Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Bachelorette Told Me To

(Before I start the recap...
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So, here we are with the final 3 girls.
AshLee, Catherine, and Lindsay
 Bachelor 2013 Spoilers: Who Are Sean Lowe’s Final Two?

Team Bachelor travels with these girls to Thailand, and we get to see lots of beautiful scenery.

And Sean..if you are reading this, listen to me.
This next picture needs to be, wait, scratch that -
IT HAS TO BE  your screen saver from now until the day you die.

And I can't put my finger on it, but I suddenly find myself missing Selma more than ever.

Before we get to the dates, we get a little montage of the history Sean has with each girl as he talks over the footage.
When reminiscing about Catherine, he says,
"She's a little weird and nerdy and goofy.
We are always laughing."
Okay.  Fair enough. Laughing is good.

When talking about AshLee he says, 
"My relationship with Ashley is probably the strongest relationship I have.
She has one of the biggest hearts I've ever come across."
He also says that AshLee has lots of qualities that he would like in a wife.
Yeah.  Me Too Buddy.
If I had sister wives, I would DEFINITELY want at least one of them who was totally OCD and would organize my pantry and linen closets.
However, I feel it is important to note that I would prefer that sister wife
 to NOT have a body like AshLee.
Yes, I think I shall take a sister wife who is not super cute,
but makes up for it in her organizational skills.
And then Sean says this, 
"To know that someone that I like so much is in love with me is humbling."
This is not a good sign for AshLee.
Label your toiletries and carefully pack your bags sister. 
Sounds like you're going home.

While talking about Lindsay he says,
"Lindsay and I have this spark that has grown into this massive flame."
He then said, 
"I thought Lindsay could be crazy, and not a good crazy."
Yes, wedding dresses on a first date tends to be a red flag for a guy...but surprisingly
we've moved on from that.


Lindsay and Sean go shopping in the Thai Market.
Lindsay says that Thailand is not anything like Fort Leonard Wood.
Sean, hold on to this girl, she is super smart.
They roam around awhile sharing food and petting rainbow colored chickens.
Then comes the time in their tour of the Thai market where they are expected to grub on some bugs.
Um, no thank you.
First of all, I'd have to be drunk.
Second of all, I would need some ranch.
Then they play with monkeys.
I'm not nearly as amazed by the monkeys as I am at Lindsay's bravery.
It takes some serious courage to crouch over like that in a swimsuit, but she does it well.
If in the same situation, we all know that I would lay down with my back arched and my arms stretched over my head (to promote optimum skinniness) and just let the monkeys come to me.

They go sit amidst the floats and the flowers and they watch some native women perform a dance...but all I can think about is how in the world these ladies with the super long nails manage to wipe themselves after going potty.  I know, I'm super mature.


 Let's take a quick moment and check out her smokin' hot bod.  VERY impressed AshLee.

Sean is like "Hey there AshLee.  You have fear and abandonment issues right?
 Well, I've got a fun idea!
Let's put those to the test and see if I can lead you through this super scary cave.  And let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope that we both come out together on the other side alive and without you having a complete and total psychological breakdown."
AshLee spews some metaphors about caves and trust.
They emerge on the other side at the private beach and make-out.
Then they go to dinner and make-out.
At dinner, AshLee says she doesn't take getting engaged lightly.
I wonder if her first hubby is watching this and giving her the ol' Tierra eyebrow.

Oh dear.
Ashlee requests a cushion cut ring with diamonds around the band in a size 6 1/2.
She claims he has healed her broken heart, and I start to get really nervous.

Time for Sean to spend a little alone time with Catherine.
Catherine is totally low maintenance and easy going, 

I said last week how Catherine's sisters shouldn't ever run a political campaign for her.
Well, she shouldn't run one for herself either.
She called herself weird like 138 times tonight.

I'm thinking it's super obvious that Sean likes Catherine the best.  He just seems to smile more when he is with her.  I'm thinking he is really appreciative of her low-maintenance vibe.
And then she seals the deal by doing a back flip off of the boat with him.

He lets her know that he digs the whole back flip thing by throwing her up against the boat and kissing her Arie style.

Sean gets dressed for the rose ceremony (and women across America thank ABC for capturing this moment), and then he meets with his old buddy Chris.
He tells Chris that he knows who he is going to send home.
Still, Harrison has him go look at their pictures and watch videos that the final 3 left for him.
In Lidsay's video, she giggles a lot.  Like A LOT.
In Catherine's video she says that Sean "gave her the wiggles".  Oogie.
In AshLee's video, here's a shocker, she talks in metaphors.
And then she says, and I quote,
"Because of who you are to me, I know that I am no longer broken."
As soon as the words come out of her mouth it looks Sean can't decide if he
 wants to wet his pants or puke.
He suddenly seems conflicted.  Well, not so much conflicted as FREAKING OUT that he's about to send poor broken AshLee home after she just gave him credit for making her whole again!
 He looks out to the turbulent waters in the ocean.
I imagine AshLee would say that his feelings are crashing against his soul just like
the waves against the shore.

Now the girls walk in for the rose ceremony holding little umbrellas that
they plucked out of some fruity drinks.   
And listen, AshLee came to play.  She brought the girls for back-up.

 Nervousness abounds as Sean is getting ready to hand out the roses.

Lots of trembling hands, lots of deep breathing, lots of dramatic pauses, and Lindsay even lets a naughty word slip out. 

Lindsay and Catherine get the roses, and I have to admit I am a little sad. 
I really liked AshLee (despite the metaphors).....but I have to say I got over my sadness quickly.
AshLee turned on a dime and went from a sweet little abandoned puppy to a rabid dog so fast it made my head spin.
And that's when my sadness turned to fear.
At first she stood as still as a statue for what seemed like a sweet forever.
When she finally looked at Sean, although I can't be certain,
I'm almost positive I saw death rays shooting out of her eyes.

She doesn't even look at the final 2 as she walks out. 
Miss Smarty Pants Lindsay hypothesizes that she "is pissed".  Thank you Captain Obvious.
I'm betting that AshLee looks back at this and is less than thrilled with how she reacted.
Way to perpetuate the whole "woman scorned" stereotype Ashlee.
I certainly hope the producers had a nice cocktail laced with Xanax and Lexapro waiting for AshLee in the limo.  

The End.

And everybody can hold their breath with excitement awaiting next week's
I'm expecting fireworks.
And maybe a verbal smackdown or two.
Tierra's eyebrow will most certainly be in rare form, and I'm imagining there will be some back-stabbing and finger pointing of epic proportion.
And fingers crossed that I'll be reunited with Selma!
Yep, it's gonna be good.

And I don't have an outfit recreation this week...just plum ran out of time...but I was inspired by Ashley's statement necklace and thought I would show you a handful that J Crew Factory has to offer right now. And, everything at The Factory is 25% off today!

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    "First of all, I'd have to be drunk.
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  30. I took Lindsay's comment "she's pissed" as an explanation in Ashlee's defense, when Catherine said "she didn't even say goodbye to us" I do not think she is stupid at all.

  31. Love your recaps!

    However, I loved Ashlee's exit. You can tell it was real for her. She just got dumped, felt betrayed and rejected. No need to be sweet and make him feel better.

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  35. Completely hysterical!! Literally laughed out loud (at work - probably not the coolest thing ever!).

  36. LOL hilarious recap!! Ashlee really started to annoy me as this season went on. She was like REALLLYYYYYYY in love with Sean...feel bad for her but I thought she might have been too intense! I hope she's not the next bachelorette! We need some fresh more re-used bachelor & bachelorettes!

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    Twenty-Six Minutes for Lunch

  41. Funniest recap ever - thanks! This is my favorite Bachelor season yet - my husband will actually watch it with me (and provide comic relief) because Lindsay's Dad is his former boss. (Totally weird, I know.) I've had my guess about who Sean picks ... and who will be the next Bachelorette!

    So glad I stumbled over from Big Mama!

  42. I am so bummed the season is almost over....your recaps are the highlight of my week!! So freaking funny! And yes, Sean looked like he was about to puke the entire looooooooooooongest pause ever before giving out that last rose. And if Catherine doesn't cut that hair, or at least pull it back, I might find her in her sleep and do it for her!

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