Friday, August 31, 2012

A Pleasant Surprise

So, my last outfit was "eh".
And to be perfectly honest, I didn't have high expectations for this outfit either.
However, I saw the photo, and I really liked the I thought I would give it a whirl.
I grabbed the orange shirt that I wore with my white jeans just a couple of days ago, and put it on again for a totally different look.
I gotta tell ya, it was a pleasant surprise, which is WAY BETTER than "eh".
(Be honest, you shrugged and tilted didn't you.)
(Inspiration look can be found here.)

Orange shirt: J Crew outlet
Navy Cardigan: The LOFT
Belt: The LOFT
Necklace: The LOFT
Jeans: Swanky Boutique
Shoes: TJ Maxx

This copycat look is one that I interpreted VERY loosely. The only thing the same is the colors.
I didn't have a navy blazer, a chiffon pleated orange dress, or a gold collar necklace.
Maybe YOU do.
If you do, then WORK. IT.
Go on with your bad self.
I however did NOT.
So, jeans, an orange shell, and a navy cardigan it was.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Only "eh"

Some outfits I put together I love, some I like, some I hate, and some are just

When you say "eh", you have to shrug your shoulders and tilt your head to the side.
Did you do it?
An eh outfit is okay. There is nothing really wrong with an "eh" outfit, but for some reason I just don't love it.
Meet "eh".

(Original inspiration photo found here.)
See what I mean?
Nothing is wrong with it, it's a perfectly fine outfit, it's just "eh".
Did you shrug and tilt?
I really like the coral and grey combination together, so I imagine I will be coming up with different ways to put these two colors together.
Shirt, Shorts, and Scarf: all Gap
Look at me, wearing all Gap. Gap does seem to be creeping into my wardrobe with increased frequency.
I wonder if my LOFT clothes feel nervous.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Operation Denim Shirt : Look #1

In addition to simply copying Pinterest styles,
I'm also going to use Pinterest to stretch my wardrobe by taking some basics in my closet, and re-styling them lots and lots of different ways.
The first "basic" that I am going to work with is my brand spankin' new denim shirt.
In case you didn't know...
Anybody who is anybody will own a denim shirt this fall.
You heard it hear first.
JK. You've probably already heard it around 278 times.
Sadly, sometime between 1994 and now I had gotten rid of my denim shirt.
And since I didn't have one, and I wanted to be somebody, I made it a priority to get one.
I scoured the internet and the mall.
There was something wrong with each one that I saw. Too westerny, too long, too blousy.
One that was SO cute from the front actually had a back that was entirely black lace. Um, no.
Then late one night I thought "I know! J Crew Outlet!"
Man I'm good.
I promise you this, it is THE PERFECT DENIM SHIRT.
If you are on the hunt for one for yourself, you can stop your search.  Buy this shirt.

When I saw this combo I was excited because I knew I basically had all the players!
When I went to my closet this morning to put the look together, I pulled my shorts (my FAVORITE SUMMER SHORTS of 2012) out of the dirty clothes hamper.
I think I had worn them three times before I even put them in there.
Like you never have. Please.
Oh you haven't?
Yeah, me either.

Here's the look:

(Pinned; original source unable to be found.)
Pink Shorts: Gap Outlet
Denim Shirt: J Crew Outlet
Gold Necklace:  The LOFT
Gold Bracelets: The LOFT here's what I think about this look...
I felt SUPER stylish in it while at Market Street, and like I should only put wine and sushi in my cart. In reality, my cart had really un-stylish things like Goldfish, a white onion, and q-tips.
So, if you want to look cool when buying onions and q-tips, wear this.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Please don't keep secrets about mint green necklaces. It's not nice.

This is one of the first outfits I pinned once I got on Pinterest.
I clearly remember pinning it last summer after the pool one day.
I thought it was such a cute and fresh combination.
I'm a big fan of the white jean. A BIG fan. I also loved the orange shirt with the mint green necklace, but I didn't have a mint green necklace. Poor me.
Fast forward to this summer.
I bought this necklace at the beginning of the summer to freshen up a black dress (a dress I first wore 8 years ago) I was planning on wearing to a friend's wedding. I thought I was just buying it to wear to the wedding. I could not have been more wrong. I of course didn't remember this pin at the time, but when I was going back through my pins one day (do you ever do that?), I found this image and got so excited! Actually, I've found lots of pics with a mint green necklace.

WHO KNEW a mint green necklace would go with so many things?!?
Oh, YOU knew?
Well, I wish you would have told me.
(Inspiration photo originally found here.)
Necklace: J Crew outlet
Orange Shell: J Crew outlet
Orange and Brown Belt: The Loft
White Jeans: 1969 Gap Jeans

The inspiration photo is from a blog I follow:
Kendi is super cute with a great style, and I laugh out loud sometimes when I read her posts.
She is hilarious.
She also has a precious store in downtown McKinney called Bloom. I've been in 3 separate times now, each time hoping to meet her, and each time I've missed her. Boo.
I just know we could be friends if we met! That is, if she didn't feel like I was stalking her and file a restraining order against me first.
For the record, I'm also pretty sure I could be BFF with Kelly Ripa and Bethenny Frankel.

One more thing.
Now is as good a time as any to discuss the whole
metakingpicturesofmyselfbeingreallyweird elephant in the room.
Yeah, it's weird.
Okay, glad that's out of the way.
I feel better.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Ya'll, this dress can totally talk

I first met this dress last Tuesday, and she was so polite and lovely.
I was in Nordstrom with friends, and she called me over to her and totally picked me up.
She was all like, "You're kinda cute. I'd like you to wear me."
I totally fell for her sweet talk. However, it was lies. All lies.
Anyway, I bought her, took her home, and couldn't wait to be friends for life.
Isn't she cute?
Once I got her home, things changed.
At the store, she was sweet. At home, she turned on me.
She was all sorts of sassy. And not in a good way.
I tried to style her like 7 or 8 different ways.
And you know what?
Each time she would laugh and say something hurtful.
When I threw tall boots on with her, she was all....
"Hmmmm....MAYBE that would work if you weren't 5'3" and 3/4." (You ladies know how important that extra 3/4 is.)
When I tried to belt her at the waist, she scoffed and said, "MAYBE that would work if you could exercise a little self control and put down the chips and queso."
When I tried to just wear it plain with a simple necklace she said
"You know what. That looks good!.....If you LIKE the uniboob look."
That one was mean spirited.
When I got crazy and tried to mix it up and wear a cardigan and a scarf, and belt them both, she said I looked a colonial woman.
I'm not sure what she meant by that, but I think she was right.
For 2 days and 2 nights, every time I looked at her she would quietly mock me.
Well.....I showed her.
Guess who went back to the store last Thursday?
I hope she and her sassy little mouth learned a lesson.
And for her next owner's sake, I hope the girl is at least 5'9" and a 00.
Jeni, if you're reading, you should totally go buy this dress!!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Totally Different, and Yet Completely The Same

This is my 3rd post, and I've gotta say, this is kind of fun!
Putting outfits together with clothes I already have, outfits that I would have not had the brains to put together on my own, is my type of challenge.
While scrolling through Pinterest, I totally bypassed this photo because there was
nothing "me" about it.
Pink kitten heels? not me
Pink belly shirt? um, definitely not me (you're welcome)
However, I came back to it because I thought the colors were pretty.
Lots of "neutrals" layered together? Neutrals that make me look tan? THAT I can do.
Sometimes I will copy an outfit piece by piece.....other times I will simply use the pin as inspiration, which is what I did here.
TOTALLY different,
yet COMPLETELY the same.
Right? :)
(Inspiration photo originally found here.)
Cardigan, Ruffled Tank, Shorts, Necklace, Earrings, and Shoes : ALL The Loft
No lie.
It really isn't unusual for me to be dressed head to toe in LOFT.
By the way, this is not a paid endorsement, but I do accept cold hard cash and/or gift cards if anybody is so inclined.
I'm talking to you LOFT.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Well Now, THAT was embarrassing this is a story that I feel deserves a post all it's own.
There are no pictures because I'm too ashamed.
At the end, be prepared to do one of two things:
1) Laugh so hard that you snort
2) Shake your head back and forth quietly in disbelief at my misfortune.

Let me start by saying that Chris has been reading my blog since my very first post. We spend countless hours looking at pictures of Carter and talking about how cute and sweet he is (I know, gag). Still, he has NEVER posted a comment. Never. Not once.

Well, just as Carter and I were sitting down to lunch today, I get a text from him that says:
"Take a look at your blog comments when you get a chance. :)"
I knew he was up to no good. The little rascal.

He was commenting on my 2nd style post.
The one I posted this morning that talks about "girl math".
He made some sarcastic comment about how girl math wasn't real...was I in junior high?...blah blah blah.
He then also suggested that girl math was really no more than an excuse to dress me and the kid in designer duds while dressing him in Merona and Denzien (both Target brands for those of you know in the know).
I texted him back something about how I was going have to check the settings on my blog and make sure all future comments would have to meet blog owner approval before being posted. :)
Carter and I finished lunch and then headed home.

When I called him about an hour later to give him a hard time about his comment, this is how the conversation went down:
Chris: "Hello"
Me: "Naughty Daddy"
(Said in a little kid voice. Carter has started saying "Naughty Scout, "Naughty Dadddy", "Naughty Mommy" when we aren't making good choices. So, Chris and I have started saying it to each other too. He also will say "Not. Nice." which is another phrase we have now adopted.)
Chris: "What?
Me: "Naughty Daddy. Not nice."
(I said it louder this time because I was thinking he couldn't hear me. Louder, and a little more kid-like.....for effect.)
Chris: "What? Who is this?"

Well, that's about the time I looked down at my phone.
In fact, it was NOT Chris that I had called.
I had just called some random dude and said "Naughty Daddy" to him.
In a kid-like voice.
Which I'm guessing, when you don't know the context, sounds dirty.
Well, I said "wrong number" in a ridiculously high and squeaky voice and hung up faster than you can say "learn to use a phone!"

Can you even imagine what that guy was thinking?
I'm guessing he's telling the story to his family and friends tonight too.

So, I want to know...
did you snort?
or are you shaking your head in shame?

Girl Math

My friend Shay has a yummy cooking blog, and she talks about "girl math" a lot.

For example, if cookies have oatmeal in them, then they are really a breakfast food...or if a cake has pumpkin in it, then it might as well be a vegetable and she should probably eat twice as much.
Girl Math.
The first math that I have ever understood, because IT JUST MAKES SENSE.

So, here is a simple fashion equation:

Black and White striped tank
Brown Belt
Turquoise Necklace
Magenta Cardigan


Dang. I've NEVER been good at math.
I do however plan to subscribe to Girl Math for fashion. For example, if something costs $4, I should probably buy a boat load. If something is 40% off, then it's basically free.
You get the idea.

(Random math story: I met my hubby in 10th grade algebra. I believe it was my fashion forward thinking, even at such a young age, that probably attracted him to me. Who could resist the allure of grey stretch pants, a long denim shirt, scrunchy socks, tennis shoes and a high pony tail? I mean really, he didn't stand a chance.)

All right...let's get on with it....
Copy Cat Look #2:

(Inspiration photo originally found here.)
I never ever ever would have put this combo together if I hadn't seen the inspiration photo...
Never ever.
And you know what? I like it!
Black and white tank: The Loft (at least 3 years old)
Magenta cardigan: The Loft (around 5 years old)
Brown belt: The Loft (purchased last year)
Jeans: L.A. Idol, (purchased at Swanky 2 summers ago)
Necklace*: Lucky Brand, (purchased at Swanky at least 3 years ago)
Shoes: Target (on clearance a couple of summers ago for $8)
Do you hear that Chris? EIGHT DOLLARS! What a deal.
Oops. Just realized you can't see the shoes in the pic. But $8 shoes still deserve a mention.
*It's hard to see in the pic, but the necklace does have a turquoise stone in the middle.

So, with only two style posts under my belt, you might be sensing a theme.
The Loft is without a doubt my go to place for clothes and accessories. It has been for years.
You will be seeing lots and lots of LOFT clothes, some most likely dating back to as long as 10 years ago or so.
Not even kidding.
Other frequent players will include Gap, Gap Outlet, Target, and J Crew Outlet, with a sprinkling of TJ Maxx for a random great find.
if you're a friend of mine, you know another theme will soon emerge...
My DEEP love of the cardigan.
(Not really sure about the "grandpa cardigan"...but if we're being honest....I would probably like it. I do my best not to discriminate against a cardigan of any kind.)

I have been in a loving and committed relationship with the cardigan since about 1994.
I had matching sweater sets in every color of the rainbow. You know the ones. Where the sleeveless shell and the cardigan were the same color?
I might have even tied a couple of the cardigans around my shoulders a couple (hundred) times when I was really trying to look nice. :)
And somebody I know even went so far as to tie the cardigan around her waist every so often.
That somebody may or may not have been me.
Lucky for me, 98% of the outfits on Pinterest include a Cardigan.
Finally, the cardigan is earning some street cred!

In addition to my obsession with my dear old friend the cardigan, I also have a much newer obsession....
the scarf.
My friend Lisa joked the other day that I was replacing my cardigan obsession with a scarf obsession.
I assured her this was not the case. I was not abandoning the cardigan.
That would be wrong on so many levels.
I was simply adding a new obsession.

Here is my new scarf collection.
Please don't tell Chris.

Oh my gosh, I just thought of something....
cardigan + scarf = AWESOME
That's some Girl Math at it's best.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

But Mom...Pinterest Told Me To


I have started a style blog and this is my first post.
Do you hear that?
If you listen closely, I'm pretty sure you will be able to hear my little sister and a few of my friends laughing right now.
Q: Am I a writer?
A: No.
Q: Am I a fashionista?
A. Um, no.
Q: Do I subscribe to lots of fashion magazines and feel like I am "in the know" about trends.
A. Again, no.
However, I do watch The Rachel Zoe project, which I think should count for something.

Here are a few of my redeeming qualities:
1) I LOVE a good bargain. Like, REALLY. LOVE. a good bargain.
(Just ask the hubby. I am constantly saying things like "Guess how much this was?", and then screaming something ridiculous like "NINE DOLLARS!")
2) I like a challenge.
Now let me be clear.
I don't like a challenge that requires any type of physical activity or too much brain power. Don't ask me to run a marathon or even walk a 5k, and please don't hand me a crossword puzzle.
But a challenge that involves cute clothes and an aforementioned good bargain?
Well, then I'm all in.
3) Pinterest is my new bff.
I am a pinning fool.
I can pin and pin and pin and never tire of it.
So, since I am a self-proclaimed "non-fashionista", Pinterest provides me with endless ideas on how to put clothes together and look "in", although I don't pretend to really know what "in" actually is.
It's a WIN - WIN. make my really long explanation a teensy bit longer......
I am going to try my hand at copying some Pinterest outfits and then blogging about them.
I am going to do it without buying lots of new stuff. I will try my best to do it with things that I already have in my closet. If I do buy something because of an inspiration photo, then I will tell you.
Simple really.

Without further ado....
Copy Cat Look #1.
Drum roll please.

(Inspiration photo pulled from this blog.)
I saw the inspiration photo last night and thought about the pieces I already had in my closet that would work. I don't have a pink bubble skirt (who does?), but I do have hot pink shorts. I also have a wide navy and white striped tee. kick it up a notch...why not put a smaller striped scarf with my wide striped shirt?
I like to live on the edge.
Never in a million years would I have put these things together on my own.
But Pinterest told me to, I listened, and I liked it!
It's basically the fashion equivalent of "If you're friend told you to jump off a bridge, would you? :)
Shirt - The LOFT
(I bought this top a couple of year's ago, so the link is to another striped LOFT top in different colors.)
Shorts - Gap Outlet
Scarf - Francesca's (no longer in stock, but lots of other great scarves)

What do you think?
Did I pull it off?
Would Pinterest make YOU do it?
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