Monday, February 4, 2013

Pinterest Told Jenni To!

Well, it seems to be working out that I have a guest post every week now, and I think it's so much fun to see others do what I do every day here at Pinterest Told Me To!
The concept is crazy simple:  find an outfit you like on Pinterest,
and in the words of the American Idol judges,
This week I have Jenni from Found in my Closet!
This is Jenny.
Isn't she just as cute as can be?!?
 I don't remember how I found her blog, but I'm just so glad I did.  I love her style.
We have something in common in that our go to mom uniform for fall and winter seems to be skinny jeans, tall boots, a shirt, a cardigan, and some fun jewelry!  But unlike me, she also does a really great job of stepping it up a notch with really beautiful dresses and pencil skirts for fancier looks.
I am rarely fancy.  :)

If you're a reader of my blog, you know that my go-to stores are LOFT, Nordstrom, GAP,
and J Crew Factory.
You also know that there are some days that my entire outfit from head to toe might be from LOFT.

Well, to get to know Jenni, here is an analogy for you:
Sheaffer is to LOFT as Jenni is to Anthropologie
Jenni loves her some Anthropologie, and it's so much fun to see what types of outfits she puts together with their unique clothes.

Here are some of my favorites of Jenni's outfits:
Aqua and Red
Super cute cardigan and statement necklace

If you want to see lots of her faves (including some of her dressier looks),
go HERE to see her year in review post!

So without further ado, here's Jenni!

Hi!  My name is Jenni and I write a fashion blog called Found in my Closet.
I stumbled upon Sheaffer's cute blog a few months back and have been hooked ever since!  I love the idea behind it...I mean, seriously, Pinterest really has become one of my go-to places for outfit inspiration...her blog is brilliant!  And so timely!
 Sheaffer asked me if I'd let Pinterest tell me what to do for a day and I was happy to oblige! =)

 What I like to do while searching through Pinterest is find looks that I can either copycat with things I already have in my closet, or pick out looks that I'd like to create in the future.  If I find a look I want to put together in the  future, and don't quite have all the items that I need, I'll add those items I don't already have to my mental shopping list.
Of course not everything I like will end up in my closet, but if I find something
that really jumps out at me, I'll go searching for it!  

A while back while browsing through Pinterest, this cute set someone pinned from Polyvore popped up on my wall and I loved it:

Polyvore set credit HERE

I knew right away I could recreate this look with things I already owned...but I'd have to tweak it a little.  It's the dead of winter where I live so I decided to change up the shoes a little.  No biggie.  Here's the look I came up with using the above pin as my inspiration:

See the Polyvore set I created based on the pin with all my outfit info HERE.

I love this color combination together.  It's perfect all-year round!  I loved coming up with a whole new look I'd never thought of before all because Pinterest told me to!   I got results I love without all the!  =)

Thanks so much Sheaffer for having me!  =)


Jenni!  LOVE your look! 
Isn't it amazing how Pinterest can help you put together a look that you might not have ever thought of on your own?!?  
I'm telling you....everybody should be looking to Pinterest for a little inspiration!
Do what I do and just think of Pinterest as your own personal stylist!

And Jenni, in honor of you and your love of all things Anthropologie,

I've put together a little collage of some of my favorite things from your mothership.

Thanks again Jenni! 

Oh....and if any of Jenni's peeps think this is a fun concept, I hope you come back to see more of how Pinterest bosses me around ALL the time!
You can click HERE if you want to see some of my favorite looks.
Also, if you happen to be a fan of The Bachelor, click HERE to see my recaps!

And I've got some GREAT NEWS for those of you that missed it this weekend, 

 the Nordstrom sale is STILL going on people! 
{A HUGE "Thank You!" to my super talented friend Andrea at Slightly Askew designs for the new
SALE ALERT graphic that you will be seeing every time I point you ladies towards a sale!  She also designed my blog.  The girl is a one stop shop for anything and everything bloggy as well as invitations and announcements!}

Click HERE to see my favorite things on sale at Nordstrom that I highlighted over the weekend that are between 30-50% off!
FYI, my mom said that she's seen the Vince Camuto boot (far left in the collage) in person, 
and I quote, "They. Are. Gorgeous."
So, there you have it, my mom's personal endorsement.  :)
Click HERE to see them.

That's it for today! 
As always, 
you can follow me on facebook HERE
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Sheaffer :)

If you have been eyeing some of the new Stella and Dot pieces, my catalog show is still open, you can go HERE to see my favs and shop!  You can still get Valentine's Day delivery if you shop now!

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  1. I'm totally digging Jenni! She and her Anthro style is so cute! Love her!

  2. I love Anthropologie too! One of my favorites. Love your picks from there.

  3. Ha! I love your analogy. Jenni looks super cute as always. And Anthro has some awesome stuff for spring.

  4. Such a fun color combination--she did a great job! :)

  5. Such a fun color combo--I love it! She did a great job!

  6. Love your Anthropologie picks--especially the peasant blouse! One of my favs! And loved Jenni's look--very cute!!

  7. I sale'd my butt off this weekend.

    p.s. you've got a shoutout on today's post.

  8. she is super cute! and i die over anthropologie. so freaking cute. love the sales you mentioned!!

  9. I'd love to know where those shoes are from!

  10. I love the pinterest inspired outfit. I have been using it for that lately too. I love the mustard top.

  11. I love your pinterest inspiration! great idea!

  12. Love those colors together! I love it when I pin something I can create with things I have-great job!


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