Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Bachelorette Told Me To!

Okay Ladies....
Last night was AWESOME.
How much fun was it to watch Sean?!?
I bet his mama was proud!
And just so you all know, I don't read any of the spoilers,
so I won't know who is getting kicked off from show to show and you won't have to worry about me spoiling anything for you!

Highlights for me:
*Seeing Shay, Andrew, Smith, Kensington, Lovie, and Papa Jay at the very beginning of the show and hearing the sweet things Sean had to say about his family.
(How precious were the kids cuddled up with Sean on the hammock?)
*Arie teaching Sean how to kiss.  Hilarious.
*50 Shades of Grey doing her exit interview.
I bet Sean watched that and was just kicking himself for not giving her a rose.
Totally the kind of girl you want to bring home to mom.

 Introduction Observations:
*Katie - put on some shoes.
 *Whoa 50 Shades chick.  Down girl.
Know your audience.
*"So I gave her a rose.  I hope that doesn't create too much tension with the girls."
Sean...COME ON.
You gave Tierra  a rose, and then threw her into a lion's den.
*Brooke.  Stop it with your sexy voice and your growling.
*Lindsay, bless your tipsy little heart.
I'm going to go out on a limb and say you bet you wish you would have had a couple or 7 less
glasses of wine.
 Hey, we've all been there.
Still, you are cute as a button and I like you.

A Couple of Quick Thoughts About The Cocktail Party
Southern Belle chick...seriously?
 Selma brought the girls to the cocktail party.
 Kacie B. saying several times that 50 Shades of Grey needs water was awesome.
The Bachelor Pad chick (can't find her name or picture) scares me.

Okay.....on to the outfit....

For those of you regular Pinterest Told Me To readers, this is my first installment of
A Bachelorette Told Me To!
One day per week from now until the end of the season, I'm going to give Pinterest the day off.
Instead of looking to Pinterest for my outfit inspiration (like HERE, HERE, and HERE),
I'm going to look to one of Sean's ladies for inspiration.
I didn't want to create an evening gown look this week,
so I sifted through their promo headshots for an outfit for me copy.

First of all, let me say this...
these first 2 girls knew their audience (take a hint 50 Shades girl).
Tierra and and Kristy both knew that Sean is a Jesus Loving guy,
so they pulled out the big guns for their promo pics..
Love the humongo crosses.
Well played ladies.  Well played.
Tierra is definitely one of my favs so far.
I would like to amend that last statement 30 shorts minutes after writing it.
  I just watched scenes from the rest of the season, and it looks like I just might need to reserve my title of "fav" for somebody else.
Is she going to be one of those sweet girls that is really cray-cray?
I hope not...but it certainly looks that way.
 The pickings were slim as far as exciting outfits to choose from.
Most girls were just wearing a tank top and jeans.
Correction, a ruffled tank top and jeans.

exhibit a, b, and c
I did find this pic of Amanda wearing a plaid shirt, dark wash jeans, and a bubble necklace.
THAT I can do.
So, here is Amanda's look.
(I liked Amanda's whole "akward silence" angle.  Funny.)

And here is my interpretation.

Plaid Shirt:  Gap
Bubble Necklace:  Altar'd State, found HERE
(this bubble necklace is one of Altar'd State's give back purchases!)
Black Boots:  Ross
Watch:  Michael Kors

Instead of linking to similar items above like I used to do, I'm going to start doing it with a picture collage like you see below.  It doesn't take me nearly as long to do, and I just think it's kinda fun!
If you click on one of the below pictures, it will take you directly to the site for purchase.
If the exact same item is available, I will link to that item specifically.
However, most times the item in my outfit is no longer available, so I will link to similar items.
In the collage below (be sure you scroll up and down to see all the choices), I have several options to create different versions of the same look.
(sidenote:  How ticked off are the girls that spent $118 on their J Crew Bubble Necklaces when they first came out?  Who knew then that they would be EVERYWHERE and dirt cheap?!?)

So, my favorites so far (in no particular order)....
 Ashlee, Lindsay, and Amanda
(Tierra was on that list for a hot minute.)

Check back next week for my 2nd installment of
A Bachelorette Told Me To!
Told Me To!
Oh wait...before I go....
you might have noticed in the above picture that I am finally wearing my Christmas watch!
Last week I made time to get to Nordstrom to get my Christmas present sized.
(Tip:  the watch counter at Nordstrom will size your Michael Kors watch for free.)
I gotta say....I feel like such a baller wearing this watch.
It is so so pretty ifidosaysomyself.

My exact watch is actually sold out, but you can find similar ones HERE OR
HERE (love this one pictured here).

Can't wait to see what Sean and the ladies have in store for us next week.
My guess:
Drama, Crazy, and Freaky are all going to come out to play.

Oh..and don't forget to check out Shay's blog for a little family insight and behind the scenes info (without any spoilers).

And if you need a recipe, check out Shay's food blog HERE.
Today she has a recipe for chocolate chip pie!  Yes, ma'm!

 And as always, you can follow me on facebook HERE.
You can follow me on Pinterest HERE.

Okay...one more thing...just checked my e-mail and saw that for the next 24 hours you can get 30% off online at GAP, Old Navy, and Banana Republic!
I don't know about you...but I know what that means for me.....
time to start stocking up on some of Spring trends!
I'm going to be adding a little neon and some printed pants to my life for sure!
These are gonna in my cart fo sho.

I will also be starting my spring and summer shopping for the little fella that lives with me!
His 4 year old self is going to on the cutting edge in his toddler neon.

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  1. OMG, where do I begin? That episode had me cracking up constantly! That 50 shades girl was a piece of work that is for sure. She seriously doesn't know why she is still single? Oy!

    My facs so far are Ashley and Kacie. Do you Kacie will bust out the high school marching band for Sean? Looking forward to your weekly posts!!!!

  2. Woohoo! This is going to be my favorite series you do! I love, love, love this! Wasn't last night so much fun?! My...how far we've come ;). Off to shop at Gap now.

  3. Love that watch! I'm excited for this series! I always love what everyone is wearing on the show! I wasn't home last night to watch but will definitely be catching up today!

  4. OK, so I watched last night for as long as I could before gymnastics carpool. Sean seems so sweet! The girls not so much. :) It's going to be interesting. Your outfit is too cute and what an awesome idea for this series.

  5. I didn't get to watch the Bachelor last night because my husband and I had a dinner we had to go to. I can't wait to watch it online at www.abc.go.com later today. I can tell I'm going to like reading your posts the day after the Bachelor airs.

  6. I LOVE your post today!! Kacie B is definitely my favorite and I also like Lindsey, even though she had a little too much to drink last night! I love the plaid shirt/bubble necklace combo...I would have never thought to put those 2 together but they look great!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    -Rachel Tapscott

  7. I was cracking up throughout the episode last night. Even my husband, who can't stand the show, was laughing and said he likes Sean! The whole thing with Arie was so funny. Love your posts! I've been missing them because for some reason they just stopped showing up in my google reader...weird!

  8. LOVED last night. Loved it so much.
    And, this is crazy....I was looking at the ABC website with pics of the bachelorettes & I saw Amanda's outfit (plaid with bubble necklace) and I said to myself, "I bet that Sheaffer is going to re-interrupt that outift!!!!) And, you did!
    This is why we are friends :)

  9. Disclaimer: I don't watch the Bachelor. But I do loooove reading your posts about it! Hysterical. Anyway, I guess one of the ladies (who I think was eliminated--Kelly?) is from right here in Nashville. When they talked about her on the news yesterday morning they mentioned she had tried out for American Idol, Glee and something else. It kinda made me wonder . . . looking for "true love" or just wanting to get on TV?

  10. Love your outfit!! And your recap is hilarious...I don't usually start watching until the there are only 5-6 girls left, but I might need to start next week so I can play along!

  11. Nice outfit! I like the plaid shirt!


  12. I am giddy about this "a Bachelorette told me so". So excited to see what you come up with next!! :-)

  13. Hi! Visiting you today from The Pleated Poppy! Love your post on the Bachelorette to me so! What a piece of work some of those girls are... Really cute outfit. I am looking forward to reading more posts.

    Lisa C. @ www.ginkgostreet.blogspot.com

  14. Hi! I just found your blog through random Wednesday! I love the concept of your blog! I am always remaking outfits I pin!

    <3 Danielle

  15. Visiting via the Pleated Poppy. Very cute and wearable!

  16. Hi there - new follower form the linkup! Love your blog & can't wait to read more! Hope you have a great day :)

  17. Girl, you CRACK me up!!!!!!!! This is freaking awesome and genius!!! Love what you put together...best selection out of all the girls. :) Thanks for linking up!

  18. Blog hopping - your interpretations are awesome!

  19. LOVE this idea! Too cute!!! :) Excited to see your next Bachelorette post! Alsooo I'm so excited that The Bachelor is back! ;) Guilty pleasure, say whatttt



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