Friday, January 25, 2013

MADAY MADAY! Time is running out!

I was at the mall with Narci  and Shay (and all of the kids) today, and I wasn't even going to go in LOFT since I had made a large purchase online at GAP yesterday.
I was just going to eat lunch and let the kids play.
Okay, maybe I was going to swing into GAP to make sure there wasn't anything on clearance.
But I really wasn't planning on going to the LOFT.
the people at LOFT really know how to lure me in.
While at the mall (do you think they have some sort of global positioning system implanted in me or something?), I got an e-mail saying that for TODAY ONLY everything is 50% off!
And if it's already on sale, then it's an additional 60% off!
Online too HERE with the code SHOP50!!!!!
But it ends tonight!!!!!

Listen, when it comes to 50-60% off, I lose all power to say no.
I came home with all of this:
2 cardigans (try to act surprised), 3 t-shirts (I buy at least 3 of their t-shirts every spring - they are soooo soft and I just love them), 1 pair of classic black shorts, 
and an AWESOME statement necklace.
All for $120.
 I gotta say, I'm on a serious shopping high right now.
Like my heart is kinda racing.
I wish I was kidding.
Look how cute I'm gonna be once I strap on a pair of wedge sandals and maybe a contrasting belt. ;)
Here's the coral shirt with green cardi.
And here's the green shirt with the pink cardi.
Yep, I'm excited.
So what are you waiting for people?!?
Time to go SAVE money!  ;)
Click HERE right now and go shop!!!!
But prepare to have heart palpitations if you do. Ha!


  1. Ahh I love those shopping highs when everything seems just right! Does not happen that often! Have a great weekend!

  2. We had so much fun today! Love "lofting" with you! XOXO

  3. I should not have looked at your blog tonight. That's all there is to it. But I do love the outfits you picked up! So cute for spring! So I take it that you managed to stay away from Gap today?! ;)

  4. I went shopping at Loft today too! Lots of goodies made it to my closet :)!

  5. I am jealous!!!! I want to go lofting with you & Shay!!!!!
    Must resist going to Loft & getting more cardigans......

  6. Thanks for the $50 off $100 tip! I picked up a black maxi dress and sunglasses...can't wait for some warm weather to wear them! I have a similar dress in navy from last comfy! I wore it a TON!


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