Thursday, January 3, 2013

Free coat? Yes, please!

I received an e-mail awhile back from eShakti.
Never heard of 'em.
Regardless, I was THRILLED when I read they were offering me any piece of clothing from their line for me to review!
Free clothes?
Sign. Me. Up.
 I quickly hopped on the website to pick something out, and I immediately settled on this coat.
(I do feel a little guilty highlighting it right now considering
I checked the website and it is no longer available.)
However, even though you can't get this exact coat, you guys need to know about this company.
Especially if you are hard to fit and/or if you like a vintage feel to your clothes. 

eShakti offers both design and fit customization for women size 0 through 36.

The website has built-in customization tools (that are super user friendly!) that guide you through a simple 3-step design and fit page where you can do things like increase the size of a bust, shorten the length of a skirt, and modify sleeves or a neckline!
 Now THAT is COOL!

I was of course impressed with all of the above information.  
But let's get right to it.
Click HERE to see the feature. 

The coat arrive on my doorstep and OH. MY. WORD.

The quality of this coat is AMAZING.  
The fabric is gorgeous (it is thick and it has a sheen to it that is so pretty), the entire thing is lined,
 and the fit...
Oh, the fit.
Fit like a glove I tell ya.
I ordered a "small", but then I customized it by entering in my height and choosing the length to be mid-thigh vs. a bit below the knee.
I LOVED the result.
I simply cannot say enough about the quality of this coat.
Super super impressed.

What else does eShakti have to offer?
Check out THIS dress.

THIS top.
Unique Vintage , Summer Clothes For Women
THIS jacket.
Polka dot print cotton jacket

  And let's all swoon a minute over THIS skirt.
1950S Fashion , Beautiful Skirts
 See what I mean by a vintage feel?
If you are a lover of all things vintage, this site is for you!

Sign up with eShakti and get $25 off your first purchase!
Check them out on Facebook and Pinterest!

Thank you eShakti for my gorgeous coat!
I got SWAG y'all!!!!

And just fyi, I'm REALLY good at getting swag.
Anybody else want to send me some swag my way?
You know where to find me.

Oh...and since I featured a trench coat (that is no longer available), I thought I would go ahead and link to a couple of trenches our there (that are available).
Look at THIS little striped number.'s a coat....and it's striped.
I know. 

Or what about THIS one?
Love the shape of this one and the fresh green color!
(LOTS of different colors available including raspberry, royal blue,
black, and the classic trench color!)
Or check out THIS one at Target!
I love it in this cranberry red color, but it also comes in black!

I'm telling you, if you don't have a trench, you need one!
It's the perfect thing to throw on in Spring, and it totally MAKES an outfit!
You INSTANTLY look put together and classic if you are wearing a trench coat!


  1. That coat! That coat! That coat is adorable! I love the buttons AND the collar! You are one lucky gal! I also love the other coats you highlighted. So cute!!

  2. I just love that top! And you look so pretty in your new coat!!!

  3. Love that coat! What a neat company . I love that they custom fit everything! I'm short so it always helps to be able to adjust length. Love that striped trench too. I might have to go check them out ;)

  4. Oh my goodness! That jacket is precious!! I will definitely have to check them out!!

  5. So so cute!!! And the fit looks AMAZING on you! I expect to see you sporting this to the pool this summer :)

  6. Cute, cute coat! Love it! What a great write up! Thanks for stopping by!


  7. Love that coat Sheaffer! I love the buttons. Very mod feel. That one from Target... I have it in black. I wear it daily to work. It's a classic staple and it's water repellent. WIN!

  8. I love that coat you picked out. Too bad they don't have anymore. I also really like the red trench coat.

  9. You look adorable in that coat...and I love the big collar. And now I'm off to check out that striped skirt!!

  10. That coat is adorbs! Really really cute!

  11. Gorgeous! It fits you like a glove. I could own 50 trench coats in different colors, they are the best ever. Especially in Texas. Perfect year round.

  12. what a pretty coat! it fits you so well. my bff got our bridesmaids dresses from eshakti for a good deal!

  13. That coat is GORGEOUS! And that striped skirt - MUST HAVE IT. Thanks for sharing Eshakti! Now to do some damage to my wallet...

  14. Oh my word is right!!!!! That is a complete score!!! Can I borrow??? ;)

  15. I LOVE your coat... I hope they get it back in stock!! I'm glad you told us all about this company :) The ruffle trench coat was also a great find.

    BTW I LOVED your outfit yesterday!!! Super Cute!

    Rachel Tapscott

  16. I forget how I found out about eShakti, but learned about them recently, too! Now, to lose my baby weight before ordering! ;)

  17. So found out that I have a semi-formal event coming up for work. My closet is over-run by cardigans and flats, not formal wear. I found a dress on eShakti that is begging me to buy because I have an outfit pinned that I could perhaps recreate for this event. My question to you is, I'm a plus size person, how good are their plus sizes. OPbviously you don't know since you're like the size of my thigh :) But what have you heard? THANKS!!!


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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