Monday, December 3, 2012

La Vie Petite and Merry Christmas to Me!

If you're like me, most of the time you pin pictures,
but you don't necessarily take the time to look at them right away.
Well, the moment I pinned this picture, I went to find the original source.
It looked like it was from a fashion blog, and the girl in the picture was absolutely DARLING.
Well...when I got to the source...I was THRILLED.
I found myself at la vie petite.
Check the blog out, it will not disappoint!
Cori is just as cute as can be be, she is a mama of 4, and she has amazing style!
The pics on her blog are beautiful.

Plus, she loves LOFT and cardigans, so we are practically bff, she just doesn't know it.

Here is the outfit I decided to recreate:

Inspiration pic pinned, but originally found here
 Yellow cardigan| GAP outlet
Black and White v-neck t-shirt| J Crew Factory
Grey Corduroys| LOFT several years ago
Leopard Flats| Target, even better ones here and here
Gold Disc Necklace| LOFT
Soar charm necklace| Stella and Dot
Bracelet| LOFT, similar

I really LOVED this look.
It seems like such a classic combination,
but even though I already had all of these pieces in my closet,
I had never thought of it myself.
Thanks again, Pinterest! after I did my Luxury Obsessions post on Friday,
I spent quite a bit of additional time on
My "research" really got me excited about several things.
My word I love me some Nordstrom.

Several Christmas present were ordered, and I can hardly wait to start wearing them!

This pretty little lady is going to be so happy on my wrist.
I present to you:
The Michael Kors Rock Top Bracelet Watch
The link is for the rose gold version, but they also have it in silver, which is what I ended up opting for.  (For some reason, I couldn't get the link to work to the silver watch).  I went back and forth several times, but decided on this silver one at the last minute.
Originally it was $275, but it is currently on sale for $184.25 (33% off).
Seriously. Good. Deal.

The rose gold version is regularly $295, and it is on sale for $177.
That is 40% off!
Now THAT'S a good deal.
If you are on the fence about getting a nice watch, a deal like this should put you over the edge.

They also have it in tortoise shell.

In fact, there are SEVERAL MK watches on sale at Nordstrom right now.
If you're in the market for a super nice watch for a reasonable price, your best bet is to click HERE and then type in "Michael Kors watch sale".
12 different watch options will pop up that are all between 25%-40% off.
You're bound to find something you love!

 This Fossil Bag in Espresso is also going to be very happy in my closet.
I have been going back and forth between several Fossil bags 
(apparently I only carry Fossil purses, because this bag will make my 4th Fossil).
Fossil just makes REALLY great bags.  Pretty colors, soft leather, well-made.
All good.
And by the way, Fossil isn't paying me to say that.
But I totally wish they were.
Fossil, call me.
This satchel in espresso is what I've settled on.
I love the classic styling.
I love the brass accents.
I love it's structure.
But most of all, I love that I'm going to be it's mommy.

Yes. I feel like I've made an excellent decision ifIdosaysomyself.
The color of this one is perfect.
I will be able to carry it with anything.

I will have you know that this bag did come in a close second. 
I really adore the giraffe pattern but just couldn't pull the trigger on it.

All right.
That is all for today!
Check back tomorrow for a Christmas Craft link up with Hi Sugarplum...
and a little peak into some of my Christmas decor.

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  1. She is adorable!! I'm so happy you found her...we can all 3 be friends (oh wait...4, we have to include Mel!). Merry Christmas to your beautifully adorned wrist. Love the watch!

  2. Beautiful watch!! I love the outfit!

  3. Oh I need that watch! And at such a great can I resist?!?!?

  4. Great minds think alike...MK watch is on my Christmas list too! Love your navy/white stripes and bright yellow cardi look.

    Build your wardrobe on $20 a week with me!

  5. Gorgeous watch! It will be a great piece to have in the collection! And I love your take on Cori's her blog too!


  6. love the outfit !!!!

    I follow you ca you follow back?

  7. I know I already commented, but I JUST realized that I am wearing a navy striped shirt and mustard jeans...I read this post this morning (as usual, while laying in bed) and got up and got dressed without even thinking for a moment that my outfit was inspired by this post! It's a sign, we are exactly the same person....

  8. cute outfit! and i sooo love the michael kors rose gold watch!

    xo lala

  9. Did you know that Fossil manufactures MK watches (along with several other big label brands)? You can get the "Fossil" brand name one that looks identical for much less. And it's the same exact watch, except the label name.

  10. LOVE the outfit you recreated! I have everything to recreate it (but just different brands)! I think that will be my outfit tomorrow :)

  11. I like the yellow!

  12. I'm SO excited to get this watch. I have been looking for a silver one as well. THANKS! New follower-found you at The Broadcloth.


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