Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lucky #104

 If you're name isn't Shanna,
then you are going to be really sad.
Really, really sad.

But....if your name IS Shanna.....
Wow, girl.
You just TOTALLY scored.
Because these earrings are AWESOME.
And now they are YOUR awesome earrings!

Congratulations Shanna at Because Shanna Said So
- Lucky #104! 
I'll tell you what is Crazy!  Shanna has a style blog too!  
I left a comment on hers sometime within the last week, which led her to jump over to mine and check mine out.  When she was here, she entered the contest, and her ears are now thanking her for it.
Shanna is for sure going to have the 
best dressed lobes on her block!
E-mail me Shanna and I will get your deets so I can pop these little babies in the mail to you! 

Thank you Jenny Morgan for hosting this AWESOME Stella and Dot givaway!
And to all of those who shopped the catalog sale...THANK YOU!
I know you are going to LOVE everything you got!
Sheaffer :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

She's Done it Again!

Linking up this weekend with Tator Tots and Jello for the Weekend Wrap-Up Party
and Show and Tell Saturday.
I know that these linky parties are technically for projects...
but re-creating a Pinterest outfit is as close to a project as I ever get....
so can't we call me MAKING an outfit a project?
We can?
{More link ups at the bottom of the post.}
If you want to get straight to my Pinterest inspired outfit, you can skip to the bottom of the post.
But there might be some of you out there who want to take advantage of the last couple of days of my Stella and Dot online trunk show.
(I'm not the Stella and Dot stylist, I'm just the host.)
Go HERE to place an order.
These are the earrings that everybody has been going CRAZY for!
They are the Serenity Stone Drop Earrings, and yes, they are awesome.
Many of you ladies have already knocked several gifts off of your list and managed to pick up some things up for yourself.  Doesn't it feel amazing to have some of your Christmas gifts already taken care of?!?
However, I'm thinking that there might be some of you out there that have been thinking about placing an order, but haven't decided yet.

So I'm here telling you to pull the!
You won't be sorry.
I have gone back and forth at least 23 times, but I've finally decided on what I'm ordering.  I think.
Here are some of the things I am ordering (some for me, some for gifts)!
I still reserve the right to change my mind one last time.
or maybe two.

Bryant Park Scarf in pink
I am ordering this for myself, but it would be an AWESOME gift for a lady in your life that has battled or is currently battling breast cancer.  100% of the net proceeds of the sale of this scarf goes to the Noreen Fraser Foundation,
a non-profit dedicated to raising women's cancer research funds
and promoting early detection and awareness.

Jordyn Filigree Earrings
I am SO excited about these.  I love that they are brass and silver with a tiny little bit of bling thrown in for good measure.

Demi Layering Necklace
This looks SO great layered.
And I kind of like to consider myself the queen of layering necklaces.
Pinterest told me to layer necklaces, I did, and now I'm obsessed.
This is the Demi Layering necklace with the Soar Necklace, PERFECT for layering together!

Stackable Deco Rings
These rings are GORGEOUS.  That's all I'm gonna say.
Oh wait.
Remember how I told you that I put them with my engagement ring and I thought they looked great? Well, I thought you might want to see.
Okay, now that's all I'm going to say.
* Rings by themselves on the left.
* 2 out of the 3 rings with my engagement ring on theright. 

So, now it's your turn!
Go shopping!
Oh....I have another tip for you!
I decided to go ahead and get Carter's teacher gifts for Christmas!
There are several pairs of earrings between $24 and $30 that I will be so proud to give.
I got these, these, and these.
They come in darling boxes, and anybody would be happy to receive them.

I don't even have to wrap them.
Total. Score.



Well, she's gone and done it again.
Pinterest has once again put together a darling outfit that in theory should never have worked.
But it does.
She (Pinterest) is like psychic or something.
How does she ALWAYS know?
Grey Sweater :LOFT (probably 5 years old)
Scarf:  Nordstrom, find it here
Melon cords:  Target, find them here
You can no longer really find them online, but I see them in stores still...and there are still several colors to choose from.
If you haven't tried to buy these yet, you're crazy.
Like seriously, certifiably, crazy.
Don't be offended, just go and buy them.
Sparkly leopard Tom's:  Neiman's, find them here

I really like this look.  I also really like the Farrah Fawcet hair in the inspiration pic.

Now, before you leave, I have one random thing to talk about.

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to prove that I'm not a robot.
Can I get an Amen?
I'm NOT a robot.
I know with certainty that I am not.

I seriously sometimes stare and stare at the letters and #s for a little bit before I even try to copy them, and I typically don't copy them until I'm absolutely positive that I've figured them out.
And still, I would say that at least 80% of the time, I'm wrong.
Anyway, just wanting to see if others out there are having difficulty proving that you are in fact a NOT a robot.
I will tell you this.
I might not be a robot....but I am a SERIOUSLY ANNOYED human being.

Also linking up today with:
 The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday
 Rolled Up Pretty for Whatever Whenever Wednesday
 The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting!
So glad you stopped by Pinterest Told Me To!

Navy, White, and Green and AWESOMENESS

Linking up today with lots of parties including:
Sunday Style at Modern Modest Beauty
Watch What I'm Wearing at Watching Out for The Woestmans!
and Sundae Scoop Link Party at I Heart Naptime.

Welcome to Pinterest Told Me To ladies!

This was an easy one.
The moment I saw this Pinterest combo I knew I could pull it off, so I wore it that very day!
Yep....I found it one morning at around 6:00 a.m., and I was wearing it by 7:00 a.m.
Thank you Pinterest!
Trouser Jeans:  GAP outlet a couple of years ago.
They were like $12!
Navy Striped Shirt:  GAP outlet
Green Cardigan:  LOFT
Necklace:  Lucky Brand

I've been seeing navy, white, and green together all over Pinterest....
and I totally dig it.
Plus, I feel like most people could have these pieces in their closet and could also recreate this look lickity split.

It's the shirt that makes this outfit.
I HIGHLY recommend you purchasing a shirt similar to this one.
I've worn it several times in the last month, and it always really ads a nice punch to an outfit.
I wore it with my melon cords here.
And here is another one of my navy striped shirts that I love (this is my very first post!).
They look great with lots of different colors!

I found this striped shirt at Old Navy...and even though none of them are navy and white, there are lots of great colors and they are only $11.50!  I've had these shirts on, and they are SO soft.  

Okay, now that I've done my outfit recreation, it's time to move on to the AWESOMENESS I referenced in the post title.
This just happens to be one of my favorite stories ever.
And I'm quite certain it might become one of your favorites too.
It has nothing to do with fashion, but I feel that I need to share this story with the world.
You're welcome.
My girlfriends and I are often trading stories about less than stellar "mommy moments" that we all have every now and then.
Well, I had shared a story with a friend (don't even remember what my story was because her story TOTALLY beat mine), and she decided to make me feel 100% better about myself by telling me her story.
She is such a good friend to me that she completely threw herself under the bus.
And I can't even tell you how much I appreciated it.
Not only did it make me feel better that day,
it makes me laugh every single time I think of it, and I think of it often.
Let me start about saying that this friend of mine is an AMAZING friend,
but she is an even more amazing mom.
She is kind, patient, fun, loving, encouraging, and prayerful.
Still, even the most awesome of mommies can break.
And she did.
Oh yes, she did.
I don't remember the background story or anything, but after having one of those days all day long, something made her crack at the end of the day.
When she cracked, she looked her child straight in the eye, and said this.......
"Do you want me to spank your face?"
I think that just may be one of the funniest (and completely hardcore)
mommy moments I have ever heard of.
She of course did NOT spank the child's face, so don't worry about that. :)
{Remember, she's an incredible mom who just momentarily broke!}
Thank you dear friend for sharing your mommy moment with me.
We all have 'em.
And that my friends is one of my most favorite stories ever.
Don't judge my friend.
You can't tell me you haven't had moments where you've wanted to spank your child's face.
Because you have.
You totally have.

p.s.  Remember that you can still shop my trunk show with Stella and Dot HERE!  
Come on peeps, buy something pretty for the ones you love and for yourself. 
You're cute.  
You deserve it.  
Plus, Christmas is just around the corner.
Don't even act like you don't want one of these rings for yourself.
That green Suzanne cocktail ring is only $39!!!!
The fox ring is sold out.  Sorry.  ...but check out this amazing sidewinder ring.
And you guys already know I LOVE and ADORE the stack rings. If you want to see me wearing a couple of them with my engagement ring, click here.
The Jules ring is $49 and is an awesome statement piece.

Go shopping with me!  You'll be so happy you did!

Monday, October 29, 2012


Short post today...I'm up to my eyeballs in paperwork for school.
I'm furiously trying to finish up progress reports.
If you are one of my supervisors, please disregard that last statement.
I was just kidding.
I of course know that progress reports were supposed to be in the system two Fridays ago, 
and of course mine were.
Of. Course.

If you are here today visiting from the YOLO blog help, WELCOME!


 Before I get to my post today with the least expensive dress on the planet, please remember to enter the contest for the Stella and Dot earrings (a $50 value)!
Just click HERE and follow the directions.
after receiving a couple of requests via facebook and twitter.....
I've decided to add 2 new ways to get extra entries:
*You can get 1 extra entry if you follow me on Twitter (@simsslp) and  tweet about the giveaway.
*You get another extra entry if you share my link from Friday on facebook. (Just click "share".) 
*And remember that you get an extra entry if you place an order through the online trunk show! 
If you do any of these things, remember to go place an additional comment on the blog post.
EVERYBODY wants these earrings!  
In fact, my friend Andrea had an idea that I thought was HILARIOUS!
She wants the earrings so badly that she thought there should perhaps be an essay contest on 
"Why I deserve to win the GORGEOUS Stella and Dot earrings."
You guys better be glad that it's not an essay contest, because I'm quite sure that Andrea would win!

And in case you are still looking through the catalog and thinking about placing an order...
Check out these two little lovelies.

LOVE that this is gold and silver.
I want this for me I think.  It's sitting in my wishlist online.

This necklace is so sparkly, so simple, and so sweet.  
And it's only $39!
I think I told you Friday that I know 2 people that are getting this for themselves, their sister, and their mom.  Love that idea!
I got a necklace like this from the hubby on my 30th birthday, and I wear it constantly!

Okay....time for the post.
Today I am just highlighting a dress I tried on this weekend.
The Women's Crepe Tie-Belt Shift Dress.
From Old Navy!
This is the same dress in 3 different colors, and it also comes in a pretty emerald green.
And for $19!
In stores on Friday it was $19, but here it is online for $25.  
I mean it's obviously still a good deal at $25, but $19 is crazy fantastic!  

The little man wanted to get it on the action.
It's kind of like a game of Where's Waldo.

Okay...that's it for today...
back to the progress reports that of course are already done.
Of course.

Friday, October 26, 2012

What 37 Things I'm Obsessed With....AND a Stella and Dot Giveaway!

Linking up today for my AWESOME giveaway with YOLO Monday! and Tell Me About it Tuesday!

Okay, so I'm not going to do the traditional "What 3 Things I'm Obsessed With" post today, because I just can't narrow it down.
I'm like one of those little kids that gets distracted by everything shiny they see.
I'm guessing you ladies might want to see some shiny stuff too.
Well, okay.
Lucky for you, I have a friend that recently became a Stella and Dot stylist.
Meet Jenny!  Isn't she cute?  :)
Scratch that.
Isn't she gorgeous?
She is actually one of those girls that is a rare combination of cute AND gorgeous.
It's sickening really.
Too bad she's also super nice,
or we could all talk bad about her super shiny hair and her pretty white teeth
 and her flawless glowing skin.

Well, Jenny wondered if you guys might be up for a
Stella and Dot giveaway?!?
I told her I wasn't sure.
I was all...."HECK YA!  I'm IN!"
And then she texted me a picture of these GORGEOUS earrings (a $50 value!) that she had chosen for the giveaway.
And then I was all....Wait.....I want those for myself.
But, I guess I'll still do the giveaway.
I mean, if they are good enough for George Clooney's girl, they are good enough for me!  :)

I got mixed reviews on the ease of using Rafflectopter,
so I thought we would go back to just leaving a comment.
Yep, we're gonna kick it old school.

First of all, if you are leaving a comment registered as "Anonymous", make sure you leave your first and last name and/or an e-mail address!  I will need to know how to contact you!
*For 1 entry, simply leave a comment saying anything you want!
*You get a 2nd entry if you "like" the facebook page here,
and then leave a comment saying "I'm a facebook fan."
*You get a 3rd entry if you are a follower of the blog
(go to "join this site" on the bottom right hand corner if you haven't already),
and then leave a comment saying "I'm a follower".
*You get a 4th entry if you order $100 worth of merchandise from Stella and Dot
and leave a comment saying so!
Is that as clear as mud?
Some of you might only leave 1 comment, which is fine! 
But if you want to increase your chances, please do so.
The more comments you have, the better your chances of winning! 
(Please don't leave 1 comment saying you've done everything.  I will be entering the numbers into a computer program for a random # to be chosen, so you won't get all the necessary credit if you just leave 1 comment.)
after receiving a couple of requests via facebook and twitter.....
I've decided to add 2 new ways to get extra entries:
*You can get 1 extra entry if you follow me on Twitter (@simsslp) and  tweet about the giveaway.
*You get another extra entry if you share my link from Friday on facebook. (Just click "share".)

Sadly, only 1 lucky lady will win the contest.
Even sadder, I know with 100% certainty that it won't be me. Ha! :)
So I of course will be placing an order.  I'm getting those earring fo sho!
Plus.....I don't want to freak anybody out or start a riot or anything...
but like I mentioned yesterday,
do you know it's now only 59 days until Christmas?!?
 It's okay...just breathe...and get a jump start on your Christmas shopping with me RIGHT NOW!
I LOVE the idea of knocking out Christmas gifts for some of the ladies in my life.
 (If you are my mom, sister, MIL, or SIL, please disregard that last statement.)
 Jenny and I thought some of you might like that idea too,
so we decided to open up an online catalog party so you can get in on the shopping fun with me!

Yes, ma'm!!!!!
Between now and next Wednesday (October 31st),
you can place a Stella and Dot order by going HERE.
We have set up a virtual trunk show with me as your hostess!  FUN!
Shipping is only $5.95 (no matter how much you order), and your order will ship directly to you and arrive within 3-5 days (as long as your stuff isn't on backorder).
The jewelry is unique, beautiful, incredibly well made, and worth every penny.
And....let's just be real here.....
Stella and Dot is cool. :)

I thought you guys might want to see some of their stuff (not just displayed in a catalog), so I played dress up with lots of the Stella and Dot pretties that Jenny owns....wanna see?

Olivia Bib Necklace
LOVE the orange and gold!
This orange would look so good with navy, grey, black, pink, and the list goes on.
Bahari Necklace
This navy and gold combo is awesome!
(and Katherine Heigl has been photographed wearing it!)

Starstruck Ring (Hello Gorgeous! sparkly and blingy in real life)
and the Sparkly Bardot Spiral Bangle
Stackable Deco Rings (SO sweet and dainty...and they look real!  I even tried two of them on with my real engagement ring, and they looked great!)
and the Tribute Bracelet (pretty with a little bit of sparkle - seen in Elle magazine!)
Chelsea Necklace
Love the look of this one!
Serenity Necklace
This is a statement necklace if I've ever seen one!
Ginger Layering Necklace
You know how I love layering necklaces right now!
Triology Ring and Bardot Spiral Bangle in Gold
Sidewinder Ring (totally hip) and Renegade Cluster Bracelet
Courage, Hope (Noreen Fraser piece, seen in US Weekly), and Elizabeth Bracelets
Cora Chandeleir Earrings and Gitane Tassel Necklace (can be worn 3 ways)
Goddess Teardrop Earrings (so light, a great size, and a little tiny bit of bling at the top)
Soiree Studs and Revival Tassel Necklace (as seen in In Style!)

Bryant Park Scarf
Clover Single Wrap Leather Bracelet (Oh so hip!) and the Moondance Stretch Bracelet

3- Strand Luna Wrap Bracelet (this bracelet is STUNNING on!)

Glint Flower CZ Necklace (Two of my girlfriends already bought 3 of these.  It is SO pretty and sparkly in person.  It's one of those necklaces that you would just keep on and wear every day if you wanted to.  Great for yourself or as a gift, and it's under $40!)
Soar Necklace and  Demi Layering Necklace
On the Fringe Silver Necklace (super casual and cool leather necklace with silver accents)

I had trouble taking good pics of any of the earrings,
 so I thought I would just showcase some of them here.
Charlize Teardrop Earrings (Who doesn't love turquoise?)
Valentina Chandeleir Earrings (A great pair of everyday earrings in gold.)
Talia Teardrop Earrings (A great silver pair for every day wear.)
Capri Chandeleir Earrings (The coral is great, but they come in turquoise too!)

And I also wanted to highlight 3 of my absolute favorite things that I think are GREAT deals and would make amazing gifts!
Who in the world wouldn't want this?  It could be totally casual with a button up shirt, or could go perfectly with a little black dress!  I want this for myself,
but I would also be really proud to give this as a gift.
These are PERFECT earrings.  
They are silver and gold with just a tiny bit of bling, and I think they would look GREAT with anything! Anything.
I'm totally getting these.
Bethenny Frankel has been seen wearing this. I love the chunkiness of it.  I love that it is gold and silver. I love the snakeskin look of it.  LOVE.

 Isn't their stuff RIDICULOUS?
And you won't believe how many choices there are online!
(I probably only showed you like 10% of the catalog.)
There are lots and lots of LOVELY things that are under $50,
and there is also plenty to choose from that is extra special and over $50.
 I've made a conscious decision this year that instead of giving lots of "okay" gifts for Christmas to one person, I prefer to give 1 nice gift.
It makes my Christmas shopping SOOOOOO much easier, it makes the wrapping a breeze, plus I feel like the recipient appreciates it more.
 I really like the idea of giving 1 special something that I am really proud of,
and that they will wear constantly!
And look at the boxes they come in!
The packages alone are fabulous!  I love the patterns!

Two more things that you can take advantage of this month with Stella and Dot:
1)  If you click HERE you can SHOP FOR A CAUSE by shopping the breast cancer boutique.
If you buy one of the 5 featured items, 100% of the proceeds go to
Noreen Fraser Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to women's
cancer research and awareness.

2) And check out this October promotion.

You spend $50, and you can get these 4 additional items at 50% off!
(Just to be clear, you spend $50 once.....and then you can get all 4 of these at 50% off!)
 That's a lot of gifts (or a lot of extra pretty for yourself)!

And as a reader reminded me via a facebook conversation we were having about this virtual trunk show, just think of all the time and gas you are going to save doing a little online shopping!
Yep, that is some girl math at it's best.  Thanks Casey!

So, if you would like to place an order , just click HERE
and then REWARD YOURSELF for being so flipping on the ball
and pick up a little something for yourself too!
(Does your mind work like that also?!?) 

And don't forget to register for the contest!
THE CONTEST WILL CLOSE at 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 31st, and
I will announce the winner next Thursday!

The Catalog party will also close on October 31st at 10:00.
(We want to make sure you can take advantage of the two October specials.)
So, get to shopping with me, and start feeling a little Falalalalala a little early.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Why, THANK YOU! and a giveaway link!!!!

I am linking up today with The Pleated PoppyTwo Thirty-Five Designs
 the Weekend Bloggy Reading Link Up, and with Tator Tots and Jellow.
More cool link ups at the bottom of the post!

 Welcome to Pinterest Told Me To!
If it's your first time here, at Pinterest Told Me To, I basically take outfits that I've pinned on Pinterest, and I re-create them with things out of my own closet.
Glad you stopped by!

For those of you who don't know me, I actually have a day job that doesn't involve casually
perusing Pinterest all day long.
I know, shocking.
I'm a Speech-Language Pathologist..
I work with the most AMAZING kids three days a week in McKinney ISD.
I work with children that are on the Autism spectrum, children that are intellectually disabled, and children that have language impairments.
The kids are AWESOME.
Plain and simple, awesome.
And let's not forget HILARIOUS.
They bring so much joy to my life on a daily basis,
but some days they make me smile so much I feel like my face is going to fall off.
The day I wore these pants last week was one of those days.
I walked in a classroom, and one of the 5th graders in the room said...
"Miss Sheaffer.  I have got to say...
You are ROCKIN' those yellow pants."
Well, my goodness.
THANK YOU didn't seem sufficient.
I appreciated his compliment more than he will ever know!

So, I now present to you,

 Grey and White Striped Cardigan:  GAP
Yellow Skinny Jeans:  Nordstrom
White v-neck:  J Crew Factory Outlet
Gold and Tortoise Shell Necklace:  LOFT, you can find it here
Belt:  LOFT
Leopard Flats: Target

And me and that sweet-hearted little boy lived happy ever after.
The End.

Oh wait, not the end.
I (with the help of my friend Jenny) am giving away a
GORGEOUS pair of Stella and Dot earrings HERE!
And listen, I know I sometimes have a tendency to over-exaggerate (says my mom, and my dad, and my hubby, and some of my friends),
but these earrings really are gorgeous.
I showed the earrings to my girlfriends at bible study a couple of nights ago, and I got LOTS of
oooooohs and aaaahhhhhs.

Now, I'm afraid you might be angry at me for this, but it must be done.
I want to leave you with something to think about before tomorrow's post.
Christmas is only 60 days away.

It's okay.   Don't panic.  
 Put down that paper bag you just grabbed,
and crawl out from under the table.

I promise it will all be okay.
First of all, click HERE for the AWESOME giveaway.
And I can tell you this, the Stella and Dot computer servers better be at full throttle.
I'm not sure they are ready for me and all of my Pinterest Told Me To friends, 
and I'm afraid they might not know what hit them.
Make sure you get a good night's sleep, and make sure your pointer finger is ready to roll.
There's shoppin to do people.
Sheaffer :)

Linking up today with Lots of AWESOME blogs:
 Let Them Eat Cake , Modern Modest Beauty, Mine for the Making Little Dash of Diva, and at
Be Different Act Normal.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pinterest Told Emily To!.....and a winner!

"Hey Y'all!" if you are here from a linky party!
 (I have all of them listed at the bottom of the post.)
Thanks for stopping by to Pinterest Told Me To!

Before I get to the post, I want to direct you to my AWESOME Stella and Dot giveaway that you can enter HERE!
I mean, just look at these gorgeous earrings you can win!

I have a super special treat for all of you today!  
My friend Emily is guest posting!
Emily is chic, gorgeous, sweet, and funny.
p.s.  She has a precious house, a handsome husband, and 2 darling boys.
Yep.  She's the whole package!
I guest posted over at her blog, Recently, on Monday.
And now she's here doing what Pinterest Told Her To Do!
I tell ya, Pinterest is bossing everybody!
So, without further ado, meet Emily!

Hello lovely Pinterest Told Me To readers! It's Emily here from Recently, and I'm so happy to be visiting Sheaffer's blog today!
I've known Sheaffer since college, and let me tell ya, this gal is just as darling and hilarious now as she was back then. If you haven't figured it out already (duh!), Sheaffer is one of those people you instantly love, and I'm absolutely thrilled that she asked me to be her guest!
Now, let's get on to the good stuff shall we?
In particular, this cute-as-a-button outfit on the even cuter blogger, Rachel from Pink Peonies.  Girl's got style, for real, so when I saw that I could (sort of) recreate her outfit, I jumped on it.

The star of the ensemble is, of course, the turquoise bubble necklace that's  been popping up everywhere these days.

The original version is J.Crew, but you can find them all over now for a steal, like this one I found for $12.  Sign me up!

I found my shirt last week at Target (it's not online yet, but here's a similar one), and, not only is it covered in polka dots, but they're GOLD polka dots.  Just a little version of heaven straight from the Tar-jay angels!

I bought my jeans last year at Forever 21, and I wear them almost every day.
Have you ever tried F21 jeans?  If you haven't, you might be surprised.  Some of their denim is spectacular and I've never seen a pair over $30.
I also know a lot of you would never step foot in a store that looks like a 16 year old's paradise, but, I promise, if you dig a little, you will find some gems.  I see other moms shopping there all the time.
Cross my heart.

Now, about those leopard flats... 

I found the pair I'm wearing on Ebay, but Steve Madden makes some that are gorgeous as well.

I can tell that my pair will probably only last me a few seasons, so I might end up grabbing the Steve Madden pair that will hopefully last a lot longer!

Finally, I found my vintage bag a few years ago, and the bracelets I'm wearing are a mix of vintage and Forever 21.

P.S. Forever 21 has ca-raaazy cute jewelry right now!

And that's what Pinterest told me y'all!  Hope you liked it, and that you'll stop by and visit me at Recently, where I share everything from fashion, to home decor and DIY goodies.
Thanks again Sheaffer, I loved every second of my visit!
Emily, you rock!First of all, thanks so much for the sweet things you said!  
Totally unnecessary, but very much appreciated.  It's been great fun to re-connect  in blog land!
I must say that I feel like we've both come a long way since the over-sized KKG shirts that we sported during the college years. 
I'm pretty sure Pinterest wouldn't have told us to wear those.  :)
Anyway, LOVED your outfit re-creation!  You look sophisticated and totally chic!
I laughed out loud at your reference to Tar-Jay angels
and your bubble necklace is to die for!
Now everybody....go show Emily some love over at Recently!
I promise you that you will be inspired!
{Don't believe me yet?   Well, click here to see Emily absolutely TRANSFORM a table.  It will knock your socks off!}

And now I need to announce the winner of the Lily and Laura bracelets! 
(Leslie used to be a McKinney friend, but her family moved away this summer.) Leslie, I'm so glad you are going to get to have a little piece of home from Brassy Blueberries and Pinterest Told Me To!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
linking up today with: 
The Pleated Poppy
I Heart Naptime
Watch What I'm Wearing 
Modern Modest Beauty

Thanks again for stopping by!
Don't forget to enter the Stella and Dot giveaway!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Black and Brown.....and a little choked up on the side

Linking up today What I Wore Wednesday at The Pleated Poppy,
Oh, How Pinteresting! at The Vintage Apple, and
 Whatever Whenever Wednesday at Rolled Up Pretty!
Welcome y'all!
First off....
We are doing a giveaway on Friday!
And not just any ol' run of the mill giveaway.
That's right.
Click here to enter the giveaway!!!!      
Before I re-create an outfit today, I wanted to take a little time to talk about YOU guys.
I have been FLOORED at all the sweet and wonderful comments that you leave for me.
I read each and every one, and I am so thankful for them!
I also try to reply to each one (either on the blog or via e-mail), but I'm not sure if when I respond to the anonymous comments via e-mail if they ever go through?!?  They don't get bounced back to me, but I still question if they are going through.
It's actually probably a little weird over the top how excited I get when I see a new comment.
Like, when my phone buzzes letting me know I have an e-mail,
I can hardly get to it fast enough to see if it's a blog comment!
{Just imagine how fast you move when you see a picture of you has been tagged on facebook.}
Yep.  That's how fast I move. 
I'm talking lighting speed people.
 Well, here is a comment I got this weekend in response to me asking y'all to leave a comment if you had purchased anything as a result of this blog.
I would be lying if I said that I didn't get choked up.
Cause I totally did.
Here is the comment:

Ready for this? So far I have bought the Redken shampoo/conditioner, bubble necklace off etsy, Hue leggings, and the leopard scarf from Nordys.  I also got some melon cords from Banana Republic, since Target doesn't have tall sizes :( 
You have also reunited me with the Loft. 
I haven't bought from there in years, but made a big online purchase last night. 
Thank you! 
The hubby isn't even upset as he loves the new looks & boldness from me. 
I let my fashion go when the rugrats came on board, 
but thanks to you I started thinking about it again! 

Do you need me to pass you a tissue too?
Have you a heart of stone?
I really was so touched by that!
The comment was posted as "anonymous"

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you so much for taking the time to write.
I LOVE that my silly little blog is helping you dress with more "boldness".
And I can't even tell you how thrilled I am that the hubby doesn't even care you are spending $$.
It's what every little girl dreams of!  A hubby that supports her spending habits!
SO happy for you, for your newfound boldness, and for your happy husband!
Sheaffer :)
p.s.  Identify yourself and send me some pics of you in some of your new Pinterest Told Me To inspired outfits!  I would love to feature you on the blog!

Okay....enough of the mushy stuff from me....what did Pinterest tell me to do today?
I know we have talked about this once before, but pre-Pinterest,
I never would have mixed black and brown together.
I don't know why I wouldn't have, because now it's seems like a
Black with Black is boring!  Am I right?
Brown with Black is interesting!
Why didn't we know this before?
I tell ya.....
If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times.
Pinterest knows her stuff.
I might hate her for being such a know-it-all if I didn't love her so much.
This is basically a fall version of this outfit.
Cardigan:  The LOFT
Black Tank: The LOFT
Skinny Jeans:  Swanky Boutique
Brass Necklace:  Target
Brass Earrings:  The Limited

This outfit is SO simple, and I'm betting that a lot of you already have similar pieces in your closet. 
 I've had all of this in my closet for at least 3 years, but I have never ever ever put them together!
I have also never ever ever in my long legged life seen a long legged sailor with a long legged wife.
But that is neither here nor there.

So, here is my advice to you.

Sorry to yell, but I felt like the situation called for it.
You're gonna like the result.
Pinky swear.

Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm Wishing and Telling over at Recently!

Today I'm guest posting on a friend's blog.
This is my friend, Emily.
(Doesn't she look sooooo sophisticated?!?)
Emily, this is everybody.

Emily's blog is called Recently, and it will provide you with ALL SORTS of eye candy.
Just click HERE to hop over and see all the gorgeousness.
What?  It's a word.
Really, you will be amazed at her eye for all things pretty.

I'm participating in her "WISH and TELL" series today,
so go see what I have to say!
(I also manage to sneak in a picture of a dress I bought this past weekend for $40!
Did you hear that?  A dress.  A DARLING and super versatile dress at that.  For $40.
Sometimes I even surprise myself.)

Make sure you take some time to scroll through some of Emily's posts.
She does not disappoint.
You will love her (she is beautiful AND sweet),
 and you will love her blog (it is OH SO stylish)!
Go make friends with Emily!
You won't be sorry.

Friday, October 19, 2012

What 3 Things I'm Obsesssed With AND a Giveaway!

In case you're new to the blog, every Friday I do a post called "What 3 Things I'm Obsessed With."
You can check out some of the most popular previous posts here and here,
This has quickly become the favorite weekly post for many of you, and it is AMAZING to me how many people are actually going out and buying clothes and products that I feature!
I think that is SO cool!
{I would LOVE it if you would let me know if one of my obsessions ends up becoming one of your obsessions!  Just leave me a comment and let me know!} what are my obsessions for this week?
I'm glad you asked.

I went to the mall on Monday with the little fella.
While casually strolling through the Nordstrom shoe department on my
way to Tin Star tacos, I saw these.
Who am I kidding? I wasn't strolling.
I was practically running (just imagine one of those senior citizens in the mall that will clip right by you at a seriously brisk pace) to order the shrimp taco and the roasted veggie tacos that I am in love with.  The only difference between me and said senior citizen was that I wasn't wearing a fanny pack.
Anyway, while "strolling" through Nordstrom, these little beauties caught my eye.
They are the Sperry Top Sider "Skipper" Slipper, and you can find them here.
Aren't they just the cutest little things you've ever seen?
After eating my tacos (that's right...I came back after lunch....I mean, I might be a fashion blogger, but tacos TOTALLY take priority), I went back to take a couple of pictures and try them on.
And let me just tell you.
Sperry knows how to make some seriously comfortable footwear.
I LOVE my sparkly leopard Tom's, but I know some people can't get on the Tom train.
If you can't, then these are the shoes for you.
But you have a big decision in front of you.
The black and white zebra?  or the cognac zebra?
I don't know how you will ever decide.
Perhaps you should consult with a trusted friend.
And if you think the decision is causing you any undue stress, you should probably just get both.

Okay, this one is random, but I saw something on Pinterest that I had to try.

The pin linked to this blog , The Smelly Life, and she did a step-by-step tutorial on what she did.
The basic idea is that you spray Pam on your wet nails, and they dry immediately.
When pinning it, I didn't know if I should pin it on my "Great Ideas" board,
or if I should make a new board entitled
or something similar.....
because I tried it, and it worked.
I would prefer for us not to talk about the fact that something that we cook our food with has the power to dry nail polish at lightning speed.
Instead, let's just talk about the amazingness of it all and the fact that MY NAILS WERE DRY.
After like 23 seconds.

Last, but definitely not least......
This is a dual obsession with
Brassy Blueberries
Lily and Laura Bracelets
Have you ladies heard about these bracelets?
I hadn't heard of them, but my friend Whitney kept talking about them.
Whitney and her mama are the owners of Brassy Blueberries,
 a SERIOUSLY cute clothing and accessories boutique that you HAVE to check out.
(If you live in the area, you will have to check them out
 in Canton at First Monday Trade Days!)
Well, when traveling around to shows, Whitney started noticing that all of the cute college girls had these bracelets on.
 When she looked into them, she discovered they are called Lily and Laura bracelets.

Aren't they sooooooooooo cute?
There are so many color choices!
Can't you just imagine all of the combinations you could come up with?!?
Well, what's extra awesome about these bracelets is that they are WAY MORE than cute.

Lily and Laura Company Overview
Our Lily and Laura Bracelets are hand crocheted by the village women in Nepal bead by bead. Our artisans work in the comfort of their homes and in the sunshine on their rooftop decks with their families nearby. Laura and I are dedicated to providing good wages to all of our team which, besides us, exists entirely in Nepal. We use some of the finest glass beads in the world in our bracelets. Most of our customers have their own small collections so they can be creative stacking and combining to match different moods and outfits. We are so grateful for everyone's support.

They are hand crocheted by village women in Nepal bead by bead?!?
Buying the bracelets help these women and their families?!?
And I get super cute bracelets?
AND I get to participate in a trend that cute college girls are participating in without looking ridiculous?
Sign. Me. Up.

So, how would you like to win a set of 3 to either add to your collection or start your collection?
Just follow the steps below!

  So, a huge THANK YOU to Brassy Blueberries for sponsoring the giveaway and for supporting 
Pinterest Told Me To!
They are my first sponsor! Check out my sidebar for their cute button, and
you can like their facebook page here.
In addition to the Lily and Laura bracelets, they also have large bubble necklaces for $16.95!
{Their website is new, so it only has a handful of items on it now.
Keep checking back for new additions!}
Oh...and I'll let you in on a little secret....
we already have our next Brassy Blueberries giveaway planned!
It will post during the first week in November, and it will get you in the Christmas spirit!

Have a blessed weekend everybody!
And just to tease you guys a Friday there is a Stella and Dot giveaway!
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