Sunday, December 2, 2012

The FACTORY Has Got it Goin On....CHEAP!

My Word. 
Every morning my inbox is filled with great sales!
This J Crew Factory sale was the best one I got today! 
Just enter code XOFACTORY for 40% off!!!!!!!!! 

There are some AMAZING deals today.
Things that would be awesome to GET....and things that would be super fun to GIVE.

On the SIXTH day of Christmas my true love sent to me,
J crew Factory goodies
(Try not to read it and sing it.  I dare you.)

I don't have enough time this morning to link each and every item...
but I wanted to throw some pictures up of things that I loved.
Click HERE if you want to shop.

regularly $69.50, but 6 colors now 40% off of  $39.50
THAT is good.
I want this for myself so I can do my leopard and pink look 
without having to wear my short cardigan from 1996 (check HERE to see the look). 
This would be a GREAT gift to give to pretty much anybody.  
I just did the math and it would only be $23.70!!!!

 regularly $39.50, but now 40% off of  $34.50
 regularly $36.50, but now 40% off of $29.50
 regularly $69.50, but now 40% off of $64.50
 LOVE the color combo of these.
And the bow?  I die.
regularly $89.50, now 40% off of $84.50
 I have been seeing jackets just like this one all over blog land, and its' similar to mine that you can see HERE.
regularly $118, now 40% off of $108
 You don't have a denim jacket?
Shame on you.
Fix that NOW.
regularly $79.50, now 40% off of $74.50
 regulary $56.50, now 40% off of $49.50
 regulary $18.50, now 40% off of $16.50
 regulary $39.50, now 40% off of $34.50
regulary $89.50, now 40% off of $74.50
Can't you just see this with some awesome brown boots, tights, boot socks, and either a fabulous statement necklace or scarf.
In the words of Alison at Get Your Pretty On,
"instant outfit"!

These sweaters are SO in right now, and I love this sparkly heart!
regulary $98, now 40% off of $94
You people know how I L.O.V.E. a striped tee.
This is a REALLY good one.
I you have less than 3 striped should probably go ahead and get this one.
regularly $42.50, now 40% off of $34.50

Just click HERE and take a look around yourself.
Remember to to use the code XOFACTORY.
These prices are sooo good, I'm thinking you could even buy some stuff for yourself today and not feel guilty.
That's what I'm telling myself anyway.  

And just in case you had technical difficulties on Cyber Monday with the LOFT, they have 30% off online today for full-price items.  Not as good as The Factory, but still good.


  1. Ahh I want so many things you posted lol and totally singing the song while reading!

  2. I want the flats, the heart sweater and the chambray dress. So stinkin' cute!

  3. LOVE j crew, but cheap prices?! yes please!

  4. Should be, I'm shopping. I totally blame you.

  5. SO many great deals to be had at J Crew Factory right now! I've already picked up a few for myself and a gift for someone too! =)

  6. I scored some great stuff from them on Cyber Monday...but just got the email yesterday that all of it was cancelled bc it was sold out. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Hate that! But it's money I probably didn't need to spend anyway, right? (agree with me so I'll feel better!)

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