Monday, February 25, 2013

Bloggers Unite!

For the record, I don't even know what that title means, but doesn't it sound fun?

You guys.
I'm kind of a big deal.
Well, not really.
Okay fine, not at all.

On Saturday I got to meet some girls who really are a big deal.
All we did was hang out in a hotel lobby and talk for like 30 minutes,
but it was completely delightful.

me, Sophie (Boo Mama), Melanie (Big Mama), Kelly (Kelly's Korner) and Shay
My goodness this picture makes me smile.  Shay and I had THE BEST time.

You see Melanie there in the middle?  Well, her book Sparkly Green Earrings hit shelves just a couple of short weeks ago....and it is now #27 on the New York Time's Best Sellers List.
I know.  Whoa.
(More on Melanie and the book tomorrow!)

I have been reading Sophie's, Melanie's, and Kelly's blogs for a little over 4 years now (I started reading them when I was pregnant with Carter). I heard about their blogs through my then new friends (who are now some of my best friends) that were in a bible study that I had just joined.

Anyway, I started reading their blogs, and I never stopped.

So, getting to meet them yesterday was a definite thrill.
I was thinking it was going to feel a bit like meeting a celebrity.
Instead, it really just felt like I was meeting an old friend, which was AWESOME.

These 3 ladies are TOTALLY a big deal, but it's like they have no idea.
Which of course makes them even more delightful.
They were all just as sweet and nice and cute as can be.

Anyway, today is kind of a teaser for an awesome giveaway that I have tomorrow.  
Make sure you come back, you won't want to miss it. 

In the meantime, this should be no surprise, but Pinterest told me what to wear yesterday.
Pinterest talks, I listen.
It works for us.
I went with mustard skinny jeans and denim,
and I threw in some sparkly green earrings for good measure. ;)

Denim Shirt|
J Crew Factory, exact shirt HERE (and it's $20 off right now!)
  If you prefer a darker denim, THIS denim shirt is sooooooo cute.
It has the perfect amount of distressing, and it's just a teensy bit westerny without being
too yee-haw ride 'em cowboy.
Mustard Skinny Jeans|
similar HERE (pricey, but lots of size available) and HERE (super on sale but only a 24 and a 31 available)and HERE (seriously reduced, but only a 29 available)
sidenote:  it's easy to find a well priced yellow skinny jean, but apparently a mustard skinny jean demands a premium
Brown Wedge Boots|
Nordstrom, exact pair HERE on sale, but limited sizing available
Another similar pair HERE and HERE (this one on sale with a great rope detail!)
with plenty of sizes available.
And a pair I found yesterday that I might just become obsessed with HERE (see below for pic).
 Black Belt|  LOFT
Michael Kors watch| similar HERE (my exact one is sold out)
Tory Burch wrap braceletHERE
Green Teardrop Earrings|  Stella and Dot, HERE
Necklace|  Stella and Dot, HERE

 First off, I should tell you that I just ordered the above earrings last week.
They came in on Friday, I wore them on Saturday,
and I got no less than 10 compliments on them in like a 5 hour span.
Including 2 separate ladies at Kroger within 5 minutes of each other.
No lie.
Click HERE if you want to order them for yourself.
Because you totally should.
10 compliments in 5 hours people!

And, if I know myself, and I think I do,
HERE are the boots that I just may become obsessed with.
The perfect cognac color, the shape, the buttons (oh, the buttons), and the wedge.
I die.
They speak to me.
I know it seems like it might be kind of late to buy boots, but I don't think I care.
I could wear them for another month or so,
and then I could be so excited to pull them out again next fall.
Come on, there is no denying that those are some gorgeous boots.
And yes, they speak to me.
They say "put your money where your mouth is and buy me".
They're sassy.
I like that.

Remember to come back tomorrow for the giveaway!  It has something to do with one of the awesome bloggers in the picture above, and I promise that you don't want to miss it!
I'll give you one hint: SPARKLY

2 more quick things before you leave:
 GAP is 30% off today in the following departments:
Women, Men, GAP Body, and Maternity
You just need the code GAPDRESS
(25% off if you shop Tuesday, 20% off if you shop just shop today!)
Not sure if it includes denim or not, but it probably doesn't.
Hate it when GAP leaves their denim out of a sale.
That is SUPER annoying Mrs. and Mrs. GAP Executive.  
Anyway, click HERE to shop.
And in addition....
kids, toddlers, and babies still has LOTS of stuff on sale (some up to 40% off) and no code needed.
I got THIS plaid anorak for the little man that I featured on Friday's post.
Oh yes ma'm I did.
He is going to be SO FLIPPING CUTE.

Banana Republic is 40% off of 2 items today from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. with code BRFORTY.
I never shop Banana Republic because I think it is too expensive...but I can afford it at 40% off!

This Friday (March 1st) is our 2nd edition of Get Pin-spired!
All you have to do is what I do on the blog...recreate a Pinterest inspired outfit and show us!
Click HERE to see the first party.
Link up, it will be fun!

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  1. We did have the best time, didn't we?!?! Eeks! So much fun!!! I'm so glad I was able to share it with you :).

  2. You picked the perfect outfit for the occasion with those fun pops of color! Love this!

  3. Sparkly earrings simply look better on a sparkly personality! (Your cute outfit didn't hurt!!).

  4. Oh my gosh!! I totally wore that outfit yesterday!! We were twins! Thank you so much for your inspiration or I would never have bought a denim shirt or mustard pants!

  5. those boots are to die for. for realz. you definitely do need to get them and wear them for me because i have annoyingly large calves and can't wear most of the gorgeous boots out there! LOVE your style!! and LOVE that you got to meet those fabulous ladies on saturday!! =)

  6. How lucky are you!?! It must have been awesome and inspirational to chat with those ladies!!!

  7. Love those cognac boots. You're right... oh the buttons!

  8. I was at DotMOM too and I am SO SAD I didnt' get to meet you! I met Kelly and was BEYOND excited, but you're right...she had no idea how amazing she down to earth! LOVE your blog and so glad you had fun at DotMOM! I had a blast!

  9. Mustard is my new favorite color! B/c i'm currently pregnant w/ my 3rd I don't think I could pull off mustard skinny jeans, so i've settled on a mustard cuff bracelet and mustard flats.

  10. Love seeing the blogger meet up! I can't wait to meet my first blogger friend and adorable outfit! I just now decided I need some white denim for after Easter in my life! I'm not sure what other colors will be coming... but it's about time! Cute outfit and LOVE Those boots!

  11. Um - you are kind of a big deal!!!!
    It was SOOOO fun that we got to meet!!! :-) LOVED IT!

  12. I have a pinterest follow linky here:

  13. Sheaffer! Your favorite sister-in-law is purchasing that denim shirt and those boots ASAP... of course, I'll find a way to incorporate a skirt and fishnets in there if I can...just for good measure. And in Hollywood, you can wear boots year round... there are no rules! Haha! Love you!

  14. I'm going to an S & D party this weekend and know just what to buy now! Thanks!

  15. Dot Mom was amazing! Melanie listed your blog as one of her references in her fashion talk. She's so sweet. Even signed my copy of her book. Glad you enjoyed it too.

  16. Your outfit is super cute -- and so fun to meet fellow bloggers!!

  17. haha I saw that over on Kelly's blog. Cute outfit! & blog! :)

  18. Meeting other bloggers is SO fun!!!!! That is awesome you guys all got to meet!
    The first blogger I met was Ree...The Pioneer Woman. I almost died. So fun!!
    Loved the outfit you wore. I always think of you when I see mustard jeans!
    I think you need those boots, so cute!

  19. I just clicked over to your blog from Big Mama's, then proceeded to read an embarrassing amount of your previous posts. I now want to start dressing much cuter and I want to start watching The Bachelor, lol! You are too funny, love your sense of humor, and style of course :)

  20. Clicked over via Big Mama. *waving* Love the little gem you inserted mid-post. ;)

  21. How cool -- someone just texted me the other day about that book, suggesting I would love it!!

  22. OK, I am swooning over those boots. Fabulous, and well worth the purchase this late in the season just so you can get excited about wearing them again come fall :)

    Found you via the I Feel Pretty linky

  23. I havent met any bloggers yet sadly, but i hope to soon! Love the mustard chambray look!
    Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins

  24. What a great outfit! I've been planning on wearing my mustard pencil skirt with my chambray shirt (same as yours!) and now I really really must!

  25. Very cute! I went with a chambray shirt too. ;)
    Visiting from What I Wore Wednesday.

  26. Ohhh I have almost every color of skinny jeans except mustard, need those!! Stopping by from the linkup!


  27. Wow ... LOVE your website name! I also do "Pinterest Inspired Pins" thrift style but your name is cooler :)

  28. Sounds like so much fun!!! Love your outfit!

  29. Dang! Your little meet-up group was like the Avengers of blogging! I would totally dig that. Except I'd want to be Captain America because I'm thinking the girl version would be way hotter than Iron Man or the Hulk. And as far as Thor goes, not really into outdoor work so the hammer... well, anyway. Love the skinny jeans and boots! Except I always think that skinny jeans were named just to mock me. :)

  30. I almost wore an outfit very similar to yours this week:) AND I have the same S&D earrings! Don't you love them!? Fabulous outfit as always!!


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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