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Before we get to my recap, if you missed my post on my beloved military jacket and how you HAVE TO HAVE ONE YOURSELF, click HERE.  I'm not kidding.  You HAVE to have one.

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I'm not laughing.  I'm SHOPPING MY BUTT OFF.
I'm just hoping they still have things in my size.
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And...I just updated the SALE ALERTS on Monday's post to have all of the best and current sales. 
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The Bachelor might be Shay's  favorite show, but Dancing With The Stars is my favorite show.
I totally love it.  (click HERE to see Shay's DWTS recap)
I remember the first season that it came on how the hubby and I would laugh at the commercials for it.  In fact, we tuned in that first night with the idea that we would just be able to make fun of it.
Well, 8 years and 16 seasons later, I am still HOOKED!

It's obviously GREAT fun to watch all of the dancing, but every season I am caught off guard at how the show draws me in to LOVE the people on it.  I have my favorite professional dancers every season, but people who I think I could care less about as a "celebrity" end up drawing me in and making me care about them.
Did anybody watch the season with Jerry Springer?
He was absolutely delightful.
Did you hear what I just said?
Jerry Springer.
was delightful.
Jerry!  Jerry!  Jerry!
I think it is so much fun to see the chemistry the partners often have with each other.
Watching the judges interact is also great fun.  They are a hoot!
(this pic is from a previous season)

And Tom Bergeron?
Well.....America's Funniest Home Videos Tom Bergeron is annoying as heck.
But Dancing With The Stars Tom Bergeron is sweet, funny, and charming.

I would obviously be watching it (seeing that I'm a super fan and all) even if Sean wasn't on it, but him being on it is just the icing on the cake!

First up, Kellie Pickler and Derek.
 I'm pretty sure Derek has it in his contract that his partner must be GORGEOUS and a bangin' dancer.  He ALWAYS gets awesome partners.
 And listen, I have a new girlfriend.
Move over Selma...Kellie Pickler is the new girl in town.
She's got some good boobies and the tiniest little waist I've ever seen.
 And her hair is short because she shaved it all off to support a friend with cancer.  So sweet.
Score = 21
If they wouldn't have been first, she would have had at least a 24.

Next, Lindsay (a new pro) and Victor.

I've already fallen in love with Victor because of his backstory.  (If you didn't see the show, his mom and his dad both walked out on the family, and he raised his brothers and sisters.)
I know they said Lindsay is 19..but they've gotta be lying, right?  I'm thinking 14.
He wasn't great...but I think he is one of those people that is going to consistently get better.
Score = 18

Kim and Ingo
 I already love Ingo because I am a General Hospital girl.  And I LOVE Kim too!
They make a great couple on the dance floor.
They performed the first ever contemporary routine on Dancing, and I think
 they did a phenomenal job even though I don't really "get" contemporary.
 It's a lot of throwing, and lunging, and running, and crawling, and some writhing.
See above for some of the crawling and writhing.
A little weird,  but it was AWESOME.
Score = 20

Lisa and Gleb (hottie new pro) danced the Foxtrot
Ok.  I'm a BIG Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan, so I was so excited to learn that Lisa was going to be one of the celebrities this season!
I googled how old Lisa is, and mama is 52 years old.
Mama's body looks AMAZING!
 I agree with Len, it was "acceptable, but not exceptional".
Lisa played all coy and shy, but she is gonna have to loosen up a bit if she wants to stick around.
Score = 18

D.L. and Cheryl danced the ChaCha
 I felt badly for him.  Not so good.
He took the criticism well, and I give him points for that.
He said the judges critiquing him was just about as fair as "bullying a 2nd grader". :)
I'm thinking his scores might have been a little better if we would have just stood like he is in the picture and let Cheryl shake her thang around him for the entire song.
Score = 12

 Zendaya (Disney Channel star) and Val
 Val, she's 16, so hands off.
(If you watch the show, we all know that Val and his partner last season, Kelly Monaco, were having lots and lots of extra dance the bedroom.....if you know what I mean.)
They did contemporary too, and did a mighty fine job.  The choreography was awesome, and they looked incredible dancing together.
I do have one note.
I'm pretty sure Pinterest did NOT tell him to wear those yellow shoes with those blue striped socks.
 Score = 24
And I think it should have been even higher!

Sean and Peta
First off.....Awwwwwwwwww!  Loved seeing the family pics with his parents and Shay.
And Sherri (Sean's mama) looked BEAUTIFUL in the audience!
I laughed so hard during their rehearsal piece. 
 Sean talked about there being "lots of moving parts" that he has to get to flow together.  True that.
 Peta said "you can kinda like grab yourself a little bit" and Sean was all "whoah".
I thought it was HILARIOUS.
Sean said "What I lack in raw talent I will make up for in dedication." I bet that is sooo true and that he consistently improves each and every week.
And look at this shot!  Wowza!
Len said "You're posture was good and I liked your footwork....
your dancing needs to be more refined."
Bruno said he was "HUNKY" and I'm betting ol' Seanie might be Bruno's favorite contestant right out of the gate! ;)  He said "For a dance virgin you have a very effective pelvic thrust."  Funny!  He also said it was a little which Carrie Ann replied "I liked it rough"
She also said Sean has "fearless exuberance that is going to take you so far in this competition."
She thinks he's going to go far, and I sure hope she's right!
Score = 19

Aly and Mark danced the Cha Cha Cha
I think Mark is one of the best choreographers on the show, so I hope they stick around for a little bit.
I think Aly has potential, but she needs to let loose.
 I feel like her time in the Olympics might have beaten all of the fun out of her.
Score = 21

Dorothy and Tristan
She is very cute and seems super sweet.
They got Contemporary too.
It snowed on stage, and the judges really liked it.
I was a little bored, but I was happy for her.
And I applaud Tristan for not waxing his chest hair.
 Score = 21

Wynona and Tony
In her intro piece, Wynona said she went from "welfare to millionaire".  LOVED that.
The dancing wasn't great, but like Len, I thought she did a great job
"showing rythym and personality".
Her mom (Naomi Judd) and sister (Ashley Judd) were in the audience, and my beliefs that Naomi is an interesting mix of precious and first class wackadoodle were confirmed.
(Sidenote - I was talking with my mom about the show yesterday, and she asked which one of the girls was caught shoplifting.  I was sooooo confused.  And then I realized what she was talking about.
Wynona RYDER was caught shoplifting mom.  CLASSIC mom story!)  :)
Score = 18

Andy and Sharna (new pro)
I admit it, at first I was all like "ANDY DICK?  ON DANCING WITH THE STARS?
But....he's already changed my mind.
He talked about his drinking and drug use in the past and said "It's been a bad couple of decades." and I was all "uh-huh".
He also said "he is currently sober, and working hard at it."
He seems so humble and so super grateful.  Very sweet.
 My favorite quote from Andy was when he tearfully said "This is the biggest opportunity I've ever had, and it's so undeserved, because I've screwed up so many times."
Then he told his partner "I am your bit#^."

Len said "It had the fluidity of Robocop." but Carrie Ann thought it had a charm and I totally agreed.
And I loved how it was so obvious how much the cast just LOVES him by the way they all jumped up to hug him.

One things for sure, I am routing for him!
I can guarantee you this, he is going to cha cha his way into America's hearts.
Mark my words. 
Score = 17

Jacoby and Karina danced the Cha Cha Cha
His mama was so cute in the taped piece.
And Len better watch out, or his mama will put the beat down on him.
The boy can move.

Although, I was a bit distracted by Karina's costume.
Is it weird that I kept thinking about how awful I would look in it?
And listen, I'm a speech therapist, and I didn't understand a good 90% of what he said.
Score = 20

So, that was the Season Premier, and I was pretty impressed!  I am very excited for the season!

Here is what Dancing With The Stars Told Me To Do...
(And listen, I'm not sure if every week I'm going to be able to pull off an outfit recreation with my recap, but I tried really hard for this first week!)
I used Zendaya's costume as inspiration and put blue, mustard, and a pattern together.
Not something I would have put together on my own, and it's totally edgey...but kind of cool.
Cardigan| LOFT
Blue V-Neck| J Crew Factory
Belt|  LOFT
Mustard Skinny Jeans| Nordstrom
Kimberly Necklace and Dakota Earrings| Stella and Dot
Leather wrap bracelet|  Tory Burch, HERE

Do you like the outfit?  Or is it too far out there for you?

And...just for fun...I thought I would feature some great shoes.
I will say, every season, my feet hurt for the dancers.
The only place I ever wear heels (seriously rare for me to wear heels) is to church or to a wedding.  And even then, my poor little toes can barely stand it.
So, in honor of the dancer's aching feet, I thought I would feature some cute flats today!  Ha! :)

First off, THIS pair.  I love the snake skin and think it's a cool alternative to a leopard flat.  It too totally functions as a neutral.
Yes, I LOVE this shoe.
And if you want a super crazy comfy shoe, check out THESE cute thangs from TOM.
I think the rope detail is such a nice touch.  I can see these with khaki shorts and a colored t-shirt all summer long.  Yeah...I think I will be getting these for myself.
Or, if you want to see all of the TOMS I featured a couple of weeks ago, click HERE.

And Banana Republic has a crazy amount of gorgeous flats out right now.
Click HERE to shop and just type "flats" in the search box.
Only 11 pair show up, but those 11 just represent the 11 different shapes.  Each shape has different patterns and colors for each of them.  So, click on the shape you like to see the different options available!
Or what about THIS gorgeous pair?  Love the patent, love the bow.

And one more collage I featured a little while ago.
The flats on the sides are from Fossil, the pair in the middle is a pair from Banana.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everybody!
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  1. First of all, I totally agree with you...Jerry Springer brought it on his season! He and Andy Dick should be friends. America grew to love both of them because of DWTS. I also agree that Derrick ALWAYS has a good partner! If I were poor Tony, I would be ticked. I feel like Tony always gets stuck with a partner that never has a real chance. And sweet Sean...dancing is not his thing, but he made me proud. He stepped out of his comfort zone, put on a sparkly red Christmas jacket and learned a new skill. I'm very proud of him!

  2. I am so glad I wasn't the only one distracted by karinas costume and all I could think about too was how bad my stomach would look squeezed into that contraption. I't did not give a lot of coverage to muffin tops and cartoon scars huh?

    Live your blog! And yours too Shay!


  3. Awesome recap! I love seeing celebrities on reality shows like this because it can really change your perception of them - usually for the better! Your outfit is so cute, I never would've thought of that color combo!

  4. Loved your recap.....and this show can do so much to change our impression of someone......some celebrities who I "thought" were a certain way....turned out to be a totally different person.....most of them turned out to be better than I thought....a few of them...well, their "real" self wasn't as nice as what I "thought" they were....ha, ha.......I look forward to your updates every will be so much fun.....and that outfit? it....would never have thought it but it is so cute together!!!!!

  5. Love love love the outfit!!

  6. lol @ Shay..."put on a sparkly red Christmas jacket"! haha!!

    like you i LOVE this show!! I love love love Derek & Mark's choreography every season and couldn't agree more that Derek always seems to have a bangin' partner. (and agree w/ Shay that poor Tony seems to get stuck w/ not so great in the dancing dept. partners alot) Sean did a great job for having NO dance experience!! And Sherri did look amazing!! (my hubby was excited to see Jay too...he has this crazy man crush thing going on w/ Jay! ha!) I think my favorites so far are Sean(duh!), Kellie, & Zendaya! And i really hope Aly comes out of her shell and shows off Mark's creative genius!! Its going to be a great season!! =)

    ps...awesome job on your dwts told me to outfit!! i wondered how you'd pull that one off but i should have never doubted!! you've got some creative genius going on yourself girl!! =)

  7. I love your recap! I've never watched a full season of dancing with the stars but I think I might have to start now just for the recaps ;)

  8. Your show recaps are so fun! I missed Monday's show - I need to set my dvr!

  9. I totally hear you on Derek and his partners....

    I totally hear you on Andy Dyck (I thought I was going to hate him but find myself wanting him to do well on the show and in life)...

    I hear you on the contemporary too..I never used to "get" it either, that is, until I started watching So You Think You Can Dance regularly. After a few seasons, contemporary is actually probably my favourite style. It means a lot more if you understand the back-story. I thought Ingo and Kim did a fantastic job (and could those two Aussies look any better together...geez!) and Val's choreography with Zendaya was brilliant. Val managed to capture emotion...I think I've watched it over now like 10 times!

    Looking forward to this season!!!

  10. Oh shoot...I just realized I didn't sign off on my comment. So the "totally" comment, as I'm going to dub it, was from me...

    Mandy :)


  11. I knew I liked you, but you sealed the deal when you said you're a General Hospital girl. Love all your recaps and posts! :)

  12. Great recap! I enjoyed reading it. :-)

  13. Great recap! Between Sean being on DWTS and your recaps, this night be my new favorite show until The Bachlorette comes on. Love Kelly Pickler too, she is a doll! She and Sean are my fans for the season, lets hope they both go far.

    Have a good day my friend!

  14. I LOVE the outfit!!! You are inspiring me to step outside my comfort zone.

  15. Several friends have told me I'd love your blog and I didn't give in until today. I follow so many blogs already.

    Well, they were right. I'm hooked! Great summary. I used to do a play-by-play of DWTS on Facebook. Back when they only let you post a few sentences. I'd post a comment and then comment on my post. Lame-o. But then I thought people would judge me for watching a show with such barely-dressed women so I stopped. Now I can live vicariously through you! I still give play-by-play in my head....

  16. Loved your recap and can't wait for next week!!! Also loved your outfit...super cute!

  17. Several friends have told me I'd love your blog and I didn't give in until today. I follow so many blogs already.

    Well, they were right. I'm hooked! Great summary. I used to do a play-by-play of DWTS on Facebook. Back when they only let you post a few sentences. I'd post a comment and then comment on my post. Lame-o. But then I thought people would judge me for watching a show with such barely-dressed women so I stopped. Now I can live vicariously through you! I still give play-by-play in my head....

    1. Sorry this posted twice. I was having issues with blogspot.

  18. I really enjoyed your recap and continue to enjoy reading your blogs and fashion suggestions! I too LOVED Kelly P and thought her scores were too low for the performance. How great to know why her hair was so short, thanks for that information. I agree that you really get invested in some of these celebrities and cheer them on! Have a great week and I look forward to reading next week's recap of DWTS! Cute outfit too!

  19. Your recap did not (could not!) disappoint! I agree 100 percent with your take on each couple! Of COURSE, Sean is the one all of my girls and I (and my husband's phone LOL) used our votes on! I couln NOT agree more with what you said about Andy Dick, I thought, ugh...not him. But, He has found a place in my heart, the boy needs Jesus. I hope he hangs out with Sean! Love me some Kellie Pickler too. Such.a.sweet.girl. And, I say, GO Wynonna! Her mama is a whack job for sure, her lil sis is gorge- THIS is Wynonna's spotlight and I hope she SHINES and gains some self confidence!
    Love love love your blog! So fun!

  20. Love the recap...and love the outfit! I can imagine it won't be easy to draw inspiration from DWTS costumes, but you totally rocked it this week! Is the necklace Stella & Dot? My sister in law just became a stylist so that she'll hopefully be able to work less and stay home with her baby more. I'm hosting her first show this weekend and can't wait to pick up some of the great jewelry you've featured. I've been following your blog since the beginning and am so happy for you that it's going so well!

  21. Thank you, thank you, Sheaffer! You're the best and you never fail to show creativity and write witty recaps. I'd like to add that I feel bad for Tony too, except for last season. Melissa Rycroft made Tony proud. That was a good season of DWTS! And how do Mark and Derrek do it? Their choreography is amazing. I loved both of their routines. But I did the most voting for Sean. Of course.

  22. I don't watch the show but loved your recap anyway and I think you are rocking that outfit! love it.

  23. *happy sigh* I am so glad that you wrote a recap for this :) hehehe and somehow still was able to include Selma in this post! :) I totally agree with you that I feel bad for Tony too. I said that actually to my mom on Monday night! And totally was charmed by Andy also!
    :) Rebecca

  24. That outfit you put together is great, I love it! Such a edgy and cool look!
    I am a flats girl too. You will very rarely see me in heels. Actually I can't remember the last time I wore heels. Three kids changed me out of my heels wearing ways :)

  25. I may need to watch to keep up with your recaps!!! Love it more than the dancing!!! And really good eye as to recreate an outfit!!!

  26. Hi Sheaffer!
    Totally agree with your recap! The DWTS outfits are way over the top, but your recreation shows it can be done. Nice!

    Love your blog, found it on your BFF Shay's blog! Love her's too.
    Your two blogs are fab to say the least.

    I'm now converted, no more RS for me. Okay I admit it, his blog is crammed with spoilers which had me wanting to see the last three years of Monday nights at 8pm. Thank goodness he doesnt do that much with DWTS anyway, he's into spoilers that contain his, umm, comments. Not much heart left there. He will be easy to ignore.

    Your FAN for life!

  27. Hi Sheaffer,
    I love this show just as much as I love the Bachelor/Bachelorette. This season my favorite is Sean and I voted all the times for him. Last season and the 2nd season my favorite was Drew Lachey.
    I am a huge fan of this show, and have always loved your blog.
    Hugs and it will be great to be friends,
    Emi from Bulgaria but living in Louisiana, soon to be California

  28. I just laughed hysterically at your recap about Wynona Judd and the whole shoplifting story....that is so me and my daughter.....I'm always thinkin I'm 'with it' and she's rolling her eyes at me. :) LOVE LOVE LOVE his recap, you are so funny and fun!

  29. Oh and I almost forgot...this sentence about Naomi Judd just had me rolling on the floor as I was thinking the same thing about her but could never have put it in such perfect words: "interesting mix of precious and first class wackadoodle" hahahahahahahaha

  30. I thought that majority of the couples on the show did fantastic for their first week on the show. DL didn’t put the work in and it really showed, which disappointed me and I was left a little jaded by his reaction to the judges’ comments. Regardless of whether or not he has a dance background, putting in the time it takes to learn each dance should give you the confidence to do better. I was telling my co-workers in my office at DISH that it was kind of painful to watch him perform and poor Cheryl did her best to prepare him. I’m still at work when DWTS comes on but thanks to the Hopper I know that all of my favorite shows that air during prime time on ABC will be waiting for me when I get home.


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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