Monday, December 31, 2012

1/2 a Year In Review

I started Pinterest Told Me To in August of this year (just 5 short months ago) at the urging of some of my friends, and I'm so glad that they talked me into it!
It's been WAY more fun than I ever thought it would be!
I think it's so great that people from my past (childhood friends, high school friends, and college friends) are reading, as well as people in my life today.
Everybody has been so kind and encouraging, and that was such a sweet surprise.
I was quite nervous to start this venture, wondering what everybody would think.
How would people take me putting myself out there?
Well, I shouldn't have worried.
My friends are the best!
I have also really enjoyed "meeting" new people and actually becoming friends with some of you!
You guys have really blown me away with your kindness also.  I've received so many sweet sweet comments and e-mails from you that have absolutely made all of the hard work worth it.
The blog has also grown much faster than I thought possible..
and would like to thank all of YOU for that.
  You guys are the reason it is "catching on"! 
(If the number of exclamation points in the above paragraph is any indication of my happiness,
then there should be no doubt that I am SUPER happy!)

Since the blog hasn't been around for an entire year, I thought I would do a 1/2 year in review post,
highlighting 1 post from each month since August.

Layered Neutrals.
Click HERE to read the post.
Operation Denim Shirt Look #4
Click HERE to read the post.

An American Classic.
Click HERE to read the post. 
While writing this year in review post, I stumbled upon THESE red patent flats (and even updated the old post to include them).
You're welcome.

My First Blate.
Click HERE to read the post.
Here are boots similar to mine.  I LOVE how the front panel is higher than the back panel.  It is so flattering for some reason.

I Stand Corrected.
Click HERE to read the post.

I can't wait to see what 2013 holds for my future outfits.
I mean, after all....I wore black with brown this year after Pinterest told me to...
what will I do next year?
Will Pinterest tell me to wear a mumu with leggings and ankle boots?  
I hope not.
But if Pinterest tells me to, I might give it a whirl.  ;)
I HAVE established time and time again that she knows her stuff.  
Or like in the pic below.....maybe Pinterest will tell me to wear Daisy Dukes and a bustier.
(When I saw this yesterday, it already had 6 repins.)
I mean, seriously...who is pinning this picture?
And let's forget about the outfits for a minute and just concentrate on the girl's hair.
crop tops and high shorts
But if you want me to be honest for just a second...if I looked like this...I just might rock this outfit.
To the the grocery my kid's school.
Sure, people would talk....but hey...I wouldn't care.
I would justify their cruel words by just rationalizing that they were jealous of my hot body.

a huge THANK YOU to all of you for reading!
Hope you will stay along for the ride to see what Pinterest will tell me to do next!
See you next year!

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Friday, December 28, 2012

An Outfit....and What 3 Things I'm Obsessed With Now!

I hope everybody had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!
I know I did!
I have been spending a lot of time just loving on my people and feeling thankful.
Thankful for the birth of Jesus and the GRACE he extends to us everyday,
and so thankful for all of the many blessings in my life.

As you know, I took a bit of a bloggy break.
It was a little weird to not be cranking out posts every day, but it was nice to slow down a bit.
I LOVE writing the posts, but dang it takes a lot of time!  :)
So, I've decided that most weeks I'm going to be posting 4 days a week instead of 5 days a week now.
Please keep reading.....and please keep telling all of your friends about me too!
 I want to continue to grow my audience, but I definitely need your help to do so!

Okay, so I left my next outfit up to you guys...and #2 got the most votes.
Several of you mentioned in your comments that you were voting for #2 because of the tweed jacket.  Well, mama doesn't own a tweed jacket, so I had to improvise.
In true ME fashion, I substituted a cardigan.
I know, SHOCKER.
I put all of the randomness together, and I was blown away.
I really liked this look!
And listen, when I first put it all on, I looked at myself, and I thought "eh"
(remember to tilt and shrug like I taught you).
But then I looked at the inspiration picture again.
I noticed how the scarf was tied in the inspiration pic, and I decided to tie mine more like the pic (instead of wearing it wrapped around my neck once with two long ends like I had it).
I tell ya, it made ALL the difference.
All of a sudden, I LOVED the look.

And say it with me everybody
I NEVER would have done it without the help of Pinterest.
Pinterest Made Me Do It.

Camel Cardigan|  LOFT
Black and White Striped t-shirt|  J Crew Factory
Scarf|  Nordstrom
Trouser Jeans|  White House Black Market
Bracelet|  LOFT

And 3 current obsessions!

My sister got a pair of Frye boots that are FAB!
Here's my cute sister (still cute even though she was a little sickly when we took this pic...Yep...I'm going to be an aunt!) and her cute hubby on Christmas day at my house wearing her new Frye boots!
Shame on me for not getting a picture of the actual boots.
Bad fashion blogger.
Here are the the boots she got.
Click HERE to see them. 
This pair comes in 7 different colors!

My friend Jenni featured a coat on her blog yesterday, and it is gorgeous!
It is from Anthrolpologie, and you can click HERE to see it!
(It is on sale now....but it looks like turquoise is the only color left.)
I like Jenni's camel color, but I also love a coat in a fun color!

I need a new wallet to go with my new purse (the old wallet just looks sad in the new purse)...but I can't decide if I want THIS one (muted and classic),
or THIS one I talked about last week (new and fun)?!?

What do y'all think?

Also...I would just love it if you would leave comments with your favorite Christmas gifts listed!
I think it's so fun to hear what other people got!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I must have been a very good girl.

 Well....Santa came to our house yesterday fo sho.
It seems as if we were all very good this year.  Especially the 4 year old.
You wouldn't believe the toys.
Dinosaurs abound.  :)
Look, I "caught" Santa delivering our presents!
We went to a wonderful Christmas Eve service, and my favorite part of the entire Christmas season was watching the little guy hold his candle high and "sing" Oh Holy Night
So so sweet.
My second favorite part, seeing his sheer joy unwrapping and playing with all of his presents with our family all with us.
My third favorite part, we had a white Christmas!
Reports say we got between 4-5 inches!
In lieu of an outfit post today,
I thought I would share with you what I got this year from all of my family.
CHRISTmas obviously isn't about the gifts, but giving and receiving presents sure is fun!
And I hit the motherload this year. :)
Just in case you have $$ from Christmas that is already burning a hole in your pocket,
 I thought I might be able to help you spend it today.  
 I know I've highlighted these items before...but now that they are in my hot little hands and I am full-fledged LOVING them, I thought they were worth mentioning again.

Let's start with this GORGEOUS watch.
Huhmuhnuh Huhmuhnuh.
I had never seen it in person (only online), 
and I can't tell you how THRILLED I was when I opened it up.  
It's bigger than I thought it was going to be, and I LOVE it.
Both really good qualities in a watch.
And it's still on sale at 33% off!
I'm telling you, if you've been looking for a watch, this one will not disappoint. 
(It's from Nordstrom, and Nordstrom is awesome about returns.  
So, with free shipping, and easy've got nothing to lose!)

THIS bag.
Love the color, love the style, love the structure.
Can't wait to transfer all of my stuff into this one.
And I vow to keep this one cleaner.
 I'm really going to try to not have Cheez-Its and Transformers
 floating around in it by the end of the week.

I also really like THIS one.
And THIS one.

THIS Tory Burch Bracelet. 
I feel all sorts of hip in it.
It's a great color, and I love the signature TB logo.

THESE pajamas.
I would put a picture of myself in them, but they sent the wrong size. 
I actually thought I might be able to squeeze into the XS they sent me.
Well, I was wrong.
Very, very, wrong.
In fact, I don't know if I've ever been more wrong about anything in my entire life.
 I'm going to have to get them exchanged asap 
because I can hardly wait to start putting them on every single afternoon.
(Yes, that's right.  I finish with my last private therapy kid at 4:45, and I plan to put them on as soon as I'm finished.  What?  You don't eat dinner in your pajamas?  Yeah, neither do I.)
They also come in long-sleeve HERE.

So, that's it for my "fashion" gifts.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with friends and family!
I'm going to continue to enjoy some hard-core family time, 
so  I will see you again in a couple of days!

Oh..and click HERE to vote on my next outfit re-creation!

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Monday, December 24, 2012

A Look Back...and a Vote!

Hi Friends!
I hope that all of you are done with shopping and are now just doing some last minute prepping
for a Merry Christmas with family and friends!

This post is going to be short and sweet.
First of all, I thought you guys might want to look back to my first post and see how this all started.
Just click HERE.
When I wrote this post back in August,
only about 10 of my closest friends and my family were reading.
When I wrote it, I obviously had no idea if the blog would "catch on". 
It did, and I'm so grateful to all of you for reading!

I also wanted to put my next outfit re-creation to a vote.
Leave a comment, facebook message me, tweet your vote, or e-mail me and let me know which outfit you would like to see me do next!

Outfit #1

Outfit #2

Outfit #3

So, cast your vote!
And of course, have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Sheaffer :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

What 3 Things I'm Obsessesed With

THIS bag.
{free overnight shipping for orders over $150!}
True to form, I've found yet another Fossil bag that I want.
This one would be GREAT for my school bag.  
(I'm a speech therapist that travels between schools, and I have a small number of items that go back and forth with me between my schools.) 
 Right now I'm actually carrying around a couple of important folders and some materials in a red plastic bin.  
Functional? Yes.
Cute?  No. 
This would definitely be an improvement.  
Click HERE if you want to check it out for yourself.

All different colors and styles of Frye boots.
I know.  I'm becoming strangely obsessed with them.
And I still don't own a pair myself.
What is wrong with me?
I don't normally spend this much (okay...I've never spent this much) on one item of clothing, which is why I guess I continue to look at them, drool over them, and obsess over them...
but continue to not pull the trigger.
I'm so annoyed with myself.
I need to just get over it.
The rest of the blog world and my sister think I'm crazy.
I need to just wrap my head around the fact that they are an investment and that they will last me for years and years and years.
So....during my constant browsing, I've found these 3.  
All of these can be found on Zappos and can still be at your home for Christmas morning! Order before 11:59PM PST Saturday 12/22 for Guaranteed XMAS Delivery

These are fancy.
 THESE are a little bit different, and I like 'em.
I think these are my favorite.
I think.
No wait, I know.
I know these are my favorite.
These are my favorite.
Love the shape.
And this style comes in 8 colors, so you are sure to find a color you like! 
 Don't like any of my favorites...just go HERE and search "Frye boots".


I'm thinking I need a new wallet to go with the new purse that is waiting for me under the tree. 
THIS wallet kicks up my interest.
Nope.  Never Mind.
THIS one is the one I want.
Loving the pink and coral together.
And don't forget...if you are one of THOSE people that still has a couple more gifts to buy....don't fret! :)
Both Nordstrom (click  HERE) AND Zappos (click HERE) can both get them to you by Christmas if you order today!

Have a great weekend everybody!
And remember....all of this stuff is super fun....but JESUS is the reason for the season!

And most importantly,
click HERE to read about a sweet way to help Sandy Hook.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mama loves a sale. The Payday Pretty Challenge.

My friend Alison over at Get Your Pretty On has issued an awesome challenge to
  the ladies that read her blog.  
It's called the Payday Pretty challenge and you can check it out HERE!
Alison is challenging all of us to take $20 out of the weekly budget to
get a little something special for ourselves.
It can even just be a $4 pair of fun socks, but the point is to set a little money aside to
get yourself something you love.  
I really like a challenge!
Well, that's not entirely true.
You want me to run a 5k with you?  No, thank you.
You want me to spend some $ on myself?  Now, THAT'S a challenge I can get on board with.
So..this is my entry into Alison's Payday Pretty challenge.
Shirt| LOFT
Cardigan|  LOFT
Jeans|  Swanky Boutique
Belt|  Francesca's
Bracelet|  LOFT
Necklace|  ALTAR'D STATE
Brown boots|  Nordstrom, exact pair HERE
(Saw on the Nordstrom site that you can still order today for free Christmas delivery!!!!)

If you had to guess, what do you think I'm wearing that was my $20 Payday Pretty find?

Was your guess my necklace?  If so, you're right.
Was your guess my bracelet?  If so, you're right.
Was your guess my shirt?  If so, you're right.
Was your guess my cardigan?  If so, you're right.

It's okay to be jealous.

Here's the breakdown of all of my new stuff!
Bubble Necklace|  ALTAR'D STATE, $20, found HERE
Bracelet|  LOFT, $10 (special last week), found HERE

3/4 length t-shirt|  LOFT, $10 (special last week), found HERE
Cardigan|  LOFT $20 (special last week), found HERE

SO FUN that my shirt, my cardigan, my necklace, and my bracelet were all SO AFFORDABLE!
So, there ya go Alison!
Payday Pretty Challenge initiated and accepted!

And here are some things I found while shopping online today.

THESE gorgeous boots that come in black, dark grey (pictured here), and tan
On sale right now!
THIS leopard flat.
I know.  I have a weird fascination with leopard flats.
But look how cute THESE are?!?

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I should at least get an "E" for Effort.

This is my attempt to try to look like Jessica Biel.
Lame attempt, I know.
We both are brunettes.
We both have bangs.
And these pictures we both have pony tails.
The similarities end there.
I totally want her cheekbones...and her bank account...and her rockin' bod.
Orange t-shirt|  GAP
Black Blazer|  Kenneth Cole, similar HERE
If you don't have a black blazer, shame on you.
Just kidding. Kind of.
I promise you that you will wear the heck out of it.
AND...the bonus of a just makes you feel cool.
See -
look how cool this chick feels.
Find this blazer HERE or another great option HERE.
Denim leggings|  Swanky Boutique
Brown boots|  Nordstrom, exact pair HERE
(I just got these last week, and I LOVE them!
They provide the height of a heel with the comfort of a wedge!)

Black Bag|  Fossil, similar HERE
and comes in this fun pewter color too!

This was a fun look.  
A look that I never would have put together myself.
Thank you Jessica (and Pinterest, of course) for the inspiration!

And now.... 
On the 11th day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Pretty and Sparkly Jewelry, today's theme is jewelry.
Let's just start out strong right out of the gate. 
THIS necklace.
I've blogged about my J Crew Factory mint green necklace several times.
Click HERE if you want to see some posts.
Bottom line, I had NO IDEA how much use this little lady was going to get.
 This was definitely my favorite look with my mint green necklace:
In fact, this still might be my favorite re-creation to date.

I'm telling you, you NEED a mint green necklace.
And THIS ONE is gorgeous and well-priced. 

Or what about THIS one?
So sparkly and pretty!

 THIS bracelet is a stunner.
And it's 40% off right now!
My friend Shay got it and she LOVES it! 
THIS one from Banana Republic is cool.
I love THIS classy knot bracelet.
Classic and sparkly (both really good adjectives).
What about THESE earrings from Stella and Dot?
Two of my friends have them, and I think it's safe to say that they are obsessed.
Am I right Andrea?  Narci?
I've seen them ALL over t.v.  (including Real Housewives Beverly Hills).

THESE Fossil studs (they come in this brushed gold and silver as well).
These are great everyday earrings.

And last but not least, I have THESE rings, and I wear them constantly. 

And before I go,
maybe you need something to store all of your jewelry in?
Well, there is THIS jewelry box.
I haven't seen this jewelry box in person,
 but it seems to be the MOTHA OF ALL JEWELRY BOXES. 
Not sure what it looks like on the outside, but it certainly has lots of storage space. 
Go HERE if you want to read more about it and see more pics.

Or look at THIS bad boy for bracelets and necklaces! 
 And THIS ONE looks AWESOME for travel!

 All right....I guess that's all for today.
I can't believe Christmas is less than a week away! 
Ahhhhh!  :)

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