Friday, February 22, 2013

What 4 Things I'm Obsessed With Now

You're about to be seeing A LOT of THIS baby right here.
Yep, she's my new denim shirt.
I brought her home with me last weekend, and I love her.
Her name is Suzie.
(Just to be clear, J Crew Factory didn't name her, I did.  Just in case there was any confusion.)
Suzie is a tunic.
At least, I think that's what she is called.
She only buttons 1/2-3/4 of the way down, and although slim fitting, Suzie does have some room.
The fit is SUPER cute and slimming.  Score.
She's going to be GREAT with leggings and boots for fall and winter.
(Better than my other denim shirt because Suzie is longer.)
She's going to be EVEN BETTER with white jeans and brightly colored accessories for spring.
And don't even get me started on how cute Suzie is going to look paired with colored skinny jeans with leopard flats and colored denim shorts with wedges.
I'm telling ya, Suzie is DARLING and she is going to make me look good.
Click HERE to check out the details on Suzie.  You'll be happy to see she is on sale!

The denim shirt I got last year is also from J Crew Factory, and I adore her too.
Let's call her Jane.
They sold out and didn't have her for awhile, but now she is back in stock.
Jane is more of the "traditional" denim shirt.
She buttons all the way down and is a little less faded.
One of my first posts was with Jane.
Look HERE if you want to take a walk down memory lane or if you want to see how great a denim shirt can look with a pop of color (hot pink denim shorts)!
When you look at the picture, please make sure to notice how tan and skinny I am.
Ahhhh.  Those were the days.
(Sidenote:  It's about time for me to shed my winter coat and start getting ready for summer again. Ugh.)
Click HERE to see the shirt with white jeans, and click HERE to see the shirt 4 different ways.
Or just look here:
 I'm telling you, if you don't own a denim shirt, I don't know if we can be friends anymore.

You really do NEED one.
I get it, I was skeptical too.  When I Jane last year, I was unsure.
I spent more on it than I normally would on 1 shirt (and I even had a little bit of buyer's remorse at first), but man have I gotten my $$ worth out of this baby.
She will become a total workhorse in your wardrobe and will be worth every single penny.
I mean, consider the fact that last August I wasn't sure if I would even wear Jane,
and here I am buying Suzie.
Pinterest told me to buy one, and now I'm telling you to buy one.
I know I'm bossy, but just do it!  

And just in case you're new to the's a pic from the archives.
Yep, that's an 11 year old me rocking some chambray.
 I paired it with some pleated white bermuda shorts (nice choice), a pink leather belt from Guess that had silver hearts on it (LOVED this belt), blue plaid socks scrunched down just so, and my leather keds.  Oh yes ma'm I did.

2)  GAP is having a sale on their kids, toddler, and baby lines.
Man, I am a total SUCKER for a GAP sale, especially when it comes to dressing my little man.
My little guy dresses almost exclusively in GAP, and I am able to do that because I ALWAYS take advantage of their sales.  
Like, always.
Here's some of the toddler boy stuff I'm eyeing for my little guy.
(I was having technical difficulties last night and was unable to create a collage, so you're just going to have to click to see.)

A patchwork anorak HERE.  (Carter has the chambray one from last season and I throw it on him ALL the time.) Imagine how cute this patchwork one would be with khaki pants,
 jeans, or khaki shorts.
An awesome toddler blazer HERE (would be so cute in a family picture).
A pair of darling plaid shorts HERE.  I think Carter wears plaid shorts 6/7 days in the summer.  They look so cute with polos, plain t-shirts, or graphic ts!

Some super cute canvas shoes HERE (I'm thinking Easter).

Oh!  Funny story...
I had Carter up at my school this year and he was wearing some khaki jeans, a grey v-neck, and his denim anorak.  He was looking super cute, and a girl that I work with saw him and said
"Sheaffer! It looks like Pinterest told HIM to also!"  :)
I got such a kick out of that!  

Anyway, GAP is having their semi-annual sale right now, so click HERE to take advantage.No code needed, different pieces of clothing are different % off (up to 40% on some items!),
 and they are priced as marked.
Just head over HERE and click around and find some great deals for your little ones!
Remember, the sale is for kids, toddlers, and babies.

3) This just in (like I opened up the e-mail at 6:10 this morning!).
 J Crew Factory is having 30% off of all of their new arrivals!
Click HERE to shop and just click on "new arrivals".
T-shirts, cardigans, dresses, blouses, flats, wedges, blazers, and jewelry is all 30% off!
 JCrew Factory

I got a facebook message from a sweet reader (Anna) this week telling me about something awesome.
Anna, her sister, and her best friend started a ministry through their church they've named Bloom.
Their mission is to collect new and gently used formal dresses and accessories as well as men's dress clothes. They are renovating their old youth house into a "boutique" where kids can borrow from their collection for prom, homecoming, banquets, and the like!
The goal is for everyone to leave the shop feeling cherished and beautiful!
LOVE this idea!
 All of the information can be found on their Facebook page at
All donations are tax deductible, and what a great way to empty up some closet space!  Also, on their grand opening March 1, they will be giving away a Lenny and Eva bracelet to someone who likes their page! Win, win!!
Go check them out and see if you can help this unique ministry!

Have a great weekend everybody.

Don't forget to go HERE to find out how to enter to win a $100 gift card to one of my fav stores!

p.s.  Houston we have a problem.
All of my collages that I've created are experiencing technical difficulties right now.
So, if you notice random pictures on some of my other posts, I have no idea what the problem is.
I'm working to get it fixed and hopefully all will be restored very soon!  :)


  1. Today, I'm obsessed with the fact that we get to shop and eat lunch together :). The perfect Friday with my friend! XOXO

  2. I really need to get a denim shirt! You've finally convinced me. I love them!

  3. Look at you in all of your little preppy cuteness as a child.

  4. Thanks for adding the little man fashions today. I have a newborn boy, and I secretly fear dressing him as he gets older. I am such a picky mom. I want my kids to look ah-maz-ing all the time. I cringe when I see little sweat pants. Such a no-no at every age! I would love to see more of the little man fashion in the future! PS. You crack me up, and I look forward to reading your blog daily.

  5. Just thought you should know that one should NEVER confuse a coupon for only GAP kids for one from the regular store..... I was then harassed (ok not that bad but I cannot come up with a better word) by the lady when I then didn't want to use the coupon since I do not have kids. She then asked if WE (I was with one of my guy friends) were thinking about having kids because then I should use my coupon for our future children..... I was totally embarrassed and will hopefully never make that mistake again. In my defense my coupon was not clearly labeled :)

  6. Greetings from Houston!

    I am new to your blog and LOVE it! I'm addicted to Pinterest too! So funny you posted today about the chambray shirt! I bought one just yesterday! I found it in the junior section at Nordstrom! I'm tall, 5' 10" and this one is long and the perfect length on me :)


  7. I love the denim shirt look but I'm so tall any button up shirts always cut me wrong!! Maybe I'll check out j crew for the longer one!

  8. You convinced me to get a denim shirt. Mine is on it's way in the mail from Forever 21 since they were sold out of my size in the store. Here's to hoping it is fabulous! I have high expectations for this shirt now :)

  9. I was just in the JCrew outlet the other day and considered this shirt, I really need a good denim shirt! I thought the price was a little steep, but you've convinced me to go back and get it!

  10. I wear my denim shirt all the time now! Thanks for convincing me last fall that I could totally rock it and love it!

  11. Because of your love for your J Crew denim shirt, I went and bought one too back in November. Scored a great deal on it btw - 50% off at J Crew Factory!!

    But now a new denim shirt has come to down and let me just say it is the BEST denim shirt I have ever owned. It's so soft and fits perfectly!! Guess where it's from??? LOFT!!! You have to go try this shirt on. It is truly perfection! Plus they have those great savings cards now AND if you mention that you saw their ad in Glamour magazine they will give you $25 off of a purchase of $50 or more!

  12. *Suzie* is going to be my new favorite as well! LOVE it. Thanks for sharing :)

  13. Love the layered look with the tank underneath - but I have trouble with tank tops and modesty. Any particular brand you've had good luck with? Or tips as to what you look for in purchasing a tank? Thanks!

    1. Hi there! I was going to e-mail my response, but your settings are set as "no reply", so I hope you check back here for an answer! The tank I have on with the denim shirt and khaki shorts is from White House Black Market. It is a tank (vs. a cami), it has a shelf bra and wide straps and a high neckline. I love it! I got it a couple of years ago, but I think they are a staple item. I remember that it wasn't cheap, but totally worth it!
      Hope this helps!
      Sheaffer :)

    2. I did check back! Thanks for your response! I'll check my settings... And WHBM!

  14. Love the tip on the Gap kid's sale! Although I don't think I really should buy my daughter one more thing. ALSO, I noticed you left the r out of t-shirt. Ha, it cracked me up.

  15. Suzie's pretty cute. And, guess what? I don't own a single denim shirt. Had about 33 of them back in the day, though. Nothing made my Rave hairspray-induced skyscraper bangs stand out as well as some distressed denim. That's it. I'm buying a new one. And some Rave. :)


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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