Monday, January 14, 2013

Leopard With Camel and Grey..and some CLOSET ORGANIZATION tips!

Catchy title, I know.
You guys are getting two for the price of 1 today!
An outfit re-creation like you do everyday AND closet organization tips.

First, the outfit.
When I was re-creating this outfit, I got all dressed in the closet, I came out and looked at myself,
 and I just thought "blah".
I pulled out my phone to look at the picture again, and I realized I had one of the pieces wrong.
I had on a black cardigan instead of the light khaki colored cardigan.
I changed cardigans, it lightened the whole outfit up, and it made all the difference!
I could almost hear Pinterest saying "I told you so."

Leopard Scarf|  Nordstrom
Cardigan|  LOFT
White tank| LOFT
Grey Cords| LOFT
Black flats| so old that I have no idea where I got them

I found a couple pairs of black flats similar to mine....and I also have some leopard flat options.
If I've told you once, I told you a thousand time, you NEED a pair of leopard flats.

And...HERE is a similar scarf from Nordstrom in either black/bronze (shown) or a silvery grey.

Now...on to the organization tips!
I'm linking up today with these ladies and Carmel at Our Fifth House (which is an awesome blog that you totally need to check out!).  And if you've got a spare sec, click HERE to see some before and afters of Carmel's house.  Just be prepared to hate your house afterwards. ;)
This week is the Organize It Challenge!
 I get lots of questions about how I organize my closet, and this linky party was just the motivation I needed to show you!
My closet is far from awesome, but I've been able to add different little gadgets to it to
make it more functional!

And let's just get this out of the way....
 I know that lots of people are linking up awesome DIY projects that will probably blow your mind, but this is all I got.
It's how I roll. 
I don't really make anything, but I'm sooo good at buying stuff.
And I'm extra good at buying stuff at The Container Store.
If I can buy something that is going to make my life easier (and it's not gonna break the bank), I'm totally gonna buy it.

Deep Breath.
Here's my closet in all it's glory.

For Pinterest Told Me To, this is where the magic happens. ;)
Things you see in this picture:
the canvas shoe holder, a scarf organizer, stacking wire shelves, huggable hangers
and double hanging closet rods 
{You can see ALL of these items in a collage with direct links at the bottom of the post in case you want to add them to your closet!}
 For scarf organization,
THIS amazing little gadget is only $5.99 from The Container Store.
No lie.
It's awesome.
You wouldn't believe how may scarves it holds.
Just guess.
You heard me.
It is absolutely necessary in my closet.  It keeps my scarves accessible.  They are easy to put up, and they are easy to get out.  It's genius. (I gave one to both my sister and my sister-in-law for Christmas.)
 THIS canvas shelf for shoes.
I stack flats, flip flops, and wedge sandals in this puppy.  I love it.
It would also be great for t-shirts or sweaters.

And THIS baby is magical (see it in the collage below)
It gives me a double row to hang things.  I have three of THESE in my closet.
2 on my side, and one on the hubby's side.
And my newest addition to my closet (as of this summer...right after I started the blog)...
 THESE huggable hangers you see on the right. 
Are they more expensive than your average hanger?  Yes.
 Are they worth it?  Absofreakinlutely.
 They are a HUGE space-saver, NOTHING slips off of them, and they just plain look nice.
Is it totally weird that this picture makes me incredibly happy?  Cause it does.  Big time.
And I just counted, and you can see 21 cardigans in this picture.
This also makes me happy.
Don't judge.  

from The Container Store.
Most things in the collage are pieces that I actually own, but I also included a couple of pictures of entire closet systems.
Why?  Because a girl can dream.

I mean....this stuff will keep you and your closet in line!

Thanks for stopping by today ladies!
I hope you come back to see some more of my Pinterest inspired outfit creations!
And check back later this week for my next installation of A Bachelorette Told Me To!
For those of you visiting from the link-up, one of my besties is Sean Lowe's sister!
{Click HERE if you want to read all of her posts about Sean..and make sure you check back with her every Tuesday where she will recap the episode from the night before!}
So, one time per week until the end of the season I'm going to give Pinterest a break and I'm going to re-create one of the outfits that one of the bachelorettes wears on Monday night.
To see the first post where I recreated one of the girl's headshots, click HERE. 

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  1. First, you know how I love any post about organizing! I don't have a scarf organizer (shame on me!) but I'm buying one tomorrow thanks to you! Second, you only showed 21 cardis...what about the other 60 you have in know I'm right. They need to see a picture of THAT!

  2. Brave, brave girl, showing your closet. Then again, it looks great, that's why! I finally organized my scarves last week and what a difference it made. That do-hickey from Container Store is incredible!

    Oh and I'm working on a fashion DIY from Pinterest just for your link up on the February 1st. Can't wait to see how this turns out.


  3. I love that scarf organizer! I think I may need to buy myself one of those. Thanks so much for linking up with us! Now I feel like I need a pair of leopard Toms and a few more cardigans. ;)

  4. I love all things organization. I really want one of those scarf organizers now. All of mine are stuffed into a bin and you better believe I forget about the ones at the bottom. I think I need to take a trip to the container store!

  5. I will be buying that scarf organizer this week! Mine are all in a nasket in the coat closet and it's such a pain to grab the one want when I'm in a hurry. This will just plain save me!

    A friend told me I should get the fuzzy hangers (that's what I like to call them) but I'm on the fence. Mainly, I HATE shoulder marks in my sweaters/heavier shirts. Do you find you get the shoulder marks? Otherwise what hangers do you use for those, or do you fold them?

  6. I love how you tie your scarves! Can you give us a little tutorial?

    1. Later this week (Thursday I think) I have a scarf tutorial that you will LOVE!
      Sheaffer :)

  7. Buying that scarf organizer ASAP!!!!!!!!!
    I just have mine on hangers, such a mess.
    Thanks for sharing about it. And only $5.99?!?!? Score.
    And, I'm with Shay.....where are you hiding the rest of your cardigans?!?!? Ha!

  8. Okay first I need a scarf organizer, second I need to have more than 2 scarves in my possession, seriously, I only own 2, but I might just start buying everything I see so I can get one of those organizers! Those hangers are the Bom! I wouldn't be able to fit nearly as many clothes in my closet with them, I currently take up 3 bars of clothes, my husband, 1, and even on his 1, I have half of that too, so I guess 3.5 is mine, luckily he doesn't care, phew! Love the outfit, makes me want to go out and buy that outfit.

  9. I like the outfit with the light khaki-colored cardigan! I desperately need a leopard print item in my wardrobe--whether it be shoes or a scarf. I love seeing closets. Yours is so colorful--and look at all those shoes!

  10. Ha -- 'I'm good at buying stuff'
    I'm trying to make better use of my closet too, thanks for those ideas and links! And I think I need gray cords in my life! We need a field trip to Loft together so you can show me all the good stuffs!

  11. I've always wished of going "shopping" in your closet. Now I know if I ever get to it'll mean I've died and gone to clothing heaven! Oh- and you nailed your inspiration outfit. I love that one. Lots. White and beige are a gorgeous combo...throw in gray and black and yummmm I'm loving it. Great job girl

  12. Just found you on Our Fifth House. LOVE IT!!! Your closet reminds me of mine, and I totally go to pinterest to help pick outfits from what I already have.

  13. I just organized my scarves a few weekends ago with a great idea from our good friend Pinterest. Shower rings and a pant hanger!

  14. Wow...I feel so...enlightened! I have never seen a scarf hanger before, but now, not only do I want one...I know for sure that I NEED one!

    Sean is by far the best bachelor ever. Ever. Can't wait to see which outfit you recreate! Time to catch him on Jimmy Kimmel :)

    If I may ask...I feel like Sean's face tells you how he's feeling (whether he's aware of it or not)...I feel like I could tell that Kacie B won't be getting out of the 'friend zone'--even though he's open to the idea...and I could tell he really connected with Desiree (I bet she'll be around for a while) you see this or is it all in my head?

  15. Love that leopard scarf! And I totally need to organize my closet...this is motivation!

  16. Love that outfit! I've seen that pin before and always thought it was so cute. Great tips :)

  17. Love the outfit and I can see how a light cardigan would make a big difference. I need that scarf hanger..thanks for sharing!

    Stopping in from WIWW...


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