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Dancing With The Stars Told Me To

 Okay....before we start you guys need to know that I was SO FLIPPING EXCITED FOR SHAY that she got to be in the audience on Monday and Tuesday.
So. Flipping. Excited.
However, I would like to say a big ol' BOOOOOOOOOO! for the fact that she didn't get any air time (at least on Monday night...not sure about Tuesday night yet).
I'm not sure when Shay's recap is going to be up, but keep checking her blog HERE to see her behind the scenes look! Also, if you are into make-up, you need to look at her favorite make-up finds HERE.

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Okay.  Movin' on....
Kim and Ingo:  Quick Step
Kim said "Pretend you have a penny in your butt."
That's just good advice anytime, right?
I don't even know what I mean by that.
Ingo said that Kim told him he needed to be "stuckupmeself".  Apparently that's an Australian thing, but I'm totally going to start saying it.
Yep.  Just watch.  It's totally gonna catch on.
Score = 20

Dorothy and Tristan:  Jive
Who does Tristan remind you of with that hair?
I'm not sure if it's Beevis or Butthead...but it's one of them.
I'm not going to say anything bad.
However, I will say this...
I might have averted my eyes during the majority of the performance.
Score = 15

Jacoby and Karina:  Jazz
This was a super fun dance.
Seeing his legs and arms flail about made me happy.
Score = 23

Lindsay and Victor:  Jive
SUPER impressed with how Lindsay handled Victor's little temper tantrum while practicing.
She showed real maturity and whipped him into shape and got him right back in the game.
I was also impressed with how he owned up to the tantrum.
I thought the dance was full of energy and cute, but it was just ok.
Score = 18
Wynona and Tony
Was anybody else scared of Wynona in this outfit?
Well, you should be.
I am betting she could do some serious damage with her night stick.
My favorite part of the routine?  When Tony pretended to motorboat her.
That's good stuff.
Tom said that Tony looked like a Super Mario Brother.  HILARIOUS.
Bruno said it "started out as a Quick Step and ended in a casual stroll."  Haha!
And I know I mentioned this last week, but Tony always seems to get the short end of the stick in the partner category.  He needs to have Derek's agent negotiate his contract next year.
Oh...I almost forgot my favorite line of the night.
Wynona told Tony her goal for the week was to not pee her pants.
I hear ya sister.  I feel the same way when I sneeze several times in a row.
Score =  18

Zendaya and Val:  Jive
In the practice session he told her to "step away from the pole".
Then he said "that's something every good father should say to his daughter."  :) Ha!
The dance was WOW.
I mean.  WOW.
Did you get that?
The jive is my favorite dance to watch, and I found myself just watching the t.v. with a big dumb grin on my face.
Score = 26

Andy and  Sharna
So, I'm dying to know...have you fallen in love with him yet?
Because I am 100% behind this guy.
I mean, look at those pictures below.  How could you not be rooting for him?
And did you see how happy Sherri Shepherd was in the audience?  So sweet.
Like Carrie Ann said....he was "wacko...and demented...and he nailed it!"
I couldn't agree more.
Score = 20

Peta and Sean:  Jive
I smiled the WHOLE. WAY. THROUGH.
Is Sean a gifted dancer?  Um, no.
Is he full of charm and can he totally work the crowd? Heck Yes!
I think he's going to be around for awhile.  He's a hard worker and the crowd seems to love him!
And let's just say, Bruno is a fan.
Score= 20 

Alli and Mark:  Quickstep
They did a great job.  The dance was great.
But for some reason I didn't love it.
She hasn't drawn me in yet.
Score = 24

Lisa and Gleb: Jive
Let's just all take a minute and talk about the FINEST pilot I have ever seen.
I dare you to find me a finer pilot.
Good luck with that.
Score = 18

D.L. and Cheryl:
In the practice piece, D.L. said it " went from a fun game to Hunger Games in tights".
Before they got there scores, he compared their fights to "Whitney and Bobby."
Is it too soon to make a Whitney joke?  I don't know, but I thought it was funny.
Score = 16

Kellie and Derek:  Jazz
I kinda wanna take my WOW back from Zendaya earlier.
Because this?

When they were walking over to get their scores, Tom said "If you're just tuning in, we're playing find the body fat."  Hahahahahahaha!
Seriously, I challenge you to find anything but gorgeous muscle on these two.
 Score = 26
(I'm finishing this write up on this Tuesday night at 7:40. Who do I think is going to go?
Either Dorothy or Victor.
We'll see if I'm right in about an hour!)

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  1. Love your just have a funny outlook...ha, ha.....I did see Shay, Andrew, her mom and dad on Monday night in the crowd....the cameras weren't focused on them but it appeared Shay and Andrew were on the second row.....Mom and Dad were maybe one row back and to the side of them....?????.....I was disappointed also......when Sean danced, they turned the camera on Catherine.........

  2. Your pink picks are fabulous! And yes, Wynona scared me too. Yikes!

  3. I so enjoy your recap!!! It totally makes me SMILE!!! Have a blessed day!!!

  4. I haven't watched DWTS is years but this recap is making me want to tune in!! ;)

  5. Hilarious post! I agree w/ your comment about Tony - he gets all the middle aged women who lack rhythm. However, didn't he and Melissa Rycroft win last season?

  6. okay...i'm so with you on Ally...i was sure i was going to love her but i just haven't been feelin' it! And i really like Mark too! hopefully Ally will let loose soon!! And yes...WOW WOW WOW on Kellie & Derek's routine!! Crazy good!! Annddd....the screenshot you used of Sean & Peta looks like a real life barbie & ken! ha!! Loving this DWTS season!!

    ps...i'm with you...BOOOO to Shay not getting any screen time. not okay abc! ;)

  7. Your recaps are hilarious! Yes, Andy has won me over. I didn't think he would, but he totally did!

  8. Based on your advice, I'm going to the bank to pick up a couple of rolls of pennies!

  9. Sheaffer I know this has noting to do with dancing with the stars, but I wanted to ask you a question.

    I told you the other day that I have lost 73 pounds (still have about 40 pounds to lose). I have bought nothing but "stretchy pants" and "boxy tops" for over 15 years. I feel like I have no idea how to dress, not to mention it is expensive building a brand new wardrobe. I am 46 years old so I don't want to look too young, but I am young at heart and trendy at heart. I want to look classic with a twist of trend. What are the basic must have pieces for my closet that I can start off with. I love reading your blog and getting ideas. Thanks for your input!

  10. Greatness!! And tom totally cracks me up...he's the best host. What's up with Peta's 'bangs'...and do my eyes deceive me, or is there a nip slip in your screen grab!!?? #staringatherboobsobviously. And I may have rewound Glib/Gleb/Whatever's dance to see him in the beginning with the aviators.

  11. My neon pink cardi and neon pink flats from the Gap make me sooo happy!
    I am glad I found your hilarious blog, girlie!

  12. When you commented on Tony motor boating Wynnona, I about lost it! So funny! And I love the pink!!! Yay! You should be so jealous of me...not only did I have front row seats for this episode but I actually hugged Lisa Vanderpump. She is even more wonderful in person (hard to believe but she is!). Loved this recap girlfriend!

  13. Thank you for doing this recap....My favorite show is DWTS and then the bachelor..I found your blog when looking for a recap of the bachelor Sean. Sheaffer, Please don't stop your recaps your a genious!! You made my life sweeter...all I love in one place: DWTS - The bachelor/bachelorette - clothes - your supper funny recaps. Your blog is my guilty pleasure after a long day at work. Thank you!! Thank you ! Thank you!!!Blessings.


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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