Thursday, February 28, 2013

SALE ALERT!...and other news.....

GAP, Old Navy, and Banana Republic are all 30% off ONLINE ONLY through 03/05
with code SPRINGAIR.
Plus take 20% off at Piperlime from all of your favorite shoe brands!  WOWZA!
I feel like Piperlime never has a sale!

J Crew Factory is 25% off.  I got my new pink blazer there and I am in LOVE.  I also got my new denim tunic there, and you all know how I am obsessed with it.



Truth be told, I was excited about taking a little bloggy break and not posting today.
However, late last night I checked my e-mail and found out there is a
SUPER-MEGA Nordstrom shoe sale going on.
Before when I posted the Nordstrom sale, most shoes and boots were 33% off. 
 Now it seems that most of them are 40-50% off.
Yes, there are limited sizes available....but if you can patiently click through the site, you might get lucky...and you could very well end up scoring an AMAZING deal.

Anyway, I suddenly felt a civic responsibility to shout the news from the rooftops.
But it's really windy outside, so I settled for shouting it from my blog.
Here goes,
 Just click on the box below to be directed to the sale.

Another sale in my inbox...Banana Republic is 30% off full price styles with the code BREXTRA30.  Click the box to shop.

Gap is 25% off of men's and women's clothing with code GAP25.
Click the box.

One more sale.
Dillard's is an additional 40% off clearance.  If you click on the box below, it will take you to the clearance page.  I don't think the website is super user friendly (and my word it looks like it's from 1985), but I'm stilling telling you about it because they have LOTS on sale.
It actually took me a minute to figure out how to navigate around it.  After you click the box, you need to click "shop now".  Easy enough.  This is where it gets a little confusing.
The sale is separated by departments.
You will see:
Each department is represented by a horizontal line with a couple of examples of items.  On the top right hand corner of each department's line, it will say "show all 243 results" or something similar.  Click on that to take you to all of the merchandise on sale in that department.
If you still want to see what they have even though it sounds like a total beating, just click on the box.

And then I saw something else.
And my heart started racing a bit.
These aren't on sale.  However. You guys.  You won't believe the shoes.
And since these are the new ones, there are plenty of sizes to go around.
Check out that wedge in the middle.  Swoon.
If you have to have that wedge and don't give a flying flip that it's not on sale because you have to have it now....just click on the box below.

 And then I fell further down the rabbit hole and saw this.
Just click on the box if you need to dress some munchkins up for Easter.
The idea that I could already get the little guy's Easter outfit and cross it off the list has me feeling oh so on top of things..

Since Nordstrom is like the best on the planet for returns... AND since it's free shipping all the time....
they are constantly sucking me in to do a little online shopping..
Anyway, just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to get your shop on.

Remember that tomorrow is the 2nd Installment of Get Pin-spired!
Click HERE to see the first one.
I hope you link up!


  1. You're so mean. I have so much work to do right now, but of course, I'm shopping boots and wedges instead. You're just cruel. ;)

  2. I had to read this huh?! Going to Nordie's right that place!

  3. UGH! So that laundry that needs folding right now is going to have to wait .. online shopping, here i come! Thanks Sheaffer!!! :) PS. I just started a blog because you inspired me with all your pinterest told me too's :)!!! --

  4. Ahhh...wedges. Wedges. Wedges! I think you did a great service to the people today. An admirable one. I thank you. My pocketbook thanks you. My hubby says, "it's in the hell are you already shopping?!"

  5. Oh Lord, are a BAD influence!!! This is the sale of all sales!!! ;)

  6. I adore Nordstrom. My husband jokingly calls it the mother ship.


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