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Pinterest Told Erin To!

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I get the day off, because Pinterest is bossing a new girl around today.
Pinterest is going to tell Erin what to wear!
Whose Erin?
Well, here's all you need to know about Miss Erin:  
1) She's DARLING!  
2) She's The Blue Eyed Bride and you can find her blog HERE.
3) You can find her Pinterest page HERE.
She's got seriously good taste,
and there is some amazing inspiration floating around on her boards.

This is Erin.
And this is Erin with her sweet family.

I found Erin's blog years ago through Kelly's Korner.  She blogs about her family (check out her post HERE about being a boy mom), her faith (she has a great post HERE about surviving motherhood), and her everyday life.  She is super honest and such a refreshing read.  She recently blogged about the private issue of having a miscarriage.  I know so many women go through this heartache, so you might find comfort in her words HERE.

One more thing, she is a party planning extraordinaire.  Check out Hudson's Green Eggs and Ham Birthday party HERE and Hayes's First Fiesta HERE.
These parties are epic.
I consider my party planning a success if the plates match the napkins, but Erin goes all out!

So, now that you've gotten to know Erin a bit....
Let's see what Pinterest told her to do!

Hey, y'all! I'm Erin, a South Carolina transplant, and I blog at Blue-Eyed Bride. It's true that I'm no longer a bride and I haven't been for quite some time, but just let that be a lesson to everyone. If you're thinking of starting a blog, try to see the big picture! I'm kidding... kind of!

I am a wife to Todd (I did start my blog as a wedding blog back in 2007) and a stay-at-home mom to my 3.5 and 1.5 year old boys, Hudson and Hayes. I blog about our life, my faith, and our home.
 I'm a former event planner and still try to exercise that creative outlet by planning baby showers and birthday parties for friends and family. My home is my happy place and encouraging other mothers is my passion. I love to cook, love to read, and love to shop. I'm finally getting back out of my yoga pants and tunic "mom uniform" and putting more effort into what I wear every day. You can read a post that I wrote about this a little over a year ago where I challenged myself to give it a good effort every day.

 Pinterest has been a really fun source of inspiration. I love home decor, so I typically pin home decor stuff. (We're about to start building a house, so I'm always looking for fun home stuff.) And I love to cook, so I will pin the heck out of some recipes and most of our menu plans for the week come from Pinterest. But I love it when I find an outfit that screams my name and my style at me on Pinterest. What is my style? I guess I'd call it "Mommy on the Go." I want to be cute, but I have got to be able to lift small children and walk in my shoes and not worry about my shirt riding up and revealing any trace of my post-baby body.

I was so excited when I found Sheaffer's blog, and even more excited when she asked if I would put together some Pinterest-inspired outfits.

This outfit absolutely floats my boat.

I want everything this girl is wearing! When I looked in my closet, I had almost everything I needed except that dang fur (faux fur?) vest? I want one so badly! And I feel like I've been looking for one for years. But I'm so afraid of something crazy happening to me and people assuming it's real fur and then yelling at me. (Remember in the Sex and the City movie when that happened to Samantha? Terrifying!) source So, anyway. No beautiful fur vest for me. But I had this fun quilted J.Crew vest and I got this infinity scarf for Christmas, so voila. I was able to throw something together.
And now I am obsessed with this outfit!
Gingham shirt (Nordstrom), Vest (J.Crew), Scarf (J.Crew), Black stretch skinny jeans (Banana Republic), Riding boots (Lands End) - Yes! Lands End!
{The bottom of the post has links to similar items!}

 Okay, I actually pinned this next outfit from Sheaffer's Pinterest board. I'll be stalking her fashion board daily now, y'all. Sheaffer has the best taste and the most adorable style. And I love how she can take the inspiration from Pinterest and make it her own. I'm inspired, Sheaffer!

 I love white jeans. In fact, my personal "rule" for white jeans is that if it's after Labor Day, but it's above 65 degrees, it's okay to wear white jeans. Can I get an amen? So I love how fresh this whole look is. Unfortunately, my toes haven't seen a pedicure in who knows how long, so sandals were out of the question for my recreation. See? Look how happy I am! I'm just so happy that I can wear white jeans. And that Spring is almost here! But I should have ironed my white jeans before I took this picture. I promise to iron them before it gets to be over 65 degrees!

White jeans (Gap Long and Lean from 2010), Cardigan (Gap), Grey t-shirt (Target), Murfee Scarf (Lilly Pulitzer), Pink flats (J.Crew)

This was so much fun! I hope you'll all come visit me at Blue-Eyed Bride as I blog about my life. This post has inspired me and I hope to try to do more recreations like this.
Thank you so much, Sheaffer!  

You used Pinterest exactly how I like to use it:
realizing that you don't have to copy an outfit exactly, you just have to use the outfit as inspiration and try to make it work with things out of your own closet!
Now, if you're like me, you will also be inspired to buy new pieces for your closet because of things you are consistently drawn to on Pinterest, and that's okay!
Yes, you will buy some new pieces when you let Pinterest be your stylist, but you will also wear things in new and different ways and combinations that you have never dreamed of!

Now I want to break both looks down.

Look #1:
I think what I like so much about this outfit is all of the layers.
I LOVE me some layers.
And I am so happy to see you wearing brown boots with your black skinny jeans.
I think Pinterest has finally convinced all of us that this is not only is actually preferred!
Your outfit is sooo much more interesting with brown boots!

And about the fur vest, I don't have one either,
but Pinterest has been trying to convince me that I need one.
The one in the collage below is on SUPER (like CRAZY) sale from White House Black Market.
And that gingham shirt is so classic and such a good staple to have.
And I've been loving my silver Michael Kors watch so much that I got for Christmas (found HERE), that I'm actually thinking about getting a gold one too.
Maybe for my birthday?
That would be a great birthday present for me.
Mom? Dad?  Chris?  Anybody? ;)
The scarf is now sold out (sorry), but I had trouble removing it from the collage. 
And the GAP jeans link directly to "tall" where there is only one size left...if you click "regular" once you get on the GAP site, there are lots more sizes to choose from.
And both boot options are on sale, so there are limited sizes available for each of them.  Still, if your size is remaining, you are going to get a great deal!
(For those of you new to the blog, I have the wedge pair on the bottom of the collage.  And I very rarely shut up about how much I love them.) 
And let's just take another second to admire that watch.  And that stackable arm candy.  Ooh la la.
Just click on anything that you are interested in!

I LOVE Look #2 also!
White jeans mixed with grey and pink...and pink flats....and gold accessories!
That's a total winner in my book.
And listen, I am now a believer that white jeans can actually be worn all year long as long as you style them correctly.

Thanks soooooo much Erin for letting Pinterest dress you today,
and thanks for letting all of us take a peak!
You did a PHENOMENAL job!
It's been great fun getting to know you, and I'm now proud to call you my newest bloggy friend! 

If you're visiting from Blue Eyed Bride,
I hope you like the idea behind my blog and will stick around to be friends!
you can follow me on facebook HERE
you can follow me on Pinterest HERE
you can find me on twitter at @simsslp

p.s.  In case you need another reminder before you go, check out the sales HERE!
Most of them end today, so don't miss out!

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  1. I want a furry vest so much! Love both of her looks! I was even diggin' her pink flats (and you know I NEVER dig a flat!). Erin is super, super cute! And those boys' birthday parties...let's face it, they put our kids' parties to shame. Love Erin!

  2. Love Erin's choices! That first outfit looks so cozy and warm. Perfect for winter!

  3. Oh, I love her gingham shirt, and white jeans are so fresh for winter! She's super cute. Hopping over to check out her blog now.

  4. Super cute! I love some white jeans also, and she is so cute pairing them with grey and pink! Perfect!

  5. Erin, I think I love it even more with the pink shoes than the sandals!

  6. what fun!! i adore erin' blog (and erin!) and am so happy to discover yours. i'm fallen into a serious style rut. you're just the inspiration i need to get back in the style game. p.s. i LOVE those BP runway boots from nordstrom. they've been on my wishlist for about a month now. time to pull the trigger...

  7. Erin rocked her outfits!!! Love both of them!!! And, LOVING those pink flats!! Need them.

  8. Erin is adorable! Why haven't I seen her blog before? I am off to stalk her and her adorable family and outfits! ;) You are the best for sharing so many ladies with us!

  9. Oh I'm headed to my closet right now to see what I can create !!!!

  10. Thank you so much, Sheaffer, for letting me post here today! I've loved meeting some of the readers from Pinterest Told Me To! :) Thanks for such a great blog!

  11. is there a link for the Land's End boots, my screen say that a "widget" isn't working on the post ~ thanks!

  12. Hey Susie! I purchased these boots from Lands End about 2.5 years ago. I know, not so helpful. They are knock offs of the Frye Melissa Button boot. They look exactly the same, but the price is much better. Maybe ebay has them?


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