Friday, March 22, 2013

What I'm Obsessed With Now!

THIS bag is perfection.
A little over a month ago I did a survey so you guys could help me pick
which color Spring bag I was going to get.
341 of you voted!
58.7% of you(200 people) said AQUA
41.3% of you (141 people) said TOMATO
So....I got AQUA!  I had to listen to my people!
I ADORE this purse.
Probably more than a person should adore a purse.
But I mean, COME ON.
It screams "SPRING", "FUN", and "FRESH".
And the funny thing (or not so funny thing) is, I want the TOMATO one too. 
Don't worry, I won't allow myself to get it.  But I do want it.
(And it comes in 9 colors total HERE..including a bright orange that is fabulous!)

My new Spring bag has put me totally in the mood for all things Spring.
Check out these great watches. (Click on the pictures if interested.)
We all know that I have and love my big chunky Michael Kors one I got for Christmas,
but I'm kind of dreaming about one of these fun colored ones for Spring and Summer.

3)  When I highlighted my pink J Crew Factory blazer, a lot you commented that you wanted it, but you couldn't justify the price. (I got it when it was on sale AND it was an additional 15% off the sale price that day, so I paid $88 for it instead of the $125 price tag.) got me to thinking that there had to be some other brightly colored (and well made) options out there.
I went looking, and I found 3 at Nordstrom!
I really like all of these!
But my favorite is the middle one, and it won't break the bank!
It comes in several colors including a neutral that is great.

 I received an e-mail from a sweet reader (Tracy) this week that I think a lot of you probably identify with.  I thought I would share it now because it applies to the blazers above.:
Hi Sheaffer!  I'm a "mom jeans" type of gal... actually, I'm a sweat pants type of gal if we are going to be honest! However, now that I'm an empty-nester, I'm trying to get more fashionable. I hope that what I'm about to ask is not a silly question: Do you think spending more money on one item is better for your closet than spending less money on a multiple of items? In other words, I bought a shirt this weekend at Chico's for 94.00 (tax included). I couldn't wrap my head around that! So I took it back! A SHIRT! FOR $94.00!!! It still shocks me... Any advice would be helpful for this aging mom trying to get her "groove" back...

I thought that was a GREAT question!!!
This was my response:
Hi Tracy!  Okay...this is just my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt.  :)
I personally would not spend that much on a shirt.  I would definitely spend that much (or even twice that much) on a great jacket, a pair of awesome jeans, boots, or a bag. Things that I would get MANY MILES out of and wear over and over. But I wouldn't spend it on a shirt. You can't wear a shirt over and over like you could the other items that I mentioned above.  

I think it was the right decision to take it back.

I mention this e-mail now because I know that the prices of the blazers above might still seem a little steep to some people.
However, I think it's okay to splurge on some classic items that will become staples in your closet.
  In my opinion, a blazer totally justifies a bit higher of a price tag.
As does something like a military jacket that I featured earlier this week HERE.
So do bags.  So do boots.

I'm curious, do others agree with me on this?

And now....for the winner of the $50 credit to Noonday!
Congratulations to commenter #39:  Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam
E-mail me Megan and I will get your information to Laura!

And for all of you that didn't win, you can obviously still place an order HERE on Laura's page.
I'm thinking that I really want need the Ruth Necklace.  Yep, THIS necklace is an outfit maker.
Also, there is a special contest going on at Noonday right now that you definitely need to know about!
The directions are on the card, but click HERE to get to the entry form.
I created my board last night.  Click HERE to see it!
Have a wonderful weekend everybody!
I will update SALE ALERTS on the bottom of this post as they come in!

Every Friday I think I'm going to start highlighting 1 or 2 of my favorite blog posts from the week.
I hope to introduce you to some really great blogs while doing so!
First up:
THIS post on a DIY tray over at Hi Sugarplum!
Hi Sugarplum | Dry Erase Tray
 Cassie is the queen of super simple and super economical projects that are DARLING.
Most of them are so easy I think that maybe even I could pull them!
I thought this tray (that used to be all white) was a great example of her type of project.
Cheap and Easy.
Two adjectives that are good when describing a project.
Not so good when describing yourself. ;)

Banana Republic is now 35% off for 3/24 online only with code BRSHOP35.
Click HERE to shop.

LOFT is an additional 50% off sale prices!  ALSO, $20 off when you spend $50 and $40 off when you spend $100 with the code SAVENOW.
PLUS, FREE SHIPPING WITH CODE SPRINGTOIT !  Don't forget to enter the code!

Click HERE to shop.
GAP is 25% off regular priced items online only without a card, 30% off with a card.  Click HERE to shop!

Happy Weekend Everybody!


  1. I love, love, love your aqua bag! I almost stole it from you the other day. It's theft worthy!

  2. I love your new aqua's fabulous!
    hope you have a great weekend!!

  3. If you love watches check out Ferrell watches!! They are awesome! I just got turned onto them from another blogger!! They are wrap watches! Very different!

  4. I couldn't agree more with investing in pieces that will last while! I update my look every season by buying new inexpensive tops and accessories to go with my classic investment pieces (jeans, jackets, shoes).

    Your bag is super cute and is going to go with all of the great spring colors!

  5. I cannot believe I won!!! I literally have never won anything giveaway related in my life :) Thanks to you both!

    1. Meagan, so excited for you! I'll be sending you an email shortly! Can't wait to see what you choose! Noonday's shipping is suuuuuper fast, so you be wearing your new accessories by Easter! :) congratulations on winning!

  6. Sheaffer I have lost 73 pounds and my husband told me when I get to 75 pounds I can get THIS EXACT BAG! And the bonus daughter works for Fossil so I will get 50% off.

    I am not sure what color to get. Because I have been overweight for soooooo long I haven't bought any clothes or anything in as long. So I am just starting to put together my style (thanks in part to all your style posts) so I am thinking I should go with a neutral bag. But then I think I really want a fun colored bag. So we shall see. Two pounds to go!

  7. I agree!! Staple items or classic things that you can wear for many seasons can be a little bit more expensive/higher quality, because you will get more wear for your money! I will usually buy a cheaper "trendy" top or jewelry or even the occasional pair of cutesy shoes to jazz up each season, but don't mind spending more for jeans/boots/jackets/etc.... But my fashion sense leans towards the classic style anyway, so if I ever buy anything "trendy" is usually because I force myself to. :)

  8. Love your advice and I totally agree with you, some great staple pieces are worth the extra month, and then go a little cheaper with the shirts/accessories. Love that bag, I think you might have inspired me to get a spring bag of my own!

  9. I am loving that bag! I just took advantage of my Coach 25% off coupon and got a kiwi colored bag for spring and I got it yesterday. Love it! I love the way you help me put outfits I already have together and justify my shopping problem, er, purchases.

  10. I just bought that same aqua bag but in a different style. I think I really wanted your style but the other style held my iPad easier. Love the bag and love the color. I'm obsessed. I also agree on your response. It is definitely okay to spend big money on staple items, but shirts there is no reason to. Love reading yours and Shay's blog. Your love of fashion and fun reminds me daily of my sister whom I don't get to see often, but she lives close to you guys. (lucky)

  11. I absolutely LOVE your blog! I agree with you about investing in pieces that will last for several, jeans, coats, etc. What is your favorite brand of jeans? I have a terrible time finding some that look dressy/classy, but I don't want all the bling on my behind! It seems like jeans are either super blingy or drab looking.

    1. Hi Carlin! I hope you check back for this reply. You are a "no reply" blogger, so I couldn't reply directly to you. My go-to pair of jeans are from a boutique in my town, and I can't find them anywhere else. This is a good idea for a post though!

  12. This has nothing to do with your blog today.. BUT have you heard of Stitch Fix? It is a website ( where you basically can have someone shop for you personally! However often you want, you can have them ship you a box with 5 items in it. These items are all specifically purchased for your style and your price range based off of their survey you fill out online. The cost is $20 per box, but if you buy ANYTHING in the box, the $20 goes towards the cost of that item. So if you buy anything, it can be justified as having your own personal stylist for free! I just signed up and am really excited to see what comes in my first box. My friend does it and just loves it. It pushes her to try new things that she wouldn't necessarily pick off the shelf for herself.

    Just thought I would share!

  13. Pretty sure my husband will block your blog because I must have that bag in pink. I'm in love and will marry it.

  14. I totally agree! I'm a $200 jeans with a $10 target shirt kind of gal!

  15. I just got the Hunter Hobo bag from Fossil in aqua! I'm trying to channel spring but it's not working so far in Ohio. I bought a wallet, too and now I really want a watch to match. Eep.

  16. LOVE that bag!! And thanks for the shout-out!! If Spring ever decides to stay, that tray will get some serious use outside.

  17. Sashey9943@aol.comMarch 25, 2013 at 7:22 PM

    I loved the Ali necklace from the Charles Emerson website. Gorgeous!

  18. Sashey9943@aol.comMarch 25, 2013 at 7:22 PM

    I liked Charles Emerson designs on Facebook, too!


I would of course love to hear what you think! As long as it is super sweet.....and maybe a little sassy. Sheaffer :)

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