Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Love Me Some Leopard!

You guys know by now that I love leopard.
Like really love leopard.
It adds so much pazzaz and sass to any outfit.
I especially love leopard shoes and leopard scarves.
They are total outfit changers that have the power to take an outfit from
"eh" (tilt and shrug please) to YOWZA!

Case and point.
Without the scarf, this outfit is just plain boring.
With the scarf?
With the addition of the leopard, I suddenly look totally put together!
Outfit changer.

Cardigan|  LOFT
t-shirt|  LOFT
Scarf|  Nordstrom
Jeans|  GAP
Grey Booties|  Steve Madden, similar HERE and HERE

And let's look back at some of my favorite leopard awesomeness that I've highlighted before:
 Leopard Flats from Steve Madden
I wear my leopard flats CONSTANTLY, but I've plum worn them out.  (They were from Target, and were totally 1 season shoes.)
Now that I know how much I wear them, I don't mind spending a little more on them.
I think these are going to be my new go to shoes.  
I like their pointy toe which makes them super modern! 
I found a couple of different sources, with different sizes available at each link HERE (only 5 left on sale for $55!) and HERE

Or look at this leopard print sperry.
Ooh. La. La. 
I like the little bit of glam on this one.

 I have THESE, and I love 'em!
 I wear them CONSTANTLY, and I CONSTANTLY get compliments on them!
They make a regular sweater and jeans look oh so cute!

 If I had a little girl, I don't think I'd be able to not by THESE.
I mean seriously.
Shay, Lisa, Erika, Narci, Lori, Jeni, Alli, and soon to be Andrea.
How can you resist?

Leopard heels from Steve Madden here
I don't have any use for these, but I bet the hubby wouldn't mind me having them.
You know, just for a quiet night at home.
I think that deserves another "me-ow". ;)
They are $30 off right now!!!
Affordable and chic!
I know these have been on the blog several times now.  But I don't care.  So there. 
Only 4 sizes left. 

I feel it coming on again.
I just can't help it.

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  1. I love the red and leopard together--you did it again, Sheaffer! Adorable!

  2. Love this! You are right, I love how the addition of a simple detail can make an outfit so exciting! Love those leopard booties and I'm going to need to be one the lookout for leopard print toms. I love them!

  3. You stop it right meow! Ok, don't be mad, but um, I had the chance to buy a leopard scarf... and I didn't. And I was literally looking at it and thinking of you and Pinterest and trying to will myself to buy it, but I didn't. I need one now. Really need one.

  4. Love the look. I guess I need to get a leopard print scarf now.

  5. There is just something about leopard that makes you feel sassy...I love it! I have flats, heels, a belt and a few cardis in leopard print...it's perfect all over! =)

  6. Love me some leopard! Hope you had a fab New Year's, my friend!

  7. I LOVE all of the leopard and I definately want to
    Get a pair of those TOMS for Blakely.

  8. I LOVE leopard! I really want a leapard belt and Those pumps!! So perfect! Happy New Year!!

  9. Leopard is my kryptonite. Every outfit needs just a little And you have some great picks here. I love your look, you're rocking it like Beyonce.


  10. Hi there - found your blog through the link up. Can't wait to read more! Hope you're having a happy new year :)

  11. Every lady needs some meow in their life!!! It's a MUST. And look at you looking all Beyonce!!! LOL!!! Love it!! Keep doing what you're doing!!!!!!! Thanks for linking up!!!

  12. Very cute! I helped my husband find me the perfect fuchsia shirt to wear with my leopard print scarf for Christmas after I saw something on your blog- so fun!

  13. I want a leopard scarf!!!

    Dropping in from the link-up!

    Sheena @ A Girl's Guide to Retail Therapy


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