Friday, December 7, 2012

What 1 Thing I'm Obsessed With: Altar'd State tour AND giveaway!!!

A couple of weeks ago I gave a little shout out to my new favorite store,  
I believe I said they were a 
"Jesus Loving cheaper version of Anthropologie"
Which they are.
Which is awesome.

I wonder why they haven't hired me for their marketing department?
"Jesus Loving cheaper version of Anthropologie".
That's marketing gold right there.
I think I might have missed my calling....and some big exec missed an opportunity.

So what is Altar'd State all about?
Well....let me tell ya friends....
 Altar’d State is the next best thing in retail. An energetic fashion boutique, Altar’d State offers a distinctive shopping experience for women interested in the latest fashion finds, the most anticipated accessories and that next great gift.  Whether she is 16 or 60, the common thread is her desire to share her personality through stylish, comfortable, on-trend clothes, shoes and accessories.  Altar’d State customers can enjoy personalized attention in an upbeat environment that promotes confidence, civic involvement and positivity through its merchandise. 
Altar’d State is more than a store, it’s a movement.

Aside from providing all the latest trends, Altar’d State distinguishes itself by supporting charitable causes in the community.
That's right...Altar'd State gives back!

Through what is known as Mission Mondays, the company donates 10% of net proceeds to various local charities every Monday.  Altar’d State also supports communities by funding monthly employee volunteer hours and seeking vendor partners that share the company’s philosophy of giving back.  For example, the Altar’d State brand, TOMS shoes, FashionABLE scarves, Krochet Kids and FEED are available at most locations and each offer something back to those in need.

I'm telling you.  Altar'd State ROCKS.
Just ask my friend Erika.
She headed out to the store to check it out on my recommendation,
and now it's her new favorite too!
She came home with lots of goodies,
 including an outfit to wear in her family's Christmas card picture!
 (By the way..she just had a baby last Tuesday...her 3rd baby...
and she is already out shopping up a storm!)
She is SO my friend. ;)
Erika fell in love with Altar'd State, and so will you!

Well, after I gave them my little shout out several weeks ago, I e-mailed them the link to my post, and they e-mailed me back!  They told me they loved the blog (so sweet), offered me a $50 gift card (total score!), and said they wanted to partner up for a giveaway today and possible future giveaways!
I mean. COME ON!  I was IN!

So, now for the formal introduction.
Altar'd State....these are my people.
People....this is Altar'd State.
You're about to become bff.

Going into their store is an experience.
And just in case you don't live in an area with a store, I thought you might want a little tour.
Their window displays are GORGEOUS!
They seriously make my heart race a little bit.
Is that wrong?
Oh well, if it is, I don't want to be right.
The entire store and the dressing rooms are just beautiful
(floor on left, dressing rooms on right)
 And just look at some of the displays.  So well done.
The clothes are UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL.
 Check. out. all. those. bags.

 So much GORGEOUSNESS all in one place!
And the jewelry?
Oh my....the jewelry.

I had the little fella with me, and he was not in a shopping mood,
but I managed to try on a couple of super cute items.
I loved this shirt.
 This cardigan came home with me.
I know, shocker.
You know mama loves a cardigan.
Here's how I wore it once I got home.
I'm wearing an Altar'd State cardigan, necklace, and cross body bag in this next picture.
They also have DARLING home items.
It is so neat to be shopping and see things like this precious little cross that said
"God is so good!"
(Oh..and the neatest Christian music was playing in the background. I meant to ask the girl checking me out if I could buy the cd, but the little guy was anxious to get to Chick-Fil-A, so I forgot.)
 I'm telling ya, this place is a one stop shop for beautiful clothes, amazing jewelry, unique bags, and fabulous home accessories.
 And here is an example of one of their give back while shopping opportunities.
You gotta love a store with HEART.
 Oh...and check out their boot collection!
How you doin?
(I bet 98% of you said that in your head like Joey Tribiani.)

 If you can't tell.....
I am just OVER THE MOON excited to be partnering up with this FANTASTIC store.

So, I gave you a tour of the store, now I want to show you some of my favorite things!

Fall Into Me Dress
Altar’d State FALL Into Me Dress

This dress is classic and modern all at the same time.
I think it would look great with tights, boots, and maybe a statement necklace or a scarf...
or maybe a denim jacket.
Altar'd State Peak-A-Boo Pleat Dress
Altar'd State Peak-A-Boo Pleat DressAltar’d State Tweed Hip Pocket Dress

Snow Striped Poncho
Melanie (Big Mama), I don't know if you still read my blog...but I immediately thought of you when I saw this one!
Altar'd State Snow Stripe Poncho

Denim Delight Blouse
Denim Delight Blouse I've got some good news and I've got some bad news.
Bad news first.
My plan was to highlight more of my favorite pieces...but my computer started sassin' me...and it had been a long I gave up.
So...just go here if you want to see some coats.
Go here if you want to see dresses.
Go here if you want to see jewelry.
Go here if you want to see bags.
Go here if you want to see shoes.

What's the good news?
 Altar'd State is hosting a giveaway for my Pinterest Told Me To Peeps!
Would you like to win one of these bubble necklaces?
Yeah, baby!
There are lots of different colors available. There is even a pearl one!
Check out all the colors here. (I think the grey one is my favorite!)
Bold Bubble Necklace & Earring Set in Burgandy

How do you enter?
It's simple!
All you have to do to enter is like Altar'd State on facebook HERE.
And then make sure you leave a comment at the bottom of this post telling me you "liked" them!
That's all!
I will stop accepting entries on Monday at 8:00 p.m.
I will announce the winner Tuesday morning!

You can also follow them on Pinterest here.
And as always,you can like me on facebook here
you can follow me on pinterest here

And guess what......

If you would like to catch up on my 12 Days of Christmas Series for some amazing gifts to get AND give..... you go!
On the 8th day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
(Try not to read it and sing it.  I dare you.)
Have a wonderful weekend friends!
See you back here on Monday....
unless I get a wild hair and decide to do a little post over the weekend.
It could happen.  Especially if I get news of an awesome sale or something.
You know me...I am powerless when it comes to a good sale.

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  58. We live in Texarkana and made a trip to Frisco this past weekend. Like you, we were lured into Altar'd State by the fab window displays. The staff greeted us at the door, the music was so soothing...and then my daughter and I realized we heard the name of Jesus in the music...what??? Could we seriously be in a Christian store? The WHOLE experience was pleasant and the convo with the sales girl in the dressing room....I can't say enough great about this store. I immediately made a fb post tellining ALL my friends, did a google search to see where more stores are. Fell in love with this place. And so happy to find there is one in Shreveport which is only about an hour from us as opposed to the 3 hours to Frisco. Okay, so for the novel in your comments but this place was awesome! I liked them on fb a day or two ago, now I follow on Pinterest and I "liked" you too. :) Look in on my blog sometime.

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