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Pinterest Told Carmel To!

So...what's up at Pinterest Told Me To today?
You're going to get to meet a GORGEOUS girl with a GORGEOUS home.
When you hop over to her blog, you need to be prepared.
Her Project Gallery found HERE will make you SWOON.
 She is the genius behind THIS Union Jack headboard and THIS Chalkboard Wall Calendar,
both of which you have certainly seen floating around Pinterest.
Yep, her work precedes her.  :)
And her Tips on Organization found HERE will surely inspire you to at least clean out
a Tupperware cabinet or two.

You might also remember me quoting her in THIS post I did a little bit ago about the transforming power of jewelry.

Now, before I give the floor over to Carmel from Our Fifth House,
I do feel as if I need to post the following disclaimer:
You will probably want to burn your house down and just start over after peeking into her home.
So, hide the matches and the gasoline from yourself.
You can't say you weren't warned.
our fifth house

Hey all, I'm Carmel from Our Fifth House.  As you can probably tell from the name of my blog, I blog about house related stuff  - diy design and organization  - with some random stuff thrown in for good measure.  I was a little nervous when Sheaffer invited me over to talk Pinterest-inspired fashion because I'm certainly not a fashionista - not even close.  My approach to fashion is a lot like my approach to design - throw out all the rules and just go for whatever makes you happy.  Pinterest has really helped me to better define my personal style - both in the design and fashion world.  Seeing all those images that inspire me in one place has really been eye opening for me.  

I recently put together a signature style board from my favorite pins.  I'm drawn to red, blue, black and white.   I love texture, layers and a pulled together collected look. 
from top left to bottom right  1. 2. 34. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 
Clearly, I'm a big fan of pattern too.  That's one thing Pinterest has definitely told me to do more of with my wardrobe.  I've always been adventurous with pattern in my home, but on my person not so much.  So, I've been playing a lot more with patterns thanks to Pinterest.  
you can check out my house tour here
The pre-Pinterest Carmel would have never been adventurous enough to wear such a boldly patterned skirt.  Now, I not only wear this skirt, but I pair it with yet another pattern.  

skirt - anthro, navy blouse - banana republic, cardigan - jcrew, shoes - marshalls, necklace - target
Just as in design a large pattern pairs well with a small and medium scale pattern and definitely adds some interest.  I've learned to shop smarter with the help of Pinterest too.  Since my closet is on the smaller side (and I have to share it with my clothes-loving man), I've learned to only buy items I truly love.  Knowing what my style is helps me to choose items I know will provide many outfit options.  Since this skirt is made up of all of my favorite colors I can pair it with almost 
everything in my closet.  
For instance a polka dot Chambray shirt (Old Navy), camel-colored cable knit sweater (Gap) and brown leather boots (Cole Haan) gives this skirt a much more casual look. 

necklace - jcrew
I could also pair it with a solid red peplum (Ann Taylor) and a statement necklace (Charles Emerson Designs) for a more tailored and fun look.  

Accessories are totally my jam.  I love them!  They're like frosting to a cupcake - totally the best part!  They take up hardly any storage space, and they make a basic outfit killer.  

Besides helping me to better define my style and nudging me to play with more patterns, Pinterest has also told me to stop worrying if anyone else is going to like what I'm wearing.  It's funny really, I've always been completely unafraid to decorate my home in my own way, but when it comes to "decorating myself" I've been a bit timid.  Pinterest has inspired me to just do my own thing and wear what makes me happy! 

How has Pinterest inspired you?  

P.S.  I couldn't say goodbye without giving all of you a little tip.  With Valentine's Day just a few days away, I wanted to let you in on this  - just in case you're in the mood to shower anyone with red kisses.  
The very best accessory is a smile, and red lips are totally classic.  This a red anyone can wear - no matter your skin tone - trust me - my former life involved working in cosmetics.  

Thanks for having me over Sheaffer!  You've totally rekindled my love of the cardigan.  Thanks girl! 

Now, can we talk about how awkward it is to take pictures of yourself?  How do you fashion girls do this?  I felt a little like Ricky Bobby....I didn't know what to do with my hands.  ;)   Please tell me you understand this reference.  

You say you are, and I quote, "not a fashionista".
I respectfully beg to differ.
You have AMAZING style.
Classic and Modern at the same time.
The navy, orange, and red together is perfection!
Plus, on a totally unrelated note, you have really beautiful white teeth.

If anybody is interested in trying to put together a look like Carmel's, I pulled some similar options for you to check out.
I'm totally crushing on the navy shell with tiny white polka dots AND the ruffled neckline.  How cute would that same shirt be with white jeans and a Kelly green cardigan?!?

 So, thanks again for stopping by Carmel!
It was so fun to see how Pinterest used rooms to inspire you to dress!  (You and Cassie are both great at looking to rooms for outfit inspiration!)
You've inspired me for sure!
And I'm thinking I'm going to have to try a red lip for the first time in my life.
Seriously never done one...too afraid I would look like Snow White
(kids used to call me that in junior high)!
If you're interested in trying the red lip too,
a link for Carmel's recommendation for the PERFECT red follows.
When I e-mailed her about the lipstick, she did say that since it's matte, she likes to put a sheer gloss over it.  You guys know that I love my NARS lipgloss.  So, find a shade that's good for you and get that too.  I think the "moon fleet" would be great with it.  It looks really gold, but it is more of a really sheer neutral with a little bit of sparkle.  I think it would look awesome over a strong red!
(And I know it seems crazy to buy lipstick online..but with free shipping..why the heck not?)  :)
Just click on what you are interested in.

And Carmel, before you go, two very important questions for you:
 1)  What kind of toothpaste do you use?
2)  Can you send me your dentist's number?
Oh, I kid.
Kind of.

If you're new here, here's hoping you liked what you saw and want to be friends!
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And if you're a Bachelor fan,
 you should check out my Bachelor recaps of the first 6 episodes  HERE
And you should check out my friend Shay's blog HERE.  Why?  Because she is Sean's sister!
Tonight's show is going to be AWESOME!  There's a surprise guest...and I might just know who it is!

Look at the GORG necklace that was sent to me by the ladies at Accessory Mix Auctions!
Click HERE if you want one of your own (or just click on their button in my sidebar), and be ready for their auction Tuesday night at 8:00!
The chunky gold bracelet is theirs too, and I love it!  It goes with everything.
Both the necklace and the bracelet will be available tomorrow night!
See you back here tomorrow!
I'm going to work really hard to get my Bachelor recap post up by
Tuesday morning instead of Wednesday.
Pray for me.

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  1. You had me at "Union Jack Headboard". I heart Carmel. I might just move in with her. And I hear that special guest tonight on the Bachelor is dressed to perfection...

  2. I use whatever toothpaste is on sale ;) but I have a really nice toothbrush and my sis-in-law is a dental assistant. But seriously red lips always make your teeth look super white and just brighten up your face - win-win! Thanks for having me over girl - I LOVE those red heels - thinking I may need another pair.

  3. I love Carmel's blog. It's one of my staples too! She makes me want to re-do my house from top to bottom so my hubby might not like me visiting. :)

  4. Carmel is gorgeous! And since her hair color and skin tone is similar to mine I am definitely going to try out that lipstick. Hmm....Happy Valentine's Day little treat to me! Thanks for featuring her and helping me find a good red lipstick.

  5. I love Carmel...she's gorgeous, and so is her home. Fun to see her over here!

  6. I bet her personality matches the fun style to a T!

    Totally different topic- have you seen this?!

  7. Carmel, you are GORGEOUS and I'm with are a total fashionista!! may have just given me enough courage to try some red lipstick!! :)

  8. Oh my fun! Love the colors and photography Carmel! Amazing! Thanks for sharing this awesome feature....I'm happy to know about Shaeffer's fun blog!!! XO, Aimee

  9. Absolutely LOVE the looks Carmel! And thanks for the intro to a new and fab blog! Now excuse me while I go pretend that red lipstick looks good on me. :)

  10. "....neutral with a little bit of sparkle...." lol You sparkle too. ;)

  11. Love the outfit! So fun, girly & cutesyyyy! Found you via the I Feel Pretty linkup
    Nikki at

    {Enter My Giveaway for a Monogram Leather Clutch Here!}


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