Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pinterest Told Me To Challenge! :)

I can hardly believe it....but today marks the 1/2 birthday of this little ol' blog.
I know a 1/2 birthday isn't a real birthday, but I still think I might have a cupcake to celebrate.
You should probably eat one too.
You know, to help me celebrate.
A good friend would.
 Six months ago I threw caution to the wind, started writing, and hoped that somebody (besides my mom, dad, and a handful of my best girlfriends) would read it.   
I never would have dreamed it was going to become this SUPER FUN space 
for me to connect with all of you!
I am constantly amazed at the love from you ladies,
 and I am oh so thankful for all of your sweet comments and encouragement.
Friends and strangers alike have been just lovely.
And listen, the encouragement is needed!
Blogging is TONS of fun, but it is also tons of work, so it helps soooo much to know that people are enjoying what I am putting out there.
You guys make it worth it!

So, on the 1/2 Birthday of Pinterest Told Me To, I want to announce a challenge/contest.

What's it called?
So glad you asked!
It's called......(drum roll please)......

Get it?
Catchy, right?!?!  ;)

(I had a reader say in a comment that she wore something because Pinterest Told Me To told her to....and the idea for this contest was born!)

So, how does it work?  It's just what it sounds like!
I want you guys to send me pictures of what this blog has encouraged you to do!
The pictures can be one of two things:
You wearing an outfit that is inspired by this blog.
(So, you re-create an outfit that I have already recreated.)
Pictures of items you have purchased as a result of this blog.
(You are not required to be wearing these items in your picture.)

You can have up to 10 entries!
You can send me 1 picture of an outfit recreation, and 9 pictures of items you've purchased as a result of the blog.  You can send me 8 outfits and 2 items.
Or, you can just send me 1 picture.

What's the prize?
A $100 gift card to one of my favorite stores:
LOFT, Nordstrom, GAP, J Crew Factory, or Fossil
Dealer's choice!

Send the pictures (they can obviously just be cell phone pics...make it easy on yourself) to:
Please put "Pinterest Told Me To told me to" in the subject line.

You guys have 3 whole weeks to do this!  You can send one e-mail with 10 pictures....or you can send 10 different e-mails as you go over the next several weeks.
I will stop taking entries on March 10th, and I will announce the winner (a number will be drawn at random) on March 14th.
My plan is to post all of the pictures in a collage format on the blog.
However, if the contest is super popular (here's hoping!) I reserve the right to choose an assortment of pictures to feature (but each and every picture received will be an entry into the contest).

Please, please, please send me pics! 

Did Pinterest Told Me To make you buy a scarf (or 7)?
Maybe it started a flame in your heart for cardigans?
Did you add a denim shirt to your closet for the first time since 1987?
Maybe you walked into The LOFT for the first time ever.
Did you purchase a pair of Frye boots or leopard flats because I wouldn't shut up about them?
Did you start to lust after my blingy Michael Kors watch and decide you needed one for yourself?
If you answered yes to any (or all) of these questions, this contest is for you!

I get blog comments, e-mails, and facebook messages with you guys telling me different things you've purchased or worn, so now is your chance to show me!

I am SUPER excited about this, so I hope you ladies are too!
Start taking those pictures and sending them my way!
In my head this is going to be SO MUCH FUN!
(maybe you can tell how excited I am by the complete over use of exclamation points)

And just to get you started, here are some of my most clicked on links from the past several months :

And if you still need some help, here are some past posts to help you remember different outfits.

Leggings and a Blazer HERE

Operation Denim Shirt HERE

Leopard goodness HERE

Colored pants and a mint green necklace HERE
A scarf HERE

I hope these pics got your juices flowing and you are remembering some of the outfits you have worn or the things you have purchased as a direct result of this blog!
So.....come on people......start sending those pics to me!

And as an example, here's the first entry!
Sarah K. sent me this picture yesterday of the Fossil purse she ordered on Friday after seeing it (in AQUA) on my obsessions post last week!  She got it in CHESTNUT, and she loves it so much she said that she's already thinking about getting it in TOMATO for spring!
 I'm getting it too (love the size and shape), but for the life of me I can't decide
if I want it in aqua or tomato!
See how easy that was for Sarah to enter the contest?  I mean, it probably took her a grand
 total of 30 seconds!
So....get to snapping those pictures people!
If you're sitting at your computer right now with a pair of leopard flats on, take a pic
and send it to me!
Now!  ;)
Remember, one of you will win a $100 gift card courtesy of Pinterest Told Me To
as a way to say THANK YOU for your support!

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  1. Pinterest Told Me To has bossed me around a lot over the last 6 months! I am going to send you 10 pictures of things you told me to buy just this week! I am so glad you threw caution to the wind and did this. It has been a fun ride. I can't wait to see what the next 1/2 of your birthday year has waiting for you. XOXO

  2. happy 1/2 birthday, PTMT! and Happy Valentine's Day! I will be sending you a pic via e-mail later, what a great idea/giveaway!

  3. I must say, I am fan of this, and well, you know why;) The song 'So bossy' is running around my head, you should claim that as your theme songand I told the Hubs that he had to bring me a cupcake to celebrate a birthday. Let's see if it worked. haha

  4. Happy Blog birthday! Awesome challenge :) Can't wait to get started!

  5. I'm so proud of you and happy you do this cause it makes me happy and it also makes me get dressed cute ; ) happy 1/2 birthday (btw, those are tottally legit in my family....we are always inventing reasons to celebrate!)
    expect 10 awesome outfits from me...I've learned new ways of tying scarfs from your blog and worn outfits I would have never ever done without your help! So THANK YOU on this special day!

  6. This is so crazy - I was seriously going to tweet you pictures of my outfits this weekend during my vacation to Austin just because I have been inspired by you to be a bit more daring with my choices. And now a legit contest where you actually want to see the pictures. So excited! Get ready to be inundated with poor quality cell phone pics ;-)

  7. Happy 1/2 birthday! We celebrate half birthdays in our house,with presents and everything! So I think you deserve to buy yourself the Fossil purse! Thanks for sharing all your ideas!

  8. Happy 1/2 bloggy birthday!!!! Pinterest has told me to do so many things. In fact, you are so bossy, you & Shay and colored jeans invaded my dream last night :)

  9. So fun! :) Can't wait to submit some photos! Love your blog! :)

  10. Happy 1/2 Birthday & Valentines Day!!!

    You're so fun and sweet!

    I was planning on splurging and making one of Shay's bundt cakes to celebrate valentines day, so i might just have to enjoy 2 pieces to help you celebrate too!! ha!! =)

  11. Happy 1/2 blog-birthday! You have a such a great concept here... Love it!

  12. As a matter of fact I AM sitting here at my laptop in my leopard flats, thank you very much! I'm also wearing my statement necklace too. A girl's gotta look good for her trips to Target. Happy 6 month blog-iversary!

  13. Happy 1/2 birthday!!!!! Keep it up-we LOVE it!!!!!!!!!

  14. So fu talking to you today! I'm in!

  15. Just emailed my photos over. I know I have learned more things but I just need to engage my brain!

  16. LOVE your style! Pretty sure you knew that but had to gush about it again :) Happy half birthday! Heck yes we should celebrate! Love this idea!


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