Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sale Alert!

Nordstrom SALE ALERT!
Click HERE to shop, or just click on any of the below pictures!
It looks like now is the time to buy boots and coats.
It's late enough in the season that they are on sale, but it's early enough in the season that you can still get some use out of them this year instead of just buying them and putting them in the
closet for next year.

There are some super cute coats on sale!
The pea coat comes in a great kelly green and black, and I LOVE the buttons and the little flare at the bottom.
The belted trench is classic, comes in khaki and black, and is now under $100!
The anorak is so hot right now, and it also comes in 3 colors.

And the boots are still on sale too!
I feel like such a loser, but I never bought the Frye boots that I was drooling over.
I just never pulled the trigger.  FAIL!
A couple of these are peaking my interest because I think they look a lot like
Frye without the price tag.
The pair on the left is a great mix of black and brown, and it has the cool embossed logo up top.
The middle pair is very similar to the color of my new boots, and I love how the color contrasts with my blue jeans and my black leggings.  Pinterest has taught me that this contrast is really important and can really make an outfit.
The pair on the right is a nice simple boot with a little scallop up top.
All great boots for 30-50% off!

And this just in.....GAP is 30% off online SUNDAY only with the code GAPSCORE!
Click HERE to shop!
The great thing about online shopping at GAP for 30% off is that you can pick up stuff for the whole family!  Shipping is free if you spend over $50 (and let's be real...who wouldn't) and returns are super easy.  Most thing can be returned in the store unless specifically noted.
Check out the cute striped blazer with the hot pink lining!
5- the striped blazer   - SHOP GAP LOVES

Happy weekend everybody!


  1. I debated over the Melissa Frye boots issue, more like obsessed over it. I checked out eBay and kept an eye out for a good deal. I found a brand new pair and paid $150 less retail price. They said there was a slight flaw on the bottom of the boot (on the leather). To this day I still don't see the flaw! :)

  2. Girl, I didn't pull the trigger either. Let's make a pact . . . save your pennies and we're buying 'em next fall. And will enjoy wearing them all of fall and winter!!

  3. I love/hate you for posting this!! Thanks for the heads up...but my poor wallet ;-)


  4. I love those middle boots.

    Also... made my 2nd ever trip to Loft this weekend. Scored a gorgeous yellow cardigan and black blouse for $36! They might be in my top 10 fave stores now!

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