Monday, March 4, 2013

Sparkly Green Winners!

So I cheated and drew the winners like 20 minutes early.
I was praying that the numbers were going to be under 200 or over 400 so I wouldn't have to count a ton of entries.

The winner of the Stella and Dot earrings and Big Mama's book....
Lucky #2.
Not even kidding.
 Natalie from The May Family!
The early bird gets the worm!!!!!!!!

And the winner of the book....

Congratulations girls!
Please e-mail me within 48 hours to claim your prizes! 

If  you are just sick you didn't win....don't worry....these awesome things can still be yours!
Click HERE to order the book.
And you should.
You totally should.

And I know you want THESE Stella and Dot sparkly green earrings.

  Click HERE to order. 

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