Friday, January 18, 2013

What 3 Things I'm Obsessed With Now: Shoes, Soup, and a GIVEAWAY!

This list is completely RANDOM.
Like hard core random.
It is all over the place, but stick with me...
Remember, there is a giveaway at the end!

 1) I'm obsessed with 2 different types of footwear right now. 
Both types are quite uncharacteristic of me to be obsessed with.
Am I often obsessed with boots?  Of course.
Can I be obsessed with a great pair of flats?  Yes, ma'm.
But right now I'm obsessed with a pair of running shoes and a pair of rain boots.
Weird, I know.

First up, the running shoes.
I don't run. 
I don't jog. 
I barely even walk.
But it doesn't mean I don't want THESE shoes.

Aren't they so bright and fun?
They kinda make me want to exercise AND they are on sale right now (with free shipping)!
Yes, THIS shoe, and the thought that I'm going to be at the pool in like 3 1/2 months kinda makes me want to put down the chips and queso and get moving.
Give me another couple of weeks and I think I actually might.

Second up, THIS DARLING pair of rain boots!

I own some rain boots that I got from Target a  couple of years ago.
I got them specifically to wear at the ranch, but I ended up wearing them LOTS more than that
Rain boots really do come in handy.
They were around $35 (which was awesome!), but the rubber is now ripping at the top.
So, mama needs a new pair of rain boots.
Now that I know I wear them more than just at the ranch, I'm willing to pay a little more for them.
I don't want to shell out $150 for Hunter's, (although I'm quite sure they are worth it), so I was sooo happy to find some great opions.
Love the polka dot ones above...but I also love THESE in yellow, teal, red, and black.

One of my favorite things to do every morning is to check my friend Shay's food blog!
It's not a new obsession, it's been a part of my morning routine for quite a while now.
Shay started an awesome blog about a year and a half ago where she features tons of yummy recipes, with the tag line that "it's more about the method than the recipe".
She makes quick, easy, and nutritious dinners almost every night of the week, and
she does it with ease using a fail- proof method, and then mixing and matching it countless ways!
She gets fast and healthy dinners on the table for her sweet family,
and she will help YOU get dinner on the table too.
This is Shay:
(purely fyi: If I wrote a food blog, I'm pretty sure I would weigh at least 750 pounds.)
Her food blog is called Mix and Match Mama!
One of my favorite recipes from Shay is her Sausage and Tortellini soup.
Hearty, Healthy, and Easy.
Oh...and let's not forget YUMMY!

And for those of you visiting from Kelly's Korner that have never been to my blog before......
(Speaking of yummy...Sean Lowe is Shay's little brother!)
Click HERE if you want to see my Bachelor recaps of the first 2 weeks of the show!

I am totally and completely 100% prime time obsessed with this necklace.
I got it on Saturday, and I've worn it 3 times since then.  
Can you blame me?
 Look how it changed my look from plain to fabulous in Look #1 (headed to meet a friend for lunch):
Look #2 (church):
Look #3 (work):

And lucky you guys....this necklace is the giveaway!!!!
Accessory Mix Auctions (found on facebook) is partnering up with me to give one to
 a super lucky reader!
All you have to do to enter the contest is "like" them on facebook (go HERE to like them),
and then leave a comment telling me you liked them!
That's it!

But wait..there's more!

Every Tuesday night at 8:00, they go live with products.
It is SIMPLE & FUN and a great way to get some good pieces of jewelry inexpensively!
How does it work?
Go to their page on Tuesday, see what goodies are for sale, and if you see something you like, you simply right "SOLD"  and your e-mail address.  First come, first served.
There will be info. with each picture telling you how much the piece is and how many they have.
You will be invoiced securely via Paypal within a couple of days and SHIPPING IS FREE!!!!
It's THAT easy.
And, for all Pinterest Told Me To peeps, they are going to do 20% off this coming Tuesday Jan 22nd!
All you have to do is write "SOLD", your e-mail address, and then "Pinterest Told Me To"!
20% will be taken off of the price for you!
They've got some good stuff, so go check them out!
(See that chunky gold bracelet in the pictures above.  That is one of their pieces too!)
I'm telling you, I absolutely LOVE the bracelet and the necklace they sent me.
As if wearing them 3 times in 1 week didn't tip you off to that.

And just because I can't help myself...
Click HERE to shop the awesome GAP sale.
Click HERE to shop the LOFT sale.
Click HERE to shop the Banana Republic sale. 
With these awesome sales, it is a great time to start adding things to your spring wardrobe!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!! 
Until Monday friends!  :)

 Don't forget....go like Accessory Mix Auction on facebook HERE, and then leave me a comment telling me you did so!


  1. I don't know what to comment on first??? Let's did workout hard core for one week last year. You should really give yourself credit for that (you did spinning after all!). Second, everyone should have rain boots (especially those cute ones!). They are one of the best investments you can make! Third, if I had a fashion blog, I'd be in debt by $450,000, so it's a good thing we were both called to our own specific talents. And fourth, people should really go back and read your Bachelor recaps. They are your best work ever!! Happy Friday!

  2. I liked accessory mix auctions on FB and I LOVE that necklace!!

  3. I love that necklace! Such a fun piece to have to dress up outfits. I am also in love with both of those shoes! I have a bit of a shoe problem but I can always use a new pair of sneakers ;)

  4. OK, I thought I was crazy for wanting rain boots in Texas. Apparently not. Or maybe we both are. :) Love that necklace too!

  5. Well I think I could start a blog called "Sheaffer Told Me To"!! I find myself putting things together I would have never dreamed of or have the confidence to wear together. It is so much fun. Your blog is great - Thanks! I did like Accessory Mix Auctions on Facebook and now I am looking forward to Tuesday.

  6. Love that black and white dress in your church picture! Also I liked the jewelry Facebook page! Hope I win!

  7. LOVE Allison's comment :) And I liked it because i <3 that necklace!!!!! Gimme Gimme

  8. Hi Sheaffer! So my sister in law is friends with Shay, and told me to follow her blog. I came across your blog there and realized I went to highschool with you( I was a year older..Jenny Ryan). Anyways, I LOVE your blog! I think of you everytime I am shopping now. I even went to Banana Republic yesterday specifically for some of that jewelry you posted...ha! Love love love your style!

  9. I liked their page. Love your outfits!!! That necklace really adds to them. I hope I win. Thanks for the great ideas!

  10. I liked their Facebook page as well!! I absolutely love the necklace. What a difference a statement necklace can make. That's for showing me that!!!

  11. Just went and "liked" them on FB - hoping to score your exact piece - it's really lovely. I am already over the bubble necklace trend and ready for a new twist. That is just the twist I was hoping for! Thank you.

  12. I liked the pretty jewelry page. Waiting patiently for my necklace:-)

  13. I "liked" Accessory Mix Auctions on Facebook. I think I LOVE that necklace!!

  14. I liked Accesory Mux Auctions! You know I LOVE a good fun necklace! More choices to clip my Sassy and Southern pendant on! FYI-my daughter got Hunter rain boots for Christmas-I think mi e from Stein Mart are JUST as nice AND even cuter!!! Mine are polka dot and hers are just solid!

  15. I would own hundreds of cute bright running shoes if I could!!

  16. I just liked the Facebook page. Love the necklace. You have inspired me to think outside the box more when I am putting my outfits together and I look forward to reading your blog every day. You are doing a great job! Thanks!

  17. I liked 'em! And I can't wait to check out mix and match mamas blog!

  18. I liked the facebook page! Such a cute necklace!

  19. Where is that dress from in Look 2?!!? I love it!!

    1. Hi Diana! The dress is from LOFT! I got it several months ago on clearance for around $30! Total score!
      Sheaffer :)

  20. Necklace is so cute! I liked them. Where is the church dress from? Love it!

  21. I liked them! Love the necklace!! Thanks, Lesley

  22. Love the necklace!! Liked them on FB! :)
    Thanks for the great recipe link!

  23. Liked them! Love the necklace!

  24. Liked the FB page!

  25. I liked them on Facebook! I love how you showed the before and after outfit! That necklace really does spice up the outfit! I love your blog!

  26. The necklace is adorable!! I love it! Also, I got my rain boots from Stein Mart, and I love them!! :) Those coral polka dot ones are calling my name though!!

  27. WOW-LOVE that necklace! I liked them on Facebook!!!

  28. Liked them on facebook, i LOVE your blog, and all your Bachelor recaps make me want to watch it...

  29. I liked them on facebook. LOVE your blog--I look forward to reading it every day! ;)

  30. Hi. I just saw your comment in Lauren's forum. So I thought I'd check your blog out and I actually really like it! Maybe you'd like to check mine out as well :) it's . We bloggers have to stick together!


  31. I liked them on FB. Have you heard of Accessory Concierge? I just found them a couple of weeks ago on FB. They have auctions on Mondays and Wednesdays. Their system of buying via FB seems to be the same.

    I LOVE your blog its so fun to read each day!

  32. I love the rainboots...although I just splurged on a pair of black Hunter boots! (There are actually some on sale right now on their website :)) The nikes are awesome too!!! A new pair of running shoes always gets my butt up and moving :)

    Have a great weekend!!


  33. Liked them on Facebook, love your blog! Today I am wearing black leggings, brown boots, and a denim chambray shirt because you told me to, and I got 3 compliments while volunteering at school this morning!

  34. Just recently found your blog, and it's so cute! I'm not on Pinterest (because I know my limitations and I would get totally sucked into it and my house would be disgusting and my kids might not get fed or bathed or looked after! Ha!), but I am a mama that likes to feel put together and cute when I get out everyday. So I really like seeing all of your outfit choices inspired by Pinterest!! Oh, and I have those rain boots in gray, and I LOVE them!!!! They are fun and neutral all at the same time!

  35. Liked them on FB! Love all of your outfit ideas!

  36. I liked them on facebook. Totally enjoy reading your blog everyday. I love boots, too.

  37. I liked me on FB! Love the necklace.

  38. Just found your blog and I liked them (alot) on fb! thanks for the chance!

    itsjustme91770 at yahoo dot com

  39. I liked them on Facebook! I'm lovin' those sneakers...super cute!

  40. I liked them on facebook....and I really love reading your blog!

  41. I liked them on facebook-love that necklace!

  42. I liked them on facebook. I just discovered your blog and I love it.

  43. Hi, Sheaffer! I love reading your blog. In fact, I have a friend at work that asks me "Did Pinterest tell you to do that?" when she sees what I have on in the mornings. Usually I say yes because it is true! I cannot tell you how much your blog helps me put together my clothes!! That friend is now a follower of you! I liked the accessory company on Facebook! I hope I win that necklace!!!

  44. Checked out and liked Accessory Mix auctions. I am going to have to investigate further. I am not usually a big jewelry person but that necklace, I love it!

  45. I love this necklace and your blog! I liked the accessory company on Facebook! I may even steal some of your outfit ideas if I win!! Here's hoping!

  46. I liked the facebook page. Thanks for the chance to win and also for a new shopping site. Love your blog

  47. I liked Accessory Mix Auctions on fb! I'm also a huge fan of Shay's. I love checking out all of her recipes on Mix and Match Mama. In fact, her bundt cakes have made several appearances at parties I've attend recently. So good! Although seriously, I can't keep them in my house or I would devour them!!

  48. I liked them, but LOVE the necklace!

  49. I liked the jewelry page on Facebook.

  50. I love those red Nikes - I so need cute workout shoes!

    Pearls & Paws

  51. I liked the FB page but LOVE that necklace, good luck to everyone!

  52. Liked their page and hope to win the necklace now! :)

  53. What a great idea for a fun, unique jewelry store. I "liked" you them on FB! Love your blog! Hilary

  54. I liked Accessory Mix Auctions on FB. What a lovely completely increases the glam of even the most basic outfit.


  55. I liked them, but wished there was a LOVE button! Wendy

  56. I liked them on FB. Thanks for all the enlightenment, Sheaffer. You are awesome! :)

  57. I liked them on Facebook and I love that necklace.

  58. I liked Accessory Mix Auctions on FB & Love your Blog! Since I started following along I have been totally inspired to change up my work wear & casual clothes! I can't begin to tell you what a difference it's made in my self confidence etc. I get compliments all the time & have shared your blog with everyone (the people I like anyway!) Love that necklace btw!

  59. I liked Accessory Mix Auctions.

  60. Liked them on FB. Love that necklace!

  61. Liked them on FB. Love that necklace!

  62. Just found your blog and love it!!! I liked the Accessory Mix Auctions on FB - what girl doesn't love new accessories!!

  63. New to your blog! Love it. Just liked them on FB.

  64. I liked Accessory Mix Auctions on facebook! And I LOVE your blog...I just discovered it through Shanna's blog and I'm so glad I did :)

  65. I liked Accessory Mix Auctions on Facebook under Vanessa Garcia and that is an awesome necklace! Love it!

  66. I liked Accessory mix Auctions on FB! I love the necklace! It could go with just about anything. So cute! I have been loving your blog for a few months now, and have to thank you for helping me make new outfits out of so much of what I already own. :)

  67. I liked them on Facebook!! Hope to win the necklace!!

    Rachel Tapscott

  68. I liked the facebook page. This necklace is gorgeous, and I really hope to win!

  69. I liked them on FB...and I'm excited for tonight's auction! (Can't seem to post from my google account, so I'd doing it as anonymous, but here's my e-mail address in case I get lucky and win: cdmccurdy34atgmaildotcom

  70. I liked them! And I'm totally drooling over the necklace....

  71. I liked them on facebook! Cant wait for the auction tonight!

  72. I liked accessory mix auctions on facebook!!!
    Also, you should definitely get those tennis shoes! They are so lightweight and since they're in such a pretty color, they will make you want to wear them to work out! :)


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