bible verse that is special to us. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway and the "gift" of a wonderful daily read as I rock my baby boy! Hugs...

  24. Yep... love the necklace! The difficult question would be.... Do I keep it or give it as a gift... hmmm.....!
    Oh, and I meant to text you a pic while I was at the mall today... a beautiful pic of Hue corduroy leggings a all kinds of shades! They were just lovely... TOO bad I was in a rush and couldn't stop to try any on! OH, and did I mention they were 25% off?! This was at Dillard's... so, I must go back SOON and by a pair, or two, or three... someone stop me!

  25. I love the necklace! And I am totally imagining how amazing it would look with my sweet little boy's picture in it!! (Oh, and his MiMi would love it too!!)

  26. I would LOVE to have this necklace for myself (it would be a great bday present for me) and would love one for my mom and my pastors wife! I love your blog, makes me look at clothes & accessories differently! Actually thought of you Saturday while at Sam Moon! LOL

  27. I mean, who WOULDN'T want this necklace?! LOVE it!

  28. I want this necklace because....umm...I NEED it! See? It's a NEED- not just a want! :P

    nidhi14jan (at) yahoo (dot)com


  29. Would love to win this necklace! I can already see my sweet little girl's face in it :)

  30. Love the necklace! It would be so cute even on a longer chain since it is a bigger pendant :)

    1. They are on a lobster clasp so you can clip it on ANY necklace that you have! I wear mine on long necklaces all the time!! So fun!

  31. Love love this necklace pendant! I saw it on Mix & Match Momma's Blog as well, so glad I found your blog as well. I would love a pendant with my 13 month old son's picture & his birthdate on that back:)

  32. Yes, yes, yes! I NEED that necklace!!

  33. I NEED that precious necklace pendant so bad. I mean how sad is it that the pendant necklace I have is of my 2 cuties when they were 3 and 1 years old. And now, not only are they almost 8 & 6 years old, but I also have a 3rd child that is almost 2. I SOOO need that necklace!! Now, who wants to attempt the picture taking of my 3 kids for my NEW necklace??

  34. Oh how I need that necklace. Child 2 goes off to college next fall. Would be nice to have a pic of all 3 kids on a necklace to keep close to may heart.

  35. Love the necklace! What a great gift idea!

  36. The necklace is adorable- checking out the Etsy store. Love me some Etsy!

  37. I need that necklace - too cute. Love Carter's picture in it.


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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