Monday, December 10, 2012

BRAVE!...and the 9th Day of Christmas

So, this isn't an outfit where I found an exact inspiration from Pinterest.  
But it's a great example of how Pinterest has given me more courage while dressing.
Polka dog cardigan| LOFT
Striped shirt| LOFT
short necklace| Jared
long necklace| LOFT
earrings| LOFT
belt| LOFT
Jeans | Swanky Boutique
Black boots| Ross

Before I started letting Pinterest totally boss me around and tell me how to dress, 
I never would have worn stripes with polka dots...
I never would have worn 2 necklaces at once...
I wouldn't have randomly thrown on an animal print belt with this combo...
and I wouldn't have decided to wear black boots with all of it
(brown would have been my choice without question).

However, now it just seems okay to break all of the previously perceived "rules".
Suddenly, it all just "works".
And it works WELL!

Thank you Pinterest for giving me the courage to make bolder fashion choices!

And Today.....I give you the 9th day of Christmas.

On the 9th day of Christmas my true love gave to me,

(Try not to read it and sing it.  I dare you.)
I LOVE coats, so I scoured cyberspace to bring you some of my favorites this season.
Here they no particular order.....except the first one is DEFINITELY my favorite....scratch that....the last one is my favorite. 
This showstopper from Guess.
It is 33% off right now and comes in black and white....and it looks just as good in black.
Love the shape.
Love the buttons.
LOVE the collar.
Love the flouncy skirt.
This Darling Pea Coat
It comes in this cranberry color, black, and grey.
It's a good length, and I really like the classic style.

Are you sensing a theme yet?
I like a pea coat.
This one is sooo fun!
(It's Juniors sizing, so it's more affordable!)
Click HERE for this one.
It comes in this black and white houndstooth, and in a natural color.

Anoraks are all over Pinterest these days.
I like THIS one.
A couple of the reviews say it runs large, so be mindful of that when selecting a size.

Okay...back to a pea coat.
THIS one is super cute.
I like the nautical styling of it.

Or what about THIS satin trench coat?
On sale right now!

I like THIS ONE because I love a toggle.
Is that weird?
I love how it looks....
and I just love saying the word "toggle".
Say it with me now.
It comes in this camel color and dark grey.

And for the big finale....
I ADORE a red coat.
THIS ONE is red AND it has toggles.
And look how cute the pockets and the collar are.
I already have  a red coat....
but if I didn't, I would DEFINITELY be buying this one.

Okay...maybe I need a 2nd red coat?
The other one is a trench and is for warmer weather.
And it's like 8 years old.
And it looks totally different than this one.

Before you go, make sure you enter the contest for the ALTAR'D STATE necklace!

I have extended the deadline to Wednesday night at 9:00.
Click HERE to enter!

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  1. I love coats! I love, love, love coats! I am so excited about this post!!

  2. I so much like red coat.thanks for sharing this useful post with us. keep it up.
    James Ron
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  3. Love your cute outfit...stripes and polka dots are where it's at! =) And so many cute coats...I can't even look or another will get added to my closet! lol

  4. I love that Houndstooth coat. I just can't get into Anoraks. I just don't like them. I think they're too casual. Like, hobo casual. Just not for me. I have so many coats it's insane. I get a new one every Christmas.

  5. I love your outfit today, the stripes, the dots, the necklaces...perfection! That white coat is to dier for. I am so psyched because my new trench coat arrived over the weekend. Woo hoo!

  6. That houndstooth is totally calling my name and I LOVE your cardigan!!

  7. You TOTALLY pulled that outfit off! And....peacoats...I love them.
    I have 3, but they hardly get any use since it doesn't get too cold in Cali.

  8. I love the LOFT and I don't think Pinterest is steering you wrong on this outfit! ;)

  9. Sheaffer- you totally made my day by accepting my friend request!! I love coats and you picked some beautiful ones. I actually have the first one you posted on my amazon wish list!

    Rachel Tapscott

  10. Love the mixing of the prints! You look adorable...and love the puppy photo-bomb!

  11. The outfit is great! I love LOFT and Pinterest. I totally know what you mean abou Pinterest pushing you to make some different choices when it comes to fashion. I feel the same way! And I love it! Visiting for the Monday Meetup Linky Party!

  12. I am loving your polka dot cardigan! Gorg!!! And I'm also now dying over that houndstooth coat!

  13. I love this outfit! I think it totally works & yay for listening to your inner fashion voice and not pinterest! ;)

  14. Awesome outfit! Hooray for Pinterest-inspired courage, and for Loft! =)


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