Friday, January 11, 2013


Hi, My name is Sheaffer.
When it's the dead of winter.... and cold..... and rainy, I start shopping for spring and summer.
"Hi, Sheaffer."

Listen, I am kind of a freak about it.
I just get so excited about the new stuff that the stores are rolling out, that I just can't wait.
Today I will be highlighting some of the awesome things that I've seen out there!
All of my OBSESSIONS for this week are bright and fresh and they are
 ready for spring and summer!

Can a bag make you want to exercise?
Cause THIS BAG totally makes me want to.
It makes me want to get my fanny on an exercise bike pronto.
This bag needs to shut her mouth and get on my shoulder.

Don't you think it has a Kate Spade-ish quality to it?
It has a zip top and is made out of canvas.  
And for $ can't lose.
It comes in two other colors, and you can check them out HERE.

First of all, GOOD NEWS:
GAP has really stepped it up the last couple of years.
I had fallen out of love with them there for awhile, but now they are back and better than ever!
Second of all, GREAT NEWS:
GAP is having a monster sale today!
(25%-35% off depending how much you spend)
And that's off your full even the stuff that is on sale is an additional % off.
I can promise you I will get the full 35% off.
(This is where you apply girl math and realize that by spending money, you are actually SAVING money.  Just have your husband call me.  I will totally explain it to him.)

Here are some of my absolute favs:

Thanks to Pinterest, I have worn the heck out of my black blazer the past 6 months (and I hadn't worn it in years).  Click HERE if you want to see some of the looks.
So, it got me to thinking...I need a fun spring/summer blazer!
I'm loving THIS one.

Love the bright color.  Love the piping.
It also comes in white with a black piping.
Click HERE if you want to check them out.
(They also have limited quantities of 2 other colors that are on sale!)

And wait!
What's THIS?
I don't know about you...but to me, it looks like a blazer and a cardigan had a baby.
Yep, it's a BLARDIGAN.
Quick.  Somebody call GAP's marketing department.

Okay...more to show you from GAP,
Look at THESE colored skinny jeans in pastel colors!
Normally $69.95...on sale now for $28.99...and then 25-35% off of that price depending on  your total.

They are practically giving these jeans away.
 I got them in this lavendar color and in yellow.

And look at this THIS striped shirt.
You know how I love a stripe.

And THIS is a perfect little t-shirt to wear by itself, layer over a brightly colored tank, or layer under a brightly colored cardigan.....or get crazy and do both!
I'm getting a couple of these too.
A great basic t-shirt.

And before we leave all things GAP, just in case you have a little guy in your house that you're shopping for, check out all this greatness.  Your guy might not be able to pull off skinny jeans, but mine totally rocks them. :)

I haven't worn a watch in like 5 years, but now that I got one for Christmas, I'm obsessed.
First of all, not only is it a great accessory for all of my outfits...but I gotta tell ya, it's so handy to look at my watch (instead of having to locate and drag my phone out of my purse) if I just want to know what time it is!
I know.  It's revolutionary.
I totally dig THIS PINK ONE, but they also have lots of similar ones in white.

So are you guys like me?
Don't the above items just make you happy?
Just wait until the stuff arrives on your front step...then we'll be talkin!

Now, before you leave, I've got one announcement!

I'm partnering up with my friends Mel and Shay for a monthly linky party starting in February!
(Please, hold your applause.)

If you are a regular reader of this blog, I know that you know Shay.
Here she is for those of you that don't know her.
Isn't she cute?
(I couldn't find a pic of her all alone, so you get to see the hubs too. )
She guest posted for me awhile back HERE.
 And maybe you guys remember when Mel guest posted.
I know, she's cute too.  What can I say?  I have cute friends.
You can find Mel's post HERE.

So, about the linky party....
We wanted to announce it today so you can have plenty of time to prep and get your posts ready!
It's going to be easy and oh so much fun!
What's it called?

Here are the rules:
1)  Use Pinterest to inspire your outfits.
(Hence the name Pin-Spired)
2)  Re-create the outfit with things out of your own closet.
3)  Take pics of your outfit.
Every 1st of the month, we will have a linky party for you to link up to an outfit.
Easy Peasy!

The linky party will appear on my blog, Shay's blog, and Mel's blog.
Doesn't matter who you link to, it will show up on all of them!
Then, go check out the other links and get Pinspired with even more outfits that people created!
It's going to be FUN!
Just take an outfit that "pinspired" you, and re-create it!
(If you're a reader of Pinterest Told Me To, the concept should be a bit familiar. Ha!)
I mean, HELLO?
It's what I do everyday!  :)
We will go live on February 1st, so start working on that fabulous outfit and

You can grab a button off of my sidebar!

Have a wonderful weekend everybody! 


  1. No time to leave some clever comment...I have to shop your Gap stuff instead!

  2. Love the link party! I'm going to have to start paying close attention to pinterest now ;) I've been loving the Gap lately too. Now I have some shopping to do!

  3. Gap totally knocked it out of the park this spring. I am so happy about stripes being the next big thing.

    Can't wait for your monthly linky party. Now I've got to start going through those million and one outfits I pinned and pick something.

  4. I am much more impressed with Gap lately than in years past as well...loving their cute stuff!!! The snow in my backyard finally melted overnight...bring on spring! Oh's only January...ugh! =)

  5. I love that bag. It's so...spring-y!

    I love your linky party idea!

  6. Ah, thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find you! I really like your blog! Outfit inspiration galore!! Have a great weekend! :)

  7. Your comments about that bag are hysterical. "shut her mouth and get on my shoulder" LMAO! I told myself no more shopping recently but for just over $20 I think I may need to buy a pair of jeans or two.

    You know I'll be joining in on this Pin-Party!

  8. THAT. BAG. $22? you gotta be kidding me! It's perfect!
    Excited to join your link party!!

  9. love that watch! I seriously have been looking for a white watch for a while now...perfect. Love all the sales and deals, and it's never too early to start shopping spring!

  10. Why are you showing me all these cute clothes from Gap?!?!? I am trying not to spend so much money on clothes this year...we'll see how that goes :)
    Super excited about Pin-Spired!!!!! YAY!

  11. It feels like Spring here in Austin today. This crazy weather is bipolar! And keep reminding me about the link party....great idea!!! :) I wanna try and play!

  12. Are the pleated gap shorts the ones you liked last summer? Thanks!

    1. Hi there! I'm not really sure which shorts you're talking about. I had a pair of short drawstring cargo looking shorts that I wore a lot last summer, but they were from LOFT several years ago. I had 2 pairs of cut-off GAP shorts that I also wore a lot, one hot pink and one coral...but they weren't pleated. Sorry to not be any more help!

  13. Love all the stuff from Gap!! It has recently become one of my favorite stores. That, and LOFT, of course! I'd love to participate in the linky party, but I'm not sure I quite know how to do it. I'm pretty new to the blog world.

  14. You crack me up!! Blardigan??? LOVE!!! Seriously...I need one of those!! :)

  15. You crack me up!! Blardigan??? LOVE!!! Seriously...I need one of those!! :)

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  17. 2 things . . .
    I pulled the trigger and bought a bubble necklace (Our Altar'd state was out but I found one at the mecca of all costume jewelry--Charming Charlie's). I've tried to wear it the last two days and didn't feel like i had it with the right outfit or that it was "too much." I'm determined to wear it!!

    Second, thank you, thank you, thank you for the referral to Andrea. My blog makeover is done and I couldnt be happier. Pop over and take a look!

  18. This is great! I always see images on Pinterest and think I should try and replicate that but do not want to steal Sheaffer's idea. Now I have permission to do so once a month with the linky party. I am loving the idea!!


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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