Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Current Obsession, and Carmel is a genius! :)

I'm switching things up a bit this week.  
Friday is our first Pin-Spired Linky Party (read about it HERE and plan on joining the fun)!
 And don't forget that my Bachelor recap will go live tomorrow at 5:30 a.m.!  WOO-HOO!
These girls really should stop giving me so much material to work with. ;)
Shay's post about the Bachelor is live this morning HERE
And ya'll, she has picture of she and Sean as little ones.  So cute!
Anyway, because of my crazy schedule for the rest of the week,
 today I'm going to do an obsessions post.
What am I obsessed with now?
Well...I am OBSESSED with Stella and Dot....again.
 They have pieces that range in price from $20 all the way up to hundreds of dollars, so there is sure to be something for everybody.
As you guys know (because of the awesome giveaway HERE giveaway now closed that ends tonight!), 
the new spring line is absolutely gorgeous. 
My friend Jenny dropped tons of the new jewelry by my house on Sunday so I could have a couple of days to play with it and then showcase some of my favorite pieces to you ladies!

And Carmel at Our Fifth House got me to really thinking about jewelry on THIS post from last week.
She said:
... I keep a well edited wardrobe mainly due to space reasons.  Although, more and more I've started to realize that clothing-wise you really don't need much.  I'd say on the whole - I probably spend 30% of my wardrobe budget on clothes and 70% on accessories - shoes, handbags,
 and let's not forget the power of gorgeous jewelry!
One necklace can totally make an outfit - it always fits - and can provide limitless outfit options. 

Carmel, you are a genius!!! 
I mean, I knew you were a house decorating prodigy, 
but I didn't know you were this wise about fashion too! 
Will you please be my friend? 

Anyway....after reading what Carmel had to say about jewelry, it got me to thinking about how jewelry truly has the power to transform an outfit from ho-hum to FABULOUS.
So, I decided to do something...which is about the closest thing to a science experiment that I have ever done.  (And that includes the science fair in 5th and 6th grade).

I'm not ashamed to say that I did a google search for some general terminology.
The CONTROL is my outfit. It will not change throughout the experiment.
The VARIABLES will be the jewelry pieces.
My HYPOTHESIS is that I believe the jewelry will make the outfit cuter in every instance.
(Please, if you're really smart, please don't tell me how my thoughts are flawed.)
And yes..I know this is totally corny..but just go with it.

Here is my control outfit.
I'm a scientist now.  Somebody should really get me a lab coat and a clipboard.
I went colorful so the outfit itself wouldn't be completely boring.
Mustard Skinny Jeans, a Grey V-Neck, a Pink Cardigan, a Brown Belt, and Leopard Shoes.
The outfit is nice enough...and you can't really say it's plain Jane (sorry Jane) because of  all of the color, but it's still not a "WOW" outfit.
Like I said previously, the jewelry is the variable.
On the left:
the Dakota earrings (which I ADORE and am totally getting for myself - they show up so well with my dark hair!) and the Piper necklace
On the right:
the Fiona Bib necklace and the Fiona earrings
(I never would have thought about pairing white jewelry with this, but I think it looks great!) 
On the left:
the Maldives Necklace and the Zinnia Bracelet
On the right:
the Sanibel Pendent (click on the link to see that it has a different stone on the back and can be worn 2 different ways!), the Sanibel Chandelier Earrings, and the Vintage Twist bracelet.
 Left and Right pics the same:
the Jolie necklace (looks blue but this necklace is actually a beautiful Kelly green), the Julep Bangles
(they come in white, pink, blue, and green - these little beauties are great for spring and summer!), and the Lakra Bangle
 On the left:
the Kimberly Necklace (I am getting this FOR SURE!), the Raina earrings, and the Wonderland Charm Bracelet
On the right:
the Spring Awakening Necklace (this necklace is  a total stunner) and the Vintage Twist Bracelet in coral

I mean, YA'LL.
I know I'm not technically a scientists, but it seems as if  I might have missed my calling.
This is my first science experiment since the whole fake volcano fiasco of 1985,
and I've proven my Hyposthesis!

And Stella and Dot jewelry is SOOOOOOOO "in".  If you keep your eyes open, you will see famous people wearing it all the time!  Some of the few that I've spotted recently:  George Clooney's girlfriend (If I was George Clooney's girlfriend, this is what I would want to be called.), Reese Witherspoon, Emily Maynard, and lots of the Beverly Hills Housewives!
Yes...some of the pieces are a little bit more pricey than I would normally spend...but I think they are totally worth it!

I really think I am going to start subscribing to Carmel's philosophy and giving jewelry a more important place in my wardrobe!  And I'm going to start now!

Oooohh...one more thing I want to share with you girls.

The stackable deco rings are already mine (I've had them since November), 
and I cannot tell you how much I absolutely LOVE them.
I wear them a lot with all 3 stacked up on my right hand...but sometimes I want to change things up, and instead of wearing my engagement ring and wedding band on my right hand, I wear my 5 year anniversary ring and 2 of the 3 rings.
The rings look great on their own...but when you pair them with real diamonds....
they look even better!  I have 2 other friends that I have seen wear 1 or 2 with their real rings too!
Anyway, talk about an awesome Valentine's Day gift!

Remember to enter the giveaway go HERE *giveaway now closed* and scroll down to the end of the post....
and if you would like to place a Stella and Dot order (or if you want to send your hubby the link as a big ol' HINT), click HERE.

And, before you go, there are a couple of things here at Pinterest Told Me To that are recurring themes.
We all know that I pay homage to cardigans on a regular basis and think that they are an absolute necessity in every color of the rainbow.
Another wardrobe necessity?  Leopard flats.
I have them on in my outfit today, so I thought it was a good time to again stress the importance of adding leopard flats to your closet.  I wear them ALL the time (I have 2 pair actually), and I really think they add just the right amount of sassy to lots of outfits!
So, here are 3 of my absolute favorite out there for you to see today.
Oops.  The Steve Madden ones (far right) are sold out.
The middle ones are my favorites anyway.  They look so comfy and like they could be worn with just about anything!  (Remember:  leopard is a neutral!)

I'm telling you now, if you don't have leopard flats...it's time.  If you're scared to pull the trigger, I get it.  I was scared when I bought my first pair, but I am sooo glad I did at least twice a week when I put them on!  Don't be scared!
Happy Shopping Friends!

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  1. She is absolutely right! Your look was totally different in each post just because of the jewelry! And PS: stop reminding people about the Stella and Dot giveaway...I'm hoping to win myself ;)!

  2. Love the different looks the jewelry gives the outfit. I'm not a huge jewelry person myself but I love how much it changes up an outfit. I'm slowly starting to become one!

  3. Wow, the power of perfect accessorizing! It truly does transform an outfit. And I am SO with you on those leopard flats. Do it, do it now! I've worn out two pairs and am ready to get my third.

  4. Love your "control" outfit, never thought of putting pink with my mustard skinnies -- I know what I'll be wearing later this week :) Of course accented with some awesome jewelry!

  5. Jewelry is the way to go! I fab necklace makes a look, totally agree! Love all the different necklaces you showed!!

  6. I LOVE the leopard flats in the middle... they are so cute! And I, too, am obsessed with jewelry.. hoping I win the giveaway! :)

  7. Love the leopard flats, going to look for some today!!
    I'd love to say your blog is sending me out running to the store to find them BUT honestly I was going to find new tennis shoes tonight anyway and now I will pick up a pair of leopard flats. They are adorable.
    Love all the jewelry too. Im a buyer but not a wearer. I should try harder!

  8. Great pairing, you're right the jewelry totally makes a difference.

  9. You are so right about jewelry! I'm pregnant and I have a lot of simple maternity clothes, but I accessorize with jewelry and feel tons better about myself! I also have leopard flats (have had them for two years) and even though its time to invest in a new pair, I wore them yesterday with skinny jeans and a t-shirt w/ a black shawl over them and felt super comfy, but stylish at the same time!

  10. You're the sweetest! Totally made my day - and it's a "I'm stuck at home all day with a sick kid so I'm in sweats with no plans to change" so obviously I could really use the pick me up. ;) I love Stella & Dot! And I totally agree on the leopard flats!

  11. I have those stackable rings, too, and I never even thought about mixing them with other rings. Great idea!

    I also believe that leopard is a neutral.

  12. Carmel is a little gem (you like that? jewels...gem?!) You look great in those mustard pants...and love them with the pink cardi!

  13. Love that girl math and what it equals! I bought two cardigans in one week per your advice. I guess I'll be on the look out for jewels, too. :)

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  15. First, your mustard jeans, grey shirt & pink cardi are ADORABLE.
    You rock colored jeans like no one else!!! Love!
    My fave necklace with that outfit is the long turquiose pendant necklace!

    And...I don't own leopard ANYTHING (besides slippers) Can we still be friends?
    I think I need some leopard flats!!!

  16. You are so right -- Jewelry can make all the difference! I LOVE the Fiona Bib necklace and earrings with that outfit -- and it's something I would have never put together on my own.
    I have been considering buying a pair of leopard flats for a while now -- I think it might be time to take the plunge!!

  17. That's the best science experiment I have ever seen! Love it! And it's so true!

  18. Love all of your accessories! The turquoise pendant is really cute! Gonna have to check it out! I love the color blocking that you did & the leopard flats!!

  19. You little fashion scientist, you! Another reason I love you and your clever ideas! It's so true, jewelry and accessories really do make an outfit all come together...although I am not giving up on my clothes just yet! ;)

  20. Love all of the necklaces it totally makes the outfit! My favorite is definitely the Fiona Bib!!

  21. Fantastic pictures. I love the style.

  22. I love love the Raina Earrings. Your blog is the best - I check it out everyday, and my latest clothing purchases have been influenced by your blog. =) Shauna Wilson

  23. Darling jewelry ideas...love all the looks!! Cute idea for a blog too...very inventive pulling in all pinterest things!



  24. This is nothing new to me! Accessorizing has always been my secret to a chic and stylish look. Can't go wrong with the right jewels, scarves/wraps and footwear.


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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